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The Body Charger, Energize Yourself To Perfect Health:

Irving Pheterson using the Body Charger

I am conducting a study with doctors to find out how the Family Body Charger can help people with their health problems.

The device I used is called THE FAMILY BODY CHARGER. It has helped me get rid of many health problems from my colds to my cancer. It energized the cells in my body, so now my body functions better & faster. I got rid of Cancer almost 5 years ago. I energize my body every day, I don’t want the cancer to come back. I am conducting a Research Study on how this device functions. I am looking for people who want to do research on their health problems and report to me for 6 months. These people must be willing to experiment with the device on themselves every day just like I did.

Some people will read this and do nothing, while others will jump at the opportunity of getting a Body Charger because it pays to experiment on their bodies with the prospect of hope.

The terms and conditions of the study are outlined at the bottom of this article.




My Horror Story

This is my story and my experience with bladder cancer and how I saved my bladder


In 1987 I was shocked when I went into bathroom at work to urinate and my urine came out red just like blood. I stared into the toilet in disbelief. I felt no pain but I was frozen in shock.. How could I be feeling so good and at the same time be looking at pure blood pouring out of me. Quickly I left work and together with my wife started looking for doctors in that field. I found out that this medical specialty is called urology.

The next day I went to a man who man who had a doctors license but his license should have read “torture specialist.” When I got on the examining table he brought out a instrument that resembled a 18 inch pencil. It had a light on the tip and he proceeded to stick it into the opening of my penis with no lubricant at all.

I was in excruciating pain and I wanted to get off the table and shoot him, and then my self but he had a firm grip on my stomach and then he shouted these tender words. “Listen Mister I going to do this whether you like it or not and guess who is going to get the worst of it and it isn’t going to be me”. When the pain subsided I crawled out of his office. however not before I gave him a few “choice” words of my own.

I told the next doctor of my ordeal and he promptly made and appointment for a hospital visit where I would get a anesthetic so I could wouldn’t have to bear the pain.

As I was lying on the operating table a nurse gave me a shot to put me out. Just as I started to fade out my “doctor” comes in, looks at my chart and says to me “what your name” I said, “Pheterson,” “Oh you’re the one that I’m going to remove your prostrate” With my last words of consciousness I screamed at him . “no, no you were going to see what wrong in my bladder” This guy was a nut case too. “So much for some doctors”

Three days after the operation I went see him “Well your have serious problem and I am making a recommendation that you see Dr. Soloway at the Urology Dept of the university of Miami. That’s how I got to see a real gentleman Dr. Soloway at the University’s offices.

From that day in 1987 I have been under care of dr. Soloway. He explained that the type of bladder cancer I have is like a little mushroom growing on the inner wall of the bladder. When this mushroom bends it sometimes breaks and blood is released in the urine, He said he should operate and remove the tumors before it grows into the walls of the bladder.

Over the next 12 years I had surgery after surgery and the cancer always came back. Now if you read the rest of this site you will see that I no longer have cancer and how this miracle came about

I received my machine in Jan of 1999 as a gift from my nephew. He has a practice of alternative medicine and knew people that made the enhancer. He gave it to me because he knew I had a variety of cancers and he wanted to help me. Up until that time I had bladder cancer for over 12 years and had endured many treatments and operations.

Now I use this machine a half hour every day. It helped me get rid of the Bladder Cancer in just 4 weeks. Over 4 years have passed and I am still free of bladder cancer.

I also credit the machine for not allowing my Prostate Cancer, and Leukemia to return.

I found numerous uses for THE BODY CHARGER as I experimented with it to improve my health.



Biopsies Reports  Before Using The  Molecular  Enhancer

Cedars Medical Center

***Final Report***

Surgical Pathology Report

1400 NW 12 th Ave, Miami, Fl 33136

Telephone: 305 325 5587   Fax 305 325 5899

Path #2: 99:CE: UM2315             Sout   Received:  10/15/99.0918  Collected 10/05/99

Copies to:  Soloway, Mark S.   PO Box 016960  (M-814)  Miami, Fl 33101

A) Bladder Biopsy

· Urothelial Carcinoma in Situ in one of Eight Fragments.

· No Evidence of lamina propria Invasion.

· Mulscularis Propria is free of Tumor

B) Bladder Washings

Malignant High Grade Urothelial Cells Present.

Dictated by : Civantos, Francisco



Clinical History

Pre-OP DX: History of Bladder Tumor, Prior 99-DM Urothelial CA in Situ

Post-OP DX: Same

Procedure:  Cystoscopy, Bladder Biopsies Bladder Wash


Gross Description:

Specimen A consists of 8 Fragments of Pale Tan Soft Tissue, Ranging From ).2 To 0.3 CM. in    Diameter  Submitted in one Total Block.


Specimen B is Labeled Bladder Wash and consists of 120 ML of light Yellow Clear Fluid.

Submitted for cytospin and cell block analysis

Dr. Gao 10’05’99—1301 Clab:MQF


Department of Urology


  October 8 1999


Mr. Irving Pheterson

920 N.E. 199 Street

N. Miami Beach, Fl 33179


Dear Mr. Pheterson


Just a brief note to review the biopsies which we performed in the hospital on your urinary bladder.   One of eight biopsies showed carcinoma in situ.   The Cytology was also positive. 


I will discuss the implications of this and whether we should proceed with further intravesical therapy.





Mark S. Soloway,  M.D.

Professor and Chairman

Copy of Dr. Soloway’s Letter  Before Using The  Molecular  EnhanceR


Department of Urology


Feb 21 2001


Mr. Irving Pheterson

920 N.E. 199 Street

N. Miami Beach, Fl 33179


Dear Mr. Pheterson


Just a brief note to inform you  that your pathology report is negative.  No evidence of malignancy was identified.





Mark S. Soloway,  M.D.

Professor and Chairman  

Copy of Letter showing Report After  Using The Molecular Enhancer Showing no Cancer for over 2 years





What does the Body Charger Do and how does it work?

Close-up pictures of the neon bulb, the feet on the glass and the hands holding the bulb.

"The Body Charger" empowers the body's immune system allowing the removal of toxins at the body's own rate. It operates on a very simple principle. It oscillates the cell's subatomic structure to increase its energy field level. This in turn charges the total molecular structure of the cell increasing it's energy field size. Because of the increased energy field the orientation of the molecule must become more precise to fit in the space that provides a better sense of timing between the cell components.

Proper synchronous activity in the cell promotes better energy transfer between the cell's components and other cells. A simple way to describe the Charger’s effect is that it is similar to a box of marbles. If gently shaken the marbles will orient themselves in an orderly pattern dictated by their size and shape.

This is true of the molecular machinery in the cell. Proper spacing and timing are critical for normal operation. The use of “The Body Charger” creates the resonant condition that allows maximum potential to be achieved in the cell. That allows maximum efficiency of CE (l processes according to the DNA code. “The Body Charger” provides the energy necessary to activate the repair sequences in the DNA. The body will always seek equilibrium and the Charger provides the vehicle, but not the nutrients needed to rebuild the system. Nutrients (balanced diet and/or supplements) must be added. “The Body Charger” augments the assimilation of herbs, vitamins, and/or synthetic drugs. The Charger also assists the body's defenses to recognize damaged or mutated cells. This occurs because of the individual cell's resonant field energy.

The vast majority of the cells in the body are healthy. All of these cells have the same genetic structure, and therefore resonate together at the same rate. Any cell that has a different genetic structure (i. e. mutated or damaged DNA) will develop a different charge level. Then the body can "see" the faulty cells more easily and dispose of them though regular body processes. But friendly organisms that the body recognizes are not attacked.

The Body Charger is a multiple-wave oscillator. What it does is to saturate the cells of the body with the appropriate energies on which the cells operate. This, in turn, maximizes the chemical processes of the cell, which are brought into balance through resonance, allowing proper repair and operation.

When one uses the Charger regularly, it assists in the health maintenance of the body at a cellular level. Bringing the energy level in each cell to the same potential does this. All chemical processes in the body require energy to take place, and the Charger feeds the need at the molecular level.

This is accomplished by setting up a high-energy field in and around the body through resonance. The Charger doesn't pass current through the body. This transfer of energy is accomplished through induction. All that is used is the oscillating field.

A person is insulated from the high voltage at either connection. This prevents excessive charges from developing in the body. Any excess charge is “bled off” to the space around the person.

Once again the process is similar to gently shaking a box of marbles. After a while, the marbles organize themselves into to order that their shape dictate. The cells’ molecular structure has a way of organizing themselves if provided sufficient energy. When this is achieved, the cells work at maximum capability without causing cellular stress.

The additional energy restores cell integrity by reorienting its molecular structure to allow for easier potential movement and interaction. Basically, it bolsters the field of each cell individually so that the cells support each other more easily, thereby creating a balanced system.

As you will read, “The Body Charger” produces a field that charges the molecular structure in each cell providing the energy for proper healing operation. “The Body Charger” is a full body resonator. It can help pets as well. It is not a cure all but a vehicle that increases the body's ability to function properly.

What causes the molecules in our bodies to lose energy?

Our bodies are in control of our minds. Many people are overcome by advertising clever slogans. The ads make us feel that drinking, smoking and eating foods that make us obese, overfed and undernourished cause diabetes and harden our arties etc are really good for us. We must always keep a positive out look on life because our thoughts create our reality. Some people that have bumper stickers that say “Life Sucks” proclaim a self fulfilling prophesy. And For them life really does suck.




How and why THE BODY CHARGER Worked For Me

In a sense, every cell diagram and every drawing of a molecular structure must “lie” a little about the state of bio molecules in living cells. The picture above shows rigid molecules and motionless cells,

Yet in living cells molecules are constantly vibrating, twisting, turning, moving, and interacting with other molecules. The living cell itself is a throbbing, churning, bustling ball of life, more like a busy factory on overtime than a portrait in a page.

Much of a cell’s molecular motion is caused by water molecules. At physiological temperatures (range of temperatures under which living things can function properly, 0-50 degrees C), H2O moves randomly due to heat, and these wandering water molecules knock around other molecules, “stirring up” the bio molecules within living cells and making interaction possible.

Without these movements, cells would be as inactive as the pictures in a textbook

This is an except from the Seth books which sheds new insight on the human body

"Consider the spectacular framework of your body just from the physical standpoint. You perceive it as solid, as you perceive all other physical matter; yet the more matter is explored the more obvious it becomes that within in it, energy takes on specific shape (in the form of organs, cells, molecules, atoms, electrons), each less physical than the last, each combining in mysterious gestalt to form matter.

The atoms within your body spin. There is constant commotion and activity. The flesh that seemed so solid turns out to be composed of swiftly moving particles often orbiting each other-in which great exchanges of energy continually occur."

One scientist explains it this way: A normal cell has an electrical potential of vibrating 70 mill volts per second (mV), an aged cell has 50 mV, the cancer or ill cell has 15 mV. When the cell is in electrical difficulty, the mV and sodium-potassium balances are out. The high potential brings the cells to an equal level, basically resetting them to their normal state. This allows healing to occur at a higher pace without stressing the cell.

Over the past 26 years people all over the world have experimented with this device on all kinds of diseases where the healing was slow due to the lack of energy available in the cells. Many times the body is just too tired to activate it's own healing programs.

I believe that the electrical stimulation created by THE BODY CHARGER increased the vibrations of the cells in my body . This in turn increased the immunity of my body cells so then my energized body healed itself.

Our bodies are composed of cells that resonate at the same general speed. The rate that a person's cells resonate is determined by that persons genetic code. When the cells are resonated, all the healthy cells develop a equal charge, Any cell that is damaged or in distress will resonate at a different speed. Thus producing a different charge making it easier for the body to recognize the cells that have the lower energy charge (cells in distress) so it can then correct it.

When a cell is in difficulty or damaged, the mV (vibrations per second) level as well as the chemical balance of sodium-potassium are out of balance. The high energy resonance produced by the activity of the BODY CHARGER basically revitalizes the charge of the cells to their normal state that is determined by the person's own genetic code. Then as a result the energized cells in the body become capable of performing their correct function and are able to start correcting the problems in the body at a faster pace.

Hence my body really cured itself, it was not the device. The Body Charger is the vehicle to recovery not the cure. The machine merely improved the conditions within the structure of each of the cells in my body. It empowers the sick cells with the ability to repair themselves. Then those enhanced cells are able to activate all the various healing activities within my body according to the DNA in each of those cells.




How does the Body Charger compare with a battery charger ?

1. The best way to describe The Body Charger is to compare it to a Battery Charger

2. When the battery in your car is low on energy your car won’t even start because it needs energy to do so.

3. When this happens to your battery you can easily put a battery charger on it until the energy is restored.

4. The energy in your battery generally depletes because of improper maintenance or improper care.

5. Our body is composed of millions of miniature batteries called molecules. They are like the batteries of your body.

6. Similarly, in effect, when the energy in each of the molecules of your body is fully energized, your body is capable of healing itself faster. However when the molecules are depleted of energy then they operate slowly or not at all. This lowers our immune systems which invites diseases etc.

7. Your body is a self regulating well organized machine that cures itself provided it’s molecules are fully charged. The opposite holds true when you're body lacks energy due to lack of sleep, lack of nutritious food, over work, stress as well as disease and many other contributing factors. These conditions cause you pain and suffering.




10 Most Asked Enhancer Questions

Irving Pheterson using the body charger

1) Question: How does THE BODY CHARGER WORK?
Answer: The CHARGER works through resonance. Resonance is the natural speed any given structure moves at. Resonance is about movement/oscillation. All the body parts must be moving together in order to harmonize. The CHARGER, while creating a resonant condition in the body, creates the potential for harmony in the body’s relationship to itself. When the body is in a resonant state there is more movement present, increased circulation, removal of toxins, better nerve processing etc. When the body has energy it has a greater potential to create health/balance within itself. The Charger does not heal, it creates the condition through resonance to give the body the energy and space to heal itself.

2) Question: Is the Enhancer passing electricity through me? Does it cost a lot to run?
Answer: No, it’s inducing a magnetic field movement throughout the body. You are insulated from the electricity by the glass. The transformer is necessary to create the electrical pressure to produce the resonant effect. Because there is little current flow, very little wattage is needed to run Charger. Depending on where you live the Enhancer costs approximately 6 & 12 cents per 8-hour period to operate

3) Question: How long do I need to use the Charger?
Answer: It takes a minimum of 20 minutes for the entire body structure to resonant together. We recommend a minimum of ½ hour a day. If you are working with a chronic illness, a cold, exhaustion, weight training, had a stressful day, increase your time on the Charger accordingly. One could break the length of time into 1-hour segments or more. For an example with:
- A chronic illness, you may want to use the Charger 4 hours a day.
- Weight training, use the Charger for 20 minutes before your workout and then 30 minutes after the workout.
- Use of the Charger will enable you to become more aware of your body & its needs, this will assist you in knowing when & how long to use the Charger for your individual requirements.

4) Question: Do I have to stop my other therapies to use the Charger?
Answer: No you do not. The Charger is a companion tool; it works right along side anything else you are doing. The Charger is just one part to your healing whole. Two analogies would be, no matter how good a car looks if it doesn’t have any gas it won’t run. The Charger is like the gas; it helps to create energy within the body. For another analogy, the Charger is like a foundation to a house, if there is not an adequate foundation the house will eventually breakdown. Again the Charger provides the foundation that supports all other body processes. Any other modalities that one uses in healing, for example, physical therapy (PT), acupuncture, massage, nutritional/herbal supplements, pharmaceuticals, have a greater chance of working more effectively when the body has more energy available.

5) Question: Is it addictive?
Answer: No, not anymore than the body’s need for supplements or vitamins.

6) Question: Can I use the Charger if I have internal metal parts?
Answer: Yes, because those parts are in the body’s resonant field.

7) Question: Can I wear my jewelry when using the Charger?
Answer: Rings & earrings are fine. Metal bands & watches are not recommended because being 90% to the flow of energy they rob the system of power as the energy flows by them.

8) Question: What’s that smell?
Answer: What you smell are the ionized compounds that are being emitted from the body and a small amount of ozone. This is not harmful. When using the Charger you are getting the same benefits as if using an ozone generator. Even so, you should always have good ventilation when using the Charger

9) Question: Is being in the same room as the person Charging beneficial?
Answer: Yes, but not as effective.

10) Question: What about using the Charger while taking medications or herbal supplements?
Answer: Because the Charger increases the body’s ability to absorbed nutrients/chemical compounds, pay attention to how you feel. You may need less medication to get the same effect. Always consult your doctor/herbalist before making any changes in your medications or herbs.




Contraindications in using the Charger

- We do not recommend using the Body Charger if you have implanted electrical devices, such as pacemaker, insulin or pain pumps. It does not seem to effect those pumps that don’t use a radio-frequency control, for example, chemotherapy pumps that are attached to a belt.
- One should always ask questions and use your best judgment.

The Charger does not seem to have a significant effect on high blood pressure, parasites or allergies. But it improves the effect of the medications used for these conditions.




Purchase Terms and Conditions

If you want to buy the Family Body Charger The price is $1995 plus $165 Shipping and packing. . You can try it in their Miami office or perhaps you may live near a Sales Associate somewhere in the Country.

Research Study Option

Most people opt to participate in the research study To do so simply call Irving Pheterson Toll Free at 866-434-1084. Or 305-654-4032 if you are outside of the US. You can also email him at Mention that you learned about the FAMILY BODY CHARGER'S RESEARCH STUDY on the Fourwinds10 website. This will qualify you for a special study program that allows you to get a Family Body Charger with a deposit of only $1200 plus $165 shipping/handling.

Irving will ship the participant a FAMILY BODY CHARGER with which he/she can experiment with.

  • The special study price is $1200 plus $165 shipping/packaging total $1365 for a period of 90 days. (For Alaska, Hawaii or overseas shipping costs, call or email Irving.)
  • The participant will report his/her results to Irving Pheterson either by mail or email or by toll free 866-434-1084 every two weeks.


  • He/she can keep the FAMILY BODY CHARGER and there will be no additional payments.
  • If during or after the 90 days they cause other people to join the Study then they will be paid $100 for each one.
  • In the unlikely event that the participant finds that he/she wants to return the Family Body Charger they must call for shipping address first. Then they can return it (fully insured) at their own expense. Upon receipt of the Family Body Charger in good condition Irving will refund the Cost full price they paid less the shipping cost of $165. Which is $1200 net. Should you decide to return the Body Charger, the entire experiment would have cost you only $165 plus the shipping cost of the return.

The Family Body Charger:

  • Has easy off and on starting and stopping systems.
  • Has a 5 year warranty
  • Each Body Charger is made to order locally in Miami.

Contact Information:

920 NE 199 Street, Suite 314
Miami, FL 33179
Toll free in the US 866-434-1084
Outside of the US 305-654-4032


From Irving Pheterson: "This is an experimental machine. I make no claims that it will have any beneficial effects on anyone . Being that every person’s body is different so the results are sure to vary as well. There are people in the medical community that praise it and others that don’t. That is why we make a full disclaimer on our website so as to insure that no one feels he or she has been misled in any way. " See for more details.


Note: This information in part was compiled from