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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation for the 24th & 31st May 2004

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Greetings, dear Hearts! We return today with more things to discuss with you. As always, the progress toward your liberation continues in earnest. Everywhere, a million small battles are being waged by the Light to ensure that your abundance is delivered to you as scheduled. In addition, the long journey leading to your last cabal's demise is drawing swiftly to a victorious conclusion. Our liaisons and their diplomatic counterparts remain adamant that the present proceedings will result in your inevitable success. These reports are only the tip of an awesome amount of data that shows just how close you truly are to your Heaven-directed triumph over the remaining forces of the dark. In light of this, we have asked our inner ring of ships to prepare themselves for whatever our Earth allies may demand of them. During the past week, we noticed that the great Light of Heaven has begun to shine upon Earth with increasing brilliance. This Light amplifies the energies suffusing the Earth, thus quickening her rate of change. Indeed, the magic moment is rushing upon her!

As a result of this general speeding-up, the process of first contact has also accelerated. The evidence of your transformation and the awakening of your population continue at an exponential rate. Each day, we notice that many more of you are becoming aware of the unsatisfactory nature of organized religion and its reliance on outdated dogma. Your yearnings for truth and meaning are launching you upon a quest to discover coherent and truly moral answers to your deep-rooted questions. For too long, divisive beliefs have shackled you, forcing you into an unreal world of suspicion and separation. Humanity is an interconnected whole whose untapped creativity can only be released by recognizing its huge potential and applying it universally. The nature of this potential is Love and its corollary, forgiveness. These two foundation stones form the core of who you really are: physical Angels of the Light!

As you grow in awareness of the Light, you begin to realize that your life revolves around discovering whom you truly are and the heartfelt helping of your fellows. This brings you to an experiential understanding of the ways of Heaven. You are here also to gracefully peel away the many accumulated "layers of the onion" that comprise your Earth experience; this resulting wisdom can be of great help to your fellows, your community, and your precious world, Mother Earth. This path of self-discovery can lead to inner empowerment and can reveal the means to achieve these goals. As this concept of altruism matures within you, an understanding of the power of divine service will dawn on you: divine service operates in the manner of an expanding feedback-loop, nourishing your self-empowerment as you focus your efforts upon the well-being of others. This reciprocity manifests the great web of Light. This sacred weave nurtures your ever-growing sense of self-esteem, which in turn opens you to accepting the blessings so graciously extended by Heaven. Thus, your newfound service to the Light will give birth to the re-emergence on your world of a deep and true morality.

The discerning Light of this morality can be the sword that cuts away the distorting dogma of the past. Your Ascended Masters fully intend to take this true foundation and build upon it a set of sacred beliefs that will assist you to attain a grand goal: your return to full consciousness. These beliefs will set forth the true, unabridged knowledge and sacred wisdom of the great avatars of Heaven. Over the millennia, these distortions, half-truths, and omissions of many holy works have been a poor substitute for a true Bible for humanity. With the return of the Ascended Masters, these corruptions can at last be correctly addressed. Humanity desperately needs to comprehend some basic truths and properly apply them to its global society. A deep Love and compassion for all life must forge global cooperation and peace. The great divisions and prejudices of the past must be transmuted into a union born out of forgiveness and grace.

Heaven desires that humanity transform itself and create a new global fellowship. In the past, power, greed, and an insane belief in some men's superiority over others was the prevailing rule. Now, the veritable smorgasbord of races, cultures, and perceptions throughout the planet are to unite into an unfettered whole. Within each of you lies a nearly infinite creative potential. Realizing this potential is at the very core of what Heaven is currently accomplishing. Full consciousness raises the stakes for your global society. It opens you to the boundlessness of physicality and allows you to encompass the otherwise overwhelming realization that myriad different species have learned long ago to traverse easily the enormous distances that separate countless worlds. It also prepares you to formulate a coherent planetary voice to enable you to contribute effectively to this great mix of stellar cultures.

This Galactic Federation of stellar cultures goes beyond mere political union; it is also a cultural and mercantile organization. Within it, a vast and free exchange of technology, goods, and culture takes place each day. This union is organic in structure and deeply honors its many components. The Galactic Federation is now able to unite the schisms created by the long period of galactic wars; it increasingly resembles a huge cloak enfolding the galaxy in a community where peaceful trade and cultural and technological exchange is the order of the day. The Galactic Federation is the means of honoring each of the great stellar civilizations of this galaxy. Without question, a new paradigm has swept through this galaxy in the decade since the Affirmations of Anchara brought an end to the seemingly endless chain of galactic wars.

The resulting Treaty of Anchara united this galaxy and left her ready to join with other galaxies in a much grander union. This need to extend our horizons further into the wonders of physicality is the next grand challenge that we face. This union has permitted us to move tens of millions of Light Years out into frontiers that are new to us all. It is this exciting prospect that awaits you when you shortly join us. Therefore, your present challenge is to move quickly beyond your current xenophobia to a place where you can accept the fascinating variety that sentient life comes in. Your irrational fear of Beings that do not have human form needs to be surmounted. Some of the greatest Lights in physicality are not human in shape or size. Nevertheless, your acceptance of them will be required during your future journeys of exploration.

Ahead of you lies a most exciting series of adventures. These need to be embraced by you as you joyously transform into fully conscious Beings. It is crucial that you transmute at all levels. The coming time will allow you to do this with joy and grace. What we ask of you is to grow beyond your current constricting beliefs and to learn to accept your inner repressed fears. These fears will be addressed during the remaining stages of your transformation. We feel certain that these stumbling blocks will melt away swiftly and easily. We only mention this so that you are aware of some of the issues that you will surely address in your final period of metamorphosis. These same issues were once used to change you into limited consciousness. Now, you will revisit them on your way back to full consciousness.

As always, our Earth allies are moving forward at their own very peculiar pace. Our prime intention is to have their objectives manifested within the divine time frame set forth by Heaven and Lord Surea. We have therefore told our liaisons to remind all concerned of these deadlines and of the essential need to meet them. Once again, we have questioned your Ascended Masters about the correctness of our primary backup plan. They were most helpful, and we now have precisely defined operating parameters. Armed with these updates, we have alerted our defense forces and our landing teams about what we intend to achieve in the near future. Once these goals are manifested, the present stalemate can end and your righteous victory be assured! Nevertheless, our personnel must adhere to a set of pre-arranged protocols until the time limits given to us by your Ascended Masters have expired. In the meantime, we remain confident that our Earth allies can finish these final tasks on time.

Another major concern involves the many physical changes planned by Mother Earth. As you know, she deeply desires to transform the present configuration of her surface. Many surface features that had previously subsided will rise again from the depths of her oceans. These rearrangements will result in conditions that would be catastrophic to your global population. Thus, she has delayed the onset of most of these events in deference to you and the immense transformation that you are currently experiencing. However, from time to time, she has given you definite warnings that this state of affairs cannot go on forever. She would ask, therefore, that those groups most able to accelerate these affairs do so, and do so as swiftly as possible. The lengthy delay so far experienced by Mother Earth only increases her intention to urge you forward with your changes at a much more rapid pace. For this reason, we again reiterate the need for expediency on your part. Those leaders in the Earth alliance for the Light must take this urgency into account.

The strange alliance that are our Earth allies has so far been able to move the planning of the new financial, banking, and governmental systems to the verge of manifestation. The last great stumbling block still centers on the disbursement of the various abundance programs begun centuries ago by Saint Germain. This cudgel was taken up a few decades ago by a number of influential scions of some of the wealthiest families in Europe and the Americas. These individuals are dedicated to assuring that the recipients named in this grand Trust receive the monies so lovingly prepared for them. This task has proved to be rather difficult. The vast, dark financial empire created by the former Anunnaki and their Earth-bound minions is not so easily overcome; despite scores of people being arrested, temporarily detained, and otherwise made to bow to this noble initiative, a considerable covert and duplicitous resistance to the distribution of these funds sadly remains in effect. So, a great battle wages, which shall ultimately defeat this unholy union of dark regimes, desperate bankers, and reams of bribed officials secretly aligned with your last dark cabal.

Our liaison and diplomatic personnel meticulously monitor all that is happening and have compiled lists and dossiers of all involved. When necessary, we can use these to quickly identify those who indicate any degree of sympathy for the hugely ambitious objectives of our Earth allies. This list grows gratifyingly longer every day. This research has pinpointed the strengths and weaknesses of our Earth allies' coalition. As a result, we can use it to formulate the ways and means for them to achieve success. These strategies are on the whole being adhered to. However, a number of crucial exceptions have turned up. These involve various commitments that were agreed to by our Earth allies that now, apparently, require renegotiation. This requirement can keep you on the path to success. It is our earnest desire to move our Earth allies ever forward and to assure you of your sure and certain triumph.

Our concern for your health and welfare has prompted us to increase the number of specialized personnel living among you. They are here to document the effects upon you of the grievous and depressing environment created first by the Anunnaki and later reinforced by your last dark cabal. This information is to be presented during the criminal trials that will be set up by several interim governments of the post-countercoup era. Our on-planet personnel have compiled a most detailed and comprehensive dossier of "life" on your world. It is a lamentable catalogue of injustices, racial prejudices, and the infliction upon you of warped modes of living. All this is in outrageous contrast to the life styles of your still-powerful, dark cabal, whose members enjoy a most advantageous life built upon an inhumane use of wealth and power. This, dear Ones, is shortly to be changed!

While all this is going on, your solar system is undergoing a series of fundamental changes. As mentioned before, your hyperactive Sun is busy flooding this solar system with increasing quantities of charged particles and plasmas, which affect the solar electromagnetic and gravitational fields that hold the whole system together. This means that the various fields are changing strength as well as polarity. These changes are being driven by the ever-increasing amounts of galactic radiation amassing throughout your solar system. These added energy fields are distorting the physical operating "laws" as currently understood by your scientists. They are forced to the conclusion that something most unusual is underway. As you now know, this is indeed the case: your whole reality is transforming into something entirely different.

These solar and planetary changes are only one indication of the transformation happening to Mother Earth's humanity. To authenticate what is occurring, focus rather on what is changing within you and in your immediate environment. To the discerning, it is becoming obvious that these multi-leveled transformations are not subject to the usual pace of evolution; it is clear that their speed and direction are intended to entirely metamorphose you and your reality. The divine potential for this is present and can indeed manifest unexpectedly and suddenly. Thus, it is essential that you be prepared for grand change. Our role in this is to activate this change only when those pursuing this course on Earth fail to do so. We therefore watch closely and are ever prepared to act, according to prescribed and divine dictates.

First contact, regardless of how it happens, is the most important watershed in your history. Our arrival changes everything. Instantly, you move from planetary to galactic Beings. The need to reorder your worldview and your understanding of the infinite living Universe now becomes unavoidable. These recast perceptions can throw into question your religions and your deepest beliefs about who you are, the true nature of Creation and indeed the very nature of the Creator. This great shock is only the start of a profound global paradigm shift that can unite you and end the darkness and disorder that has characterized your reality. This is all quite clear to us, dear Ones, and we want you to know that we will arrive swiftly on your shores if the current scenario is not achieved within its divine timeframe. Remember that Together, We are Victorious!

We stress that the procedures hidden from you do indeed have a timetable. We are ready, once your Ascended Masters so agree, to carry out a massive first contact. Hence, it is important for you to be prepared for what is shortly to transpire. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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