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Santa Claus is Not Coming to Town


By Candace Frieze, and Soltec


Hello everyone. This message is dual purpose, to announce my website opening, and to provide comments  by Soltec, our friendly geophysicist with Ashtar Command. I was asking him some questions regards Earthquakes recently, and he decided to say a few words about Earth changes, and some other topics.

This will be my last formal message to my list, and may be published on your websites. I am not going away, my webmaster and I are opening my long awaited website on December 6, 2005.

I will keep writing more material appropriate to the website and the goals of AbundantHope. I will still do some planned works with a few Masters who desire to wait until after the NESARA announcement, and include any more information from them as appropriate.  Anyone is free to copy any materials they find to their liking on the website, and either link to them, or post them on their own sites if desired. I will continue to add website links to my site, and if you would like to have a link from me to you, please write to me. I have not yet finished the task of getting links up. On opening day, we will have links to mostly alternative news sites. I am still working on the links for spiritual material, and other topics.  

I thank all of those that have websites, or large lists that have distributed and posted the messages. You have done an incredible service to the world by doing so! The messages have been translated into a variety of languages along the way, and I thank all of you who taken the time to do this.

If you are a website that has the messages translated into other languages, please again send me a link to your site, as I have created a section for this purpose. I have some German friends who created a German mirror site to AbundantHope, and if there is anyone else who would like to do, in another language, I would love this.

My website address is  In addition to regular website material, including all my works to date, and future writings serving the purpose of AbundantHope, we will have a full discussion forum with several topics that you can choose from. Included in these will be messianic ideas, chatting with the members of my team, a general forum, one for clerics to talk with one another about new ideas, and one for sharing the journey to vegetarianism. We can create others as needed. The discussion forums will be moderated to a degree and require your registration to participate.

I give my deep heart felt thank you to my webmaster Mark, for his contributions to AbundantHope and making this website possible, before my funding arrives. This is the most incredible gift to me, and to my readers, and the future clerics, and other new readers who will come to the website. This gift gives me a wonderful head start.

The opening page has on it the Christic Sacred Circle, given to me to use by Christ Michael more than two years ago and is imbedded in an 8 point star, sacred to many. I have doves also on the page, because I personally like them, and see them as a symbol of peace and hope. I thank very gratefully,  Mike Pitts for his help in bringing my ideas for the front page into reality.

I will be closing my AbundantHope 2002 email address in the near future. I must decrease the constant email. There will be a place on the website to contact me, my webmaster, and the members currently on my board with questions. I will read forum material , and make comments and writings appropriate to your needs.

I have selected two board members at this point, one familiar with the Mormon religion, and one familiar with the mainline religions, who has a strong Presbyterian background. I will be adding more board members with experience with Judaism,  Islam, and the other major Christian religions as I find them. All will be active on the website, writing their own material, and participating in the discussion forums.

As many of you now know, I live in Colorado. Many of you are aware of Helena, captain of the Capricorn starship. Helena and I, with a local friend are planning a landing here in the Denver Metro Area, about two weeks after the NESARA announcement, depending on when it becomes totally safe to do so.

Helena is considering landing two shuttles, and offering rides to and from the Capricorn. I, a few others, and a TV newsman will go aboard first and return in a short time. There will be some Capricorn folks who will come and mingle with those attending. We would hope this will be covered on the evening news at least locally, and I suspect it will be nationally.

This will be a invitation only event, we do not desire to manage large crowds. If you live within easy driving distance of Denver, and would like to attend,  please send me an email with "Capricorn" in the subject field. Please remember to do this, because I cant answer all my mail. I will send you notice when the arrangements have been made.

Those still needing the cleric letter can still find it at  It has been nicely formatted by the webmaster of that site for easy use. I again thank all of you participating in this project, bringing the New Good News to those you send the letters to.

Now, on to the rest of this message. First, NESARA is still going to happen, and Soltec climbed up on his soap box to cover this and other issues in some detail  It has been decided that those who are supposed to be responsible within the media, government, and the military need to just do the right thing. Many of these are star incarnates, and for their own growth need to do this. Doing the right thing also includes us. Santa Claus is Not Coming to Town to do it for us.

We need to continue to write letters and otherwise help awaken people. I have sent a large number of letters to the Senators and Congressmen in my state. In them I specifically ask them to do the right thing. I have apparently hit zero in this, but who knows, maybe some are being prodded a bit by it. I learned that Senator Allard, who did respond once, supports the Bush version of the "war on terror." I am suggesting we all hit up CNN with letters, all to one source for the attention. I am suggesting writing to "", because Cafferty takes email from readers during Wolf Blitzers show, The Situation Room.

Americans continue to be sluggish about political issues. It is our civic duty, and responsibility to judge our government and hold it accountable. Many folks do know that power controls, but figure, well, what can I do about it? And in this idea, power has a hey day. Others are just plain oblivious. It is being considered more and more, that one must not question, otherwise one is not patriotic. True patriotism demands civic responsibility. And civic responsibility means we need to create a little chaos. This is the problem in America, either we dont make waves out of being discouraged , or we dont realize we have a wave to make. Either way, the end result is the same.

There are basically two plans going on with getting NESARA announced. The goal of both is to cause the administration to resign. One is the legal pressure by Patrick Fitzgerald and others, and would include pressure by the media, politicians, and us. The other plan is the financial pressure being exerted, partly through the dumping of the money from China, which was behind the recent trip to Asia by Bush. This maneuver will also aid in getting the cooperation of the banking system. This weeks message by Sheldon Niddle  would be a good resource to read.

I am now going to Soltec. I had written a good deal more, but I can't make all I want to say fit in this email, so I will write another piece to put up on my website.

Soltec: Hello all, I am Antoniose Soltec, geophysicist with Ashtar Command. I am today answering a few questions through Candace about recent Earthquake activities. You have seen on your news recent Earthquakes off of Japan, these are again created by us to decrease the pressures in areas around Japan.

The earthquake of several weeks ago in Pakistan was the result of pumping the oil from the region. You are going to experience more earthquakes in that area, from the oil being removed. There will be earthquakes to be expected in any plate areas that float upon the oil. The recent Iran Earthquake is of this cause.

We can't prevent these quakes, a different process is involved in them. Relieving pressure is not the answer. The quakes are the direct result of removing the Earth's "blood" as some call it. The oil and gas beds are what some plates float upon, and if too much is removed, there will be quakes from these plates finding their new location. We can't pump stuff back into the ground in these areas to prevent this situation.

Earth peoples have been very slow to realize this issue. The quakes from a year ago in the area are also of this cause. There was not the death rate in this recent quake as is being told on the news, not anywhere close. This is hype, creating fear. That many buildings did come down, because of their construction is true.

The world has not responded adequately to these peoples who are displaced. There is not the caring apparently. Money should not be the issue in these cases. All of us in Ashtar command are very desirous that Earth will give up the money system that brings upon it so much slavery. It is very much time for the caring of the peoples of Earth to commence.

I have written in the past that we can give some attention, by means of the news services of impending quakes. This was actually done to news groups in this area, (Pakistan) but they did nothing to give warning to the peoples involved. There were some in the United States given the knowledge also, and yet this tragedy was of unimportance to them.

So many in Earth are so very resistant to the idea of growing up and becoming responsible for the planet. It is hoped that a number of people will chose messianic projects in the care of the planet, after the Second Coming. We will not do it for you, it is your job.

You must develop teams that will go into areas and evacuate them. We can help out in this endeavor until you have sufficient antigravity vehicles to make this your own concern, or you can also make some contracts with star peoples for this. The Earth is your responsibility, to learn to understand the planets many issues. We are but advisors during your growing up period.

You must move from areas that will have problems, such as along almost any sea shore. You should not live in areas like New Orleans, or in the Dutch areas that are below sea level. Building bigger and better dikes is not the solution. Moving inland is the solution. The same in the areas where so much oil has been removed. You should move.

Candace: Our news is covering some on the issue of New Orleans. I saw a scientist type on TV recently saying that the sea levels in the New Orleans area are expected to rise dramatically over the next 80 years, possibly a 100 feet or more. I don't think 100 foot dikes would be wonderfully successful.

Soltec: Your scientists and military know much about the areas of risk, but choose to not do anything about it. We are getting pretty fed up with the military that has promised to do the right thing, and has not. Lots of hot air going on, but little action.

We have given so much knowledge and still there is the fear and inaction. They are not doing as they should in honoring the Constitution and removing these BBB&Gs. So be it at this time. We continue in Ashtar Command to await the awakening in America of Americans to the atrocities in Iraq, and to their responsibility to make civic noise about it.

Iraq daily increases their insurgent activities against the American intruders, and still the military and other leaders do nothing to inform Americans that the insurgency is from the Iraqi people themselves, defending their country, as they should be doing.

With Christ Michael's and Sananda Immanuels permission, I am telling you that America is not awakening very well. We are not walking away, but we are going to await the actions of some more people on the ground to do the right thing. This would include readers writing to their supposed elected leaders, and demanding the right thing to be done.

Do not be in support of Patrick Bellringer's dependence of the star people right now to do the right thing. This is the Santa Claus approach, as Candace has used in description, and we are not Santa Claus. We are advisors, and we are dealing with many issues. You are still upon the planet because of our many works. But you have got to come out of the savior idea and become your saviors.

I would make the suggestion that you focus on a few important individuals in your Congress, and write letters strongly encouraging doing the right thing. You should continue to awaken your friends and neighbors to the idea that something is wrong in Iraq, and that they should be doing their civil responsibility and making noise about it.

We are going to continue to await some more for action on the ground. We are awaiting for the news folks and the military to become more progressive for us to carry out our intervention. Write your news people and demand better. Write the same ones, every day if need be.

Now in the above statement, I realize they may turn the deaf ear, and we do not expect the limited number of readers of these messages to correct the situation. But your pressure just might get a few to do the right thing, and a few is all that is needed, we are so close now.

You yourselves must come out of Santa Claus mentality about the Second Coming. There is much written that we will do it all, we will give multiple food replicators and other technology and everything will be hunky dory in around 2 years. You can thank Patrick Bellringer for that, and it is not true.

We are going to give some of these to areas that have severe poverty, and in fact already are. We are going to bring in the machines that will bring AIDS under control in Africa, and are training peoples there in their use also at this time. We continue to work behind the news that you in America get.

The deaf, dumb and blind American peoples, often sitting in a place expecting rapture, and following their leaders rather than thinking, are needing to think. Rumsfeld and Mr. Cheney recently, sadly got "kudos" for their speeches before the American public. Pat Robertson and his ilk continue to manipulate their Christian followers into support of the regime.

We were most appalled by Pat Robertson recently in his comments about killing Chavez in Venezuela. This man continues to lead the unthinking Christians into the hands of the beast.

When the NESARA program is announced, and the rest of the Second Coming package plan takes place, you are merely having the door opened to the possibilities. You will have to ask for any help from us, we do not stuff it down your throats and take away your free will.

We fully expect some tribulation of thought, expectations, and resistance to who we are and what we are here for. We fully expect Pat Robertson, and others such as the Sherry Shriner folks to attempt at the rejection of this Second Coming process. After this Second Coming Event, it is you from the stars and more experienced souls that will get the big changes done.

Shortly you will learn that Mr. Bush and friends are running away, vacating. There is a temporary government set in place to take over for a few months until elections can occur. But you are the ones who must be very careful with whom runs for the new elections, and reject those that are unworthy. You need to not allow again, party platforms that do not serve your Constitution to come into place.

But it is you, the star people, now given the chance to spring into action who will do the works. You adopted the planet for this purpose, for your growth and experience, and to serve your Universe of Nebadon. You volunteered and the time is now to get a move on. You must be firm and strong. It is not the time to lay back and simply hope all will work out.

As Christ Michael said recently in these messages, you have 5 years to make a phenomenal change upon the planet. She is this year, 7 years ahead of time, fully into the photon belt year around. This will continue to initiate Earth changes, the cleansing, and we will not interfere for the most part in the process. By anchoring the light, so shall you yourselves reduce the changes. Anchoring the light is not done by only mediation and the beaming of love energy.

It is done by doing the works, and the teaching of the peoples who are either asleep or have no knowledge in the first place. You must work with religion also, showing a better way. Those of you who do go to church must spring up, and work against the beast who will be working even more heavily after The Second Coming Event in trying to get people to reject the process.

The game of the Rapture is the game of the beast. In New Age, this game is played also, in the idea of a special ascension date, in the idea that one will suddenly know all, the idea that you will be instantly able to manufacture by mind everything you need. These are skills that take time, and will not be given to the planet, until she is well into her growing up. Poverty will not truly end, until you are off of money, and have responsible people in power to handle the trading of goods that would be the norm under a situation of not using money.

Who will you elect a few short months from now? The first year after the Second Coming Event will be a year of intense change, that must come rapidly, to set the planet on a better course. You must instigate this change, in every field of practice upon the Earth. It will be a great event upon the people, the making of choices to stay with the planet or not. You must be confrontative with a lazy people wanting various versions of the rapture.




Candace: I am checking out some websites that apparently make it easy to send letters to your specific members of Congress and the Senate. I tried one, and I did get responses back. This one sent the letter also to the closet local newspaper. I will cover this in a message on my website. I think we should do as suggested above, and work with the few that seem oriented to solving the problems in Iraq. We should send letters nearly daily, over and over to provide a kick in the "pituti." (My favorite word for "xxxxx.")

Hopefully the letter writing will be unimportant, and the waiting short for the eviction of these BBB&Gs. I am noting increasing coverage on CNN about some issues, and today they covered the problem with the paid propaganda in Iraq, actually calling it propaganda. I have heard that MSNBC is providing improved coverage, and perhaps if this is so, some pressure on them would be useful also. However, we should not put off putting on the pressure, assuming all will happen soon.

Next Tuesday, December 6, there is a phone campaign where you can ask Congress to bring the troops home from Iraq. The number is 1-800-614-2803. Give it a try, nothing to loose! If you have folks around you who are dissatisfied with Iraq, share the number with them.

Remember the saying I am sure most have heard: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing." We need to be the good men and women and put pressure on others to do the same.

I have a couple favorite sayings I like to refer to sometimes, when people think I am an odd sort of person about my beliefs around 911 and Iraq, Aspartame, and other issues. They are:

"Your failure to be informed, does not make me a wako." By John Loeffler.

"Today's nut is tomorrow's oak tree that held its ground." By Plato.

In ending, I would like to remind you, that the Kumara's, which include Sananda Immanuel, and Sanat Kumara, got themselves out of a nasty matrix, including imprisonment by the use of weapons, without the assistance we are getting. Now we do need some help, because this planet is the last hold out of the Anunnaki and others, and has a particularly large problem, but still, we must do our share.

It is always the planetary peoples responsibility for their planet, and solving its social, economic, political and environmental problems. Learning does not occur if another does the work. I look forward to having you come to my new website, and participating in the forums if you would like to do so. Take care, and Happy Holidays! Candace

PS. Today I was asked to support Jerry Falwells efforts to put the Christ back into Christmas. The Christian Right is unhappy about the term "Happy Holidays"  by merchants. The person asked me to come to a Targets asking people to not buy from Targets and Koels this year. I declined. I sent email to the sender with my opinions, and it came back intentionally rejected by the list monitor, with no reason given, as the reason. This person has been working to gain support for the exposure of 911, a worthy goal indeed.

Several religions celebrate over this season of gift buying and giving, which also includes Thanksgiving and the New Year, complete with all the football games.  And many who are not of any faith also participate. This is manipulation to get Christians to support the NWO agenda, of a one religion state. It is a Christian Right activity. It matters not to me that Christianity is the prominent religion, it does not need to control the business activities of America in this manner.  It would be much more important to draw attention to the war, AIDS and other issues of real spiritual concern. The Christian Right should put the Christ back into Christmas, by demanding this unlawfully installed antichrist vacate the White House.

I want out of the Holiday season, personally. I have not enjoyed the pressure over my life to conform to the expectations. I tried to teach my children about Santa Claus and met with huge disapproval of family, friends and neighbors, who did not want their kids to learn there was no Santa Claus from mine. I actually did not desire the Christmas season at all, but explain that to a family and society steeped in Christmas.  

One year early in my marriage, all of our clothing, sheets, and towels were stolen off a clothes line, during my one day a week to do all the wash. My family never seemed to forgive that we didn't give Christmas presents that year, what little money we had went to replacing the above items. We did not have a credit card. My ex husband was a poorly paid private in the military during the Vietnam war. My wages were low also.

I was and am often penalized for not spending as much money as was spent on me, even though I did not have it to spend. I was raised in a family situation where Christmas and birthday giving was criticized if the gift giver failed to give a financially appropriate gift, no matter the situation or truth and beliefs of the "giver." I have seen this behavior in other families all my life also. I have seen much heartache over the requirement of gifts. I have felt and often continue the heartache myself, in the game of gift giving during the holiday times.

There is great social pressure to conform to Christmas. It is to me about merchandising, and has become increasingly so over time. The pressure has been increased by the advent of television. I think the Christ was taken out of Christmas long ago, long before my birth.  Simply forcing stores to use the term "Christmas" does not solve a single problem about Christmas. We need to celebrate the birth of Christ, and God, year around, 24/7. In that we might become more Holy. The poor need to eat every day, the homeless need shelter every day. People run up their credit card debt to conform.

In this Christmas season, it is easy for America to forget about Iraq, and its suffering. For some, it will be easy to sit down to Christmas dinner, and all the while discuss that we must get those Muslims, keep up this war on terror. So it has been every Christmas since the Iraq war began. Since 911. Since Afghanistan.  And there will be the eating of a turkey that was raised in inhuman conditions, filled with chemicals to provide tenderness and moisture. I know, I sound like the Grinch that stole Christmas, but I want Christ like, God like behavior throughout the planet, everyday of the year. Let's get a good start on that in 2006, make the New Year, really new.

There is no Santa Claus, no tooth fairy, no Easter bunny. It is my belief that in teaching these seemingly harmless stories that we encourage our little ones to believe in a fairy tale as if it were true. We continue this on in our schools by teaching that we have a free press, another fairy tale. We have a lot of fairy tales in organized religion, and in other areas of the matrix. I think it is well past time to stop the fairy tales. If we lie about Santa, how might our children respect our ability to provide truthful answers to their questions? I have personally seen quite a few children who became very upset on learning they had been lied to in this manner.

One of these fairy tales is that baptism is required to enter into heaven or to be "saved." When people try to drop out of the Mormon church, or are excommunicated from it and others, they are told that their baptism has been revoked. Why would God require the sprinkling of water, or the dunking, to enter into his Kingdom? And why does the leaving of an organization take away the supposed effects of the Baptism? It is time to think and ponder such things. The freedom that Christ brought, has been re formed into yet another prison of existence.

I have no problem with people celebrating life through ceremonies and rituals. But they should be based on fact and not used to teach fairy tales. I think it is a spiritually wonderful idea to have a naming ceremony for a new child, welcoming the child to life, and blessing the parents.  I support having some sort of ceremony for those that desire it, to support various life milestones, including a choice to consciously serve God and life, service to others. I support the idea that marriage, and the bringing of children into the world is sacred, and can have a sacred ceremony of choice. I have no problem with sacred ceremonies around the passing from this plane, or around celebration of children coming into their adulthood. Graduation from any worthwhile education program is a sacred event. These are worthy ideas, sanctifying life and its Holy experiences. I do have a problem with the idea that one is excluded from God based on the fairy tale of Baptism.


My Singing Willow Tree

By Candace Frieze & Christ Michael


Hi everyone: Christ Michael gave me this yesterday afternoon. I will be unavailable to answer mail over the Labor Day weekend. Read on after Christ Michael's portion to discover the reason for the title of this message.

Christ Michael: Dear One and All, it is I Christ Michael. As you may notice we have had a turn of events with the Hurricane in the south of the United States. There were man made manipulations in the flooding that occurred, and past that, for the time being I will say no more, so that I do not give any clues to our BBB&Gs of what we know.

At this time, I am relieving Candace of writing these messages. She has become a huge target to them, and our GF guard service to her has had to be increased. She came under a missile attack recently.  She was shielded, and nothing came of seriousness. We have had to provide increased protection around everyone she knows at this moment, and it is advisable to lay low for a while.

She needs a bit of rest and some more healing over this period, and she needs time to do her end of our work, and 24 hours a day, does not provide enough time for her duties. Remember she is an active member of our team, and does a great deal more than answer mail and write messages.

I will not be doing any more public messages at this time for the security of our people on the ground. You are going to have to go into a state of trust at this moment. I will remind you, that anyone posting by the name of Hatonn would not be me. Recently, I was informed, by my star people who check the Internet that Nancy's fake Hatonn issued quite a message shortly after the Hurricane, stating that basically the USA would have been divided into 2 parts, along the Mississippi, had the Hurricane been totally successful. This is a huge exaggeration, but the heavy flooding of the Mississippi was a desired outcome.

The Hurricane was a natural event in its inception, but it was enhanced by BBB&Gs in other realms. As we stated in these messages last spring, HAARP and scalar technologies were totally disabled on the Earth plane, and remain so. The enhancement was more along the lines of mind control. This should show you how powerful mind can be. It was even enhanced somewhat by 3D folks on Earth, in the excitement raised by the media. Many people "willed" the hurricane, for the thrill of it all.

We did what we could. We attempted to divert the hurricane westward, to areas less populated, well west of the Mississippi. We lost a bit there, so we moved it a bit east, by joining our energy with the BBB&Gs energy, who were pushing it east from our desired direction. In the process, the hurricane eye went well east of New Orleans. Not our desired result, but the next best of possibilities. We sucked air out of the western edge, which greatly protected New Orleans.

In the speeding up of the Hurricane, not its winds, but its forward speed, it moved very quickly over land, dropping far less rain that the BBB&Gs wished, so there is not catastrophic flooding in the aftermath. Plus the winds were slowed substantially when it hit landfall. It was around a slow Category 2 at that time.

There is a lesson in this my friends. New Orleans should not be rebuilt, and I would advise the entire world to get over the habit of building residential areas close to the sea. It never has been a good idea. Far less life would have been lost in the Tsunami of last December, had people lived only a mile or two back from the sea, in fact, just 30 feet above sea level where possible. This would apply also to Mississippi region that experienced destruction.

Ye make many mistakes. What will happen in the USA if Mount Rainier went off near Seattle? Now that is a great inland port, sitting on a lovely quiet bay. It is fine to have shipping there, but no residential areas surrounding these. The Indians of the region warned long ago of the probability of Mount St. Helen's and Mount Rainier going off. Even though Mount Vesuvius went off long ago, could it not again? And people in that region plan only to hopefully evacuate again.

You settle on Earth quake faults. San Francisco suffered a great quake close to 100 years ago, and that seems forgotten. Ye try to build buildings resistant to nature, and that is fine, except in these regions. You can have your shipping facilities, but not the housing. You see sadly in New Orleans, what happens if you live in a city below the sea level. As I said in the beginning, there is more that took place than the hurricane, in this sad situation.

Your government has refused help from the whole world. Look at the white and black new buses transferring people to Houston. These are not what they say on them, these are Homeland Security Buses, and they have intentions beyond emergency evacuation in their uses.

Now we are still going to intervene, of that have no doubt, but I cannot openly in this message tell the BBB&Gs what we have planned, so you must go into trust, and not beg of Candace to hear from me or others right now. I am retiring her from this project for her safety, and that of everyone she has in her circle. If we do decide we wish a message, she will then do this service, but only then. She will continue her other works with us, and when the time is right, she will notify you of her plans.  WE MUST COME LIKE A THIEF IN THE NIGHT. I AM Christ Michael, Sovereign Son of Nebadon.    

Candace: Now I want to say a bit. There is an expression (and I thank the friend who reminded me of it) from the Bible, the sins of the father will be visited upon the sons, even unto the 7th generation. This does not mean, as some have used it violently, that the sin is carried through the blood line.

It means that future generations suffer the errors of those before them. And such is New Orleans, and rest of the Gulf coastline. New Orleans suffered 12 significant hurricanes between 1800 and 1850. There may have been more, to say nothing of tropical storms. Biloxi has been leveled before. New Orleans was a swamp before it was settled. And it is also at the base of a large inland sea, filled with water from a large bay, which is in turn connected to the Gulf. New Orleans has apparently also been settling over the years. The Mississippi River continually remodels the region over time.

Yet the people living there today suffer from the decisions of their fathers, the founders. And yet, why did not the people born in the region try to move away. There is current personal responsibility here also. And then there is the issue of those that drowned in their homes. I realize that not everyone could leave the city, no money, no transportation. But moving to higher ground was a good idea.  Some may have returned to their homes after the storm, however, thinking it safe to do so.

As to the storm itself, the Gulf hurricanes blow counter clockwise, so that when the eye hit the region, the western winds would have actually blown the sea away. The eastern winds brought the sea upon the Mississippi coastline. These apparently are always the stronger winds, the eastern winds. And there sits Biloxi, right on the beach, also the gambling casinos.

Had the eye been diverted west word, these very winds would have blown north over New Orleans, and since it sits inland, Lake Pontchartrain would have been blown away from New Orleans.

Had the eye gone over New Orleans, however, the large bay, labeled Lake Borgne on my map, would have been pushed into Lake Pontchartrain and then the western winds, blowing south would have carried the lake down into New Orleans. This was the wish for result by our BBB&Gs. They hoped of course the dikes would be overtopped.

These same winds, as they blew around the circle, would have pushed the Mississippi into New Orleans. Also, the winds change directions, after the eye passes. Actually they don't change direction, they were blowing the opposite direction already, and this event would have created great wind damage to New Orleans. This no doubt created much of the wind destruction on the Mississippi coast line.

All of this has been known forever. You can figure the above yourself, knowing only that the winds flow around the eye, which in the Gulf is counter clockwise. So why do people take an intentional risk. Lord only knows.

I am taking a break for a few days over the weekend, probably for a week. I am working on other portions of my organization, and the website. I plan to open the website in the near future.

I would like at this time to Thank all of the websites who have made this project possible, in publishing the material. I would like to thank Patrick Bellringer especially, as his large world wide influence made this project possible in the first place, and I have appreciated my contacts with him and Anne over these months.

The messages will continue after my break, but differently. I need my own home, this is why I will shortly open the website. This will allow me to post a wide variety of different material. I do intend to finish the work with Buddha after my break.  I am not going away, just getting on with my work, as is Sananda at this time, during our continued wait. There are serious plans in the making, and as Christ Michael said, for security, we must not discuss them publicly at this time. Security breeches have been a problem, and there were some recently yet again.

I found the missile attack alarming, because I was aware of it. I listened to the missile sizzle loudly in my shield, which passed through my large willow tree, for at least 10 minutes as it disintegrated. This will forever be my "singing willow tree" story.  What horrified me, was not that it was shot at my house, yes that did, but that had it missed, it would have damaged neighbors homes, and any people at home. Even had just my house blown up, the neighbors could have still been harmed.

To the BBB&Gs trying to take me out, please understand I didn't originate NESARA, and you are making yourselves look bad in your games, because they will be exposed. All of them, from long before 911, to New Orleans, are going to come out, and be exposed, by the many involved in doing so. The assorted movements to do so, have been very successful.  Time a wave a white flag.

Time to heal the planet, rather than destroy it. Yes, you read these messages, it has been proven by those who track you, and you do not cover your tracks very well in the attempts. I am protected rather well by the Galactic Federation, as you most certainly discovered in the failed attack on my home.

And the source of the order to do so, has been identified. I have not been personally informed of who placed to order, but those that guard me do know. And you are not going to be able to remove them. What would have been the excuse presented by the media for my blown up home?  Oh I know, a gas leak, how original. Take care, Candace


Mother Shekhmet Speaks

By Candace Frieze & Mother Shekhmet


Hi everyone, Mother Shekhmet gave me this message on August 4, 2005. I will present this first, and then I have an issue to cover. Also, I have received a most interesting channeling from an individual that recently left this plane, a person of great prominence. I can't present the material, until this person authorizes it, after the NESARA announcement.

Also, since the announcement studio was seriously damaged in a recent skirmish, a new site has been established, that the BBB&Gs will not be able to interfere with. The new announcement studio, and the announcement will come from the Capricorn, providing impeccable security! Now to Mother Shekhmet.

Mother Shekhmet: Good morning dear ones of Earth, I AM who is called by you, Mother Shekhmet. I am not sure where the term Mother came for me, it is an Earth creation. Perhaps it comes from the fact that I am female, and I am, amongst other of my job descriptions, a master geneticist.

It is said, currently on Earth, that I was here before the Gods were here. That is not exactly a true statement, as God was always there. But I am quite an old soul. I am an Ascending Son, meaning my origin is from the evolutionary process, rather than the Godhead, as the Descending Sons, the Angelics if you will, have their origin.

I had my origin in one of the early universes of Orvonton, the Superuniverse to which Nebadon belongs. It has been told in these messages, that there are 100,000 universes in a Superuniverse. This information is also in the Urantia Book.  Nebadon is the 11, 121st universe in Orvonton. This makes Nebadon a somewhat middle aged Universe in Orvonton, but a younger Universe in the scheme of things. It is Universe number 611,121 of the 700,000, all of which are now in existence. Number 700,000 is a very young Universe, rather recently coming into being.

In Urantia, you have read, that the big goal of your journey would be to stand at the right hand of the Father, meaning you have graduated all of the schools possible to attend, through your local Universe, then your Superuniverse, then the Central Universe of Havona. With that graduation, you get to stand for a bit of time, in the Presence of the Father of all, on Paradise. I have completed that journey and I can thus attest to the truth of the ultimate journey.

However, It does not end there, and you don't live on Paradise forever, you take those hard earned skills, and go about your work. It is never possible, it would seem to know it all. My universe of origin, is called Rabanadon, and it is universe number 600,012, the 12th Universe in Orvonton, and that does indeed make me a rather old soul, but there are many much much older than myself, having their origin in the very first universe. You will read in Urantia, that the first graduate of the Ascension Journey is called Grandfanda.

Candace: I have pronounced the word Urantia as Ur ran sha. Mother pronounces it Ur ran tee a. I also see various spellings of Mother on the net. I am spelling it here, as Shekhmet, as she pronounces it starting with a "She" sound. The kh letters are sort of combined together as I hear her say her name. Rather guttural and hard for me to make the sound.

Mother Shekhmet: In the sense of my long history, I suppose you might say, I was there before the Gods were, if you took that to mean, I was around before most the Creator Sons took over their respective universes in Orvonton as they formed. Universes form sequentially. There forms first a circular Nebula, and when it is in perfection, it is sort of "set off," by those of the knowledge to do so, and begins to form suns, going through the process of becoming a spiral nebula, and continuing on in the sun forming process, until you have a universe that can be "moved into."

When you observe a spiral nebula through a telescope, you are looking at a universe in the making. And do you know where the matter in a universe comes from? In simple terms, from your thoughts. Thoughts are pure energy, there is no resistance to their travels from your minds. They continue on out through the expanse of space, and circular nebulae are formed. There is a lot of thinking going on in all of Creation. There is a bit more to this simple story, but for the time being, this is quite enough to ponder upon.

Now, a question to be answered from the mail, how am I involved in Nebadon at this time, and also, what was going on back in Egypt, when I was known there. I came into working in Nebadon, by my choice to do so. Part of what I have done here, is contribute to the genetics of Nebadon, since I am a geneticist. My skills as a geneticist are quite a bit beyond what a geneticist on Earth does at this time, and well beyond what the little Greys have be doing with the DNA of Earth, which is stealing it, with the permission of the United States government.

However, their stealing of the DNA has been from around the world, and not just the United States. They have been trying to create a soul container for themselves, as they are robotics, and desire to be human, and this does not work. Mixing their robotic DNA with human DNA does not make them human, it makes a cross breed, with problems not unlike what was done in Atlantis, in the creation of the "Things" of legend.

Those they create, will have a bit of difficulty knowing what they are. In a sense, this is worse than Atlantis, and the mixing of human DNA with animal DNA. The Greys are not animals, not part of the ascending journey. Those they have created are neither human, by human here we mean Sons of God, or the potential of that, but they are merely a more advanced robotic type, a "prettier" body, but still robotic in nature.

They did not accomplish what they wished, they merely changed their looks. In this they will incarnate themselves into different bodies, but they do not take the Ascending Journey, as the body is not human. They have merely created a human appearing body, and remain unable to have a Father fragment come to them. They must incarnate into one of God's bodies, by permission for this event to occur.  It will not occur by stealth of the genetics.

All have their lessons to learn, even the Greys. There are intelligent, and they did rebel from the slavery from which they were created. In this, had they taken a better route, they would have been granted the eternal journey. And some were granted this recently.

Candace: Remember in some prior messages, it was discussed, I believe in #25, where Hatonn says he is Christ Michael, that some of the Greys, by their more human compassionate behavior, will earn the right to start the Ascending Journey, by birth into the human form, in our New world.

Mother Shekhmet: I would now like to explain further, the human form. There are several human forms, not just the one on Earth. There is the Reptilian form, the Feline form (mine), the Insect form, an Octopus form, and quite a few other forms. "Human" (Higher Universal Man) comes out of the natural process of evolution on a planet.

All planets are seeded by God's scientists with life, and in Urantia these are called "life carriers." I am not a life carrier, these are Descending Sons, and created by the Creator Sons of the local universes. I am more, like a consultant, which is a word that does not fully describe what I do, but you have no words that are adequate, so this will have to suffice at this time.

The different human forms that develop are what happens as a result of the evolutionary process on each planet. The Octopus form becomes the human form on water worlds, as the Octopus, by having its 8 appendages, gains the most intelligence. It is possible in ones journey, and this does occur, to change forms, meaning the human soul can incarnate into a variety of forms.

The souls coming from water planets, almost always have to take a portion of their journey, on other worlds in bodies which are more "human." In fact, the human form, as on this planet, is a final form, in the schools, for many. It is ideal, other than having been diminished by those in control of the planet, to the 2 strands of DNA.

But many of us, myself included keep our "mammalian" forms in our journeys, and donate of our DNA to various planets to create the ascending pattern of learning. It is most sad to see some living forms disappearing on the planet, as links are lost in the natural process of learning. You journey through a variety of forms in your early evolution. You have been informed of this in a previous message I believe. (Candace: the Animal message)

You have read that I am a Paschet, a lioness, and that is true. There are also horse type forms, bear type forms, dinoid, and others. It is said that I am a great warrior of the light. Actually we do have a misunderstanding here. I work for the light, all do eventually, or there is no ascension. But I am not a warrior who fights with weapons. There are those that do, in the defense of universes from marauders, who have not yet learned to be in Service to Others.

As to my roles in Egypt, I was simply active in that area, working as we all do to uplift and teach, and I was made, as usually happens on Earth into a Goddess. All on the eternal journey are in varying stages of Godhood. That I am well beyond many in my journey is true, but I am not a Goddess, as in the Father Mother Goddess stories prevalent on Earth.

I am not the creator on many universes, as is being told by some right now. The Creator Sons are in charge of the Universes, and their creation. It is being told at this time, that I can uncreate those I have created, in my position of Mother Goddess, and this is most certainly not true. I am not creating a pot of soup of uncreated beings. Any Uncreation of souls, comes at the behest, usually of the Superuniverse, but once a Creator Son completes his education, and experience, he has that capability.

Certainly Christ Michael of Nebadon does have this capability now, but it is very rarely used. And it comes by the choice of the individual involved. Lucifer did recently make this choice, he chose not to take the rehabilitation offered, and it appears this is because he felt great failure. He really did think, by going into rebellion, he had a better way, he did have an ego problem, thinking he had full rights of God in the running of the system of Satania. And in time, had he not taken the route of rebellion, he would have been the Sovereign of Satania, an earned position.

Candace: A brief definition of Satania is needed here, if you are not a Urantia reader. The government of our Universe of Nebadon is organized similarly as in the United States and some other countries. We have cities, counties, states, in increasing responsibility. In our Universe, up to 1000 life bearing planets are grouped into what is called a "System."

The System that Earth belongs to is called Satania, and there are more than 600 planets so far in our system. Each system has a system head. Lucifer used to be our System head. Satanias new system head goes by the name of Lanaforge. Also, the name of Satan, has nothing to do with the name Satania. Satan worked under Lucifer, and went into the Lucifer Rebellion. 37 planets in our system, also entered into the Rebellion.  

System heads are Descending Sons, usually, except that Christ Michael told me there is one Ascending Son who is a System head somewhere in this Universe of Nebadon. Systems, 100 of them, make a Constellation. There are 100 Constellations in a universe. Note here that a Constellation of government is not the same as the names of constellations we look at in our sky at night. There is the potential of about 10 million planets bearing life, in our Universe of Nebadon. There are currently about 3.4 million registered, as life bearing planets. Urantia states that in the totality of the 7 Superuniverses, there is the potential of 7 trillion life bearing planets, and at this time there are about 5.6 trillion registered.

Our planet, Urantia, Earth, Shan, Terra, whatever term you like, is #606 in Satania. Satania has 619 planets, with around 200 more evolving into inhabited worlds.  Inhabited, means that intelligent life, having developed "will" is present.

A Planetary Prince, is the representative and ruler from the Universal government, to a planet. Usually these are Descending Sons, also. Ours was named Caligastia, but he was "fired," as he brought this planet into the Rebellion. Sananda Immanuel, an Ascending Son, as we have mentioned before, will assume this position, with the Second Coming event. Ascending Sons, basically have no limits to the heights to which they can Ascend.

Mother Shekhmet: What do I really look like, in time you shall see, as I will lower my vibrations enough to walk the Earth also, when she has yet more light. I can't lower my vibrations to the current levels of light on the Earth, but I see the time coming in which I will be able to do so.

There is something that needs to be very much cleared up by myself. There is one, who at this time claims that he trance channels myself, and there is one who claims to have seen this person transform into myself, in a recent Internet posting. This is most definitely a lie. This transformation as described implies I am incarnate in this person, and can shape shift into myself from this humans body. This is appalling, this little game being played out. If this person does shape shift into a lion form, he might be a 4D entity with that skill, but it is not I he is shape shifting into. He is not a 5D entity or higher, as a 5D entity would not use a shape shifting skill to deceive others.

This couple, involved in the above scheme, are selling channelings in my name to others. I would never channel to help an individual gain in wealth. Further more, I do not do channelings of this sort for free either. I do not give personal advice through channels to others, nor read their Akashic records for them, period. It is not my way. There are those that can read the records, and those that also pretend to do so. I am very involved in activities of much greater importance, in the ascension of Earth, and I do not spend my time in the above manner. I do not do trance channelings at all, there is no Earth body, that I could come into for this purpose, my energy is too high. Telepathy is the only choice at this time, as a channeling method.

This entity, described above, has made quite a number of supposed channelings from me. In the doing of this, he growls, in supposed imitation of my voice. A little "wakeup call" is needed here. Guess what, I do not growl. Lions on Earth do growl, that is the nature of their vocal cords. I occupy a very high light body, and only for this mission to Earth. I am totally spirit in nature, as is everyone, past their graduations for the schools of the local Universe. We do however, always have DNA, but this is quite different from the DNA through which spirit in its journey of learning in matter, uses.

I am using the Paschet lioness form, in this light body, but growling is not done at this stage. And as I said above, in time you shall see of this form I use at this time. I have been using this form since the olden days of Egypt, and I was seen by some, therefore, the statues that were made in my name. I will not be speaking with human type vocal cords when I am visible, I will continue the use of telepathy, with those who have the capability.

This statement should further enlighten our readers, who have listened to the one who claims to bring my messages to the world.  And when I am seen, it will not be by all, but by those whose vision is capable of seeing what you like to call spirit. Those seeing "spirit" see light bodies, and other forms of existence, such as angelic forms. Light bodies are forms used by Ascending Sons, and there are many levels, for lack of a better word, in light bodies.

I do have a soul mate, most of the Ascending Sons do have someone they have completed their journey with, and that would be the one referred to as Father Alcyone. This is no relation to the central Pleiadian sun by that name, other than maybe the idea was borrowed in the naming of that sun. Candace, early on in trying to figure my identity, with the teachings currently being falsely given, thought that maybe somehow, myself and my soul mate, Father Alcyone, might be Father/Mother Gods, Goddesses of the Pleiadian system.

There is a great deal of misunderstanding in the use of the terms, Father/Mother God. In Nebadon, Father God is Christ Michael, and Mother God, would be his companion, in the creation process of this Universe. She is known by many names, the most of important of which would be, the Holy Spirit.

Candace says that in one of the messages with Sananda, that he said that Father is the Father of all, and personality. The Son is spirit, and the Spirit is mind. This is a loose concept, suitable for our discussion here. The Creator Sons bring to their universes, the essence of the Father and Son, and the Mother Spirit, brings Mind, and also a great deal of ministry. Thus the Trinity is accomplished in this way, brought to the universes in this manner. The Son, as taught by Christianity is not Jesus, or Sananda, but the Creator Son of God of Nebadon, Christ Michael. He is not God's only son either, there are 700,000 Creator Sons, in addition to all the other many types of Sons, such as all of us Ascending Sons.

Those of the "fallen angels" are Descending Sons, and most of you incarnate, are now on the Ascension Journey, having made this choice.  Some of you may return to your duties as Descending Sons, having had this experience incarnate in flesh, and use the skills and lessons learned, in your future positions in Nebadon.

Those taking the Ascension Journey, have received the Father of all fragment, called the Thought Adjuster in the Urantia Book. You have made this choice, as you gave up your rights as Descending Sons, and most now take the Ascension Journey as a human, or Ascending Son. This is not something bad, it is something quite good, and you chose this, as you did not want to be part of the Universal Descending Sons

This is why you entered into the Lucifer Rebellion. You wanted the experience of total free will, which Descending Sons in general do not experience, they are in service to the Universe, and creation.

Many angels, to better understand their jobs as Descending Sons, in the ministry to the Ascending Sons from the evolutionary process, take a journey in flesh, and when they graduate this journey, return to the Universal Worlds of management, with a much better understanding of life. So you return to being a Descending Son, in this situation. So on Earth, there are both situations, amongst the Angels who are incarnate.

There is the teaching in Earth that you must return to God. This is not so, all is God, there is no need to return. We Ascending Sons from the evolutionary process never left God, we were always of God, we are God in his experience, and experiencing ourselves as a fragment of God. The term "Supreme Being," is actually all of us Ascending Sons put together, the experiencing arm of God. We have not fallen from Grace, and must return. We are always continuing in our individual journeys of becoming all that we can be.

Possibly that teaching of the return has to do with the Angels, that left the System of Satania, in the rebellion of Lucifer. Maybe it refers to the choice of becoming more Godly. But no one returns to God, you can't leave God. You can make ungodly choices, meaning service to self choices that infringe on the rights of others, or hurt self, but as God, you can't leave God, there is nothing to return to. God is life, and I notice that none reading this have left life.

There is the cleaning up of thy acts, and to graduate from the various schools in the journey, you must fulfill the graduation requirements. To Ascend with the New Earth, you must chose to be of it, and in the choosing, you must become of the Service to Others orientation, by commitment, and not as a do it when it pleases you situation. This is what is required to enter 5D. Many of you are already 5D and some even higher, in the choices that you make, where you are in your growth, even though you use a 3D body. This is what is available at this time. You will change in the ascension process to a 5D type body.

Now before I go, I would like to say, that my name is not Mother Shekhmet, it is Shekhmet. I am not sure where the Mother part came from, other than I was loved, and I have no objection to its use. But I am not a Creator Goddess, in the way that has been described by some on Earth. All Ascending Sons, are creators, in that we think, and we create ideas.

And some of us, in our learning chose to hasten the learning by having more than one lifetime at a time. We become great teachers, and one day, we will found future Universes, that come into being, as the original creation of 7 Superuniverses has occurred, in the formation of 700,000 nebulae.

There are many new Nebulae awaiting our skills, and no more Creator Sons coming from the Central Universe of Havona. But I am not yet a Creator Person, who has created many Universes. Maybe someday, I will hold the position of Creator of a Universe. Maybe not, maybe I will carry another job in the newer Universes yet to come. I have no idea yet, where my own Journey will go next. Namaste, I AM Shekhmet.

Candace: I first Met Mother Shekhmet, in February. Not long after these messages were first published at Four Winds, on February 12, I was invited to participate on one of the conference calls, advertised on The Tree of the Golden Light. This I did, one Thursday evening. I was asked if I might channel Sananda, and I said possibly, but did not commit. I worked a bit with Sananda during the day, with a friend, getting used to the idea of speaking rather than typing the message. I had not been before a live audience of importance for some time.

There is no difference in the method, between typing and speaking. I do not trance channel. Nor is my typing of the automatic writing method. I am purely telepathic, and these channelings as I have mentioned before, are basically the taking of dictation.

At any rate, on that evening, I was not yet totally comfortable with the situation, and declined to channel Sananda, and also Ashtar who was present with me. I had some sort of odd gut feeling I was paying attention to, and I was uncomfortable with this gut feeling. I told everyone, that I was simply shy. I had expected in the preparation for this call, that participants would ask questions, and I thought I might let Sananda answer some, making this a "live" channeling.

This question period did not materialize. I was told to break into the call, should change my mind. We muted the call if we were not talking, to prevent extraneous sounds. After discussing further with Sananda and Ashtar, I decided to break into the call, but every attempt to do so was futile. I had carefully written down the simple instructions of how to do this. I got the feeling, that this was purposeful, but maybe not. I tried to again break in near the end of the 2 hour period, this time the channeling time reduced to a pleasant good night idea. Still I was unable to break in.

Then to my surprise, there was to be a channeling from Mother Shekhmet. To my horror, the voice was slow, and very growling in nature. I had assumed that this would be a telepathic channeling, such as I would have done. Instead, what I heard was a very bad attempt to fake a trance channeling, in which the being comes into the body and uses that person's vocal cords. I assumed prior to then that the As were channels for Mother S. I now assumed that Mr. A still was, but was putting on quite a show, in the pretending to trance.

A couple days later, I had a meeting with Germain, Sananda, my soul mate Tom, who is my guide on the Other Side for this life, and Mother S. Five of us, and I mentioned that in a message soon after, to demonstrate that telepathy works well in group conversation. Mother had been invited by the others for our meeting. She had been unaware that material was being given in her name, and denied knowing who Mr. A was, even when I gave her his real name.

There has been, since we announced that the star people were on the ground in significant numbers, some assigned to follow assorted website material, relieving me of that job, and looking for mis- teachings, and codes given in some. The above material by Mother S. is in response to that which was provided to her by star people reading material and not myself. In fact Mother Shekhmet refused to give this channeling, unless she came to her own defense. I have put off working with her until this time to avoid chaos.

But my little story above, has become necessary for me to tell, it eats at me. In my coming job, I am going to have to confront deceit, there will be much of it exposed, in organized religion. Many clerics, in the effort to control their congregations are going to reject the Second Coming, and encourage their followers down the wrong road. I and the people who will be part of my organization, have a big job ahead of us. I can no longer let that which is intentionally deceitful stand unopposed. We have a great problem in this Earth from people who look the other way, for whatever reason.

I loved the Tree, like many of you prior to that night. After that, in my confusion, and distress over what I had heard, I then began to wonder about the magic windshields, and many other stories. I will not go into further details at this time, only to say that much untruth was uncovered, and not by myself necessarily, and the As, and Nancy and others received letters from Christ Michael, and Sananda, in confrontation. In the case of Nancy, she received supportive letters of encouragement about the place she had found herself. There were no threats offered in these letters. Yet, not long after this, the recipients of these letters let it be known that I had made death threats against them. At least, that is what I received in my email. Maybe the email letters were stories, but they seemed to be the truth. But I still receive mail informing me that Nancy and Bob are running and hiding from dark entities chasing them. There are no dark entities associated with the Second Coming project chasing them.

Out of my works, with Sananda and Christ Michael, are coming stories of horror, and the intentional division of readers into the Nancy camp, and the Candace camp, by some, particularly in the forums. I get some pretty nasty mail. There is again the AHN material, and the fake Sananda channelings to confuse, that occurred last spring. I do get mostly supportive mail, with much love in it, and many a letter that "makes my day." I find much needed "like mind."

At this time, I am no    longer going to spend my time in answer to the very negative mail, and the demands of proof. In the end, folks, this will all come out in the wash. We will have the Second Coming, in that I have no doubt.

As people are being rallied to join and follow one camp or the other, I am, and I state this very firmly, not interesting in having "followers." This project, the announcement of the glorious Second Coming event, sought to provide education, much of the material presented in response to reader request. This project sought, and still seeks to encourage readers to become involved in the healing of Earth, creating messianic missions.

These missions can be as simple and rewarding, as uplifting the people in your assorted communities, such as the neighborhoods where you live, your families, your places of work, and your places of recreation, as examples of community. We have mentioned that many of you should keep your present work, and work for needed change where you are already located, with the skills you already have. Others will leave their current situations, and create other opportunities of help, of Service to Others. Those choosing to ascend with Earth, must develop the intent of Service to Others.

I am looking to encourage creative people, who will now have the opportunity to come out of the matrix, and create the lives of their dreams.  Sons of God are creators, they co create with God, simple as that. Do that please, instead of participating in the "follow me" game being played out.

You are entitled to read and study what you wish to study in your journey, and you are allowed to reject that which does not serve you. And this is the way you should approach your personally chosen journey, which belongs to none but yourself. I bear allegiance to my Universe, and to all of life. But I do not follow any belief system, and that includes New Age. I do my own thing, and so should all of you. Enough is Enough of the division game, that many are playing right now. I Am That I Am, as all of you should be. Take care, Candace




Sananda's Final Message for Now

by Candace Frieze and Sananda Immanuel
AbundantHope2002@wmconnect .com


Sananda: With great love to All that read these messages, I AM Sananda Immanuel, and I come to you today with a message. This is for the most part, unless a future update becomes necessary, my final message of this project, that we started on January 31, 2005. Candace is, as we have said before, an active sitting member of the Second Coming committee. Her organization, mentioned at times, AbundantHope is a part of the Second Coming and the works to continue after our big event, still planned to occur in about 3 weeks after the USA NESARA announcement.

Candace is sovereign, she is a part of our plans, and what she says, we say and it has our backing. She very successfully passed a test given to her, which in part included these messages. You can accept what she says, as she is a Christed Being, and a full participant in our future plans. I leave to her whatever she wishes to teach, and also, it is her choice as to when she terminates these messages.

The very good news, is that we got a significant portion of the prosperity funds delivered to the major participants over the last couple of days, and it will not be long now until the NESARA announcement. We receive letters still, with people complaining that there has not been adequate response to the "Enough is Enough" message, and I am asking some of you to grow up about this. This project has to been done carefully, in a SACRED manner.  As we have stated, we are not going to be obvious in our battles, the fear factor would generate enough negativity to cause the poles to shift, and this is not the desired outcome of our thousands of years of hard work.

With the "Enough is Enough" message, star warriors went into active battle with the BBB&Gs and they are nearly decimated now. In this I mean, the military aligned with the BBB&Gs is about out of their power. We have taken out many of their flying saucer machines, and many hi tech weapons, of the laser type that are portrayed in your science fiction films. Although we had disabled the saucers some time ago, we re enabled them, and set some fine traps, and the BBB&Gs fell right into them, guns a blazing. We did lose a few of our craft, as these were intentionally made as targets to draw fire.

There are many detained in a special area on the planet, not to be disclosed at this time. Their power has gone "poof." Yes, I know you want a couple of examples, so I will give that which has been published in your news. We must maintain the secrecy at this time. Over Maine, we set up a "cigar" type craft, which the BBB&Gs attacked, and we did loose that craft, by intention. It was not manned. But while they were dancing in joy over hitting it, they made themselves very vulnerable. Also reported have been some strange blasts in the sky, attributed to some very strange behavior of meteors. Candace had also received letters from readers who have actually seen some battles.

Our show and tells around the world continue, and the US media continues to engage in the practice on non reporting of this. We got a cute suggestion from a reader, to drop flyers, using some humor in them, such as, "now we are just weather balloons." That approach just might be tried, after the NESARA announcement, which includes a huge stand down on the military, so they don't shoot at craft dropping the messages!

After the NESARA announcement, our plans continue to have the show and tells, in the USA. These will include media present, and we are working on a little plan, in which some media personnel, if brave enough, will be allowed aboard the Capricorn and a couple other ships to film the interior, shake hands, and then put this out on the evening news locally. There are other ships working on other regions of the world with plans for the areas they are assigned to.

I am asking once more, for everyone who reads these messages, that what you can do for us, as all unfolds, is to be a resource to those around you. There have been a large number of servers set up around the world, with NESARA information in a variety of languages, and the website addresses will be published in various media, so that the curious can check it out.

Shortly after the Second Coming event, we hope to have significant websites with email addresses, Faster than Light Technology, to participating star ships. This program will increase over several months. It will take a period of time to get it fully established. The big ships cannot land on Earth, the gravity would be affected, but the email services will eventually include many ships a 100 million miles or more away. There will be ways to contact the Galactic Federation headquarters on Mars, also. Many informative websites will be created by various ships, with information of where they are from, and about how their peoples live.

Those of you who are star persons, even back to 2000 years ago, should be contacted at some point over the next several months by ships here from your planets. Candace actually received an email last fall, from a ship from Myrua, her home planet, discussed briefly in message number 25.

The continuance of this joint project is now totally in Candace's hands, and she is to be trusted. She is an active member of our team. I am withdrawing, as my day in the sun is coming, and I must be in preparation of it. I have been working for some time with a special person, in new knowledge for the Mormon church, and I am maintaining my previously planned schedule in this work, which was to begin after our Second Coming event. I am not letting the delay in the Second Coming interfere with work that has previously been planned to occur at this time.

Candace is now heavily involved in the establishment of AbundantHope at this time, requiring many hours. She is personally involved with the orientation of members chosen to this point.

We are again seeing an increase in the work of the BBB&Gs in interfering with this project of announcing the Second Coming.  Remember one "AHN" of a few months ago, putting out material to debunk our work? This is a high ranking CIA project, meant to divide you, and it seems there has been some success in that venture. We have seen a great increase in the mail, and on several forums, of the presence of CIA types, posting messages to draw you away from our work. Often the postings say, that why would a person of the light, give out information, just as I myself am going right now? It is because the truth must be known, and the truth is not always pretty. In addition to that, when one is under attack, one must defend self.

I am going to make a very strong statement now, in this last message from myself, that this CIA group was behind the stealing of the funds of the Terra Nova International Trust, and the attempted stealing also of the "flying saucers" being gifted to certain light workers, that their travels be made easier, and they not need to use conventional aircraft in their works.

This same group is totally behind the Nancy Tate, Vs Candace game being played out with you. Nancy Tate, the A & As, Celestial, and now Suzy Ward have come under this CIA influence. I cry especially for Suzy at this time. I wish not to see her long and valuable works go down the drain. I am asking readers to reconsider your own playing in this game on the forums, and its distractions.

Candace would have more time to devote to real teaching through the email, if she didn't have an email box full of the "who should I follow letters," and "say something to prove to me your Sananda and Christ Michael are real." We are very real, my friends. The latest work of AHN describes that we are four big bad guys carrying on an impersonation, that we are Orion war lords having a great deal of fun, playing with you, and that we are the Anti Christ.

I assure you, the CIA types behind this little game are having a great deal of fun, laughing at you. They are studying New Age looking for the weak points, and entering into the forums, pretending to be of the light, and causing confusion. Some of you are beginning to see this game, and you will help end the work of the Anti Christ, by not playing with them.

Be very careful to whom you give information at this time. Those who belong to First Contact Scouts, had your personal information given to Sandra McFarlands group. So did you who were members of SSN. We discussed the SSN issue in April. The manager of the First Contact Scouts group did this, because Sandra told her everyone on this list would receive humanitarian funds. These were not Sandra's funds, and she no right to make that claim. The plan in getting the names was to identify light workers, look for personal difficulties, and exploit them.

There is also a plan behind the works of the Schlossers, in the phone conferences done twice a week to learn information about the light workers.  The plan offered on those calls, to help relieve you of your credit and mortgage obligations, if followed might land you in prison instead. At the least, the wolf, the beast, has a great deal of information about you. Most of you participating have also found yourselves, being asked to buy products, and you need to fully check out these products before you invest in them.

Those of you in participation of this nasty little scheme, are being taken to the cleaners, as the expression goes on Earth. In your trust, you give information about yourself, that you should not be giving in these dangerous times. The anti christ is alive and well in new age. The antichrist is stealing information to be used against you, after the Second Coming. We have said there will still be some games played afterwards, and so it seems it will be.

We have put up with these many problems since the work of the Phoenix Journals in the 90s. We were often called the anti Christ, in part because the material was very straight forward, giving the actual knowledge deprived of Earth's peoples. There are 200 unpublished journals, that are being prepared to be published at this time. We desire they be available again in bookstores, in addition on the Internet at 4Winds. Not everyone desires to read on the computer, nor have a computer online. The Phoenix Journals also expose the games of the anti christ.

The anti christ steals a great deal from this work we are doing. There is the time spent in defense of this project, our pre announcement of the Second Coming. There is time spent by Candace behind the scenes, such as that which she spent in the past few weeks with the works of Sandra. There is the time spent on email, that she must answer, in correcting the teachings of the Anti Christ in the new age movement.

She is more than our channel, as I remind you, she is a sitting member of our team, and is heavily involved in many issues besides the writing of these messages. The anti christ keeps you away from forming plans to aid in healing of the Earth, in his games of separation between Nancy and Candace. How about on the forums you discuss how you might change the world, instead of playing along with the Anti Christ? I think I have said enough now, in this message, on this issue.

I am pulling away, as my time "in the sun" as a Son of God, is about to begin in earnest. I have been working on a project, with the Mormon population for some time, and it was to begin now, in this time, after the Second Coming that was planned for by June 30. I am continuing that work on time despite the delay in the Second Coming.

I remind all of you, that in early April, Christ Michael delivered the Stand Down messages to those in power. These papers had the seal of Nebadon on them, and still the BBB& Gs did not withdraw, they increased their plans. If they would just wave the white flag, all would be over.

But again, in the waiting, we prevent problems after the Second Coming. There were the plans of the BBB&Gs to continue to influence in Earth afterwards, continue in their power from behind the scenes. The Humanitarian funds would have been much enjoyed by them. There were the plans of many small bombings, to continue the fear, and establish rejection of the NESARA and the Second Coming, and these many plans are now exposed and interfered with.

The wait has been well worth it, in the bigger picture. I am personally satisfied with this project of pre announcing that we have done, it brought our BBB&Gs out in droves, and they exposed themselves. We gained a great deal of intelligence for it, and destroyed many of their plans. We were able to determine the weak points within the White Knights, by the sending of 25,000 star people onto the earth. Many are working heavily in the darkest corners of the world, preparing our way. I say our way, to remind you that the Second Coming is all of us, including each of you! The way will now be smoother.

I am asking all of you to get back to your serious dreams and planning, and the preparation of others around you as our events unfold. Be in peace of the process that is working so very well, even though we have the delays. All in God's time, as the expression goes. Time is of the essence, the Earth will be in the photon belt fully year around later this year, and the effects increase. We must be about our Father's work, my friends, and not be caught up in antichrist games. Namaste, Sananda Immanuel.

Candace: For those of you who might be upset with Sananda taking a different course at this time, notice that he has not given teaching messages for a while now. He is heavily involved with the Second Coming and NESARA, and he did say some time ago, he would be spending less time with these messages. That is why I began working with Rafael, and the others. We are so very close now to our delayed goals, and it is time to look ahead. Time to work again, if forgotten about, on ideas for healing Earth. This is message #40! I didn't think their would be 40 messages in the beginning.

I have a work in progress with Buddha, that I think I will now get finally finished. After that, I am not sure what I will do. I can still ask Maitreya and Mother Sehkmet for some material. I will also look in my Sananda folder to see if there is material I have not yet used. I think Sananda gave me more material on the Universe, and his past.

Sananda is currently involved in a project that he planned to work on shortly before the Second Coming, and afterwards. Although the Second Coming was delayed, he needs to start this work anyway, regardless of the delay. He mentioned that above.

This project was to terminate with NESARA, and then I agreed to carry it until the Second Coming. But I also need to get AbundantHope running and ready, times a wasting! At this time, I am putting in around 30 hours or more a week, developing AbundantHope. AbundantHope will be working with organized religion, and the needed changes. I will be working with the idea of re teaching clerics, and then having them pass the information onto their congregations. Also, I will encourage these congregations to create a needed messianic project and carry it out. I would still love to hear of the ideas you are creating of a messianic nature, big or small. I will post these ideas on the new website, when it is ready. There will be a section for messianic ideas.

I need to put time to preparing material for the website, so that I can actually put material on it, when I have my server and can do so. I have been doing on average only one message a week, the email and my other activities that accompany what I do, taking much time. I have no one helping me. I hope at some point to have someone to help with my chores of daily living, like shopping, cleaning and cooking.

I would appreciate some suggestions, of what you might like covered, after I finish the Buddha message. Are you interested in Maitreya or Mother Sehkmet? I got very little response to the Mohammed message. I do plan to stop these messages with the Second Coming, as they will not be necessary. Like all of you, I long to get on with my plans in the healing of this planet. I believe we are going to finally see the USA NESARA announcement in the very near future. AS has always been said, the exact time will remain a mystery, as will also, the Second Coming event.  NESARA is marching on across the world step by step. China's recent changes in their currency against the US Dollar, is but one example.

I have been getting requests regards Tofu for recipes, and ways to use it. I will give a couple of short ideas right now. For those that like scrambled eggs or omelets, you can dice an assortment of veggies, brown them briefly in the oil of your choice, and then add slices of Tofu, and mash it with a fork. Butter is very good if you aren't vegan, but olive oil and coconut oil are tasty too. Season with salt, pepper, and if you like it a small amount of turmeric, which turns it the color of eggs, and adds a nice flavor.

Tofu is very low in salt, and just adding salt to it helps its flavor. I don't buy Tofu made with calcium, as it is often bitter. I only use tofu made with Nigiri, which is dehydrated sea water, containing magnesium chloride. You can use items like green chili and salsa also in this "scramble."

You can cube it, and marinate it in a variety of oriental sauces, some salad dressing, or barbecue sauce, then brown lightly, and let it sit in a heavy pan on low, until it dries out some, making it chewy, a little different texture. This is often sold as baked tofu. However, baking takes too long, using a heavy fry pan on low, without a lid works better. And you don't have to heat the oven.

I also use marinated tofu, and mash it with a fork into the skillet and do as above. This makes a crumbled product that I like to use in salad. I discovered this one day, trying to figure out what to do with a bottle of raspberry dressing that I didn't care for. On the tofu, in this manner, it was pretty good, used in a salad. You can store a jar full and add to salad as needed.

I still get material sent to me putting down soy products. The problem to watch for with soy, is that it must be cooked, the raw bean has something in that does upset ones system. Also, hydrolyzed soy, has natural MSG in it, and this would be a problem for many. It is for me, so I don't buy products made with it.

If soy were as dangerous as claimed, then China, Japan, and Indonesia would not have a problem of over population! Christ Michael, aka Hatonn, in Journal #130 (I think this is the right one) stated that people who choose to be totally vegan, should consider using some soy in their diet, for its protein.

I had some Japanese friends who used Tofu regularly, and fed their child soy milk. They tried the America high meat diet, and found it upsetting to their systems. At one point, in my nursing career, I was caring for an older infant that had abdominal surgery and did very poorly on Jell-O afterwards. The parent's defied the doctors and fed him the soy milk he was accustomed to, and he healed very nicely. The parents were from a commune, and were vegan totally, and these people and friends who came with them had the most beautiful healthy, glowing skin I have ever seen.

This made a big impression at the time on me. I tried to go vegetarian at the time, but Tofu was not available commercially where I lived, and making it for a family of four took too much time. I was using too much cheese on that attempt, and used too much for my system, i.e., our phosphate story.

Soy, especially served uncooked is not good for the cows that eat it, as their systems are designed for grass consumption. It was meant to be people food, and can be used successfully on carnivore animals. In Telos, an inner earth city, they feed their saber tooth tigers soy steaks. None eats another there. There are natural planets where animals do not eat others, at least this is what Sananda told me.

Time to move on, and get this out. I had a nice couple of days visiting with family from out of town, and also a birthday party for a grandchild. I actually was able to talk about NESARA, and the Second Coming! Nice for a change, and now these people will be of help shortly! Even if they are not yet sure of this, when it happens, there will have some supporters who will help those around them. Take care, Candace



by Candace Frieze, Sananda Immanuel and Christ Michael


Hi everyone, We have some updated material about the NESARA announcement from Christ Michael first, and then I have a channeling from Sananda last February explaining resurrection. I had totally forgotten I had this material, and it presents some nice teaching.

Christ Michael: My friends, it is time to clarify some issues around the NESARA announcement. This previous Tuesday, we had a plan to announce NESARA, which was set for 6 PM EDT in the USA. Early in the morning, a mole let it out, and we got wind of the problem and canceled, not willing to risk the lives and health of the announcement crew. We carefully set a trap for that evening, and a large group of the best of the BBB&Gs in the secret military fell into it, and are now detained, the whereabouts we will not disclose. We are searching for a mole obviously at this time, and have recently acquired some extremely good leads.

There is one Sandra McFarland who is putting out messages to her list on the Internet, and also posting to the Discerning Angels group. Miss Sandra has put up a pretty wild story, and claims herself to be a Sananda, which as we have told you in the past, is a level of accomplishment, that of being One with God. Miss Sandra most certainly is not a Sananda, nor is she the Kumara she claims to be.

She signs her name Sananda Sandranne Kumara. She claims that she is in contact with an Admiral Sananda Edwin Kumara, supposedly on a panel of seven that oversees this project of Earth Ascension. There is no Sananda Edwin Kumara, my dearest Sandra, and this you know. You put out a list of impressive names to gain support for what you are doing, and then added yourself to it, in essence at the end, with your signature. I think your little BBB&G game is going to collapse on itself very shortly. You know what I mean dear, this game you play, that you have been playing for some time now.

My dear ones, this little Miss Sandra was part of a group trying to get their little paws on one of the Humanitarian Funds that has been set aside for the use of the light workers by Germain. There was a handsome payoff wasn't there my dear, for those of you in the plan? Generous fees collected for the distribution of funds, and not to the light workers, but a group of very bad BBB&Gs. A nice comfy living, that you had planned. I think not any more my dear.

I suggest you start worrying at this time about how you plan to extradite yourself from this mess, and I suggest that those involved in this scam do the same thing. I also suggest that you not cause further trouble to any other members of this Second Coming Project, as that will most certainly be your undoing. I think that is enough said at the present time. Salu, Christ Michael, Sovereign Son of Nebadon, Commander in Chief of Earth Project Transition.    

Sananda: Resurrection occurs when a being develops a basic sense of will, which is the ability to make decisions and to pull away from the crowd. In Urantia, it is described that the first 2 humans (Papers 62 & 63, were still in the trees, and realized they were a bit different. They also realized that there was pressure to conform to their society. They sensed that they must leave in order to do new things.

Now, those that were overseeing their development at the time, called Life Carriers, were not allowed to make decisions or interfere directly. That is how evolution works, and why there is the Universal law of noninterference. The development of the will must come from within, and the being must make and carry out will.

What was done was give them the direction to go, as to where to live, since they did not have a world view. They are directed to go north. It was colder and more challenging, and offered increased opportunity to think and solve problems. As it is said in that great book, evolution is slow in the tropics, as life is easy and presents little challenge.

So these two moved north and the rest is history. And at the end of their lives, they were resurrected. Resurrection occurs at the end of that first life, it is the separation from the group soul and the beginning of the journey of the I AM. When resurrection occurs, one has begun to become like God. One has will. One can determine. This is the nature of God the Father. One becomes a Son (or Daughter) of God, and begins the eternal journey.

My resurrection (as taught on Earth) was not what I have just described. Mine was that, as I have said elsewhere, a feat I had prepared myself for, in which I essentially "played dead" to confuse those into thinking I was dead and removing me from the cross before I was dead. I healed in the tomb with the aid of my friends and the Angels as I was in pretty bad shape, as you all say when you aren't well. It was a technique I practiced a great deal before that incarnation, for intent to save my life if necessary. I am quite an "old soul" and had my resurrection in the very long distant past.

In a sense, each passage from life, into the other side is a resurrection. The word resurrection has certainly become most confusing to most.

Now as to the idea that Christians and Muslims have about a coming resurrection, this is completely false. Resurrection is on an individual basis and true resurrection is a one time event. As explained in Urantia, on most planets in this Universe, people resurrect into the "heaven worlds" for further training in the process of becoming true souls as the word is used on Earth. Those going there enter one of the 7 mansion worlds, depending on where they are in their learning. If from highly advanced worlds they may enter into higher levels still. Even those ascending from Earth can go to higher levels if that is where they are at the time, but this is rare indeed.

Lucifer interrupted the system. He did not allow this normal passage. He installed resurrection facilities on Earth, and resurrected these tender souls into his personal system separate from God. He wanted servants to him. He wanted to be God of this earth, not a representative of God. So tender souls have been since he took ever basically stuck here. Even those like Moses, not a new soul, were kept here in his prison.

That is why Earth in part is such a disturbed place, that these true Earth souls land up in one abusive life after another and make so little progress. It is this group that for the most part will be going to this new pristine planet, to give them a real chance to change and grow. People must not see this new planet as another detention facility. These people are not quite ready to journey with Earth in her Ascension because they simply have not had the experience and have been so vary battered. This is their opportunity to experience their growing in Godhood in a beautiful new place.

Most of those staying with Earth in her Ascension, are those that have been sent here from other planets that have failed for various reasons. These folks had already made much progress in their evolution and are ready to take a leap forward.

Now as to the concept of the coming resurrection, so prevalently taught in particularly the Christian community, is actually the Ascension of Earth. No, people are not going to be resurrected back into their old bodies long lost in the Earth. Each has had many bodies and they all went back to dust and cant be recovered. Why would anyone want one of these genetically inferior bodies anyway?  

People that are going to Ascend in their current bodies are undergoing at this time many changes. The unconnected DNA is being reconnected. This DNA is what causes the body to last so very much longer, and allows for telepathy, and God connection. Those that have the worst of the DNA on the planet can't really connect with God, meaning the Universe and its life, and the Akashic Records.  The Adamic DNA that Earth only got a very small dose of, allows long life, (at a minimum 100's of years) and provides a link with the Universe. This is covered in many books now.

Candace: Some have written about the Adamic DNA. The Adam and Eves bring into a planet, new DNA, what is called the violet DNA, and it is this DNA that greatly improves the DNA of a planet, providing the 12 strands that are often discussed with Ascension of Earth. This is the DNA that allows God connection, and is given to planets that have evolved to the maximum possible, by the natural process.

Sananda: Many believe you all will have new bodies. This means a new and improved body type. When I was born into Earth 2000 years ago, I required top notch DNA, as I needed good health, and I needed the God connection. That is why the story of the virgin birth. Most Christed beings coming into Earth in the past needed special DNA and to draw attention to them, the mothers were often virgins. You now have on earth artificial insemination. That is what was done for Me. Mary's egg was removed and fertilized with this DNA, so I could have a decent body for my mission. My supposed resurrection would have been quite difficult to "pull off" had I not had it. I actually did several resurrections, as many times was I injured severely in well laid attempts to "do me in."

Rather than resurrection, is the coming Ascension of your bodies. Many people being born right now and over the last 40 years or so have been coming in with better DNA which they can pass on to their children. This is one way DNA can be upgraded on Earth. Those star children coming in are intentionally using their own DNA as part of their genetic makeup, for the same reasons I needed better DNA.

This is one reason for what some call abductions on Earth. After a star child chooses his or hers upcoming parents, one or both will be taken aboard a ship and the DNA suitably modified. In this modern day, we do not do the virgin birth thing. So this is a major reason parents are noting that their kids seem different and why many children coming in are more psychic. They have the DNA to enable them to be psychic. Now Candace, explain your interesting story about a child known to you.

Candace: This child, mentioned above, came to me one day, after occasionally making comments, where she was wondering about life, and said to me: "I know I was somewhere before I grew in Mommie's tummy, and I want to know where I was!" This child was four and one half at the time, and had received no teaching about subjects such as reincarnation!

Sananda: Now, the rest of you are getting modifications in other ways. Now, Candace, I want you to realize you are telepathic because someone gave you some better genes before your birth! You are also undergoing changes applied to your body when you are taken aboard ship, and in your home usually at night. Put in some description here of your experience.

Candace: I am not sure what Sananda wants here, but I think he means a description of the Ascension changes I feel in my body. Ascension is not a comfortable process. Every now and then I have a series of symptoms that I call "Ascension Syndrome." I have increasing fatigue, aches and pains, pins and needles, don't sleep as well. My food often feels heavy in my stomach. Some people get diarrhea during these phases, but I tend to have the opposite problem, and get toxic feeling from it.

I have funny little electrical buzzing sensations with tremors often over my entire body for short periods of a few minutes to a half hour. This often occurs after coming back into my body from an out of body experience, or returning from ship. If I awaken right after this happens, these symptoms are very intense, and they used to be a bit fearful as I did not understand the cause. Try explaining this to a doctor! Now that I understand, I simply calmly wait it out, often doing deep breathing and relaxation exercises.

Every few months, I make a bigger change, and my ears feel terribly plugged up, I hear lots of odd sounds, and am dizzy and nauseous. I can't get off the couch and lay there curled up. I have found that a little Sudafed can relieve the ear symptoms to some degree, allowing me to be a bit more comfortable. This ear thing usually lasts 2 days, during which I do not drive the car.

As I am reviewing this material, today Sunday, July 17, I want to mention that I have just gone through one of these bigger changes, and so have some of you, as I have several letters describing the event. This is been an especially intense period, more so than previous ones. Rafael told me to expect it so I would not go bananas about it.

This has been part of the reason for taking a bit of time getting a message out, I have been quite "discomboobalated." This particular time, I had what felt intense hot flashes, breaking out in a sweat, with tremors, for no apparent reason. I am still having a bit of a problem with the sweating, but it is lessening. This particular episode started over a week ago. The day I watched my sick grandbabies last Wednesday was no picnic, even though the ear problem had faded. Rafael also told me it time to finally go vegan, and give up the dairy. I gave up eggs in March. I do require much less calories than I used to. If I ate this way years ago, I would not have the bulge around my middle. I am surprised that I am not loosing weight like crazy.

Sananda: The energies coming through your sun, via the photon belt, are also setting off changes. You are now just forming a question about the animals and their DNA. Yes, the animals are ascending into the new world also, and their DNA is also changing. This will allow for their bodies to survive in the new intense light and higher vibrations. In time, many animals will cease to hunt and kill others.

As Earth ascends, in time, no one will eat another. In fact, as you grow in Godly ways, eventually one ceases to eat of other life, including plants. There are other ways to obtain nourishment. As one ascends on their journey to Godhood, the body contains less and less matter and more and more energy (light) and requires less matter type food. Eventually one is totally of spirit or energy nature.

The firmament, described in Genesis, was a band of water vapor high above the Earth. The firmament provides protection from the sun's deadly rays, and provides a mellow climate. When Earth had her firmament, it was as a garden of Eden. Very lush. Very beautiful and very full of life, much more so than today.

Now what you Candace love to call the Big Bad Boys, they decided to take down the firmament, as a way of destruction of life. Nothing lives as long when it doesn't have this protection from the suns rays. One of the reasons life is short on Earth, for both humans and animals living on the surface, is the damaging rays of the sun. Notice that those out in the sun a great deal wrinkle heavily as they age. This was done as an affront to the God and the Universe. Earth is a very beautiful planet and it holds so many valuable life forms for the evolutionary journey.

This was a way to directly interfere with the Universal plans for Earth. Take away her beauty, and enable also that endless reincarnation that helped keep the folks of Earth enslaved and living short life spans, which hampers spiritual growth. One gets born, worked to the bone, having no time to ponder the Universe and life, gets old and dies, and starts it all over again. My coming back then, 2000 years stated enough is enough.

I and all the others that came in those many years started the process of taking it all back by working within the planet, rather than by the brute force of war, that had the potential to kill of Earth entirely. Your BBB&G's would have just blasted the place away, pretty much like happened with Maldek, that formed the asteroid belt.

This solar system has be so very ravaged. So we were "sneaky" so to speak and did it gradually over time. Although many would have rather seen us just come and take the planet back, what works so much better for the evolution of the soul is to do it from within. This way the people of the planet participate and learn from the experience. Learning is so very important. Organized religions intentionally destroy learning. Once one knows, one will not be enslaved anymore.

A quick comment here, that just occurred to me, those going to the new planet, I said yesterday that they were of lower energy. By this I mean that their experience has not been the best, as one can see above in this writing and they need to go to this other planet to acquire the learning that they have been denied. This is a good thing, and I do not want to imply that there is some kind of judgment here on Gods part. They are still in kindergarten so to speak. On this very lovely new planet they will get to flower and bloom as they should have been able to do.

Now I see another question again forming, these mansion worlds in Urantia. People do not live in them forever. They get lessons, and than large groups are often sent out to incarnate into planets to continue their education. There is nothing like the experience of living to grow in true Godly stature.

Yes, I am considering the idea of working with you on an autobiography of my entire experience since I came into being. This is an interesting idea, and I will give it serious thought. Now to those reading this, yes, I am still in learning mode and I still think and consider. The journey gets ever bigger with more responsibility. I got where I am by long hard work, and my journey continues with this current experience, as will all of yours over time.

Here comes another question I see as I read what you are coming up with, you don't like Pat Robertson and you are livid about how he falsely tells people Heaven is a wonderful place even though we have no idea of what we do there. Ah, but yes we do. Living in Heaven is more a state of mind. You are always in Heaven even when incarnate, if that is your choosing.

As is said by many, you can live in heaven or hell, it is your choice and your perception. (my comment here, yes I have had my fair share of hellish experiences on this Earth). When you are living in Heaven you feel it. You feel your eternity. You feel connected to it all. You may have your down days, but you pick yourself up.

Now as I said yesterday, Earth is coming back into Heaven. This is no mysterious place at all. It is a place where all life is revered, where mankind cares for the planet, stewards the planet. This is why the planet is in such bad shape physically. The stewardship has been nonexistent. The planet has been plundered. Those that stay with Earth will fix her and love her, and be one with all her life, and this my folks is Heaven.

The Reptilian folks that became Earth's gods intentionally to this day insert these very bad teachings, to keep you away from the journey to Godhood. You are kept in churches singing songs with the wrong words put to beautiful music to hypnotize you and keep you looking for this magical heaven somewhere else, when you have it right here where you live. You have to make Heaven on Earth. You have to grow with Earth and fix her.

Those that think Heaven is somewhere else, and awaiting this rapture away into Heaven are not using problem solving. They are waiting in a stage of limbo for better things rather than creating better things. These teachings take away the God given creativity that man has, rather than encouraging this. That is the design of those that are still trying to own Earth and keep God away. You all are Sons and Daughters of God, and as such you are God. Use your God given minds to fix your home. Make it Heaven.

So to finish off the firmament issue, the firmament is being restored and I encourage our readers to go to Sheldon Nidle (www Sheldan Nidle Updates ) and read his updates for much detail of what is going on. We will not cover this detail as you people need to do the reading for yourselves. I suggest you get away from that Bible, which is limiting and open up and read anything and everything. The BBB & Gs make it seem some sort of sin to look beyond the Bible or the Quran, but indeed it is sin, which means error, to restrict yourselves to only these books for your spiritual education.

Today, we have spent now an hour and 1/2. I need to stop and get on with my other duties, which are many today. I much enjoyed our conversation and meeting with Germain last night. Have a great day.

Candace: I left this final comment of Sananda in for the fun of it. Remember this was last February, I think February 1, and I haven't a clue anymore about that conversation with Germain, there have been many at this point. But the time comment shows how long a simple channeling like this takes. His comments, about seeing another question, mean that he is reading my mind as I form questions. No one is desiring to make a comment this morning about the new London "bombings" of yesterday so far. Should they want to, I will post it later. Take care, Candace

Update on NESARA
by Candace Frieze, Christ Michael &Sananda Immanuel


Hi everyone. There is a note on the Internet that showed up in many of your emails yesterday, and mine, talking of the difficulties with the NESARA announcement this week. There are details in it, describing a battle. There have been battles often, that we do not publicize, and this message is only being done, because of the note circulating around. Also, I have received many emails about the failure of the shuttle launching in Florida this past week. Sananda will comment on that briefly here.

Sananda: Dear ones, the Columbia was lost a couple years because we shot it down. There was the plan to drop a nuclear bomb, and this wasn't allowed to happen. The crew was evacuated first, and they are safe, and will be returned to Earth when appropriate after the NESARA announcement. There were never any body parts from crew spread on the ground. Although we do have control of the current shuttle and can determine its contents, we are taking no risks. On top of that the shuttle is old and not safe anyway, so why the risk to life to send it up again for any reasons?

You space program is a waste, designed to hide what is really going on. There are space stations around Earth of which you are not aware, and you have had space capable shuttle craft for some time now. Some of you are aware that the United States has a station on Mars, and these little rover things moving around are pretty silly. They are real however, so you can believe some of what your media talks about with them. I now let Christ Michael take over. Namaste, Sananda Immanuel.

My dear Friends, It is I Christ Michael. There has been a note circulating on the Internet about this week's difficulties with NESARA. Indeed the note is true. However, it was not authorized, and we are working on finding out its source at this time.

There continue to be moles, it seems a never ending issue. We commandeered CNN during the night Wednesday, and we had interference yet again. The access channel net work refused to function at all, and after a goodly period we gave up and reset the date for Friday, again during the night.

There ensued a fierce battle. The BBB&Gs were waiting with their plan, and lives were lost. We lost indeed as the message stated, four ground crew, and two star people. We have received some emails wondering where the protection was. My friends, the BBB&Gs have weapons too, and your government owns shuttle craft. There was a battle, plain and simple, and in this situation, the shielding that is normally done is not possible to maintain constantly.

The White Knights lost were experienced warriors, and knew what they were doing, as were the star people. Please have compassion, and thank them for what they gave to you in this process. There have been many deaths over the many years we have been back.  There was major warring around the Earth and in the astral areas for a long time with Anunnaki and Anchara, and a few others.

This is life, sadly, but true. Much of this since long before the First Coming, has been fought with weapons. You have movies about the Galactic wars. This is the last planet involved in this long time mess in the Galaxy, and in the Universe of Nebadon. This is why you have the stories of the final battle between good and evil. This is the end of Armageddon, you are not expecting more Armageddon.

Armageddon is not about the projected 3rd world war on Earth, as commonly believed. Armageddon was to be and has been fought as war all around you in your skies, the astral worlds, and in the under ground facilities.

When we recently told you of taking over the underground areas, this was an act of war, there was not peaceful surrender. Some areas allowed the search, some did not. We did find a number of very bad weapons of off world variety during the search, and it was during the search that we decided to take them over, period.

We have not been beaten, I assure you, we have relieved the enemy of too much of it's power, not to win. As I write this, we continue on in battle, and we hope to lose no more, but it will go on. The enemy has little left with which to battle.

I will never understand why these people did not just give up, it is the end, and they have made their beds, and the grace of God is truly gone.

We have star technicians and a technology of which you are unaware that we will be using now with the TV problem. We have more warriors on the ground, and we have far more warriors than has the United States that do battle against us.

This was just a battle, nothing more. However, in the message sent about, it is stated that we are considering just doing first contact, and forgoing the Announcement. This is most definitely not true. Falling out the sky will cause more problems than will be solved, as there might then be an aerial battle noticed by those on Earth, and certain news stations would most certainly draw attention to it. We would then have a "war of the worlds" situation and create much fear in the process.

Remember in the message in April where I discussed the issue of the void needed for success? We cannot change the laws of physics, they simply are. We would be up against a huge amount of negativity to do so, and this of course is exactly what the BBB&Gs want. They want a large aerial battle, and this they will not get. This portion of the message, makes it possible to consider that the message is the work of the BBB&Gs having a bit of fun with you and with us.

There is not a problem with the prosperity and humanitarian funds. They are very secure, as is all of the precious metals involved. There is much out there right now, saying the funds have to be delivered before NESARA. This is not so, but this story has been put out that way for a reason. In fact, to deliver the funds just after makes more sense, because we will be in control, and there is not risk at that time of the BBB&Gs playing games with the computerized portion of the banking involved.

We will continue in these battles until won, and that should not be much longer. We continued yesterday and this morning, and are taking a respite, during which I am dictating this message. During the battles we did disable, meaning evaporate in your understanding, 30 of the local shuttles (flying saucers). Pretty soon at this rate, they will be gone. So not to worry. We are doing this battling carefully, so that we are not easily seen and we do not upset the peoples. My and the Masters Second Coming event will be a spiritual and sacred event. I will have it not other way.

We continue to plan on the Second Coming event within 2-3 weeks after the USA NESARA announcement, in order to do small contact activities and publicize our presence in the skies, prior to our major event. In that time, with the huge amount of education coming very rapidly, Earth peoples will know we come in peace and to be of help. They will trust us once they learn the truth of the corrupt governments.

I remind you once again, that we are actually ahead of what might have happened had NESARA been done as planned before we took it over last May. It has become a much grandeur program, very world wide, and we can get to work very quickly now in instituting the technology to heal the planet, and her peoples. Your own opportunities have much greater potential as a result. That is once reason we decided on this announcement process of the Second Coming this winter, so help better prepare you, and set you to dreaming and finding hope once again.

Without our influence, NESARA would have spread much more slowly, with more resistance occurring. Now we can move forward, as soon as this is finished without interference, at least with very little. I do still expect small difficulties afterwards, as we have discussed before. There may still be small bombings occurring for a period of time, and we do expect, not matter my big show, that some clerics will remain resistant, as this Second Coming is not in the keeping of their understanding of prophesy, given to them by our BBB&Gs.

We have said before, we can't remove all the BBB&Gs and the Little BB& Gs, we would be removing a great deal of the population that is in misunderstanding. Our game plan is nearly finished in it's current remodeling, and we press on!

Namaste and Salu, Christ Michael, Sovereign of the Universe of Nebadon, and as such, Commander in Chief, of Earth Project Transition, Pleiadian Sector Flight Command, Intergalactic Federation Fleet, Ashtar Command, Earth Representative to the Cosmic Council and Intergalactic Federation Council on Earth Transition.

Candace: for those missing the more frequent channelings, I found another interesting channeling from Sananda on my computer, and I have it nearly ready to send out. I also have a work in process with Lord Buddha, hampered by the NESARA activity recently, and my own interruptions to it. I tend to ask many questions, and I needed to take a little journey of memory before we finish it. Take care, Candace

Enough is Enough

By Candace Frieze, Joint Statement by Christ Michael and Others.


Hi everyone, below is a joint message by Christ Michael, Sananda and several others, concerning the terror attack on London today. Yesterday I kept feeling an intense pressure, as if something were not right. I awoke around 1:30 am, to take some pain medicine, and laid down on the couch, and turned on the TV while I waited for it to work. Sometime thereafter, CNN began covering the bombing of the mass transit system in London, and I knew why I had felt the tension "in the air."

Lord Buddha had contacted me yesterday and he was going to give a message, but plans changed today, maybe next time. There were other plans around G8, and these have now changed. If some of you watched Larry King Wednesday night, you saw him make rather light of the UFO issue. I was most disappointed.

I did see on interesting bit of actual truth during the coverage today, but since I was channel surfing, I don't remember which one. But it was mentioned that Britain is not a free country and lives under constant rules and fear of tyranny, police everywhere, everything checked on and spied on. As we in the United States are doing more every day. I saw a clip of a speech Tony Blair made after his return to London, and the look on his face was something to behold. He looked really upset, for once.

There are many ideas already about the reasons behind this attack. Some suggest it originated from the Middle East, others say London was punished for getting the Olympics, others suggesting that Tony Blair was making a change of position, and this attack served as a warning to him and others considering same. This one made the most sense to me, in addition to the idea of interrupting further work towards the NESARA announcement. So now, the joint message:

Christ Michael/others: My dear friends, We know the email must be full of questions about what happened in London today. This was apparently a small attempt to make one last statement to us. At first, we thought, or at least hoped that this was an attempt maybe by Iraq to make a statement to Britain and the USA about the ongoing occupation of their country.

It seems not. Yet another game is being played to try and stop NESARA, and the rest of the plans. This was a small event in the nature of things, being the use of rather simple bombs, and easily done without our knowledge.

But the message was loud and clear. Their time is most truly up.  This is the final event and rebellion by them. We have star people that can watch TV easily on the ground for us, and apparently Mr. Bush was nearly flamboyant in his early morning speech.

We told you all recently that the time had come and we had taken over the announcement and that is true. Some of you of course still want to have us drop out of the sky and just do it. This we have been doing, it is just not that obvious in the United States. Recently you did hear on your TVs that there were many small planes than transgressed the air space of Camp David prior to July 4th. Many small saucers would be a better description.

Larry King was ordered to do a reasonable show about our presence in the skies, and he failed quite miserably, often making the "Looney" gesture during his show. Mr. King, you failed your orders and you are now accountable for your behavior.

The many members of your government have been given their walking papers, to be arrested or to resign. Last Friday, with Sandra Day O Connors resignation, we made a serious attempt to announce. CNN, in the higher levels made a huge mess for us, we again had traitors to the cause, otherwise known as playing both sides of the coin.

One of these, we had come to completely trust, and we were greatly dismayed and angered. It seems the fence sitters ever come popping out at unexpected moments. So we are now, with the London mess, and the sad loss of life there today, going to "go for it" as you like to say. The trust that we have worked on has been finally ended, and we trust no more in general.

The plans are being made at this moment to do what we had hoped not to do, and we shall indeed now do it. It is better for the planetary peoples to do most of the work, and it has not happened. In most cases, God will walk away for a time, but that is not an option for Earth, and for you, its inhabitants.

We spent the day in consultation about pursuing the plan we had hoped not to have to do, and it is done. WE SHALL NOW commandeer the TV channels personally, and get the job done. Anybody not in cooperation with us will find themselves under arrest, and we are not very particular at this time who they might be.

For the BBB&Gs reading this message today, and we know some of you are, I would prepare thyselves for a better outcome very quickly, and consider quite seriously where you wish to find yourselves. Enough is now enough, and we are going to do this, and if you get in the way, SO BE IT.

If you value your life and liberty, and the Grace of God, on this Planet, we suggest you reconsider, and very rapidly. There will be no further Grace from Christ Michael. Your time has come, either you jump the Illuminati Ship, or you go down with it. And down with it means, there is no more grace.

Neither do you receive the opportunity of being transported in body to the new pristine planet we have covered in these messages. Some of you playing both sides told us this was an acceptable option to you. You have betrayed us, you have betrayed the planet, you have betrayed its peoples, and you will betray no more.

If you dare to stand in our way, either yourselves personally or through your minions, you are going to find yourselves in the void, by which we mean that planet, a prison planet, of which we have informed you about, and where you will be truly without God, for a very long time. You may go in body, or in spirit, the method of your journey matters not.

This would be hell, as you will have only yourselves to live with. There are others in this place, who have caused their placement there. You will have company, and like yourselves, these are not nice guys. Think of that one please. This planet has no luxuries of which you have come to enjoy at the expense of others. You will not be able to get off the place. We will not be in the skies, they will be most empty. You will have only yourselves. God will not be around.

This is not a planet of reincarnation that you will be going to. You will not be able to reproduce. You will have endless years of each other. You will not taste of death in this place. We return every many many years to check to see what is going on, and to see if there are any who have learned of their lessons, and remove them when learned. The rest, will they just get to stay, and stay and stay. Consider if this is what you truly wish to experience. For what you desire, so shall you have.

This warning is to all of the BBB&Gs of Earth. It matters not your status, your rank, your money, or your power, whether or not you have family.  It matters not whether you are human, reptilian or any other star race. It matters not whether you are in 3D or 4D. Your time is up, and the Day of Judgment, so long spoken of is at hand.

Now is the time to clean up thy acts, the final curtain call. We tried, and we tried and we tried, so great has been the Grace of God. And you have failed the test. Over and over. It is done! To use the famous expression of Mr. Bush, your non President, you are either with us, or against us. You are the terrorists. You are Al Qaeda. You are the ones that took down the Towers on 911. You are the ones that struck Spain over a year ago. You are the ones that killed hundreds of thousands in all the more recent years of your lives. And you shall pay the bill due for it.

Consider very carefully please. Some of you after today have no more choices. You made them already with the attack on London. Others, you have one final choice, to be made as we do our works, and as the Earth peoples, who are good and have waited so long, do theirs.

Do not step even once in our way or the way of our commanders on the Earth plane. Do not step in the way of the good folks on the announcement crews. Do not step in the way of the many who have been preparing our way over these years. Do not step in the way of the military doing their tasks in the removal of yourselves. This is the final Grace of God.

We are who are making this order today:
Christ Michael, Master Creator Son of Nebadon, and I make the rules!
Sananda Immanuel, who comes with me to fulfill his duties, and take his place as Planetary Prince.
Sanat Kumara, Solar Logos
Lord Buddha, Planetary Logos
Violinio Germain, Mohammed, Maitreya and the many other Masters returning,
And the multitudes of Star people come in the skies for this event, and those Star people incarnate on the Earth plane for this event,
And those long suffering Earth souls, awaiting their return to Universal status, and the grandeur there of.


Mohammed Speaks
Message #35
By Candace Frieze, Mohammed and Sananda Immanuel


Hi everyone. I apologize for the delay. I needed to take a few days to check in on my aging father, who lives elsewhere. Today, it is time to finally hear from Mohammed. I had an appointment with him last weekend, and then he canceled, was very busy it seems. Mohammed has personally through me answered a number of letters from Muslim readers, encouraging them to think in a messianic manner. There are many bright and beautiful minds waking up in Islam at this time.  Maybe next message, Maitreya will be the guest speaker. I am getting increasing questions about him lately. I had thought that I would do both Mohammed and Maitreya in one message, but Mohammed's was longer than I thought, and there was not room in this for both.

I think early on I mentioned that each individual sounds differently in telepathy, just as in oral speech. Mohammed has a deep husky "voice," and speaks carefully and slowly. I found taking "dictation" a bit easier with him for this reason. I wonder what I sound like to others telepathically. In real life, people respond to my voice over the phone like I am still 15 years old. I know my voice is deeper than when I was younger, but at 57 I still get called "sweetheart" and "honey" over the phone by complete strangers. I will give a message from Sananda first.

Sananda: Hello my dear friends, I AM Sananda Immanuel. I know some of you are missing my part in these messages, but the truth is, I have been quite busy since mid April. Our BBB&Gs are ever the challenge. Some days I want to sit down, tear at my hair and go arghhhhhhhhhhh! Yes, indeed we have taken over the announcement process, and still the time passes. There has been talk on the Internet that the announcement would be by June 30.

This has not been given in our messages recently. I just had Candace reread Christ Michael's last message, and he suggested in comments about the War of the Worlds movie that it would be nice to have the announcement by then, but he was not concerned if it did not happen. She herself went on to say the patience is required in all of this. I am not going to give out any details at this time, as secrecy is very important for the time being. As we have said, all of this will be done in integrity, and there are events happening behind the scenes which simply can't be made public at this time.

The problems that we have inherited are humongous. But we are moving forward rapidly. And if we must, we will get very assertive and simply do it, but it will still be better accepted if it is the appearance that the military have taken control. It is also important to the growth of those involved to do most of the job.

How many of you heard about the big show we put on in Mexico last week! It unfortunately did not hit the American newspapers. But it did hit the Mexican papers. (Candace: see It was quite well accepted by the Mexican people, but a similar show in the USA would have generated great fear. It is still in the plans for many small showings just after the announcement in the USA. The folks on the Capricorn have planned a great deal of fun!

They have planned for around 60 shuttles to appear in various locations around the North American continent. Due to the fact that we do now have so much more control, such as the underground areas, and expect no surprises in this area, they have increased the number of localities they will be able to safely expose themselves. Many of these, if not all, will be actual landings with disembarking of star visitors and brief mingling on the ground with visitors and press. They will be announced shortly before hand in each area, so as not to be seen as secretive.

There is a rumor on the Internet about the nature of the flags around Mr. Bush at his recent address. This use of the flags, the hanging in the vertical manner, declares that Mr. Bush was under international law, and as such could not be arrested by his own country. So this is the game he played, but we were aware, and it meant nothing. It was important that the country listen to this long and boring speech. There is arising more and more rejection of his policies, more awareness. I am saying in these messages again, that it is important to let the American people become more aware of what their "President" is not. It will help in the expected shock.

I know that our readers believe in the abilities of the American people to be accepting of the changes rapidly, but you are in fact a pretty small minority, and even those that watch the skies for UFOs for the most part are still in a state of fear of the possibilities. The mind control through the churches and schools in nothing short of incredible.

There are even many young incarnate star people still in denial of who they are, so great is the programming.  Many of Candace's relatives fit this criteria, and her entire family group are from the stars. We have to be aware of the fear in America, there are still the huge majority with heads in the sand. NESARA is going to be a great shock to the Americans. We have put in place many healers and educators to help with the process. And of course, we have been relying on you and your knowledge obtained from these messages.

I am asking all of you to remain in peace of the process. It is going well, and we are very pleased with our changes. It is important at this time that I not send any public messages of importance out. Some of you know, that in what you have heard, that all is not as it seems. We still have to play a few little games ourselves with the use of disinformation in the public arena.

I also want to remind you, since there is disinformation planned by some websites, that I and Christ Michael continue to use only Candace for official messages around the whole Second Coming process. This does not mean that we do not communicate with others, we most certainly do on a personal basis. I send you much love and my personal blessings to all of you for your works and your patience over these many weeks of waiting. I deeply thank you for who you are.  Namaste, Sananda Immanuel

Mohammed: My dear ones, I AM Mohammed, and it is time for me to tell the story of myself. Once upon a time, I had a special incarnation upon the Earth, the purpose of which was to bring the real concept of God and the Universe to the Arab peoples, who worshiped many local gods, and in general were a warring and rather ignorant people.

As were many of the visits of the avatars, mine was scheduled well in advance of the occasion by many hundreds of years, prior to the Coming of Christ Michael and Sananda 2000 years ago. At the time that I actually made my appearance, it was hoped that my teachings would help to correct what had become of Christianity at that point, in addition to teaching the Arabic peoples something of God.

My mission was in many ways a total failure at the time. The Anunnaki one day took me aboard a ship, during my awake time, so I would have memory of it, but lied to me about who they were. Like all those born into the human genetics of the time, I did not fully know who I was as a young person, but was advised by a large number of guides, such as are many of you today.

These Anunnaki, who made themselves out to be holy men, notably Noah, of which the Arabs had an oral tradition, planted a chip in my brain, an actual physical chip, not unlike a radio transmission device. This ship was a grand and beautiful one, and not knowing any better at the time, I was lead to believe this was heaven.

Since I was awake, I had wonderful memory of the place and returned to my peoples to describe of this wonder. Many of you would do the same now, under similar circumstances, as long you were unaware of star people, and didn't know any better. This chip broke contact with my guides, and I was never again knowingly under their influence.

So, I was not surprised when I began to receive of the communications, as I had been told this would happen. I did not know I carried a radio chip. Now this kind of chip is commonplace, and very useful, and many of you may have them at this time to communicate with the star ships you are associated with.

Even Dharma, who worked for so long with Christ Michael, (aka Hatonn) Sananda, Germain, and others writing the Phoenix Journals had one, to receive very accurate transmissions of material. This method provides great accuracy in the transmissions for those doing this work, and thus leave little room for error and misunderstanding. As with any technology, there is the use of it for good or evil.

My particular chip broke the contact with my guides, by canceling out their transmissions to me, making me unreceptive of their frequencies. Their transmissions were not by this kind of chip, but rather, though methods difficult to describe unto you at this time. Telepathy as you know it, is not usually the mode used.

Some have asked if I am a star person, yes, but of very very long ago. I was from the Sirian star system that was destroyed by some BBB&Gs in that place long ago. These BBB&Gs succeeded in blowing up a sun, thus destroying all of its planets, including two with fairly advanced human life on them. One of the planets did the actual destruction, using scalar wave technology newly learned and not very well understood.

The intent of this planet was destroy the other planet by bouncing scalar waves off the sun. Instead the sun imploded. One of the planets went spinning wildly off into space. Its peoples lived inside the planet, and thus they survived. This is what you know as Nibiru. Nibiru's orbit was eventually stabilized in its current orbit around Earth and into the Sirian Star system, that lasts 3600 years.

There is rumor on Earth, that the Sirians are trying to capture Earth's Sun to replace its lost sun. This is not true, but I have no doubt that the rumor was put forth by some Sirians, that are not all that advanced yet. Your Sun is being moved closer to the Pleiadian system of which it is part, and also, simply because of location, closer to the Sirian system also.

The planet I lived on also did this, having no gravitational control of our Sun, but we lived on the surface and perished. Since we no longer had a planet to evolve on, the decision to bring our souls to Earth was made, to be used to continue our incarnational cycles again here.

This was a few hundred thousand years ago, and at the time there were few bodies on Earth to incarnate in, the population was small and the humans still rather immature. So we incarnated into dolphins and whales, these animals having greater intelligence. As mankind grew on Earth, we incarnated more often in the human soul carrier bodies. We were given Earth as our planet, loosely told of in the Bible, in the Dominion Story.

So, though I am from the stars in this one sense, I am in the other, an Earth Soul. We in later years incarnated heavily in Egypt, and are responsible for the ancient Egyptian culture you know of at this time. I made very good progress on Earth, and became an advanced soul. I am an Ascended Master and I am returning with the other Masters with the Second Coming process. Many of you who know yourselves as "Earth souls" are from this group.

I am returning once again to my people to right the wrongs that occurred long ago when I came. I intended no wars in my name that have happened. The name Allah for God was not the Arab name for God at the time, as the Arabs had many deities. It was my intention to teach there is only One God, and that we are all fragments or children of God. This message was largely destroyed.

The Surahs were messages sent through my radio chip. I was illiterate at the time, as were most, but also by design, as on Earth, people made a very large "deal" of written messages left by the messenger. The word Allah was not my own word, but given by the Anunnaki through my chip. These Anunnaki, were in fact, "Allah," and not God the Father of the Central Universe of Havona, or Christ Michael of our Universe of Nebadon. I was an Ascended Master when I came, and as such, was part of the over all lifting up of Earth begun so long ago.

My mission was totally hijacked. Those who wrote down the Surahs changed them further, as was done also with the Bible, and added many other writings, called the Hadiths, not my own for the most part. Many of the wars ascribed to me, I did not create. At that time, the only warring I did, was totally in self-defense.

Although certainly the teachings, that I would have given minus my chip, were meant to be widely shared, they were not to have been enforced by warfare. This is totally the "gift" of the BBB&Gs. I certainly do like this little term by Candace, we all do, it just works very nicely, as the BBB&Gs come from many sources, in addition to the Anunnaki.

Much warring has been committed, so very sadly, in my name. This I am come to correct, and bring the true teachings to the peoples who believe in my name. Much is true in the Quran, but just like in the Bible, particularly the New Testament, there is much degradation of the teachings. Enough is put in to make the assorted holy books appear to be truth, and enough added to make people what they have become in this day, a motley group, each with its own "real" persuasion of God, the only truth, making any others the infidels. You not only have Muslims on Earth crying that the Christians are infidels, you have many Christians crying that the Muslims are the infidels. I find it so very sad that neither group looks at the other and sees themselves a part of the game.

I have always remained carefully at watch of the ones that follow Islam, trying to touch upon a few and get through that what is going on is completely absurd. In the early days of Islam, it was in one sense a great religion, in that one of the successes I had, despite my chip, was that knowledge was important and in those early days, it was sought after.

Woman obtained some greater roles in the societies. Many people, still mostly men but some women became very educated, and made amongst the best of scientists, philosophers, and doctors available. Architecture, music, and many arts thrived and traveled the Mediterranean and Arab worlds. Although there had been quite a bit of warfare, many peoples after being rather easily conquered for the most part, fell in love with the good parts of Islam.

Eventually, through the control of the BBB&Gs, much adversity became more of the norm, and the good parts of Islam are in great decay in many areas. Islam intended the liberation of woman, this was my intent, and it did happen, as I taught this, and made demonstration of it during my lifetime. I was successful, despite the chip in many ways, by my actions and effects on my friends and business associates.

I did have a number of wives, including some girls as told.  These were not sexual relationships. I took these women into my family, as they were widows and orphans, and I taught them a better way. My first wife, a business woman was my true love, and she was never replaced by another. That I married these women is true, it was the only way legally at the time to provide for them, but I was not the sexual monster as being taught by Jerry Falwell and others in the Christian faith in America at this time. I am so very offended by this.

These woman and girls were as sisters and daughters to me, and I did love them dearly, but I was not in bed with them. I taught them honor and self esteem, and that all are equal in the eyes of God, and that woman are every bit as intelligent as men. These close to me knew about reincarnation, and they made great progress in the lives at that time, and have returned themselves now many times to show a better way, always as a women.

Some of the greater women on Earth, in future incarnations, were my "wives" at the time. A major part of this mission was to enlighten women, and I find it most sad that the part of my mission, other than the general enlightening of the nature of God, was to enlighten people of woman and their power, now gone down the trash heap of beliefs. To see Islamic women today wearing head coverings by various names, and covering their bodies the way they do, is the work of the Anunnaki influences to keep 1/2 of the human races in slavery based on sex.

If there are any Islamic women reading this today, please understand that these were not my teachings. You need to uncover your heads and your bodies, by that I mean those awful robes, and stand proudly for who you are. After the Second Coming event, I ask that you stand tall in your womanhood and help show the better way. The only main difference between men and women, is the physical body of occupation, and its role in reproduction of your species. The mind and the soul have no sex as in the meaning of the word in use on Earth.

I have a soul mate, as do all the Masters. She is incarnate on the Earth plane at this time, to become a teacher and way shower for women. You would recognize her incarnate name if I gave it, but for her protection I will not at this time. Later that may become a possibility.

To all in Islam, it is time to drop the Quran. It is not my work, and it has been used to control, rather than free you up. It, and many of your clerics, have been used to continue the warring on Earth, in the name of God. The whole event of 911 was created in the manner it was, to make it all right for the Americans to attack the Middle East for the oil, and dominion. And Islam has been used also in this in the creation of more war, against the Christians, and Jewish peoples.

Now, you have every right to your defense, because you have been attacked by the United States, and its minions, but the peoples of these countries are no more infidels in beliefs, than are you to them. It is so very the time to stop this absolute horrid and destructive nonsense.

Christ Michael has been quite heavily involved behind the scenes in Iraq and has negotiated the removal of the American troops by the end of this year. This negotiation, worked at also by myself, was not made with the current Iraqi puppets installed by the American regime, but with those who will be the temporary leaders of Iraq soon after the NESARA announcement. These include not only Iraqi's but also a few star people participating in the project until the country is stabilized.

The American military is behind many of the atrocities in Iraq at this time. They plant many of the car bombs, which are then publicly blamed on suicide bombers. They beheaded Nick Berg and others. The beheading of Nick Berg took place in al Garib prison, as some surmised from the color of the walls, and markings on the film.

The American Military are also killing various clerics of both persuasions in Iraq, and making the blame appear to be occurring from the opposite group to provoke civil war. It seems that since the BBB&G's controllers are beginning to realize that the Iraqi peoples will defend themselves to the end, and it is known that the American peoples are not going to tolerate the obliteration of the country, that it would work out nicely to have these people obliterate themselves via civil war. If fact, tolerance between the factions of Islam is the more acceptable way to go, and always has been. Islam, in all its factions was a peaceful religion, and still remains so, unless the clerics who are BBB&Gs themselves rile up the peoples.

Iraq, despite its former dictator, who has always been a power monger, and stooge of bigger players, is an educated country, and as usual, those with an education are being destroyed and otherwise hampered. Sadism was not a Muslim at heart, he was as is Mr. Bush in the United States, a total fake, merely using religion to gain support. By their fruits you shall know them, is a commandment of God, that so very few actually adhere too. Where are the fruits of Sadism? What are the fruits of Mr. Bush? What are the fruits of Mr. Blaire? Destruction and nothing more.

Yet the Masters come unto you, bringing you love, skills, education, great fruits, and we are called Satanists. Your very own Christ Michael, brought you the Phoenix Journals, and many rejected him. You have believed in only one antichrist that so many still expect to come. However, they are all around you, and you do not see them by their fruits. God never sends peoples to war in his name. God never limits people by sex, education, race, region of Earth lived on. God never creates the other side of the tracks. People do.

God never puts veils or coverings on women's heads or their bodies. God never makes women inferior to men. God never asks women to deeply cover their bodies because men are sexual brutes, and it is the women's responsibility if a man rapes her, because she let some little part of her body show. An individual is responsible for his behavior unto him or herself, and no other.

It is the man responsible for rape, always. Unless of course the woman rapes of someone, which does happen, especially to little children by women. Women do indeed seduce men at times, and lie and carry on, and these are responsible also for their behavior, and not another. But if a woman seduces, and changes of her mind, then it is rape, plain and simple, if the man does not stop of his behavior.

In America and around the world last March of 2004, many partook in peace marches to get out of the war in Iraq. What has happened to this? It stopped. Probably the Republican convention in 2004 scared some off, but otherwise, did you all just give up? There are many small happenings and tribunals around the world, but no major "waves" going on. There is power in numbers, where did the numbers go? You should have moved passed the marches and into greater ideas still, using the marches for impetus.

You should have organized marches every month or so. You should have continued the making of noise. You should be going in big groups before your leaders and TV stations, and putting on the pressure. Writing emails in not enough. Many of you read the alternative news, but where are your works? You have to move past the reading and into the doing.

I want to make a statement to those of you that read these messages, who are mostly what is called New Age, or Metaphysical. You yourselves need to wake up and do. The learning is needed, but then the doing must happen after the learning. Instead there is the competition of the best and correct channel to follow, who has the best and most accurate truth.

My friends, the truth is that your governments manipulate the world, where they instigate it or are pawns of the instigators. The truth is that God is all of life, plain and simple. The truth is that all of you are of God. The truth is that you must do something, other than fight and argue the channel, the holy book, the whatever you argue about, and stand in allegiance to.  The anti Christ is alive and well in the New Age and Metaphysical community. There are those that plan regularly the fake Sananda or whoever, to put down our work, and you get upset and in doubt when this happens, and wonder who you should follow? Maybe the point is that you should stop the following and become the doing.

It is not important to worry whether Matthew, or Blue Star, or The Tree, or even Candace has the truth. The truth is, that there is NESARA, the truth is that there is to be a Second Coming, by whatever label. Some, who deny the Second Coming, believe there will be a massive contact event with the return of the Masters, of one sort of another. What my friends, do you think the Second Coming, that they are calling it but another name is? Massive contact with the return of the Masters, certainly does sound like the Second Coming to myself!

Many are still playing the discernment game, taken to new heights in recent years. Yes, discernment is necessary, but any more discernment is used as a small act of war. Truth is there are many millions of ships here from the Stars, most of them advanced and nice, a few not. Most are here to observe rather than be a part of it, for the learning. But many are here in service to Christ Michael, and doing the doing. Yes, Hatonn is Christ Michael, but if you can't handle that, then just use the Hatonn of his name. It is not that important. Even I have another name, that is not Mohammed, but I will release it at a later time. For now, Mohammed is desired, because of my following, there would be too much confusion.

Stop the worry of the small details that are used to separate you one from another and decrease your power. This separation is nothing more than the game played for what seems like eternity itself by the BBB&Gs. And it is heavily played at this time with the New Age movement. Recognize it for what it is, please, and stop playing the game. God is so very simple and what is called the Ten commandments is so very simple. What is so very difficult about Thou shall not murder, Thou shall not covet, and on and on? These are the plain and simple rules of living in love and trust and caring, by whatever name they are given in any of the various faiths.

I am asking you personally, as the readers of these messages are predominately New Age, metaphysical, and less by nature of the various religions of control, to recognize that you are controlled by the BBB&Gs. Yea need not all these games, ey need only loving and caring for fellow man, and the desire to live in right manner, by the simple rules given to all, since time began most likely. If you want to be part of the Galactic Society, you must move beyond the games, and you can't until you recognize what has been done unto you, in the organized religion of New Age.

There are too many of you that have been distracted by using crystals ad nauseum, and ceremonies ad nauseum, that have little real relevance to spiritual growth, and promote little real healing of your soul. These are mostly substitute behavior for going to church, baptism, and other ceremonies of control.

You are sovereign, or at least that is the intent. We need you to be sovereign, doers and not followers of useless material. Being spiritual is about standing up, and solving problems. You incarnate over and over until you master this, and then you incarnate some more, the Masters do at times, especially in the Earth plane, and young societies else where in the universe to teach the simple and sacred truths. And then you work like crazy on other planes doing the same thing, while you continue your journey of learning.

Always you learn and then teach what you know, how better to understand your leanings? Earth is in terrible need of learning, and doing at this time. In this Second Coming, as others have said, we provide the opportunity, with the release of much of the control of the BBB&Gs for you to grow spiritually, and this growth comes not only from the learning, but the application of what is learned.

Crystals and chanting have little place in the coming times. And the "mystical or mystery teachings" have little place here, until there are major changes in the knowledge of all and in the healing spiritually and physically of this planet. Sananda has said more than once I believe in these messages, it is the works that are of greater importance at this time.

The walking through walls, manifesting what ever out of what appears to some to be thin air, this is for after much of the doing is done, and this part of the journey becomes more appropriate. Most on earth are not spiritually ready to be able to walk through walls, and have the ability of mental telepathy. These are the skills of very advanced societies and of the few people that might truly use them correctly. As a silly example, do you really want Rumsfeld or Cheney to have the actual skill of walking through your walls and showing up in your living room at the present time? Visible or not?  It is the works for now that matter. Salu and Namaste, I AM Mohammed.

Candace: Mohammed came well prepared for his message. I did not know what he planned, I asked that he cover some personal material about himself, as we get questions of this nature. I did not know he would climb up on his soapbox! I did not interrupt, I just typed and typed, it was longer than I had expected. He sends quite nice messages to readers for whom I have performed the service of typist. He is an advisor as needed to AbundantHope, since my organization will be dealing with the new teachings for organized religion, by working with clerics, and enabling them to enlighten their congregations and the development of messianic missions of these groups, the Two or More in My Name concept. I still have material from Sananda that I have not yet used, that I was given during the early stages of this project last February. I need to look at it, and maybe put some of it up in this period of waiting. Some is incomplete, and maybe time on Sananda's part can be found to complete it, if I organize it first. Take care, Candace


Updates on California, and From Christ Michael
Message 34 22nd June 2005

by Candace Frieze, Soltec, and Christ Michael


Hi Everyone. Soltec has a message concerning the current Earthquake problem in California. While I was typing his message, I was surprised that he was aware of Sorcha Faal, a Russian writer, currently popular on the Internet right now. You can read her messages at WhatDoesItMean.Com . After Soltec, There is a message from Christ Michael, channeled Tuesday night, then my portion, and then another message from Christ Michael just given to me, after I thought I was done!

As to Sorcha, I like some of her writing and comments, and I find others a bit on the ridiculous side, such as a recent writing concerning the birth of a rare black deer in Colorado, with "human eyes."  Human eyes, by her definition are blue eyes. Apparently the baby has blue eyes. I am not familiar with deer, but many mammals are born with blue eyes, which change as they mature. I imagine there is a legend associated with this rare color of deer, as there is a legend around the white buffalo, and a special color of cow, that I can't remember right this minute. As with any writer, you yourself decide how you feel about the material. Accept what appeals, reject that which doesn't.

Soltec: Hello my friends, I AM Antoniose Soltec, your friendly geophysicist, in charge of these mighty movements of the Earth going on, known as earthquakes. You have noticed recently that there are a number of quakes on the Western Rim of the Pacific Ring of Fire. These are nearly always my works, or rather I don't usually do the works, I supervise them.

There is a great deal of pressure currently building up in this area, and we are causing selected quakes to release it, thus preventing a major catastrophe, in populated areas. You noticed recently the 7.0 quake 80 miles or so off the Northern California coastline. We can make quite large quakes in ocean areas away from land and reduce much pressure.

Recently, I had a request to make a statement on the conditions in Southern California, in that the person wanted to know if it was safe to send family there in the next few weeks. Yes, it is, despite the little quakes that you see occurring. By interfering in this manner, we make goodly attempts to keep the quakes down to a size the area can handle. We can't always be totally successful, but we are pretty good at what we do.

The Western Pacific Rim has been getting increasingly more unstable the last 6 months or so. You are going to see an increase in the activity, since we are causing the activity.

Once NESARA and our presence are announced, this information can be covered publicly for all to know, and this will greatly reduce the fear. There are going to be many smaller quakes throughout this area, often daily, just as we are still doing in the Indonesia area. We are still causing several a day in that region of the world. Go visit your government site, at Earthquake Hazards Program: NEIC to confirm this for yourselves.

I have been notified that one Sorcha Faal is creating some fear stories in her writings. Much of her knowledge is correct, but some of it is not. She is also using her writing in a way that generates fear and anxiety, and she could be doing a better job in this regard.

Her mention of activity in the Atlantic regions is accurate, but her interpretation is not. This area remains relatively stable. She tells that the North American plates are in serious trouble, and this is not so. We have released a few minor pressures in the Atlantic region. Others are allowed their natural course. There will come a time when this region also activates, and we will be there as needed.

We are going to give your earth scientists quite an education before much longer, and enlist their aid also, once they know about what they should know, and how that differs from what they think they know. Sorcha is also misinterpreting what she writes regards the activity in the Northern Regions of Russia.

After the NESARA announcement, I want to have someone up on TV if possible right away to turn down the fear that may build up in California. Once we can be public we can announce our planned activities and thus prepare people before we send the ground to shaking under their feet. If you have friends in California, please in the meantime, send them a copy of this note, since I am not sure when exactly we will get on TV.

Won't it be quite wonderful in a short while to have contact with us, and have the real truth, and also earthquake warnings of value? I am able to make a quite good estimate of what will happen with our stimulating and the level to expect. I am also quite good at having an idea of the time frame in which a serious quake or volcanic eruption might occur, in order to give advice about the matter, and what evacuation might be necessary.

As I mentioned before, should something need to happen that we can't control, or it would be better to allow nature her way, we can evacuate huge numbers out of the way, if there is inadequate time to evacuate via automobiles, and crowded highways.

In due time, at a much later date, California is going to change, and people are going to have to move elsewhere, so it might be a good idea to begin exploring the options. The same will be true of people living along the Mississippi, the Atlantic Seaboard on both sides, and many other areas of the world. In general, if you live on a coastal area, you are going to move at some point in the future. For many, going further inland will suffice.

I have said that Lemuria, and Atlantis are going to rise, and that is very much so, but it will be quite gradual. Along with these earth changes, we will be the replacing of the firmament, the bands of permanent clouds of sorts in the higher atmosphere. This will remove a fair amount of water from the oceans, and more land will be exposed.

It is the nature of recycling on the planet for periodic land changes, with some lands going under, and some coming back up. Being under the ocean restores land. Of course, your BBB&Gs of long ago "assisted" this process abnormally, in the use of warfare.

The equator is going to change. I have said, I believe in these reports, that Earth is egg shaped. She needs to become round again, and this will change the equator and the southern areas. But this is not going to happen by sudden calamity. Earth, this final time, will be healed in a gradual way, by her occupants, so that she does not have to remove you forcefully. The process will go much easier on you with your cooperation, and your knowledge of things to come! Get on with fixing your peoples and environment, and leave the land changes to us.  Be in Peace, I AM Antoniose Soltec.

Christ Michael: Hello my friends. It is I, Christ Michael. It seems we have much email about where is NESARA and when will the Second Coming happen now. Some have written to express that they are tired of the roller coaster ride. So am I my friends, so am I. Just a Sananda is disappointed, yet am I, yet is everyone involved in this. We did not plan the roller coaster ride, but it has happened, and at this time, so be it.

Everyone is chomping at the bit, to use a popular expression. The race has been on for so long now or thus it seems, from the perspective of time as you perceive it, and as I myself perceive it. Some have written that maybe we don't understand time, since it is believed we live outside of time. I am pretty sure in one of these messages I said that I am very much in your time. It is my time also. I have 24 hours in everyday, as do you. We are not sitting up here unaware of the stress that you feel, as each day goes by. It is our stress too. But, my friends, the show goes on, and it will not stop.

The date has passed for the White Knights to get the job done, and now it resides totally with us. There is a misunderstanding in this passing of the date, some hoped we would simply fall out of the skies and get the job done. I will still not yet fall out of the sky, however, until after the NESARA announcement in the USA. We will not risk the long term damage to the psyche of many.

In residing totally with us, we still have to plan and scheme, and work it all out. Have you not noticed some of the White Knight works recently on TV, the complaints about GITMO, and the Downing Street Papers? Are not your TV stations reporting that the public is loosing its support for Iraq? Is the public not now beginning to question that the war in Iraq was built on lies? The public is important, and our work will be easier with this apparent dissatisfaction. Some of your public is not really aware, but your news people are beginning to build the stories of truth, breaking people in you might say. This is by plan.

There is going to be what will look like a coup. You know that now. The original plan was to have Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney resign. This would have not been really the honest way, as the resignations were created via video techniques, and were in that sense contrived. Mr. Bush and a number of his friends have no intention of resigning, and there are those on Earth that know that, and will publish that the resignation was a sham, a cover story for Mr. Bush's removal. What is being now planned is the actual arrest of Mr. Bush and friends, by your military. As Sananda Immanuel has said in his recent message, impeachment is not an option, as the office was stolen.

This is going to be an honest job. If Mr. Bush in the very near future does change his mind and go for the resignation, that is what the public will see. If he has to be forcefully removed, this is what the public is going to see. The news services are preparing the public that Mr. Bush is not an honorable man, so that his arrest will not be seen as such a surprise, and accepted.

We will not be seen as invaders, especially with recent films such as the remake of the War of the Worlds. We do hope to have the announcement prior to this film, but should we not have it, I am not that worried. As we have said, there is a star person on the announcement team, and our presence at the proper time will be announced. Besides that, the show that is planned called the Second Coming event, is a far greater show, and the War of the Worlds film will pale in comparison.

We are increasing the sightings in the United States. The rest of the world for the most part is pretty accepting of us, even if they do not know exactly who we are. There are actually a goodly number of people in other countries who realize the greatly improved technology is not a fluke, and suspect off world help. It is only the United States that will be in the most shock.

We have to have some concern for peoples psyches. People have in their psyches, so much trauma over the millennia, and it takes little to put them over the top. The modern people in the United States have not seen the removal of their President in the manner that is the most likely scenario. President Nixon resigned. If Mr. Bush comes along, the resignation will be real and live, not a faked tape.

Somewhere, at some point, there has to been absolute integrity, and my show will be one of integrity. I never did like the idea of the forced resignation films that were prepared. I am not coming in dishonesty. The whole of this planet has had as its most major problem, the lack of integrity. We will show a better way. At this point, we are looking at a coup. This is what the military wants, and it is the honest way to go, and responsible way to go, if we can't gain a reasonable amount of cooperation, and a resignation.

The impact of the arrested President will be just as great on the populace as 911, at least for a short time period. A few days of the media building up the problems of this Presidency will be an assist in the process. In addition to the arrest of the President, there will be the arrest of many others, should they not resign. I leave it to your imagination of whom else will be arrested. Not everyone will be arrested at the same time. The most important arrest is that of the Mr. Bush, and Mr. Cheney. Of course the election was stolen, so I really shouldn't use the word President, and I think when the arrests are made public, the term will be Mr. Bush, and not President Bush. This is the way of integrity on this issue.

I am insisting, as are all the others involved in the Second Coming events, of absolute integrity and honesty. We can't play the games the dark side play, if we want acceptance. So the public will continue to be prepared, and we will continue our behind the scenes activity.

I have been informed that 4Winds ( has posted a recent message, from one Jess, who complained pretty loudly recently, to whoever would listen, and so I answered his call. This was not an "official" message from me, it was a private answer, but I highly admire Jess for placing the message on the Discerning Angels discussion group, and it is now making its way around. My personal thanks to you Jess, for your courage and for standing in your integrity, with your comments that you made in the sending of that message to Discerning Angels.

As I have so often said before, I am not going away, and this is going to happen. There have been some surprising negotiations behind the scenes, that can't be mentioned here, for the safety of others, and again great progress has been made. As we keep saying, the problems we solve now, are problems that we will not face later, and the Second Coming event will be even better received. I am glad that Candace undertook the work as a member of our team to get the word out to you. You are pretty much the only ones that truly know what is coming, with the exception of those in the media that are aware, and the White Knights.

You are preparing missions, you are lighting the way. The Earth glows a bit more everyday for your efforts. Yea are the candles on the hill, and yea are not hiding under baskets, and it shows, my friends, it does so show! Continue your works that are started, continue your dreams and your studies, for a few more days, or a couple weeks. This is such a short period of time in the scheme of things. It will be worth the wait. As Sananda said in his last message, we can expect to have our really big show, about 2-3 weeks after the US NESARA announcement.

Now I am going to get some rest, we have some interesting "stuff" planned for tomorrow. Yes, this body I use does need rest. So does my head. I need a time of separation to sort out the events of the day, as do you. Namaste. Christ Michael, aka Hatonn, Master Creator Son of Nebadon, Commander of Chief, Earth Project Transition.

Candace: As you might imagine the mail has been a bit difficult to work with recently. I have received a number of outright demands again, that the Federation just do it. I have received letters about problems in various parts of the world. I received letters from people who have told others about the coming events, and when it does not happen, they are ridiculed. They feel their integrity is compromised in this case. That is most certainly a boat that I am currently in.

I now have an ulcer, and chronic gastritis from the over secretion of acid. This is a spiritual problem, occurring frequently in this lifetime, always the result of something unhandled that is "eating at me." Rafael can help with the ulcer, but if I do not take care of the root cause of my problem, I will get another. Often this occurs, because I have chosen the easy way out of a problem, and thus an unsatisfactory solution.

One of these problems revolves around having to obey the ever changing rules and whims of the mobile home park I live in. Because of financial issues, I usually give in, as I can't afford to move.  The problem has escalated, and taking the easy way out is not working, as they have way overstepped their bounds this time, and this is eating at me. So I have to step up to the plate, and I am going to do so. The reason this owner gets away with his behavior, is that people will not honor their integrity and stand up to him. Those that attempt to do so, play a price. This is a chronic problem in this country, we have been well taught to bow down or pay the consequences.

Another problem is those around me, and the irritating email, with this project. Regards the irritating mail, with demands, and endless whining, I have this to say: I did not have to do this project, and the Second Coming committee did not have to make an announcement of the Second Coming. This is a gift to you. To those of you who can't move past your impatience, please understand, that the solving of the problems before the NESARA announcement, and the contact activity, WE BETTER PREPARE YOUR WAY.

We chose to do this to aid the light, to create hope, and to inspire you.. If you have to continue whining about the delays, then you need to ask yourself what NESARA and the Second Coming mean to you personally. Some of the letters I get with the whining and demands are about mostly the money. The money part of the program, is for fixing the world, a way of getting around the control of the BBB&Gs by the use of money to keep us in the matrix.

As I have said before, I am living in the poorhouse myself, so I know the feeling, been there and done that. But all the whining, complaining, and demands in the name of your I AM will not hasten the process. It will happen when it happens, period. So I am suggesting that if this is you, to get a life, appreciate your knowledge of the gift, this prior notice of the event. I'm sorry some consider themselves jerked around. There are real times where one has to be patience. I quote here the Serenity prayer: God grant me:
     Serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
     Courage to change things I can, and the
       Wisdom to know the difference..

You can't change the timing of the events, especially with the whining and complaining and insults. In this you need Serenity, and if you can't find it, and are getting an ulcer, drinking, over eating, or whatever, this is your spiritual problem. And there is nothing that I or anyone else can do for your spiritual problem, as it belongs to you, and not myself or others.

So, in the waiting, rather than whining, do something constructive. One of my spiritual problems that is eating at me, is that I would like to have those around me aware of what I do, and of course, be accepting, and aiding in the process. Many do not know what I do, as in the past, they have found me to be a bit on the weird side, because I step at times at least, outside the acceptable parameters of society.

I started a series of articles at Lewis News last summer, called "America, Land of the Free." After the 3rd one, talking about how shunning is a powerful tool used to maintain the Matrix, I stopped the project.  I intended some more writing on shunning and other controls, but backed off. In the writing about them, I brought up a huge number of old issues, many not yet dealt with. I have lived, in the land of the free, a life that has rarely been free. I have a chronic spiritual issue of hurting, painful guts, because I feel trapped, nearly constantly.

So why am I not telling those around me what I do? I don't like to be shunned! So I chose to just wait around, knowing that at some point, I would be telling them, "I told you so." So a number of you are angry, hurt, upset, dismayed, that the waiting continues on. You are feeling discomfort about your integrity, and people trying to make you a fool.

Wait, how can they make a fool of you? Only if you choose to feel like a fool. There's my problem, not wanting to be the brunt of others jokes and cruelty.  A couple of days ago, while up at the pool, I decided, during the banter of talk going on, to jump right in, tell people what is coming shortly, and who I am. Yep, you guessed, lots of laughing, and some pretty cruel remarks.  But this time, I did some laughing too, of a different nature, in that I did not put them down, as they did me, but laughing still. I even got asked to conjure up a UFO, as proof!

I left not resenting them, this time. I took control of my feelings, and walked away not being upset. I know who I am, and I need to stand for my values. Sometimes one can't solve the problem, other than by walking away. This goes to the Serenity prayer. So that day, I stayed serene, knowing at the moment a change was not possible, but hopeful that I made some connection.

But maybe something did come of it. There was one person, even though he wanted to get his bible, did begin to ask, and carry on some intelligent conversation. He challenged me quite a bit, but in the fairness of a good debate. In addition to the Second Coming conversation, we talked about the fraud of 911, and the war in Iraq. When I left, I knew that though I had obviously not won over this person, he was going to do a little checking. And the others, will, when all begins to come down, at least it won't be a total surprise.

That was a little practice session for the bigger task of being who I am, and not compromising this, with family and friends. I intend to write letters to them, rather than using conversation, so they have to read what I have to say, without interrupting me. We have gotten where we are in this world by not standing up for who we are. We have gotten where we are by giving into the stupidity, and not raising waves.  However, remember the concept of Two or More in my Name, if you are going to raise some serious waves. Find someone of similar mind. Many people are defeated by their loneliness in the fight. There is power in numbers.

When I confront the family and friends, some are going to give exactly the reaction I expect, but this time I will not back down, and feel badly about it. I will study my feelings, and if I find myself feeling bad, about myself, I will patch myself back up. There are others, who I have not communicated with on a regular basis, who do not really know me, and who knows, maybe some of them will be pleased, and I will find some like mind.

"Like mind" is awfully nice, and this has been helpful to me. I do have lots of support in the mail, most of it is supportive, and I am building some email friendships. But it is nice to go out and do stuff with people, with whom I can be myself. I have buried myself for so long, since I am an odd apple, and like so many, learned to make do within the system, at a great cost to my spiritual health.

Some wrote that were disappointed that Rafael did not offer the instant healing they have come to believe in. Rafael did point out, that spiritual healing is necessary for medical healing to truly have effect. One spiritual healing technique, available, but not fully utilized yet, is regressive hypnosis, looking at not only this life, but past lives.

I will continue to have ulcers, and an acid stomach and heart burn, until I live in my integrity, 24/7. I can take antacids, and drugs that knock back acid to help heal it. Rafael did some work on the ulcer, but until I live who I am, another will take its place. The problem with me, is that I am a person of integrity, but when I do not let what I know to be true show, and who I am show, then I have fallen prey to the BBB&Gs games. I am so tired, of being another person, in order to please those around me, and not make waves. But in the not making waves, a different set of problems comes to the front, like an ulcer.

Spiritual healing is a journey, a process, a learning to know the source of the problem and dealing with it. It is learning to live fully in the now, knowing who one is, and standing tall, rather putting tail between legs, and running. I am not going to run any longer from the issues of where I live. I have often noticed, that when I solved a problem, in a way that felt right, the anxiety and discomfort went away.. I confronted the owner of this place near the end of May. I am feeling some heat from it, but what I am doing feels right, and my pain is less. There is now a dialogue, and he isn't going to get to run away from me.

NESARA and the Second Coming, are not going to solve the problems of Earth. We still have to do that. But we will have some money, and a support system as a result. And we will need to use the concept of Two or More in My Name, for the power in that. The star people aren't here to do the work, they are here to share technology, and be advisors, showing another way. We are here ourselves to show another way. We have to stand up to the naysayers, even our families.

There are plenty of people out there who will love NESARA and its financial benefits, but they really don't want the peace, and the other benefits. There will be rejection of the Second Coming by many clerics, who will want to remain in control of their congregations, and the money making machine. They have been teaching that the Second Coming will involve that rapture, and they are not going to admit to their congregations that they have flagrantly, by choice participated in a lie. The BBB&Gs are done a magnificent job in the area of religion.

Some are still upset about what all the money will do to America, and who will do the nitty gritty work. Please understand that should all the supermarket workers quit, etc, etc, etc, there will be no food and goods, and they are going to go back to work.  They aren't going to be able to eat the money. And again, there will be great teaching before hand. This one thing, will do much to separate the wheat from the chaff.

We will show a better way. In the refunding of these huge amounts of stolen monies over time, the power of money will be taken away, and people will do work because it is important and meaningful to do so. If everyone has tons of money, and no want for money, we will create another way to be, and destroy the slavery that money has produced on this planet. Take care, Candace

Christ Michael: Hello again my friends. I learned shortly ago that Nancy has put out another message, claiming to be from Hatonn. I have repeatedly said, that official messages, around these events come only through Candace. Also, now that I have come out of my disguise, I am on all future messages, going by Christ Michael, and I shall end them with Creator Son of Nebadon, and I really doubt that anyone putting up fake messages will use this criteria.

Nancy, I am asking you to wake up my little one, once again, to the fact you are being used, to create fear and give out misinformation, which is often coded.  This latest message, stating there was an attempt to bomb the Middle East, and then the United States is most untrue. You should have recognized that from the start, since we have not found another nuclear weapon, of which we were unaware off. We have been most meticulous in our searches. I think my dear, that there are some BBB&Gs that having a great deal of fun right now.

And then there is the nonsense, that is not of me, about the pink light issue. Nancy, I do not write this way. At this time, we need work, and the making of messianic plans, and not this totally new age nonsense of solving problems by beaming light around. Problems are solved by work, my dear, and I can will attest to this. My beaming around of light would not end the reign of the BBB&Gs. Such utter nonsense. These acts are a sad substitute for real and honest prayer.

To the readers of Nancy's material, please notice that for the most part, in fact totally, there is exactly one person doing all of these characters. This person did try to attempt to copy some of my language and that of Germain's in order to make the material more in our respective styles. Her message recently from Germain is not from him either, but we are letting it stand, as there is some truth in it, regarding the high potential of an actual coup. I did discuss this in my message from last night. Namaste, my friends, Christ Michael, Master Creator Son of Nebadon, Commander in Chief, Earth Project Transition.


Answers to Many Questions

8th June 2005
By Candace Frieze, Germain, Sananda, Soltec, and Christ Michael


Hi everyone! Sorry I have been a bit late. I had a procedure, on ship that set me back a few days. This occurred a couple days after I returned from my holiday weekend. This will be covered in further detail in the Rafael message. The purpose of this message is to answer a number of questions that readers have sent. These are being answered by Germain, Sananda, Soltec, and Christ Michael. So lets just get started.

Germain: My Dear Ones, Candace has received many emails since my message of May 27, concerning some of the prosperity that NESARA will provide. In particular, people are asking what will happen when most adults in the USA will have $75000 a month, on a changed economy, where the money will buy 10X more than now.

People are in a bit of fear, believing that most will quite their jobs, particularly those jobs in the service industries, such as food, and clothing. Yes, some will do this, for a while. However, in the years waiting, we will do much education about this money and what to do, and how to manage.

There is to be some gifting of food replicators and similar technology, making for change in the food industry. The main purpose of the replicators will be to give soil a rest for a while, in areas where it is depleted. However, not everyone will be relying totally on these technologies. These are merely aids, during the healing. Real food is of great value for many reasons, and even societies, and people living totally on ship, still prefer, and in fact for optimal health require some real food.

People will work, almost all of them. There will be some who will be selfish, being only of service to self, and go on a very extended vacation from the difficulties of life. This will be a time of healing for some of these people. They need a period of rest from their intense work at just staying alive. Most of you, however, will continue to work. There will be some, who do not desire anything but play, and these that fail to develop some idea of service to others concept, will have their just rewards, living in another 3D world.

Even those of the least intelligence know that someone has to provide for services of many kinds. What will happen, is that many will put themselves, with great joy into learning a new way to be. Man is rarely satisfied with an existence of purely play, in fact, never is, after the period of play.

You have many people who have no work. I believe that nearly all of you will not only chose work, but you will choose to employ everyone. In the process, you will create a much shorter workweek, with everyone contributing in some way. You will create joy in the choices available.

And one of these choices will be for one of the parents in a family to stay home and care for the children, rather than using daycare. Or if both want to work, they will work a great deal less, and thus have more time with family. Strong family is the root of a healthy society, and you do not in general have strong families in the USA. (Comment by Candace: I would think also that singles moms could stay at home with the kids, instead of working one or more jobs)

There will be a return to small farms, as some will get money back to return to farming, others will also enter into the idea, and will have the money to do so. You will have the money, with the aid of the star visitor's technology to reclaim your planet, and create your New World. Your New World should not depend on the great deal of time, put in by people at the present, working at very low wages, and putting in very long hours to just barely make do. Some do not even make do, and are very dependent on help from others.

Please do not worry, you will all rise to the occasion. You will have a year or so to dream and prepare. Business men, that tend to use people for excessive profit, will know and understand, that because of this money coming, everything they have built up, is going to fall flat on its face, and I promise you, that they, that are service to self, in this regard, will take care of themselves, and thus change their ways.

These types, many of whom are workaholics, by desire, in service to self, will work very hard to keep some status. They have too, to remain who they are. They are not the types to wonder off in endless vacation.

Granted, all of this is an experiment, as what is happening on this planet has occurred nowhere else. But people do need basic necessities, and someone will find a way to handle these, lots of some ones! You will rise to the challenge.

Your creativity has been suppressed for so very long, and most people will burst at the seams in joy, as they come to understand the gift being brought by the Second Coming process, and jump in and do what the children of God have always desired: to be able to desire and create. That is God hood, and the will of God, is to become like God, living in joy and creativity.

The mind does not grow unless there are problems, and things of value to learn. In the having of less work hours, you will fill your mind with the wonders of All That Is. I have no doubt about this. Go in joy, at the prosperity coming, and not be in fear of it, in the letters of worrying what will happen!

I AM Violinio Germain, and I myself sit in great excitement of the potential I am feeling. All of us that you label Masters are still in the learning. All learn, and teach to those in the ladder of life what they learn. And do you shall do. Salu, for I must get back now to the workings with the banks in all of this.  

Candace: We have received quite a few questions about the Zeta's, and planet X, which is said to be close, and causing Earth to be in a standstill in its orbit at the time being. I hadn't even spent much time at the Zeta site,, but decided it was time to do so. I found much truth, and I found also much denial and cover-up of many issues. I haven't read everything there, but have spent at least 6 hours looking it over now.

Especially, I found myself a bit appalled with the Hybrid program, claimed to be of STO (service to others) orientation. I found it very much, from my point of view, STS (service to self). If were service to others, I would assume, us, the hybrid program would be helpful to us. It seems, that the hybrids and their early experiences with using our DNA, are living on Mars or elsewhere. I have received much mail from people who feel used by the Zetas, and their breeding program. I have also received letters, from quite good earth humans, who had the Zetas come in greater honesty, would have cooperated with them in a good way. I feel like the Zetas came to Earth to harvest genetic they wished to have, and to occupy earth after the changes in this manner. I found much of their material inaccurate about earth and the universe in general, and either this is that they are uninformed, or they are intentionally creating stories for their benefit, or both I suppose.

Sananda: My dear readers, we have received several letters, concerning Planet X, from those reading the Zeta site. The Zetas are the little greys. They have been teaching at their site for quite a few years, of the coming pole shift, that they believe will happen as a result of Planet X coming into the solar system and making a mess of things. This is not true. Apparently in a recent message they have said that the earth is not orbiting the sun, it is at a standstill, since planet X is close to the sun, and interfering with magnetics or whatever. Some are also asking about whether Planet X is a comet, whether it is inhabited, and whether it is Nibiru.

There is not a comet named planet X. There is the planet Nibiru, which does orbit Earth, and the Sirius system every 3600 years. It was last near earth at the time of my first coming. At the time, Nibiru's minions on Earth intended to own the planet, and restart time. That particular time was chosen, because Nibiru was in this portion of its orbit. The changing of the time from BC to AC was about that project, not about my coming. Christ Michael and myself came at that time to interrupt the plans, and cause failure. This did occur. Then they had to make a new plan, and thus the new ownership was intended to occur at this time. So we are back!

The Zetas came in earnest and started their plan of hybrids around 1900, also planning to take advantage of the changing times, hoping to own the earth also, since they had long ago destroyed in war like activities their own planet. They are androids as I have said. They were created long ago, and rebelled from their makers. They then became quite war like, in fact were created to be war like, and after destruction of the surface of their planet, took to remodeling their DNA, removing many influences they did not desire. With coming to Earth, they chose to add earth genetic material to their systems, in the hope of owning earth after the destructive forces of the times wiped out most humans. They are quite skilled at survival in adverse conditions. However, they are mistaken about Planet X, in fact they seemed to have created the story of its supposed current return.

Since Nibiru was last here 2000 years ago, it does not return to that part of its orbit until 3600 AD. It is more than half way on its journey, and can be viewed with appropriate telescopes at this time, but it remains still quite distant from entering this solar system. It does not cause pole changes in its passage, never has. A very long time ago, when it was thrown from its orbit around a Sirian star that was destroyed, it moved at a reckless manner, and did cause a number of changes in this solar system. However, it's orbit was stabilized by those that can do so at some point, and its current orbit established. As reported by Sitchen and many others, you now know that Nibiru has had extensive involved with earth, and has also been involved with the Reptilians, and with the Lucifer rebellion.

But it is not anywhere near enough to cause any of the suggested harm, and even if it were, the harm would come from its peoples being able to travel to Earth and cause havoc if they so desired. Nibiru is occupied not on its surface, but the interior of the planet. That is how they survived the cataclysm to begin with when its sun was imploded. It does not have the ability to control its own orbit, or change its direction, so please, not to worry about this. The Zeta's concocted the planet X story to convince you to accept their hybrid program. They claim to be STO, by in the stealing of your genetics, they are anything but. However, I remind you, that not all the Zetas are involved in the hybrid program, and as we discussed earlier, will get to stay and grow with Earth, and become bonified Sons of God, by incarnating in a Son of God body. This is their reward for great service to you, in teaching and technology given.

There is no great cataclysm coming to earth, any has been prevented and interfered with, on order of Christ Michael. The planet is to be rehabilitated by yourselves, with our assistance. There will be changes yes, as we have discussed before, by they will be gradual and controlled. I will request Soltec to give you a bit more information about earth changes, and how you will be helped through them. Namaste, my friends, I AM Sananda Immanuel.

Soltec: Hello everyone, I am Antoniose Soltec, at your service. Seems our Zeta friends have been causing a little unnecessary fear, with this idea there is a planet X on the other side of the sun, causing interference. I am greatly in charge of the Earth geophysical changes, my specialty. I am quite schooled in the physics of the Universe, and it is not possible for any planet X, that might be on the other side of the sun, to stop the rotation of the Earth around the sun.

We have not been playing with making it appear that the Earth is moving around the Sun, when they say it is not. I think maybe the Zeta's are a bit angry that they don't get to keep their hybrid program. Your government, when they agreed to let the Zeta's have their hybrid program, knew that the Planet X story was false.

Let me say a bit again on what will happen. There will continue to be Earth geophysical changes, but we will continue to control them as we are able, which is substantial. After the Second Coming events, you will be informed of some greater truth surrounding the major Tsunami in the Indonesia area last December. This event was influenced to some degree, making it worse than what would have occurred normally. Please do not ask Candace for the details. This is just a little hint for you.

But, regardless, had your governments been in cooperation with us, and everyone aware of our presence, we could have evacuated those at risk beforehand. We have plenty of ships and crew able to do so. I tell you this, because, after the Second Coming event, we will evacuate where necessary, and people will be informed in advance. In many cases, we can suggest simply moving, if there is time. If not, we can beam and remove.

We will control the major areas where there are volcanoes that could spout enough to adversely affect the atmosphere on Earth. We are at constant work in this area, relieving pressures before they build too far. Earth is going to be healed, and part of this healing will require that some lands be submerged and others raised from the sea. This is a natural recycling of sorts, allowing the rest and rejuvenation of land, by the sea. This would occur naturally, had Earth been allowed her changes, as she would have rolled over, quite literally, not simply changed the magnetics of the poles. She would have swept herself quite clean and made much re arranging of her lands.

In order for you to continue your growth on the planet, we will be of great assistance in bringing the changes much more slowly, and determining, where possible, they should occur. The planet is egg shaped, and needs to be more rounded. It would not be a bad idea to allow move the poles some, as is indeed happening now, to change the patterns of ice.

You will be able, for the most part to remain on the surface. But you are going to have to move, from some areas, unless you think you can become fish. We will let you know when, well in advance. Your earth scientists will begin to participate in all of this, for the learning of it.

There is going to be no monstrous cataclysm. Nothing even as bad as the Tsunami last December. The changes will be controlled over many, many years. I will not give you a time frame at this moment. The planet has been ordered to be restored, mainly by request of many on Earth, and so it shall be. Some of you might need to move into the interior (inner earth) for a period of time, somewhat later, or even maybe all of you, to allow hastening of the changes.

Not all is set in stone at this moment. But it is time to come out of the fear and games of the process. The nuclear devastation, possible at one time, would have been beyond comparison to the gradual and minor changes you will experience.

You can move about, no big deal, really, as necessary for the changes.  We come in honesty, not in fear. Be in trust please, of what we do, for we are all highly experienced. You will be considerably less creative, if you fear! Please ignore the fear stories that abound, they are just that, stories. Salu, Soltec.

Christ Michael, aka Hatonn: Hello, my friends, It is I, Christ. First, I would like to suggest that you consider the idea, of calling me Christ, rather than Hatonn, now that I have come out of the hiding of my identity. I know that some might have difficulty with this, but it is only a name, and it is my name. Those of you, having read some of the Journals, realize I am not terribly stuck on title or name. I am quite informal in that regard. A name is but a label.

I laugh a bit at Candace, as she is having a bit of difficulty making the transfer herself. Hatonn is fine, but the Christ of Nebadon, will that is another matter! When she sent her prayer skyward a few years ago, she thought at the time, I was pretty far away. She still seems a bit awestruck that I am in your skies. She comes out every clear night to look at the Phoenix. I heard her petition just about instantly, and began working with her shortly thereafter, but she did not know my identity at the time. So, please I do wish to be called by my name, and Christ or Christ Michael, whatever you wish will do just fine.

Now, a few short comments about once again, the earth changes. There are new messages from other fake channels, suggesting yet again, that we do not get involved in the political structure of Earth, but we most surely do in this case. In fact, the politics of this planet is my main interest at this time. This planet went into rebellion, and it has come back from it, and I most surely will take a part in it, just as I did 2000 years ago. I said I would be back, and so I am. There is no point in the just sitting and watching. There is every point in doing and being involved.

That Earth undergo this Second Coming process, and be healed, both the planet herself, and her life forms upon it, is by my order, and fully approved by the Superuniverse government of Orvonton and the Central government of Havona. This is a big plan, and please don't continue to allow yourself to believe in all the fear stories still going around. There is still fear of Planet X according to the mail, fear of not having some continue to supply what is needed in everyday goods, fear of the Zeta's in some cases, and fear in what to believe, and who to believe.

And now there is even someone, called the Prophet of Yahweh, and we have letters asking is Yahweh myself. No! I am suspecting that this is a ruse of the BBB&Gs.  I never was Yahweh, the name was a creation of the BBB&Gs of long ago.

I tell you, I am believable, and what I have decided upon is going to happen, and we all, you and I, and the many star people here for the event, are going to share in absolutely everything in the process, including politics, teaching, fixing, all sort of the doing. It is in the doing, that all gets done. As I said back in April, I am going to be here as long as necessary, and I am going to walk amongst you, and together, we will fix this place! End of Story!

Now, as to NESARA, we have a date, in which if the White Knights on the ground, even with the backup of the star people, do not get the job done, in the arresting of Bush and others, we will directly interfere and do it ourselves. This however, depending on the press may look a bit invasive. Some not arrested will talk stories, but we should be able to handle this with the truth. We seem to have some not very brave military, when it comes to the internal situation.

We have had some very interesting events the last couple of days, in that some very significant arrests have be made. If you must have a tidbit of information, the area in Colorado that had a housecleaning recently, is being used for the detention by us of those being arrested, and since these areas are so will equipped, they are also being used as a control center. We quite have total control of these massive underground expanses in Colorado.

Another detail that might be of interest to you. Not long ago, I made negotiations in those behind the scenes in Iraq, who will be taking over there after the NESARA announcement in the USA, to have the American troops fully removed from the area, by the end of this year. This actually got reported in some local newspapers in the area, including I believe the India Daily. Except my name, and NESARA are not of course mentioned. There is a combination of star people and local to Iraq who will hold the temporary government there. It is all set up.

Namaste, I AM THAT I AM, Christ Michael, Master Creator Son of Nebadon, and Commander in Chief of Earth Project Transition.

Candace: For those not familiar with the name Orvonton, this is the official name of our Superuniverse, to which our universe of Nebadon belongs. The entire Milky Way Galaxy is in Orvonton. Havona, is the Central Universe, around which all creation moves. The Paradise Isle, at the center of Havona, is totally stationary, and is home to the Father of all. One day, as I mentioned in an earlier message, we, after having completed all the many schools along the way, will one day get to stand in the presence of the Father. This is the ultimate goal of our Ascension process.

Now, as some of you have heard, I am no longer going to maintain my personal list. I have had not only ISP troubles with it, but my address has been repeatedly hijacked, and some sad stuff sent in my name. I will continue to send the messages to those with websites, and those who maintain large lists of their own. If you have a website or a large list, please send me an email, so I can put you on this list. This project is not going to last much longer anyway, as I have said, I will do this until the Second Coming event.

I am putting increasing work now into the development of my project, "AbundantHope." I will write in a future message, more of what I intend to do. In terms of coming messages, the next should be the 3rd Rafael message, and I also plan one featuring Mohammed and Maitreya. I have several channelings on my computer from Sananda, detailing more of the Universe structure, so perhaps I will get to some of this material.

I will have a major website, with my own server, as part of AbundantHope, and I think I will wait and put material there about the physical changes associated with Ascension, that all can refer too. I had suggested I would do this, for a message, but my time has not allowed this yet.

When my website is up and running, hopefully by the end of summer, then I will contact all of you that are on my list, and let you know about it, and how you might use it.  I will have a section devoted to messianic ideas, with probably space for a discussion group, to exchange idea, solutions and problems. You will be able to post what you are doing, so that others can see what is being done, and maybe choose something not yet covered, or in need of greater coverage. A significant focus of AbundantHope is the creation of many messiahs! Take care, Candace

Germain On NESARA & Money

By Candace Frieze and Violinio Germain

28th May 2005

Hi everyone! We have had a number of questions about NESARA, so Germain is answering them in this message. I will be gone over the Memorial Day weekend, and when I return I will start the work on the next message with Rafael. Over this weekend, I also get to write down, in an orderly fashion, what I plan for AbundantHope for its first year.  Hopefully we will see NESARA announced this weekend! There are no known problems thus far. However, should something intervene, I will remain patient.

Being somewhat more in the know, I have come to understand better the games played by the BBB&G's, who will stop at nothing, down the last possible conflict they can conjure up. After I came to my senses at what the bomb meant for Peru could have done, and the kidnapping attempt, I remain now in the stance, that even though I want all of this so very badly, I want it done also with the maximum safety and care that is possible. In the waiting, horrid potential problems come forth and can be dealt with. The plans for the world wide installation of NESARA are not yet complete in some areas. If the major problems can be solved, more time can then be spent on more productive issues. The Second Coming event must not generate fear, it must be Holy in nature. So now, here is Germain.

Germain: Good Morning my friends, 'tis a lovely day! I AM Germain, and I will discuss a little today about NESARA, funding, and money in general.

The prosperity funding is happening. I have given out quite a bit of monies actually over the last several weeks, on a special needs basis. Some of you have inquired about where the prosperity funds are coming from. I actually set in motion what was needed for these times some 200 years ago. Many in Europe at that time began setting aside fortunes that continue to this day, for when the needs became apparent, and we could together bring in changes that we saw coming way back then. We knew from experience, those of us who started the banking changes, what would happen in the future.

Banking as you know it today, allows the easy circulation of money. Precious metals are difficult to use world wide as an exchange medium. Banks hold the metals, and issue easy to use currency in their place. Now you have electronic money, which is the easiest to use of all, for a worldwide society, still using money in its learning stages. I know that most of you appreciate the ability to swipe your cards in payment of debt or in the purchasing of goods. Many of you enjoy buying and paying bills on the Internet, using electronic money.

Some in your churches are very against this idea, seeing the mark of the beast involved. As with any technology, there is the potential for good and the potential for evil. The BBB&Gs, in the creation of the Federal Reserve System in the USA, and similar systems in other countries through the World Bank system, show the way of evil in the management of money.

There is no real value, as many of you know, in the Federal Reserve Notes of the United States. This is a system backed by hot air, and enforced control of others, and markets. You have your war in Iraq, in part based on the fact that the Islamic countries use gold, either in coinage and/or currency backed by gold. These countries knew that the American dollar was of no real value, and began to accept payment of monies as precious metals, or currency backed by them, in payment for oil. The current Euro is backed by precious metals, and thus it has real value.

In my distant past, I learned personally, the hard way, as most do in Earth, the follies of misusing of money. I headed up a very large civilization that came to an end 50,000 years ago, in the area which is now the Sahara Desert. I practiced personally at the time, money management, much as the Federal Reserve does today. My peoples lost their sense of spirituality, because they became so engulfed in money, wealth, and materialism.

My society failed from my mismanagement. The money became worthless, just as is what is happening now, on a large scale basis, over much of the world. My society collapsed, and had nothing to fall back on, when the money became worthless. We basically just printed and spent, and developed little other skills that we could fall back on, for survival. I learned much then. I did not do this to bring about collapse and control. I did this because I wanted the peoples to be happy and comfortable. They were too comfortable. But I learned much about how money works in that venture.

Over the last 200 years, I have worked behind the scenes, to get electronic money up and running. Well, it wasn't electronic then, they way it is now, but I did start the banking up, that has become what it is today. I did not start up the Federal Reserve System, this mess is the work entirely of the BBB&Gs. But electronic transfer of money is efficient, and makes it easy to use.

In the near future, the money of all the societies of earth will be the same, and have the same value, so the game of exchange rates cannot be played. It will become more and more difficult to make money from manipulative investments, such as the stock market as currently run and the betting that goes on, such as the futures market. Money will be made strictly from legitimate business practices.

In fact, in a few short years after NESARA has been implemented and its changes in effect world wide, everyone is going to have very adequate money. When everyone has adequate money, you will not play the inflation game, that the BBB&Gs create intentionally to rip people off in a variety of ways. What will happen, in short, is that when you are rolling in abundant money, you will discover the stuff is useless, and build a society that does not use it. The Inner Earth peoples do not use money at all. Everyone works there, and full time work is 20 hours a week or less, as you define your week on the surface.

These peoples do barter for luxury items, and you will be taught how to do this on the surface. In actuality, most countries of reasonable size can produce what they need, and will not have to bargain very much. You are going to produce goods that do not wear out a few days after the warranty expires.

You are not going to need a new car every few years. Your vehicles will last practically forever. You will need to develop better means of travel than the automobile. There are a variety of options available to choose from, and could vary from country to country. It will be a while before you have teleportation available for use. There is spiritual work to be done for these technologies to become useful.

Now, back to NESARA. In the United States, and many other countries around the world, that have fraudulent banking systems, and fraudulent taxation systems, the citizens of these countries will be getting some sort of refund coming over a period of time. The amount will be dependent on the countries involved inflation rates, and the length of time the fraudulent systems have been in place.

Not all has been set up yet for many countries, as NESARA was created in the United States for the United States. Other countries became interested in the idea, and several had developed plans to be implemented shortly after NESARA was to be announced in the USA last March of 2004. Since the Galactic Federation took over the implementation of NESARA late last May, it was decided to implement it over a larger area, and then by fall, to simply implement it over the entire world.

Prior to this, had NESARA been announced over a year ago, there was going to be economic and political pressures applied to resistant countries to encourage them making similar changes. Many countries in places like Africa, the other countries separated from the Soviet Union, almost all of South and Central America would have been most difficult to work with and bring into NESARA.

World peace, true peace would still be a long way off, in these small countries under dictators, that would have not cooperated, and given up power. Although the USA was going to back off and bring its troops home, many small countries would still have warred in one way or the other.

With the Galactic Federation taking over, as all involved studied Earth, it became apparent that the best way to go would be to install it world wide, period, in a short space of time. This world is very sick, as you all well know, both its environment, and its peoples. It is not really feasible to wait, with the increased effects of the photon belt energies, and the earth changes that Mother Earth wishes to make, in the clearing of negativity from the planet.

Although the planet was quite ill back in the times of Atlantis, near the end of that era, it was no where near as ill as it is now. It had a similar population back then, but there was still a good deal of spirituality, and spiritual technologies that did not pollute. We did not make use of oil, except for some plastics back then. Plastics do have their place, and are useful.

I am going to describe now the changes for the United States, as these are the most detailed and planned for. Europe, Canada, Russia, India, and China will have similar changes. We are still working details for the many small war torn countries of the world. We can't make monetary changes in these countries until there is a stable government. This article is more about the monetary changes than the political ones. You know that bad governments are getting replaced.

You are aware already that credit card debt gets erased. This is for everyone, citizen or not in the United States. Your mortgage debt will also be forgiven, but this is only for citizens. You will have to fill out paper work, proving citizenship. You will not have to make payments upon the announcement. In general, there will be credit card debt forgiveness in any country changing excess interest and expenses of credit. In many Islamic countries, interest in not charged. In these countries, the debts are therefore legal and ethical and will not be discharged. NESARA will be quite different from country to country.

Now I wish to cover an area, covered only briefly in the Dove reports. Every citizen of the United States, over the age of 21, will receive a sum of ten million dollars, as a refund of monies taken through fraudulent banking and taxes over the years since 1913, when the Federal Reserve System was created.

It is not really possible to come to an actual figure. The designers of NESARA basically picked a figure out of a hat, so to speak. The deposits should start in approximately a year. One reason for the wait, is that those who have been illegally stealing money for a long time, and are very wealthy as a result, will have these ill gotten funds (which include monies earned form the drug trade) taken away from them, as part of their punishment, or what we prefer to call rehabilitation. This action will provide some of the funds coming to you.

This money will be deposited monthly into your bank accounts. It will be $75,000 a month, until the ten million has been reached, in slightly less than 12 years. In addition to this, to compensate to some degree for the massive inflation over the many years since 1913, everything in the USA will be re-priced, by simply moving the decimal point over one space to the left. This does not fully compensate for the inflation, but it is simple to do mathematically. Once the monies mentioned above have begun to be distributed, some of you with vision, and a plan, may apply to receive a larger portion up front, if you can prove need.

What this means, the moving of the decimal point, is that everything will cost 1/10 of what it did. Salaries will also change, being 1/10 of the original also. What is the point in this, in the United States? It will help correct trade deficits and problems of taking the jobs to cheaper places overseas. You will be competitive with the rest of the world.

Your dollar has been terribly misused, in the creating of inflation by intent. If you haven't read some of the Protocols of Zion, now would be a good time to do so. These describe in quite good detail the monetary plans of enslavement, and the ways to make money from money. An ideal society still using money learns that inflation is a real killer. Inflation only happens as a result of greed, plain and simple.

Not only in the United States, but also countries where the value of money is comparable to the dollar, in exchange rates, will have similar adjustments in economy to make your monies more equal in value.  The poorer countries will not need these adjustments. We plan that in 5 years or less, there will be a universal currency in place. Much of it will be electronic, but the banks will hold precious metals to back it up.

So, now, what will the citizens of the United States, and other countries do with this money? $75,000 a month, with an economy returned to a lower exchange, is way more than most of you could spend in luxury living. Also, there will not be enough goods to buy with it, as luxury goods. Not all of you can buy a personal yacht, for example.

This is where you chose to become a messiah, in one way or the other. You can create programs to care for people with it. You can create better schools. You can upgrade the technology, as new technology is given to you. If I had my way, we would stop money right now, and have everyone contribute time to their society. Money is imaginary at any rate. But your multiple societies around the world are not ready for this yet.

You still need money as an exchange. It will be a great test of many people in the United States, and similar wealthy countries, as to what they do with this money. Some are sure to experiment with power, in a negative way. This won't last too long, as since you will all have plenty of the stuff, you won't need to come under the power of others. There is going to be no more inflation, so it won't work to buy up a bunch of apartment buildings for example, and rent them out at ever increasing rates.

It will be interesting what will happen with housing. I imagine that many of you are not going to stay living in a little dinky apartment, or old worn out mobile homes, and similar old housing. I would advise some of you, interested in the new housing market that will be created from this wealth, to wait in doing so, until you understand the newer technologies and can put them in place.

The electric grid in many countries must go. You will be receiving new technology, wherein each building can have its own electricity supply, that is clean and efficient. You have a huge amount of electricity in the air, for the taking. This can be used easily, requiring no fuel to obtain it.

Please do not get into a building rush, and create buildings using old technologies for energy. Wait a bit please, not only if you are a builder, but also a buyer. All over the world there exist apartment buildings. If properly constructed, these should be maintained and made use of for a period of time. They can be refitted, and walls torn down to make larger rooms. Create fewer, but bigger apartments in these buildings.

It will no longer necessary to stuff people into small places to have large profits. Many will actually prefer to still live in these buildings, as many do not want yards to care for, or to travel longer distances to work. In many areas, that are heavily populated, there is not enough land to spread out. Look to change these communities for the better. I would suggest, that with all the money available, that these be converted to units that can be purchased, rather than rented, taking away the money making of rentals the way it currently exists.

Automobiles will need to be used for a time, until there are new techniques. You will be eventually getting rid of highways and roads, as you know them. Many will probably own hovercraft for some of the transportation requirements. You should also build communities in which many can work either from home, or nearby, so that the huge amount of time given to daily travel will be decreased.

Your large grocery stores need to go away. You should have small community shops for fresh food. You should have areas in the community for growing of fresh greens. You will still import foods from other countries, but these will be shipped quite differently. With the use of "flying saucers," food can be harvested and shipped in a matter of hours, for more immediate consumption.

Many of you looking for messianic missions should look into the food, and how it is supplied. If you are already working in the food area, in whatever form, stay there and bring in the new changes. Restaurants will remain important. In fact, around the world, you may need more of them, as people will travel for business, recreation and learning much more frequently. The Inner Earth folks intend to teach you much about food, in all areas of importance. In choosing something messianic to do, we not only need help feeding the world, but need great help in bringing about all sorts of changes in every field imaginable.

The planet is changing its axis. There used to not be the change in seasons that you experience. This happened when Atlantis went down and with the photon belt changes at that time. The planet's normal existence is straight up and down, not tilted. When this returns to normal totally, you will have difficulty measuring the year, in that it won't be marked by the changes of the seasons. Much of the weather changes in recent years are the result of the gradual changes in the tilt.

As a result, the foods you grow will also change. The growing seasons will be much longer, in fact constant.

But, I seem to have side tracked a bit. Back to the prosperity funds.  A number of individuals are going to receive funds, that have purposely been built over time by wealthy individuals, to be distributed to the world in general. The receivers of these funds, will redistribute them to others. This is what you have seen about the making of lists, for designated receivers.

These receivers can use their funds for a messianic project, and also continue the distribution to others, beyond their needs.  Remember that months down the road, most in the United States and similar countries will have generous funding that I discussed above. If you are a citizen, begin creating ideas for ways to use this huge tax and interest rebate.

In the waiting of a year, you will see what newer technologies are coming, and how you might choose to participate. Many of you should stay in your areas of interest already, and make changes from within. If this is not feasible, do to the nature of your employment, you could simply write a check instead, giving funds to those that further need them.

There is going to be much building of many different sorts going on. So understand, that if no prosperity funds come your way, and this is possible, that you are going to receive your prosperity through this rebate program. As I said, this will also happen in many other countries. I can't give the amounts rebated, in this message, as it will be different from place to place. And don't forget, all of you having credit, and loans through commercial institutions get the benefit of debt relief.

But stolen monies are going to be rebated worldwide, wherever this has happened. The countries in Africa and similar areas of the world may have little to rebate. The scoundrels running these places are not that wealthy, they spend much of it. What monies can be rebated in these countries will probably go to visionaries that can do something of consequence with this money.

Also, in the United States, there are many who will receive funds, that were the farmers in the farm claims issues. These monies will be rebated fairly soon after the NESARA announcement in the United States. You know who you are, in that program. There are some who were farmers, that were likewise ripped off, who may also receive funds, but there will be some education on this first. Many, who gave up their farms under pressure and loans that could not be paid, are not yet aware of the farm claims program.

Some of you, that can leave your jobs, should do so, and travel to these places and fix them with your rebates. Get together in groups and pool your resources, and skills, working the idea of "Two or more in My Name." These poor countries that have such awful electricity, or the lack of it, need to benefit from the new technologies being brought in.

You should create decent housing and food supply for these peoples, and employ them in the process, as they grow into sustainable communities and out of living in little shacks. You need to do more than just have a great food line, you need to build communities, and involve these peoples in the creating of the dream.

You might even be able to build communities that don't really need money, that are self-sustaining, in time. Let these people learn the value of helping themselves, using yourselves as resources. Teach them to "fish," in other words. But do feed them first, as a hungry people can't move past the hunger, until they are fed.

Understand that NESARA and the Second Coming Events, do not immediately fix the world, they only set the stage. I think we shall see a very different world in a period of five years. Your star visitors will enforce the peace, in a very short time, allowing you to begin your work.

Until the funds and ideas begin to happen, they can feed many, in areas that are impoverished, until the rest of you can help in other ways. The star people are not going to do it all. You must do it all. They will serve more in an advisory capacity. They will impart the knowledge you need to change your world, but you must make use of this knowledge and create the changes yourself.

And as mentioned, the Inner Earth people will impart knowledge, they have been there and done that, as the expression goes, and are eager to share with you their own learning and experience. But the Inner Earth society has not the population problems of the surface, nor the degree of political strife, ever, so they do not have all the solutions. This will be time of learning also for them, as they begin to mingle with you.

So, my friends, begin your dreams and ideas in earnest. Study your world and its needs. Look first at home, if that suits you, for what needs fixing. Go on the Internet and read of other places. Africa is in the most need of help from others. It is so very war torn, and unstable. Even though there are poor in almost any country, the countries of Africa have the most.

Societies in South America have many poor, but these also have greater resources. If you live in South America, look around you. You have much to improve upon, but your resources and education are better than Africa. What Africa does have, however, is a great people in general, who are exhausted from life as lived, and once fed, and healed of illness, they will be a mighty force in helping themselves, if you will but provide the money, and certain resources to them.

We will take care of the dictator problem that exists in many places. There will be star people in temporary governments in many countries in Africa as there is no one suitable at this time to do so. Russia is beginning to step up to the plate, in providing for the countries that left the Soviet Union, in a positive way. You do not read of this of course, but it is happening.

Actually, Putin will not be replaced at this time, he has so fully come into the light. He has many challenges ahead, and is up to them. Russia will also have honest elections in due time, but not in the four months, that will happen in the United States. Many countries will have to wait longer than 4 months for honest elections, as they are too unstable to bring this about.

So, I am trying to get across that the changes will vary from country to country, dependent on the local situations. But within a year, there should be a much more satisfactory flow of monies, from a variety of sources, to all the world. Good day, my friends. I AM Violinio Germain.

Candace: I am now going to include a few websites that feature translations of these messages. I have repeatedly forgotten to do so.
Dutch site:  Dutch.
Bilingual Spanish/English Site: Has nice illustrations of the messages.
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I had a site for German translations, but I must have copied it wrong. If the person that sent me that site, reads this message, please resend the information to me. I apologize for whatever I did to mess up. If I have missed an email, for identity of other sites, please send another, and draw attention to this in the subject line. I can't open all the mail anymore, there is so much of it. I won't of course be answering any of the mail while I am out of town. Have a great weekend! Take care, Candace


Meet My Sky Doc, Rafael #2

By Candace Frieze & Rafael

25th May 2005

Hi Everyone. I apologize for the time spent since the last message. I had several "down days," spent on the couch. I spent that time watching three DVD's about 911. The recent one put out by is particularly good. I also watched "In Plane Sight," and the Alex Jones film "911, The Road to Tyranny," in which not only covers 911, but shows how the BBB&Gs have planned many wars to fit the need at hand. I am also spending increasing time with certain email, the answers requiring more time. I have begun to spend time with some folks, who might be prospective members of my organization AbundantHope. And I needed some time off. Most of the time, I have actually in these three and one months put in up to 80 hours a week. I was mentally a bit tired.

We continue on with the material about the excess phosphate and protein in our diets. As mentioned last time, Rafael wanted me to discuss the extra low phosphate diet I am on for a period of time. The purpose of this, is to take in considerably less phosphate than my body requires, and thus use some of it stored in my body. I recently raised my Guai (short for Guaifenesin) to further enhance my kidney's ability to remove the stored phosphate materials. Rafael will make a further comment here of interest.

Rafael: Good day, this day of Tuesday, May 17th. I AM Rafael, come again to add bits and pieces to this message. I made the comment in the prior message, that if you wish to ascend your body, you will come off meat and dairy. Now you do not have to do this suddenly, as I realize some peoples bodies take a little time to adjust to change, and that also, food habits and cooking methods take some time to change.

Some of you, living long on meat and other high protein foods, may experience digestive upsets with change. This is related to the bacteria you have in your gut, and the assorted digestive enzymes you produce. Cut back on the meat gradually, and gradually increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables, and the plants high in protein.  

If you are sensitive to cooked dried beans and peas simply add these gradually in small quantities. Do this regularly, such as maybe twice a week. If you only eat the beans once a month and in a large quantity, your system will not change to accommodate them as easily. Small and frequent is a better way to go. Sometimes adding a pinch of baking soda to beans during cooking can reduce the gas formed from them.

A major reason to move onto plant food consumption only, is that plants are high in photonic energy. They create some of their own needs by using photosynthesis in additional to taking nutrition from the soil. You, as your ascend your bodies, will gradually change over your animal matter and incorporate more photons, becoming thus Light yourselves.

When you eat meat, the cow or other animal gets the benefit of this photonic energy. You do not. Your body that is gradually changing to light needs this photonic energy of the plant. This is what the concept "light body" is all about. You are indeed building a body of light. This is quite a time consuming process. It is not an overnight event.

During the beginning changes, you may change your diet gradually to accommodate your tastes. I still want you to substitute organic meat, cheese and dairy if you can find it. Eating abused animals is not good, and furthers the negativity on this planet. In the giving up of meat, it should only take a couple of months to change over your system and your cooking and buying habits. 5th dimensional people, by definition, do not consume animal flesh, not only because of the nature of the changing body, but also because they abhor killing. Those choosing 5D behavior, choose life.

As your form your light body, you will gradually increase also your ability to absorb what many label "pranic" energy. This is what plants basically do, they have "bodies" that make use of pranic energy. As your body changes, you will also notice that it takes fewer calories to maintain it. These are both calories from energy foods, and protein calories. You have a little time to start the changing of your diet, but you do not have years. Earth is in the outer fringes of the photon belt most of the year now, and your sun is in it continually since around 2000. It is time, my friends, to consider this.

Candace: I plan to prepare a paper that will include some cooking techniques and recipes for those unfamiliar with soy products, should you chose to use them. I will also include a tasty recipe for veggie burgers that tastes similar enough to hamburger that you will enjoy with all the trimmings of a hamburger.

I spent several hours in two grocery stores recently, looking at the phosphate and protein content of foods. This was quite an eye opener. The mainstream grocery I used, was Walmart's. I haven't purchased meat for some time now. I discovered that all of Walmart's beef, chicken, and pork, with the exception of the hamburger, has added phosphate. This includes roasts and steaks. Many meat products have additives to improve color also, as the juices are too red. The label indicated 10% to 12% added ingredients for moisture. You have to read the bottom part of the label to see this is phosphate.

Just about every crunchy snack food with a seasoning or coating added, had phosphate somewhere in the ingredients. They also have many other additives such as MSG. Many of the rice and noodle mixes have added phosphate. Another source was sour cream. The only brand not having added phosphate at Walmart's was the Daisy brand, which is actually just sour cream and nothing more.

Another common source of phosphate is baking powder, which is of course in the packaged baking mixes. I do not like baking powder, as I find it very bitter. It is even in many flour tortillas.  Lately I have noticed that flour tortillas now have many additives. What ever happened to just flour, water, a little fat, and salt in them? Now they are full of "dough" conditioners and heaven only knows what all the other stuff is in them.

At home, I use baking soda in muffins and quick breads, even my "baking powder" biscuits. The flavor is much improved. When you make homemade muffins and breads add the baking soda as the last ingredient. The batter will puff up quickly. Do not stir it down, but pour it directly into your pan while puffy.

Milk is very high in both phosphate and calcium. If you like creamed soups, add dilute cream to them instead. Most of the phosphate is removed in the making of cream and butter. Cheese spreads, Velveeta cheese and similar products are pretty fake, and usually have many additives. Ditto the frozen dinners. There seems to be little real food in them, the label filled with stuff I don't recognize as food. Lots of phosphate in many of these also.

Don't forget your pop as a source of phosphate, especially the cola type.  I forgot to look at pop to see what is on the label. Time to quit drinking pop and Kool-Aid type products. Time to quit the Jell-O and other nonfoods. Time also to re read the two messages, we called "To Your Good Health," about the use of oils, and sugar alcohols and sugar. Time to eat real honest decent whole foods.

How much phosphate do you need? Between 1000 to 2000 mg (milligrams) a day. The labels that list the phosphate content of food, as a percentage of diet, are based on 1000 mg a day. If the label says 10% phosphorus, this means 100 mg. Your requirement varies by your size and your physical activity. You should not need more than 600 to 800 mg of calcium a day either, unless your body is damaged as mine is. I need to supplement with 1000 mg of calcium a day to avoid muscles spasms, over and above what I consume in my food. I tried to gradually reduce this last fall, without success.

You need whole grains. This means brown rice, and whole grain breads and pasta. A great messianic idea for some of you, might be to start up a decent neighborhood bakery. We have a few in my city. The one I buy bread from grinds their flour daily. You would not believe just how wonderful bread is made with fresh ground flour. Try cooked grain "berries," whole seeds cooked as pilaf or cereal. I have a mixture of several, and this is great tasting.

The whole grain flour in regular stores has gone rancid, it is bitter. Grains have a small amount of oil, and it does get rancid after grinding. My bread store makes quite a few varieties, and also cookies, muffins, and bagels. They make white bread for the few customers than prefer it, but I was told awhile back, that as people try their whole grain breads, they are changing over.

I buy refrigerated flour for baking from my natural food store. It has lost some freshness, and my home baked goods are not as good as the bread made from fresh ground flour. I want to own a counter top flour mill someday. There is a huge difference in fresh ground flour. Those of you, who might start a bread shop, should also offer fresh flour for home baking, and fresh tortillas. Some of you might consider a tofu shop or other neighborhood shops for fresh food.

Now on to my special eating plan at the moment, which is very low in phosphate. I get to eat fruits and vegetables, some tofu and some soymilk. I supplement with a small amount protein powder. No grain, no nuts, no seeds. A little phosphate is still necessary, so I get a bit in my tofu and homemade soymilk.

Guess what they often add to store bought soymilk? Calcium, and in some brands phosphate. Some brands contain calcium carbonate (Tums). I can't use these, as my guts hate calcium carbonate. I get heartburn and cramping from it. The other brands have Tricalcium phosphate in them. I had several people write that they can't handle the new whole grain cereals by General Mills. This is probably due to the calcium carbonate in them. We do not need this kind of supplementation in our foods. Vitamins however, are useful as supplements, since the soils are poor.

Tofu can be solidified with either Calcium salts or Magnesium salts. Personally I find Tofu made with the Calcium salts bitter tasting. The best tasting tofu is that made with "Nigiri" which is made from sea water. It is the magnesium salts in the sea water that does the trick. Tofu is just a cheese type product made from soymilk. Tofu made with the Calcium salts does have more calcium in it, but this is within acceptable limits.

The reason I don't get to eat the nuts, grains, and other seeds, is that seeds are moderately high in phosphate. Anything that grows rapidly is. Mushrooms are also a bit high in phosphate for that reason. However, seeds are far lower in phosphate than milk. Watch your yogurt, it may have extra dry milk in it, increasing the calcium and phosphate.

You do not have to go on a diet as restrictive as mine. I choose this, because my arthritis is so severe. It won't be permanent. I also have cut oils way down, the reason being to consume more of my calories in the fruits and vegetables. I remain on my flaxseeds, as the oils in it are important to my health. See the previous health messages on this. This plan was custom designed for me by Rafael.

Fruits and vegetables are high in many healing ingredients. Besides vitamins, there are the pigments, which are antioxidants. One of these best known to many of you by name would be the carotene group. You should eat a variety of color everyday. Try to consume something red, purple or blue each day. These colors are especially good for eyesight. Even "white" is a color, when you are talking about whole plant foods. By this I mean onions, cauliflower, bananas, apples etc. Eat the skins that are edible, for the fiber and other nutrients.

I am required to consume lots of salad type food, and I was asked to grind up my salad in a blender and sip on it over the day. I use a head of assorted dark colored greens, such as Romaine, Swiss chard, or red lettuce. I add some parsley or cilantro, (helps remove heavy metals), a couple tomatoes and 1/2 pound of carrots, and some fresh beets to provide "red." I don't like onion in this mixture. I sometimes add some spinach or kale.

I add some water so it grinds better. I store this in the refrigerator. Rafael wants me to increase this until I can consume a small head of the greens each day. So far, this is a bit too much. I add real sea salt, as well as using it in other food.  Sea salt should be beige in color, not white. You can get minerals missing in your food in this manner. If this mixture is a bit bitter, I add a few drops of Stevia. Greens also provide chlorophyll, which is highly beneficial.

One reason to puree the salad, and some of my fruit as well, is that the vitamins and the colors are better absorbed. Plus Rafael somehow figured out I bolt my food down, and tend not to chew it well. I have not managed to break this habit.

I also puree several varieties of fruit together, different colors. I add protein powder to a serving of this. I am on egg white protein powder, because it is very low in phosphate. The phosphate in eggs is in the yolks. I was using soy protein powder, but I discovered it has calcium and phosphate added to it. There is no reason for this. I also make vegetable soups, and puree these. They are delicious.

I also use brown rice protein, just for the variety.  Brown rice has the lowest phosphate content of grains. I miss grain, so I allow myself one small serving now and then, if I really desire it. I tried to keep a loaf of that nice bakery bread in my freezer, but I love it so much, I had to stop buying it. Too tempting.

If you like whey protein powder, read the label, some have added phosphate and calcium. Whey does have some phosphate naturally. If it does not have extra phosphate added, then an ounce of it has about 50 mg. of phosphate. It would be acceptable as a protein powder. You should not need protein powder if you consume high protein plant foods, such as soy and the legumes.

Many of you have written, how to get protein, from only plant foods, and calcium and iron also. There is plenty of all of these in whole foods. Eat variety. In the plant foods, there is the balance of what you really require, without overload. All the seeds have abundant protein. Soy is the highest of the beans. You need between 40-60 grams a day, unless you exercise in the extreme, or have a severe injury to heal.

The Inner Earth societies feed their meat-eating animals soy steaks, including the saber tooth tigers. These animals live very long lives on this diet. The Inner Earth people will teach us more methods of using soy. Nobody eats another in these societies.

I am short, and Rafael says 40 grams is plenty for me, even with my healing needs. All whole foods have at least some protein. Fruit has the least. I get several grams a day just from the pureed salad. I get at least 1/2 of what I need even on this restricted diet. I do need to supplement with some while I am on it. A 1/2 cup serving of many ordinary vegetables will have 2-3 grams of protein.

When I return to normal eating, I will not have a problem. A single slice of whole grain bread will supply 4-6 grams of protein. That is 8-12 grams in a sandwich plus whatever else you have between the bread. 1/2 cup of cooked dried beans supply 6-10 grams, depending on the variety. Nuts have less, but more oils that are beneficial and provide calories for energy as well. 3/4 cup of brown rice will supply 3 or more grams. Other grains supply significantly more than rice.

There is a misunderstanding about protein. This is the belief that you need "complete" protein, containing all the essential amino acids, of which there are eight. The essential amino acids are those that your body does not manufacture. Animals foods have all of these essential amino acids.

However, they are all available in plant foods, but only a few plant foods have all eight. Soy is one of these. The grain Quinoa is another. However, anytime you combine legumes (beans, peas, lentils) or nuts with a grain, you will get them all. A great example of this is a bean burrito. You do not need all eight in every meal.

So, now back to the arthritis and ADD/Hyperactivity. If you do not yet have any signs of arthritis, you may be fine, just get the excess phosphate out of your diet. Take the excess phosphate out of your kids diet, regardless if they have any symptoms. If you have any of the following symptoms, you have a problem, and it may be time to use a little Guaifenesin for a while. I may have to take it for several years.

How do your muscles behave when you exercise? Do they poop out easier than your friends? Do you have difficulty jogging for more than a short distance? Growing up, I was never able to ride a bicycle uphill, even a 10 speed bike. I didn't have the exercise endurance of my friends. Do your muscles hurt too much, repeatedly with exercise? Have you been diagnosed with "Fibromyalgia," meaning you have multiple tender points, and chronic fatigue and pain? Do you get brain fog easily? Do you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Gastric reflux, and/or Interstitial cystitis (grouchy bladder)? Do you tend to pace, and have difficulty focusing on tasks? Do you have gritty eyes, build up crud on your teeth, needing to brush several times a day?

Do you get charley horses easily? During my first pregnancy, I had severe problems with charley horses. My legs ached badly. The more I complained, the more my doctor told me to drink more milk. About 6 weeks before my due date, this doctor quit his practice and I went to a new doctor. This one was abhorred at the advice I had received, took me off all but one glass of milk or one ounce of cheese a day. He put me on calcium pills. He explained the phosphate in the dairy was the problem. I recovered rapidly. I did not have this problem the second time around, I decreased my dairy right away.  

I assumed this was just a pregnancy problem. My second child has phosphate problems also, and his doctor when he was a baby limited milk and dairy to 2 servings a day. Not one of these doctors told me that my problem (and my child's) with phosphate would lead to debilitating arthritis and Fibromyalgia. I developed all the correct symptoms of Fibromyalgia many years ago. I am having difficulty getting my children to understand they have this problem.

My guides told me to cut back dairy several years ago, because of the phosphate. I didn't drink milk, I have never liked it, but I do love cheese, and I did use milk in coffee and on cereal. Remember, with cheese, one ounce, a one inch square, is the same as a glass of milk. On pizza, and in lasagna, you might consume the equivalent of several glasses of milk! I can sit down with a piece of good cheese and a knife and eat away! How about cheese and crackers? You always stop at one ounce, right? NOT!

How much of that nice and healthy yogurt do you feed your kids, in addition to their milk and cheese, and the junk food, and the frozen dinners, and the easy to fix rice and noodles stuff? Then there are the hot dogs, bologna, baked goods with baking powder, and pop. To say nothing about the nice tender moist meat, full of phosphate. Please get your children off of all this stuff. No one can tolerate this much phosphate.

Now, back to the Guaifenesin. If you chose to use it to eliminate your build up, as Rafael said last time, start with 400 mg every 12 hours. If you find yourself stiff and crampy, before the 12 hours is up, you can use it every 8 hours. There is a good book out by a doctor that did figure out the relationship of phosphate consumption to Fibromyalgia. He falls one step short however, in that he says take the Guai the rest of your life and don't worry about your phosphate consumption. Rafael disagrees with this, strongly! It is a genetic problem, and you must get your phosphate intake under control. As said before, this may be enough, if you don't yet have arthritis or Fibromyalgia symptoms.

The book is called "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia," by R. Paul ST. Amand, MD. He also has a website. Much of his information is on his website, but I advise getting this book, if you intend to try the Guaifenesin. He covers well the many symptoms associated with this condition and the symptoms involved with using Guai. He just doesn't think restricting phosphate is necessary. He actually encourages dairy consumption, and diet drinks with Aspartame! Rafael frowns on this big time. On his protocol, one would have to stay on Guai for the rest of ones life. It is better to get the phosphate consumption down, rather than use a pill the rest of one's life. The only reason to go on Guai is to cause the removal of the stored phosphate in the body! Also, besides ADD/Hyperactivity with kids, kids also get Fibromyalgia, and this is covered in the book, in a special chapter.

Dr. Amand also covers hypoglycemia, (low blood sugar) as he has found that 60% of his patients have this problem. Hypoglycemia is caused by an excess of insulin. Excess insulin will also further decrease the ability to rid phosphate from the body, and people with both the phosphate problem and hypoglycemia will suffer increased problems, and must treat both problems.  We will deal with blood sugar problems in the next paper. There are sites recommended at his website for Guai. I get mine at  Guai (

Be sure to choose a brand that pure, without additives or artificial colors. Before making a decision to try the Guai, you need to also learn about substances called "salicylates." You must avoid them, for the Guai to work, and you should reduce consumption and use of products with these compounds anyway, as an excess can also interfere with the removal of phosphate from your system. YOU MUST READ about this, and Dr. St. Amand's website has a pretty good description of what you must avoid. There is too much on this to cover in this message.

In our messages, "To Your Good Health," Sananda discussed that it is necessary with the food supply being depleted of minerals and vitamins, to take vitamin and mineral supplements. Please review those messages for further information on this.  On the web, I read an article recently, that compared the vitamin and mineral contents of a number of plant foods with information from the 1960s. The foods tested were from 30% to 50% lower in many nutrients, including calcium and magnesium.

If you give up dairy, you made need to take some calcium because of this. Normally green foods have quite a bit of calcium (and iron) in them, if raised correctly on good soil. Cows get all the calcium and iron they need from grass! Many nuts, and some grains also have calcium, as do almost all of the dried legumes. Soy is higher than most. Iron is in all seeds, as near as I could make out from my trips to the store to study labels. I probably have 6 hours of time, into label reading for this message.

Next message, we will cover blood sugar problems and answer several other questions that you have sent, including organ and limb replacement, the use of adult stems cells, and any other questions we have space to fit in the message.

In ending of this message, I would like to make a comment about beef eating. There is so much beef consumption now in the world, that the Amazon forest is being cut down to grow cattle feed, primarily soy beans. The world could be better fed if the people at the soy beans, and grains grown for cattle. We need the Amazon rain forests for oxygen, and climate control. I am including a link here to a good article at I saw a few days ago.  The Rape Of The Rainforest... And The Man Behind It (

I will be out of town over the Memorial weekend. I will try to get the next message out before then. I have more time now, plus most of that message will be by Rafael. I had many hours of reading in preparation for this article. Here is a website I found that discusses phosphate as it relates to ADD, and it clearly tells what foods and additives you must avoid.   Attention Deficit Disorder and its drug-free, dietary management (

Take care, and have a nice Holiday weekend. NESARA is still planned for, and we still have enough time to do the Second Coming by June 30, but I admit, it is getting a bit close. Sananda will discuss this in the next message also. Take care, Candace

Update From Sananda
by Candace Frieze & Sananda Immanuel

19th May 2005

Hi everyone. I am almost finished with the second Rafael message, and the remainder of the material on phosphate consumption. I am a bit behind. I spent 2 days down on the couch, had several family events, and other activities taking time. Sananda would like to give a brief update tonight, on the status of NESARA and related activities. This may be posted on websites.

Sananda: My Dearest Readers, I AM Sananda Immanuel, and I come to bring an update on events progressing towards NESARA. We hoped to announce last Friday, but were met with assorted small difficulties making it impossible. Two of the most important members of the announcement team were called away on other obligations, that were of necessity.

Today, we descended into the lower skies over Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado. We were seen by those aware of the use of cloudships. Some of our ships were only a few hundred feet above the ground. The Denver area was to have been the headquarters of the 4th Reich, that had been planned for America and the world. There was a large international airport built there quite a number of years ago, called Denver International Airport. (DIA) Underneath this airport, to the north of the main terminal, are some underground runways that have been kept secret. In addition to this, is a multilevel underground area having a number of purposes. These underground runways are often used for prisoner delivery to other underground facilities. Your BBB&G's use them also for secret missions of other natures.  

To the west of Denver, in the mountains, there is a huge underground facility that is essentially the second White House. There are tunnels from this area under the mountains going south to the Colorado Springs area, and NORAD.  In the event of destruction or similar difficulties of your White House in Washington, DC, the entire government can be run from this area. I will only say, for your benefit, that today we did some major "housecleaning" of these many areas in Colorado. I can't give you more detail at this time.

Last week, when you had the incident of the small plane flying into the airspace of the White House, and its evacuation, your Vice President, Mr. Cheney made a get a way attempt. This was planned, the small plane and the evacuation a cover up. Your Secret Service was made aware of this, and as Mr. Cheney and his companions drove off aways, they were stopped and escorted right on back.

Also that day, an important military person, met with Mr. Rumsfeld, and informed him that we would be shutting down quite a few military bases in the USA. After the Declaration of Peace with NESARA, and the Second Coming events, many military facilities will be closed world wide, that the United States maintains for its control of the world. We also recently disabled some weaponry, small but powerful on the International Space Station.

The recent attempt at Mr. Bush's assassination in Georgia, near Russia was thwarted by deflecting weaponry, that prevented the blowing up of the small bomb that was placed there. This was not a simple grenade. This is not the appropriate time to assassinate Mr. Bush, and quite a few of other people in attendance at that event.  This was but another attempt at delaying the inevitable, NESARA and the associated events.

We shall shortly bring the announcement team once more to Washington. Today's events in Colorado were significant, and we are well pleased with how they went. The world is now quite a bit more safe. I know you are still in dismay at the wait, but every problem we solve beforehand, is a problem we will not face afterwards. This program continues to grow in scope, many more issues are handled and solved. Many changes are taking place throughout the entire world, that benefit NESARA, and its implementation everywhere. We have daily issues, new problems discovered, new solutions found. The prosperity funds remain safe. We have had a reluctant bank, but this is not a severe problem. I only mention this, since this was discussed at the Capricorn site.

We continue to work with many leaders of the world, gaining their increased cooperation. There was a plan to destroy the American dollar, causing immense hardship. You have read about this is assorted places on the NET. This problem was taken care of quite a while ago actually. I just mention it as an example of the work being done.

I am in great delight, as I dictate this to Candace tonight, as everything is looking now very good. We should have no serious problems or surprises in the first few weeks after the announcement. We have done much "housecleaning" in many areas other than Colorado. The underground areas are many around the world, and you know little about them.

Russia has enough underground areas to feed and shelter her entire population for several years. China has many, but not quite enough for her whole population. All of this is in addition to your Inner Earth cities, who I would like to mention, are getting just as impatient as yourselves for the coming changes. They will be helping much on the surface, and the look forward to providing this help. They are all advanced peoples, and they have solved many a problem in their societies over time. You will find them very helpful.

In Australia, the BBB&G's sometime ago built a large underground area, that they could live in for many years. This was built mainly for them to survive, in the event of the nuclear destruction on Earth. They would like to now use it, to hide from us. Laughable, since we are quite aware of it. Cheney himself, may have been trying to get to that place. Continue to hang in there, my friends, great things are happening, and the wait is well worth it, I assure you. Namaste and Salu, Sananda Immanuel


Update From Hatonn

By Candace Frieze & Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn

1st may 2005
Hi everyone. Hatonn has a brief update today, regards the NESARA activities. I am working on another more regular message, in which Sananda will have some comments. I am taking tomorrow (Sunday) off, and will finish the message on Monday or Tuesday. Many are wanting more frequent messages. Understand that it is a waste of time to continually put out updates on NESARA, when each must basically say, another problem solved, a day closer.

I had hoped at one time to do a message every two days, but find myself unable to do so, so I need to quite suggesting that I might do this. I have no intention of going away, so please accept that I will put up messages as I compose them. I also have an elderly relative, that I may have to attend for a brief time down the line. Should I need to leave, I will put out a message prior to leaving. In that situation, I will not have a computer to work from. So now, let's go to Hatonn.

Hatonn: April 30, Hatonn message

My Dearest Readers, It is I, Hatonn, (aka Christ Michael), and I come today to give you another update on the situation with getting NESARA announced. We recently had an event with the finding of a couple of very destructive bombs. These are of a more advanced nature than your scientists are capable of. These are obviously of off world origin.

As a result, we are taking custody of several underground USA facilities, in order to more thoroughly search these areas. We must have absolute safety of the world's peoples before announcing NESARA, in the USA. This should take only a few days to accomplish. We have greatly increased personnel in these ventures. The good news is that the banking issues with the prosperity programs are totally under our control, and can't be further messed with.

One of the bombs was to be used in Peru. The other was attached to your recent launching of the Titan rocket, that was told of on your news. You were told it had a military payload. Indeed it did. You heard of recently, that the shuttle launches had been grounded until summer, on the grounds of weather issues. They are grounded, so they can't be used for nefarious plans.

Understand that the Titan launch was not a threat whatsoever to you. They hoped to take out a command ship of ours. It is most easy for us to interfere in this launching, and there was no risk to ourselves either.

We announced the April 15 date for NESARA, as it was important to have a firm date to work from. It is difficult to bring anything into fruition without a deadline in front of one. By announcing a timing, we also created a deadline for our BBB&Gs. It was time for a final engagement.

Admittedly, the final engagement has taken longer than we hoped, but in the waiting, we force their hand and their games, and we solve the problems. NESARA must be a positive event. We cannot risk major war and weapons issues occurring shortly after announcement. We do believe that the dark are very close to using up all their options.

On Thursday night, the United States citizens got to observe their President, making an idiot out of himself. Some of you were not happy, as the mail reflects about this event. This is to our advantage, that this man made an idiot of himself. It will help Americans further accept his removal. We have a more recent film made, of this man and Mr. Cheney resigning. It would be difficult for Americans to observe an actual arrest, which it appears is going to happen at any rate. With the announcement, it will be shown that he resigned his office.

I know it has been 2 weeks now, since April 15th, and you are on edge. As we said earlier, the announcement period goes on continuously, we are not pulling away, and starting over. I would also like to mention, there are many on the announcement team. Not only the ones doing the teaching, but the backup support from the TV stations involved. All these people cannot be held in a hotel indefinitely. Most work in various locations around the country, and each time a serious attempt at announcement is made, they have to return to Washington, DC. Yes, the announcement is planned to come from that capital city.

We should be able to contain these underground areas rapidly. It is being done as I speak, in fact started 3 days ago. When we are comfortable with the results, we will again bring the announcement team to Washington. Rest for a few days, and not be hanging on for another announcement from us. I know that many of you check your websites each day. Candace, after a period of not hearing from us, it seems to be around 3 days, gets mail saying, "where are you, we miss you." We have gone nowhere, we are still at work.

It takes Candace a full days work to take channeling, clean up her typos, and write out any of her own contributions to the messages. In the meantime, she works the mail, often giving long and detailed answers to questions. On days of writing, she cannot attend the mail, and gets further behind. While you would like to hear something every other day, this puts undo strain upon her.

She would like to write more, but working the email is most important also. I remind you, she does this by herself without any personal help. She is undergoing medical treatment rather frequently, to prepare her body for more intensive work over the next several months. She needs the healing time.

Being beamed to ship for treatments is taxing to earth bodies, causing at times symptoms such as nausea, tremor and shaking, that persist for several hours upon return. We had planned this work for this time, as we assumed we would be post NESARA and she could take a little break before beginning more intense work. She continues to struggle with the mail regardless how she feels, she is dedicated to this event.

We saw some angry letters, and communication circulating amongst some of you, and probably initiated by dark people trying to discourage the light workers. There were several complaints about our choosing Candace to be the only channel of our work. Excuse me, but whom I use for my channel is my business.

Candace is far more than just a channel. She is a working, planning member of the Second Coming Event team. She is involved in meetings with us frequently, such as time spent today, talking about how to bring this message in an effective manner. You do not need to use your discernment, as is being so widely stated, in these messages. We took the discernment part away, by only using one person at this time. Candace is receiving letters, taking of her time, again asking if something posted on the Internet is from the real Hatonn or Sananda Immanuel. If it is not through Candace, in these messages, it is not from us, period.

Continue to try to be in peace. Actually, it is better not to "try." Do be in peace. We are not going away. We shall see the mission accomplished. Write Candace intelligent questions, she gets many of them, but do not waste her time with any more of the above mentioned issues, of correct channels, and asking and begging for interference.

I am very well aware that many of you suffer from financial difficulties, and from physical illnesses, and are awaiting help. But if we play our hand incorrectly, we will have problems beyond your comprehension. I am advising Candace to simply delete the mail, and put rejecting of addresses into her system of those that continue to repeatedly beg and harass her. This is most uncalled for, and I advise her to use her own discernment of those that send her rude and complicating messages. She need not answer them.

I think it is now time to return to the duties at hand. There are many. Again, put yourself into peace with the process, and allow it to happen. Christ Michael, (aka Hatonn) at your service.

Candace: In a recent message I mentioned I had some surgery. I did get more behind with the mail, for a couple days after this procedure. This was done on ship, and I return every 3 or 4 days for a tune up. The mail has been more difficult, since our last message. There are many BBB&G's, pretending of the light, putting out very conflicting material to their lists and discussion groups. Anything, from the one called Ahn, is not true, period. Any material that states the Christ energy would only come in love, is a total falsehood. Love does not remove our BBB&G's. Others had stated that the Masters, are beyond error. They are not. One in never totally perfect.

We have said in an older message, that Sananda himself said he was not perfect, and that Christ Michael is still in learning mode. Christ Michael is actively involved in this project, and in the affairs of our Universe. Universes are not perfect. Many ask why God just can't wave some sort of magic wand, they can't understand the problems at hand. We have been pretty specific about the problems, and the issues of awaiting the proper times for various events.

You asked for periodic reports with details. They have been provided by the request of our readers. And still I receive letters begging for interference, that would not be proper and would create bigger problems. Recently, Hatonn suggested that you send your solutions and advice straight to him, and not through me. We are not able to see all of the bigger picture from our location.

I myself do not want to see war activities of consequence from the lack of judgment. Use the waiting time to dream of ideas and plans, rather than acquire an ulcer. The major point of doing these messages in the first place, was to awaken you to the new possibilities coming, to awaken you to your skills you have, and to awaken your efforts in making the coming changes easier for mankind, who is in ignorance.

We did not have to do any sort of public announcement of the Second Coming. This is a gift to the world, and the world will benefit from your light, from this knowledge. Hatonn discussed the void, or balancing of the light and dark, as necessary to the success of the Second Coming. By announcing the Second Coming event, we increased the light, to create the needed balance. In this manner, there has been great success.

Many lightworkers have written of being disillusioned and ready to give up hope. As a result of these messages, your hope has been restored, and not only just restored, but you are dreaming in a bigger way than you thought possible before. You dream of being a messiah! You are looking for ways to be more, these messages have encouraged you to be more than you are. There is a song, that many of you have heard of by Secret Garden, from their album "Once in a Red Moon" It is called "You Raise Me Up." I am going to type up three of the verses from this most motivating song, in ending to this message.


When I am down and, oh my soul, so weary;
When troubles come and my heart burdened be;
Then, I am still and wait here in the silence,
Until you come and sit awhile with me.

Your raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas;
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders;
You raise me up....To more than I can be.

There is no life-no life without its hunger;
Each restless heart beats so imperfectly;
But when you come and I am filled with wonder,
Sometimes I think I glimpse eternity.

You raise me up, to more than I can be.


It is our goal, with these messages, to raise you up, so you can stand on the mountains and walk the stormy seas, and create hunger such that you might desire to be a messiah, and find a glimpse of eternity and wonder in the journey. Namaste, Candace