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Discoveries in Physics Prove we Possess a Soul

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by Michael Roll 

At last retired professors of physics are rebelling against the false model of the universe that orthodox scientific thinking is locked into.

Thanks mainly to the uncensored Internet millions are finding out that Wolfgang Pauli, the great pioneer of subatomic physics, immediately connected this exciting scientific discipline with so-called paranormal phenomena. This important fact has been censored by the powerful materialists who control what information is allowed to be presented in scientific papers and magazines.

The bigotry of mainstream scientific thinking was exposed by Robert Matthews, the science correspondent of the Telegraph Group, on the BBC 2 'Counterblast' programme - 22nd April 1998. It showed Professor Peter Atkins, of the department of chemistry at Oxford University, openly admitting that he is a "bigot" and that his mind is totally closed towards anything connected with the paranormal. This included the relatively harmless mind reading experiments being carried out by Professor Robert Morris who holds the Arthur Koestler Chair at Edinburgh University. Morris has incurred the wrath of his fellow "scientists" for even making an effort to look into this taboo subject. The word loony was even used!

Goodness knows what would happen if Morris did the same as Sir William Crookes FRS, The President of the Royal Society, and the 1917 Nobel Laureate for Medical Science, Professor Charles Richet: actually prove survival after death by working with a materialisation medium. This would send all the scientific establishment in Great Britain into orbit.

Robert Matthew's programme showed that only those who are outside of the university system can actually carry out any serious scientific experiments proving that the mind separates from the brain at death. Now we can understand why Ronald Pearson's discovery of the ether has been censored in his own country. Thankfully his revolutionary discovery in subatomic physics has been peer-refereed and published by Russian and American physicists - 'Quantum Gravitation and the Structured Ether' by the Russian Academy of Sciences and 'Consciousness as a Sub-Quantum Phenomenon' by the Center for Frontier Sciences at Temple University, Philadelphia. It is interesting to note that these papers have been officially censored by the editors of the journal of the Society for Psychical Research and the Journal of Consciousness Studies in Britain.

Ronald Pearson's work is the missing mathematical back up for the experiments of Crookes and Richet where deceased people came back to earth proving they had survived death. Here we are talking about repeatable experiments under laboratory conditions.

The purpose of this short article is only to show students where to look in order to obtain the scientific proof of survival after death. It will of course be censored from all large circulation papers and magazines. Thomas Paine, who was wanted dead or alive in Great Britain in the 1790's, sums up exactly what we are up against as we try to crash through the establishment barriers in order to just present the scientific case for a separate mind and brain:

"You will do me justice to remember that I have always strenuously supported the right of every man to his own opinion, however different that opinion might be to mine. He who denies to another this right, makes a slave to himself to his present opinion, because he precludes himself the right of changing it. The most formidable weapon against errors of every kind is reason. I have never used any other and trust I never shall."


Laurikainen, K.V. Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Physics, University of Helsinki, Finland. 'Science Has Its Limits, Ontological Implications of Quantum Theory', 1997. Published by University of Oulu, Series in Physical Sciences, Report No. 8. ISBN 951-42-4701-9

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This article is censored from all large circulation papers and magazines throughout the world because it links the subject of survival after death with the scientific discipline of subatomic physics - the study of the invisible part of the universe.

Theoretical Physics Backs Survival by Ronald Pearson

Michael Roll's article about Sir William Crookes

Michael Roll's article about Thomas Paine (1736-1809), The Most Valuable Englishman Ever. This outstanding tribute to Thomas Paine - "The Most Valuable Englishman Ever" - is taken from Arthur Findlay's suppressed history of mankind, "The Curse of Ignorance".




By Michael Roll

Here is an extraordinary paradox. Only those who can be relied upon to dismiss the findings and conclusions of our pioneers of radio and television are allowed on radio and television!

Our scientists who support the British pioneers of radio and television - Sir William Crookes, Sir Oliver Lodge and John Logie Baird - have been blocked from speaking on the radio or appearing on television up to March 1999. Only a handful of local radio presenters have defied this official and unofficial censorship, and James Whale on Talk Radio in July 1997.

There are two expert opinions as to what so-called paranormal phenomena are, but in this "free" country the British people are only, allowed access to the explanation that is politically correct, the first version that is listed below, because it is no danger to the powerful religious and scientific establishments:

1. Paranormal Phenomena Do Not Exist

The mind and the brain are the same. This is the official teaching across all scientific disciplines. The parapsychologist Dr. Susan Blackmore has been given complete freedom of every, radio and television programme that is meant to be examining the subject. This is because she is the establishment mouthpiece and can be relied upon to never mention what is revealed in this pamphlet. Dr. Blackmore protects the scientific establishments adopted stance, which only gives a materialistic model of the universe. Professor J. Wheeler, a top physicist, stated in 1994 that acceptance of survival or paranormal phenomena would destroy the basis of science as taught in our universities.

2. Paranormal Phenomena Do Exist

The mind and the brain are separate. This pamphlet carries on where Crookes, Lodge and Logie Baird left off. This is what we are never allowed to hear on radio and television or read about in scientific magazines and large circulation papers.

"The suppression of uncomfortable ideas may be common in religion and politics, but it is not the path to knowledge, it has no place in the endeavour of science."

Carl Sagan. "Cosmos" 1980

A great moment in television history was featured in Carl Sagan's outstanding thirteen-part series on astronomy called "Cosmos". He was pictured in New York library surrounded by millions of books. He pointed to a tiny section and said,

"It is only possible in one person's lifetime to read this many books."

He then turned to the camera and made the following profound statement:

"The trick is to read the right books."

The books contained in this thesis are the ones that the religious and pseudo-scientific establishments are praying with all their might that the people never find out about.

"I completely agree with Michael Roll's arguments about the reality of paranormal phenomena and the existence of a normally unseen world... Quantum Physics: the presence of a wave nature in subatomic particles. The vital difference between a wave and a solid particle is the wave properties of superposition and modulation. Put simply, these properties allow waves of different frequencies to occupy the same space without direct interaction. Therefore it is quite possible for parallel universes to exist separated by a difference in some fundamental wave characteristic. This theory springs directly from wave mechanics which unfortunately was not available to the Victorian researchers when the greatest breakthroughs with mediumship were made."

Michael Scott BSc. Graduate in Astrophysics, Edinburgh University.


This must consist of repeatable experiments backed up with a theory that has a mathematical base. A good example is proving that the world is round and not flat. The Greek scientist Pythagoras was the first to put forward the idea that the world was round. This was 2,600 years ago. However, it was 300 years later that another Greek scientist - Eratosthenes - came up with the mathematical theory for a round earth. This lacked the scientific impact it should have had because the experiment had not taken place. This came much later when Magellan sailed round the world in 1522. The experiment together with the mathematical theory completely, destroyed the medieval obscurantists - the Flat Earth religious fanatics.

Proving survival after death is exactly the same, but not quite as easy, because here we are dealing with phenomena that are beyond the range of our five physical senses. In order to detect this type of phenomena we have to work with a medium - a machine that can do the job.

It was the invention of the achromatic microscope in 1830 by Joseph Jackson Lister that enabled his son to write his paper on antiseptic surgery. From this moment on we have had the proof that reality also exists in the invisible. Radio and television sets are also detecting normally invisible phenomena. They are mediums sorting out signals at different frequencies. This is the reason why, we are forced to work with a human medium in order to prove survival after death. No machine invented so far is as sophisticated as the human mind and brain. However we have to be extra careful when carrying out experiments using people. There can be no room for error where lives are concerned.


We have had the experimental proof of survival after death ever since Sir William Crookes published the results of his experiments in the leading scientific journal of his day - The Quarterly Journal of Science" in 1874. These were repeatable experiments under laboratory conditions. International teams of scientists then repeated the experiments and obtained the same results. People who had once lived on earth came back and proved to these scientific teams that they had conquered death and were still very much alive. This is what Professor Charles Richet, the French Nobel Laureate for medical science said about the experiments:-

"There is ample proof that experimental materialisations should take definite rank as a scientific fact."

The purpose of this pamphlet is only to bring to peoples' attention these exciting discoveries in subatomic physics. My job is easy, all I have to do is just point to the books that have been published but suppressed. The main reason why this incredible scientific discovery did not cause a revolution at the beginning of this century is because these experiments lacked the backing of any detailed mathematical theory. This is what Sir Oliver Lodge said in 1929:-

"We have to be guided by the facts; and if the facts seem incredible as the they do - we have first of all to assure ourselves that they are facts, and then conclude that there is a department of knowledge to which we have as yet not got the key."

At the end of the century we now have the key, the missing mathematical theory to back up these revolutionary, scientific experiments.


Lodge, Sir Oliver "Phantom Walls" 1929 (Hodder & Stoughton)

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Hamilton, Dr. T. Glen "Intention and Survival" 1942. (Regency Press) The Canadian scientific team.

Warrick, F W "Experiments in Psychics" 1939 (Rider & Co. London)


As Sir Oliver Lodge and Sir William Crookes were the pioneers of radio and television they were able to put forward a rational explanation to account for the seemingly supernatural phenomena appearing at their experiments. They said this etheric world is the same place as our radio and television signals, but at a much higher frequency. Recent discoveries in quantum mechanics - the study of the building blocks within the atom - completely vindicate what these great physicists said at the beginning of the century.

They were adamant that we all survive the death of our physical bodies. The experiments proved that we must possess two bodies. One finite body containing the brain that dies and another infinite body, containing the mind that separates when our short stay on earth is over. Lodge said the people from the "next world" who are appearing at the experiments must possess bodies that are made of the same invisible matter as our radio and television signals. He called it an etheric substance.

Few will disagree that the discovery of this etheric substance is the most important scientific task in history. I must admit to jumping the gun and getting overexcited when I saw a report in the "Sunday Times" on 13th December 1981. It said that physicists could have been wrong for forty years about the make-up of the universe. They were saying that nine-tenths of the universe is missing. When we look through a telescope at a galaxy we are only seeing one tenth of the mass. The motion of distant galaxies and the stars in them can only be accounted for under the laws of gravity if there is far more mass associated with each galaxy than there is in the visible stars that comprise it. One theory for this missing mass was centred around a ghostlike subatomic particle called the neutrino that was discovered in 1956. The report said a neutrino would stand a good chance of penetrating a thickness of lead stretching to the nearest star without hitting anything. This really caught my imagination. Arthur Koestler showed in his book "The Roots of Coincidence" that science had discovered something in the building blocks of nature that started to give a rational explanation accounting for the millions of reports from people who say they saw a "ghost" walk through a solid wall. However, my astrophysicist pals Mike Scott and Sam Nicholls, although very supportive of the survival theory, did not share my enthusiasm that the neutrino was the missing piece needed to make up the etheric universe.


Lodge, Sir Oliver "Ether and Reality" 1925 (Hodder & Stoughton)

Koestler, Arthur "The Roots of Coincidence" 1972 (Hutchinson)


"It was Einstein's materialistic Theory of Relativity that destroyed Sir Oliver Lodge's Theory of the Ether."

Sam Nicholls MSc

With the benefit of hindsight we now know that a scientific disaster took place when Sir Isaac Newton's model of the universe was discarded and replaced by Einstein's Theory of Relativity. Einstein said on his 70th birthday:

"Now you think I am looking at my life's work with calm satisfaction. But there is not a single concept of which I am convinced that it will stand firm. I am not sure if I was on the right track after all."

If only our contemporary physicists had shared Einstein's scepticism then we would not have wasted so much time and money trying to match up Niels Bohr's quantum mechanics with relativity. Even the Einstein supporter Professor Stephen Hawking from Cambridge University admits that they are incompatible. Apart from in Russia and a few "heretics" in the West, the whole of orthodox science is locked into a largely false and hopelessly, outdated scientific theory. We are being subjected to one extraordinary theory after another, ranging from us being able to go back in time and murder our grandparents and then to somehow be born in another universe, to the questionable Big Bang theory that says every galaxy in the universe started from the size of a pin head at a single point in time! This is the sort of scenario we end up with if we start our calculations from a false base. Only those of us who are outside of the university sausage machine are in a position to challenge orthodox, scientific thinking. The physics students are powerless. They would not get their degrees if they told the truth. They know what happened to one of our leading scientists who had the courage to say Einstein's Theory of Relativity is incorrect. Dr. Louis Essen D.Sc. FRS, OBE, is the inventor of the atomic clock. For trying to bring common sense back into physics he was told further such activity would place the tenure of his post in jeopardy. Into this scientific vacuum has stepped a retired university lecturer with a background in engineering, Ronald Pearson from Bath. Thankfully, Mr. Pearson no longer has to watch out for peer pressure in order to keep his university appointment. However, he is still at the mercy of the peer-referee system. This is just a euphemism for censorship - keeping the old-boy network intact. Before any scientific theory can see the light of day it has to run the gauntlet of politically correct scientists who are worshipping at the shrine of Einstein's Theory of Relativity. This way no constructive criticism ever comes to the attention of students or the public in quality scientific magazines, the press or on radio and television. Engineers do not have the freedom to indulge in any scientific flights of fancy, otherwise all their structures will come tumbling down and their machines will blow up or crash. These practical men and women act as a sort of scientific brake. This is why many of the world's greatest scientists have come from the ranks of engineers. Ronald Pearson has discovered Sir Oliver Lodge's etheric substance and outside of Russia hardly anybody knows about it! He has completely discarded Einstein's outdated Theory of Relativity and just made a couple of additions to Sir Isaac Newton's physical laws. They now match up with quantum mechanics and provide a totally satisfactory solution for quantum gravitation. Mr. Pearson attended the Sir Isaac Newton Conference in 1991, which was held in St. Petersburg, Russia. His scientific paper has been well received and published. This outstanding British scientist is recognised in Russia, but has not even been reported in his own country. He has been peer-refereed out of the game. As a rugby player this makes me very angry because I was brought up with great respect for the good word of referee. It is obvious that what Mr. Pearson has discovered is much too close to the truth for comfort, because if his work was a load of rubbish it would be brought out in the open and exposed. This great scientific breakthrough actually started in 1933 when Pauli predicted that there may well be particles within the atom other than the proton, electron and the recently discovered neutron that would revolutionise scientific thinking. We have now discovered over 200 subatomic particles making up our physical universe, coming under the general heading of quarks and leptons. In order to discover the etheric world Mr. Pearson has taken a step further and pointed out that everything we have discovered so far within the atom is being produced from smaller primary particles at a sub-quantum level. His mathematically based theory proves that when primaries of positive and negative energy collide they breed! This yields an exciting new mechanism for the creation of an expanding universe. This is similar to what we are witnessing in nature all around us. An equation we can all immediately understand. Male + Female = New Individuals. It is never a bad rule of thumb to look around at nature's wonders when we are trying to find the answers to cosmic mysteries. When we consider that even a solid lump of granite consists of mostly empty space and even the building blocks of the "solid" bits protons, neutrons and electrons cannot be seen even under the most powerful microscopes. Therefore, it is no longer so fantastic to accept the seemingly crazy idea that the life force that drives our physical body on earth, can continue when it packs in (gives up the ghost). For example, on a television interview just prior to his death in 1988, Professor Richard P. Feynman, a Nobel Laureate for Physics, made the following statement.

"If your theories and mathematics do not match the experiment, then they are wrong."

Einstein's Theory of Relativity cannot match the experiment where people who once lived on earth come back and prove they are still alive, because this theory is incompatible with even the very existence of an ether. Ronald Pearson's Theory of the Ether most certainly does. It shows the ether having a complex structure, intelligence and conscious, to be the core ingredient.

The great strength of the powerful materialists who control orthodox, scientific thinking is that they are banking on the fact that most people are not making an effort to understand even basic subatomic physics. Even a cursory glance at the subject shows that the physical universe is being produced from the invisible - the etheric universe. Please spike the guns of the when you are dead, you're dead merchants. Read Professor Richard Feynman's layman's guide to subatomic physics obtainable from bookshops and the library - QED. Once people have read the physicists' and rationalists' case explaining so-called paranormal phenomena they automatically become immune from failing for any supernatural absurdities. Never again will the masses fall under the spell of priestcraft. Never again will people be fooled by pseudo-scientists who are guilty of suppressing uncomfortable discoveries in physics solely to keep their power-structures intact.


Pearson, R.D. "Intelligence Behind The Universe" This shows how enlightened physics can explain the so-called paranormal and solve the most intractable problems of cosmology.

Pearson, R.D. "Origin of Mind". This is Mr. Pearson's lecture showing that our minds are immortal. Pearson's thesis now published in the U.S.A. by the Center for Frontier Sciences - Temple University. Philadelphia. He is still censored in his own country up to March, 1998.

Pearson, R.D. "Key To Consciousness: Quantum - Gravitation".

You can order the above publications by writing to Michael Roll.

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Feynman, Richard P. "QED". 1985 (Princeton University press)

Essen, Dr. Louis D.Sc. FRS. OBE. "Relativity - Joke or Swindle?" (Electronics & Wireless World). This criticism of Einstein's Theory of Relativity by the inventor of the atomic clock is censored in all mainstream scientific publications. It was Rutherford who thought Einstein's Theory of Relativity was a joke!

"Quarks and Leptons: The New Elementary Particles?" Proceedings of The Royal Society of London. 8th April, 1986.





By Michael Roll

Sir William Crookes FRS and Sir Oliver Lodge FRS

Let's examine the scientific credentials of these two men who have been described as liars, cheats, cranks and frauds. Crookes has even had the label "sex maniac" tagged on for good measure. Character assassination is the modern method used in place of burning at the stake by contemporary holy inquisitors of the faith and their pseudo-scientific allies who have a great deal to lose if people ever find out that Crookes and Lodge were correct; that the subject of survival after death is a branch of physics - natural philosophy, not religion and parapsychology. Hence the following statement from Canon Michael Perry, the Editor of the journal of The Churches' Fellowship for Psychical and Spiritual Studies (Letter to me dated 25th September, 1987):

"It is the consensus of opinion amongst knowledgeable students of the subject that Crookes was sexually infatuated with the medium he worked with."

It was a materialist called Walter Mann who first floated this diabolical lie that Crookes was sexually involved with the medium he worked with. This was in the same year that Crookes died, 1919, otherwise Mann would have been on the receiving end of a hefty law suit. The tragedy is that it is the opinion of this unqualified nonentity that just about every so-called expert in the vast life after death industry has taken as the correct version. Not the conclusions of one of the greatest and most highly qualified scientists that our country has ever produced. This vicious sexual attack has been carried on by a contemporary writer called Trevor Hall and others who are always given complete freedom of the columns of the journal of The Society for Psychical Research. Even though Ronald Pearson went to Edinburgh and met the Editor Dr. John Beloff, none of his work has appeared in the SPR journal! This biased approach is exposed in Dr. Beloff's new book, "Parapsychology: a Concise History". I quote just two passages:

"Survival research can no longer be considered part of the cutting edge of parapsychology'' and

"All possible mediumistic phenomena can be more economically explained, without hypothesising a surviving immaterial spirit, by appealing to the supposed psi (ESP & PK) power of the medium."

No wonder Beloff never allows the supporters of Crookes, Lodge and Baird to write in "his" SPR journal. The following is what Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote about the corruption in the SPR on 22nd January, 1930:

"The Society for Psychical Research seems to have become simply an anti-spiritual organisation. Everything which tends to prove survival, no matter how honourable or sane the source may be, is assailed by suppression, misrepresentation and every sort of unreasonable and vicious oppositionÖthe society has done no constructive work of any importance, and has employed its energies in hindering and belittling those who are engaged in real active psychical research. The influence of the society is entirely for evil."

I have informed the Secretary of The Royal Society about the treatment that is being meted out to their ex-President by the SPR. The reply I received showed that The Royal Society is part of this conspiracy to keep the truth from the people. The letter said The Royal Society has a long-standing policy dating from the 17th century (this was when the Vatican was murdering and persecuting scientists - Giordano Bruno & Galileo) never to "meddle" into life after death. They have a pact with the priests! This was confirmed when Professor Stephen Hawking came on television following his meeting with the Pope. Hawking reported that the Pope said to him

"I do not care what you do, just so long as you do not encroach on in my subject - life after death."

Here we have a clear case of the religionists and materialists working together to block the scientific proof of survival after death.

Ronald Pearson was very well received when he lectured to Professor Stephen Hawking's students at Cambridge University. Hawking holds the same post at Cambridge that was once occupied by Sir Isaac Newton. Pearson is following Newton but not Hawking. We now have a simple choice. Hawking's "death is the end of everything" or Crookes's and Pearson's survival theory. Just look at Crookes's credentials:

Sir William Crookes FRS (1832-1919) (Order of Merit and President of The Royal Society

O.M. 1910. President of the Royal Society. LL.D (Birmingham) D.Sc. (Oxon., Camb., Ireland, Cape of Good Hope, Sheffield, Durham). Foreign Secretary Royal Society, 1908-12. President Chemical Society. Brit. Assoc. Inst. Elect. Eng., Soc. Chem. Industry Hon. Mem. Royal Phil. Soc. Glasgow. Royal Society. N. S. W. Pharm. Soc.. Chem. Metal. & Mining Soc. of South Africa. Amer. Chem. Soc.. Amer. Philos. Soc.. Royal Soc. Sci. Upsala. Deutsche Chem. Gesell. Berlin. Psychol. Soc. Paris. Antonio Alzate Sci. Soc. Mexico. Sci. Soc. Bucharest. Reg. . Accad Zetanli: Foreign Mem. Lincei. Rome. Corresp. Inst. de France (Acad. Lincei. Rome).. Corresp, Inst. de France (Acad. Sci): Corresp. Mem. Bataafsch. Genoots. Rotterdam. Soc. & Encouragement pour L'lnd . Paris. For. Assoc. National Acad. Sciences. Washington. Foreign Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.. Royal Medallist. Davy Medallist. Copley Medallist. And three times Bakerian Lecturer of the Royal Society. Proprietor and Editor of Chemical News. Knighted.

Now look at the conclusions of Sir Oliver Lodge:

"I have been in touch with the minds of certain people who have parted from their bodies. How can a mind get in touch with us when it has no body? It must borrow some material form; but because "spirits" are discarnate it does not mean they have no bodies. They have substantial bodies, not made up of matter, but as I think of ether."

The physics laboratory at Liverpool University is named after Sir Oliver Lodge. This is the man the "experts" (parapsychologists) on paranormal phenomena are calling gullible whenever they get the chance. I don't think a physics laboratory would be named after a scientist who was gullible. Sir Oliver was the first person to transmit a message by radio on 14th August 1894. The reason why Lodge's contribution to radio has been played down is solely because he dared to say that paranormal phenomena is in fact a branch of physics. See how his credentials match those of Crookes:

Sir Oliver Lodge FRS (1851-1940) (Fellow of the Royal Society)

D.Sc.(Lond): Hon. D.Sc.(Oxon): Hon. Sc.D. (Cantab.).. Hon.LL.D. (Liverpool. Manchester. Sheffield. Adelaide. Toronto). Hon. M.A. (Birmingham): Mem. Inst. Elec. Engineers. Hon. Mem. Lit. Phil. Soc. (Manchester), Corr. Nem. Amer. Phil. Soc. (Philadelphia). Corr. Mem. Accad. Sci. dell'lstituto (Bologna). Corr. Mem. Bataafsch Genoots (Rotterdam). Hon. Mem. Inst. Elec. Engineers.. President of the Radio Society: Rumford Medallist of the Royal Society: Albert Medallist of the Royal Society of Arts. as Pioneer in Wireless Telegraphy., President of the Physical Society. President of the British Ass. President of the Rontgen Society.. Professor of Physics in the University of Liverpool.. Principal of the University of Birmingham. Knighted.

The following statements prove there is a conspiracy to suppress uncomfortable discoveries in subatomic physics; that there is an unholy alliance between pseudo-scientists fighting to keep their power-structures intact, and priests who are fighting to defend their faiths and therefore keep their monopoly on the life after death industry. The scientific conspiracy is encapsulated in this statement by Adrian Berry the Science Correspondent of The Daily Telegraph:

"Few subjects more infuriate scientists than claims of paranormal phenomena because, if confirmed, the whole fabric of science would be threatened."

Science is the Latin word for seeking after knowledge. This can never be threatened, but current, orthodox scientific thinking most certainly can, especially if the wrong beacon is being followed - Einstein's Theory of Relativity - flawed by internal contradictions and incompatible with both Quantum Theory and the Ether Theory. The following statement from The Rev'd Don Cupitt, Dean of Emmanuel College, Cambridge University encompasses the religious conspiracy:

"Somehow, everybody knows that Christianity is the Church and the Church is a power-structure, an apparatus for limiting freedom in belief and morals."

In 1939 the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Cosmo Lang, suppressed the findings of his own Church of England Commission that was positive towards the fact that international teams of scientists had proved by repeatable experiments that we have a soul: that the mind is separate from the brain, and that it is a scientific fact that we all survive death, not just Christians after some mythical judgement day. This is what Bishop George Appleton of Oxford University said to me in a letter dated 26th March, 1982:

"The report you quote of the commission appointed by Cosmo Lang indicated that it was a subject that ought to be taken seriously by Christians, and I welcome your quotation from Bishop Mervyn Stockwood, a friend of mine."


Baird, John Logie "Sermons, Soap and Television" 1988 from The Royal Television Society £4-75p post paid. Tavistock Square. London WC1H 9HR. Page 65 shows a picture of Baird with his new invention - the infra-red camera - working with Sir Oliver Lodge. Baird tells how the "dead" American genius Thomas Alva Edison helped him, making contact through a medium. Baird goes on to tell how one of his scientific colleagues took the finger-prints of an etheric person. These proved to be identical to the ones on the dead physical body. This is proof of survival, and this would have been good enough to hang a person in England only a few years ago.

Constable, A "Early Wireless" 1980 (Midas Books). This book makes it very clear there would be no radio or television if it had not been for Crookes and Lodge. Crookes is even in the dictionary for his work on the cathode-ray tube.

"Lodging a Claim to Radio Fame". An article by Charles Arthur in the 'New Scientist". Reviewing a new biography on Sir Oliver Lodge by Brian Austin. 16th July. 1994

In 1993, after a great deal of pressure, The Radio Authority removed the censorship clause from their broadcasting code. People had been banned from talking about survival after death on the air in a serious, scientific manner in this "free" country! Until the Church is disestablished, this assault on freedom of speech will continue.

The BBC television series "Heretic" exposed the fact that the engineer Professor Robert Jahn was sacked from his senior position at Princeton University, USA for telling the truth, that so-called paranormal phenomena is a branch of subatomic physics. This was followed by a Sky Television documentary showing Prof. Jahn connecting survival after death with quantum mechanics - wave/particle duality - something that is natural and normal.

Crawford, W.J. D.Sc. 'The Reality of Psychical Phenomena'. (E.P. Dutton & Company) 1918.


This pamphlet is aimed at my fellow secularists (non religionists) like Prof. Richard Dawkins of the Department of Zoology at Oxford University. He is one of the handful of academics with the courage to come out in the open and warn how dangerous it is to believe in the mythology of priestcraft. His article "Is Religion Just a Disease?", published in the "Daily Telegraph" on 15th December 1993, has gone a long way to making people start to think for themselves. The scientist Arthur C. Clarke has also waded in against the peddlers of divisive, supernatural fiction who still have almost total control of education and all the means of mass communication backed up with unlimited funds. Clarke is reported to have said in The Sunday Times Review on 16th October, 1994:

"The greatest tragedy in mankind's entire history may be the hijacking of morality by religion ... here are sanctimonious nitwits calling for a return to morals based on superstition."

What really beggars the mind is that even free thinkers like Dawkins and Clarke have still fallen for the highly efficient religious propaganda machine that all scientists who say we survive death are "Spiritualists"! Spiritualism is an officially recognised monotheistic religion. Nobody who has escaped from the clutches of priestcraft could possibly enter a place called a church and take part in a service, listening to a minister of religion reading from the bible and asking us to sing hymns under the sign of the cross, the symbol of the greatest killing machine that the world has ever witnessed. But this is the mud that has stuck. The Rev'd Don Cupitt in his television series "Sea of Faith" is guilty of spreading this propaganda. He praised the writer and scientist Sir Arthur Conan Doyle MD, then made out that Doyle had somehow gone mad and started "dabbling in Spiritualism". Again the truth is completely opposite. Scientists never dabble in anything, they always make a very careful study of their subject. It is the victims of priestcraft who are dabbling in things, not scientists and philosophers. This is also the mud that has stuck to Sir William Crookes in spite of the fact that he made the following statements:

"Cut out the Spiritualist jargon . . . Spiritualists look upon scientific investigation as a desecration of their shrine."

It is exactly the same today. Many Spiritualists, but not all, have been fighting just as hard as their fellow religionists at the Vatican to block the scientific back up for what mediums have been saying - that our loved ones are not dead. Secular scientists and philosophers (the Greek word for seekers after knowledge) would rather die themselves than kill anybody. The only deadly weapon in our armoury is the sheer weight of logical argument. Survivalists can live next door and be great friends with materialists, just differing over the reason for our existence on earth.

The only way I can win Prof. Richard Dawkins over to accepting survival after death is if I keep hitting him with scientific facts. When people fully materialise from the etheric world at our experiments, they answer all the questions we fire at them. This then becomes hearsay, not scientific facts. I hit Prof. Dawkins with hearsay at my peril. This mountain of hearsay coming from the people in the "next world" is very interesting, but we can only put this in our pending tray as something to think about. It is only the priests who want you grovelling before them and blindly believing in their supernatural, divisive doctrines and dogmas. Scientists and philosophers want you standing up straight with your head held high, very carefully checking everything that is said. We must all remove the dreadful priestly word "belief" form our vocabularies. Untold millions have died solely because they did not believe in the same supernatural mythology, as the person in the next street, village, town, city or country. Look at priest-ridden Northern Ireland, the Middle East, India and most of all Bosnia - the cause of the First World War and therefore indirectly, the Second World War.


Findlay, Arthur 'On the Edge of the Etheric' 1931 (The Psychic Press) From Psychic News Bookshop. Clock Cottage. Stansted Hall, Essex CM24 8UD. £7.25p post paid.

Sagan, Carl "Cosmos" 1980 (Macdonald) This book together with Sagan's thirteen part television series started the thinking revolution. Millions found out overnight what every intellectual already knew - that our official history books are a pack of lies. That it was the Christians who destroyed education in the Roman Empire and plunged the known world into the Dark Ages.

Gundry, D.W. The Churches Correspondent of the "Telegraph" made the following report:-

"The holocaust could never have taken place had it not been for the theological thinking of Christendom about Jews, and their ostracism by the Christians of Europe, the Bishop of Birmingham - Dr. Hugh Montefiore - told the clergy of Stepney yesterday."

I know it sounds daft but Christians actually blame the Jews for killing their god! The Germans, like the Irish, are not pretending they really believe in priestcraft. Therefore, it was easy for Hitler to whip up hatred against the Jews.

Martin Luther, the German Christian hero and founder of the Protestant movement said in 1543.

"The synagogues should be set on fire and Jewish homes likewise destroyed."

At his trial in 1946 the Nazi Jew-baiter, Julius Streicher, actually claimed that Luther ought to be in the dock.

This pamphlet is also dedicated to fellow free thinkers. Professor Peter Atkins of the Dept. of Chemistry at Oxford University and the American philosopher Gore Vidal.

"All theology is gobbledygook" Professor Peter Atkins

"The one-god religions are easily the greatest disaster ever to be inflicted on the human race." Gore Vidal

I shudder to think what Gore Vidal must think of the Christian sponsored victor in the October 1994 USA elections who made the following statement on a TV interview:

"Now that we have taken over the Senate and the House of Representatives we can get this Darwin nonsense out of our schools and replace it with the Bible."

It will be impossible to keep the truth from reaching the people for much longer. Contemporary obscurantists with a great deal to lose are fighting just as hard as the medieval lot. As the Duke of Wellington said at Waterloo:

"It is hard pounding, we shall just see who can pound the hardest."




Censored in Great Britain


By Michael Roll


Nothing happened yesterday in the laws of physics that does not happen today. All those who have taken part in contemporary experiments with materialisation mediums are in a position to mark all the work and conclusions of our ancestors who had no knowledge of subatomic physics. When people with no scientific knowledge witnessed the same phenomena - they understandably thought that something supernatural had taken place. This is why Jesus was made into the 17th saviour-god known to historians when he was reported to have come back and proved to his friends that he had conquered death. It was something natural, not supernatural that led to the invention of all the divisive religions throughout the world. I met my "dead" father at in experiment. He was a very good cricketer, but definitely not the creator of the universe.

Now that we are armed with the missing mathematics it is important to repeat the pioneering experiments of Crookes and Richet etc., using Logie Baird's infrared camera which has now been perfected, together with other sophisticated equipment. The mediums are also improving. Crookes only had just one etheric person to work with and she had "died" so long ago that they were unable to get any relations to take part in his experiments. This part of the scientific exercise has now been carried out very successfully. The Jeffery family have been reunited with their "dead" sixteen year old son who was killed on his motorcycle, on over 100 repeatable experiments. The Byrne family have been reunited with their nine year old son, who "died" of cancer, on something like 100 repeatable experiments. Gwen has just published her book which is giving tremendous comfort to all mothers and fathers who have gone through the same hell on earth, losing a child. Come on you journalists and broadcasters, these families are waiting to be interviewed and to share their wonderful experience with every person in the world.

My colleague Dennis Kent from the Isle of Man is giving top priority to the filming of people being reunited with their "dead" friends and relations. Once the experiments are perfected he will call in leading scientists. I have it in writing from Professor Abdus Salam, a Nobel Laureate for Physics that he will take part providing his health holds out and Professor B.D. Josephson of the Cavendish Laboratory is interested if he can fit the experiments in with a very, busy time schedule. (Salam died in November 1996) A very different attitude to the scientific bigotry encountered by Sir William Crookes, judging by this quote taken from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's book "The Vital Message", 1919:

"Sir William Crookes appealed to Sir George Stokes, the Secretary of the Royal Society, to come down to his laboratory and see the experiments but he took no notice."

It is asking a lot for a medium to work with scientists to prove survival after death, because they have to put their lives in the hands of those who carry out the experiments. They are all very nervous; they know what happened to Helen Duncan. I have experienced first hand the hatred from those in authority who will be ruined if millions find out the truth. Remember it was the lucky mediums whom the Church burnt at the stake or drowned, the vast majority were slowly tortured to death in order to get more names for the holy inquisitors of the faith to get stuck into in the Renaissance. The only way to defend a supernatural faith is to keep the truth from the masses. The hatred coming from the scientific side today is even worse than the Church. I have a letter from Dr. John Habgood, the Archbishop of York saying, they are now taking the subject more seriously, and have a department within the Church looking into paranormal phenomena. This is not the case with orthodox science. Every scientific text book in the world will have to be rewritten when the people find out we should not have ditched Sir Isaac Newton for Einstein.


Byrne, Gwen "Russell" 1994. Gwen has her own club for grieving parents - Pink Panther Society. I have sent this paper to all the members of the Pink Panther Society. A mother who had lost a son kindly wrote the following:

"After reading your scientific thesis my pillow is now dry at night, I am a different woman"

One does not get paid for fighting the corrupt establishment forces but I would not swap the happiness that this has given me for a million pounds.

Crossley, Alan E "The Story of Helen Duncan: Materialisation Medium" 1975 (Arthur H. Stockwell Ltd. Devon). Helen was convicted under the Witchcraft Act and went to prison in 1944. She was killed as the result of a police raid in 1956.

Unfortunately no scientific work was carried out with Helen Duncan before she died. However, we do have the reports that were submitted by a team of magicians headed by William Goldston - the founder of the Magicians Club. Goldston and his colleagues were astounded when their "dead" friend materialised, the magician The Great Lafayette. Being true to the codes of conduct demanded by the Magic Circle, Goldston wrote a report to the Psychic News confirming that Helen Duncan's mediumship was genuine, and that no magician could possibly duplicate the phenomena that he and his fellow magicians had witnessed.

Notice that the magician James Randi and his pals on the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP) are always very careful not to bring this report to the public's attention.

I have claimed the £1,000,000 offered by James Randi, sending him proof that Prof. John Hasted of the physics department at London University had proved that so-called psychic phenomena exist. This is when we find out that these public offers of money are a hoax. What Randi does not tell us on TV is that we first of all have to satisfy, his own twelve conditions. He does not recognise the findings of qualified, independent scientists. His conditions are so outrageous that he will never have to part with any money!

Granada TV gave Randi his own series, "James Randi Psychic Investigator". This fraud was exposed by Garry Bushell of The Sun. On 8th August, 1991 Garry asked why those scientists who claim there is a rational case for life after death have been kept off the programme? He also asked why the comments from the astrophysicist Sam Nicholls MSc were cut from the show on mediums.

Dr. Susan Blackmore who proudly boasts a certificate from Randi's (CSICOP) organisation was given the freedom of the Channel 4 "Comment" slot to put the case for the mind dying with the brain. I was officially blocked from giving a balance! The Producer Andrew Curry wrote and told me he is not responsible for the sins and iniquities of the entire British broadcasting system, making it clear that the censorship had come from above, not from him. (Letter dated 8th February, 1988)

Milton, Richard "Forbidden Science" 1994 Forth Estate Ltd. This book exposes CSICOP as a front organisation for orthodox scientific thinking. Their members are acting as inquisitors of the faith. Blocking any connection between survival and physics.


From now on let's follow the survivalist philosophers (thinkers) and not the priests (believers). We only have to turn on the radio and television or open up the papers to see what a mistake it is to believe in the supernatural mythology invented by priests in the Dark Ages. The French Thomas Paine - Voltaire sums up in a few words how dangerous it is to believe what "teachers" with a vested interest are desperate to pump into us:

"People who believe absurdities commit atrocities."

The priests know as much about the power in the universe that creates galaxies and puts life onto planets as the average pussy cat - nothing whatsoever. There is no greater crime in the cosmos than to deliberately indoctrinate young trusting minds with false teachings for selfish ends. From this one heinous crime stems all crime.

All we have to do to find out very quickly how badly we have been deceived by our leaders and teachers is to read just two suppressed books. Thomas Paine's "The Age of Reason" and Arthur Findlay's "The Curse of Ignorance". If only we had been following the survivalist philosophers ó Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, Paine and Findlay, then nobody would have been killed in any crazy religious squabbles.

Arthur Findlay says we only need just two codes of ethics for our short stay on planet earth. This is philosophy, not religion:

"Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

Even the materialists go along with this because it makes sense. However, the next code is very difficult, if not impossible for them to take on board:

"As you sow, so you will reap. "

At the risk of upsetting Prof. Richard Dawkins I am going along with this hearsay that most etheric people hit us with whenever they make contact through a medium. I am going along with it because it makes sense.

They are adamant that we are all personally responsible and liable for our thoughts and actions on earth. This they say determines our surroundings in the etheric world. Let's all make a big effort to leave happiness in our wake wherever we go, not misery.

Dawkins, Atkins, Clarke and Vidal will not wince if we talk to them about love as opposed to hatred. This is the battle on earth and in the etheric world. Love and kindness overcoming and defeating misery and hate. This is the reason why we have to be extra careful of what is being said through mediums. Rotten people on earth are just as nasty in the "next world", and also just as stupid and gullible. The only danger is not to recognise this fact.


Findlay, Arthur "The Curse of Ignorance" 1947. Volume 1 £16.30 Volume 2 £16.30. Both volumes £32.60. All prices post paid. From Psychic Press, Clock Cottage, Stansted Hall, Stansted, Essex CM24 8UD, England. This is the true history of mankind, totally different to the pack of lies taught in a country where the Church and state is established. This passage sums up just how badly the British people have been deceived:

"Such, however, is still [the Church's] influence that this book, which tells the story of the past honestly and fearlessly, will be kept out of our schools and universities by the authorities, and consequently, only in later life will those with enquiring minds discover the truth."

Findlay finishes with a call to the people of the world to throw off the shackles of priestcraft, to make a choice between two paths:

"One is the Secular way (non religious) and the other is the Theological (religious); one is the Democratic and the other the Despotic; one is the sane and the other the insane. "

Paine, Thomas "The Age of Reason" 1794.

Thomas Paine links

Thomas Paine was wanted dead or alive in England for daring to fight against slavery and campaign for all men and women to have the vote. He even submitted a detailed plan for a welfare state. Those caught reading Paine's books were heavily fined or transported to Australia. His pamphlet "Common Sense" was the spark that caused the American and French revolutions. However, this enemy of tyranny has been written out of our history books because exactly 200 years ago he published his banned masterpiece, "The Age of Reason". This challenged the beliefs, power and wealth of the Christian Church. Telling the truth was his downfall:

"Of all the tyrannies that affect mankind, tyranny in religion is the worst; every other species of tyranny is limited to the world we five in; but this attempts to stride beyond the grave, and seeks to pursue us into eternity."

It is now time we introduced this book into every school in the country. As things stand at the moment students do not have access to the intellectual criticism of religion that has been gathered from Paine right through to Prof. Richard Dawkins. Without this balance it is very difficult to distinguish between what is history, and what is mythology.

Contrast the philosophy of Thomas Paine with this passage from the bible, which we are told is the word of God - the creator of the universe:

"The World is my country, to do good is my religion. "

Thomas Paine

"I give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession. Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron, thou shalt dash them in pieces like a potter's vessel."

(Psalm 2: 8-9)

Hence the Christian slave trade and colonialism. Even today the law of Britain demands that this evil rubbish is taught to every school child as the word of god!

Kenneth Griffith's documentary on Thomas Paine - The Most Valuable Englishman Ever - is now available on video. This somehow crept past the censors in 1982. All requests to the BBC for a repeat have so far been turned down.

However, in spite of this appalling censorship, the English people are finding out about their greatest ever philosopher - the English Voltaire.

Every fighter for philosophical freedom should make it their business to visit Thetford in Norfolk where Thomas was born or Lewes in Sussex where he lived for six years before emigrating to the U.S.A. Walk in the footsteps of this artisan who did more than anybody to free the world from slavery and the curse of priestcraft.

Michael Roll's article about Thomas Paine (1736-1809), The Most Valuable Englishman Ever. This outstanding tribute to Thomas Paine - "The Most Valuable Englishman Ever" - is taken from Arthur Findlay's suppressed history of mankind, "The Curse of Ignorance".


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Letter to Michael Roll from journalist Garry Bushell, written in 1991, and an article mentioning how James "The Amazing" Randi cut from his TV broadcast challenges made by astrophysicist Sam Nicholls

Letter from Abdus Salam to Michael Roll (October 14, 1982)

James Randi - His Amazing Role in the Great Psi Media Circus - an article by Sam Nicholls (1991)





By Michael Roll

Many Heathens Say We Have a Soul - Modern Theologians Say We Don't!

I started with a paradox and I shall end with one. A heathen is a person who has not had his or her brains scrambled by Jewish, Christian or Muslim priests. An atheist is a person who flatly refuses to grovel to a mythical, supernatural, supreme being with power over the laws of nature - a big daddy god in the sky invented by ancient priests in order to keep themselves in the lap of luxury and the masses in fear, ignorance and servitude.

The heathens and atheists are now saying we have a soul that parts from our dead physical bodies!

Many Christian priests have now changed their minds about this. According to a report in The Sunday Telegraph Review on 13th November, 1994:

"Modern theology no longer allows that the soul should leave the body after death ... Last week Dr. John Habgood, Archbishop of York, was reported as saying that 'nothing departs the body when you die'."

Dr. Habgood has a First Class Honours degree in Physics from Cambridge University. No prizes will be given to those who guess correctly which scientific philosophy he is following - Einstein's Relativity or Newton's Ether? The following immortal words from Carl Sagan should be written over the entrance to even school and university in the world:


My mother was able to give me the antidote to the rubbish that my teachers tried to pump into me, but what about everybody else who is not lucky enough to have a free thinking mother like mine? Well done all those involved with the BBC "Horizon" science programme. On 16th May, 1994 they exposed the fact that an Australian, Dr. Robin Warren discovered bugs living in our stomach acid. This has been suppressed for over ten years by the medical profession because of the vast amount of money being made by the drug companies producing anti-acid pills. These stomach bugs can be quickly destroyed and millions will not be forced to buy expensive pills to relieve stomach pain. This programme was repeated on 5th December, 1994. At last the people are finding out just how badly they are being fixed. But they still do not know that we have had a rational, scientific explanation to account for so-called paranormal phenomena for over 100 years, ever since 1874 when Sir William Crookes submitted his paper to the Quarterly Journal of Science. John Swainton, the longtime Editor of the New York Times had the courage to blow the whistle on the corrupt establishment forces at a banquet speech following his retirement:

"There is no such thing as a free press. You know it and I know it. There's not one of you who would dare write his honest opinions. The business of a journalist is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to fawn at the feet of Mammon (the false God of riches and avarice), and to sell himself his country, and his race for his daily bread. We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are jumping jacks: they pull the strings, we dance; our talents, our possibilities, and our lives are the property of these men. We are intellectual prostitutes."

At the end of 1994 the Irish Government collapsed when it was revealed that the Roman Catholic Church and politicians had conspired to protect a priest who was guilty of physical child abuse. Thankfully, very few priests would commit such a heinous crime, but what about mental child abuse? They all stand guilty of this assault on the young, trusting minds of children. No wonder they have invented a saviour-god who is going to forgive all their sins. This is why the Christian religion is so attractive to the Mafia and the IRA. Let's think very carefully about these words of the German philosopher Johann Most (1846-1906):

"The more man clings to religion, the more he believes. The more he believes, the less he knows. The less he knows, the more stupid he is, the easier he can be governed The easier to govern, the better he may he exploited. The more exploited the poorer he gets, and the poorer he gets, the mightier the domineering forces grow. The more riches and power they amass, the heavier their yoke upon the neck of the people."


Have you ever wondered why hardly any intellectual criticism of religion ever reaches students and the general public? This is because it is against the law! There is a very sinister clause in the common law offence of blasphemous libel. Nobody is allowed to say anything that may "upset Christians" - those who have been indoctrinated to believe that 2,000 years ago a virgin gave birth to a saviour-god called Christ - the creator of the universe no less. If you do not accept that Jesus is God, then you are most certainly not a Christian. There is no doubt that telling the true history of the formation of the religion of Christianity really upsets those who believe in priestcraft. In order to make sure students never find out about the Council of Nicaea in AD 325 there is a priest or a religionist on the board of governors of every school in the country. They insist the ancient Christian laws of the land are enforced. The only way to defend a supernatural faith is to make sure the masses never find out where it was invented. It was at The Council of Nicaea where the all-embracing (Catholic) doctrines and dogmas were put together by appallingly ignorant priests. It was here that a survivalist philosopher known as Jesus was officially made into God - the second person in a trinity of gods, but three gods in one. Mythology gone mad. To check this look up Nicene Creed in the dictionary. We have an excellent historical record of this infamous council that hardly anybody knows about. To try and make Great Britain a free country, the Law Commission recommended in 1982 that the law of blasphemous libel be abolished. Sadly the Christians who control the Conservative Government flatly refused to take action on this recommendation. I have a letter from the Law Commission dated 22nd June 1982. I will send a copy to every student who sends a stamped addressed envelope. The Labour Government also refuse to act.

"All it requires for the forces of evil, bigotry, superstition and ignorance to keep their grip on the minds of the people is that good men and women continue to do nothing."

After Voltaire

It is a tragedy that Christians have declared war on the reported teachings of Jesus and all the other survivalist philosophers who taught that we are all liable for our actions on earth - "as you sow, so you will reap". Instead of guiding us along the path of goodness, the priests have invented their saviour-god who will forgive all our "sins", just so long as we kowtow to them and ask for forgiveness. There is a very good reason why the Oxford University philosopher, Professor Sir A. J. Ayer, made the following statement on the front page of the first edition of the Mail on Sunday:

"Christianity is morally outrageous and intellectually contemptible."

And this is what the law of Great Britain insists is taught to all our children without any free thinker giving a balance. Have you wondered what Muslims are doing isolated in Bosnia? This is because of a bust up over the Holy Ghost! In 1453 the Muslims had decided to do something about the lunatics (Crusaders) arriving from Europe and killing every man, woman and child they came across. Their vast army was massing across the Bosporus preparing to strike at the Orthodox Christians in Constantinople. The Orthodox Christians pleaded with the Catholic Christians in Rome to come and help keep the Muslims out of Europe. The Catholics said they would only send their army if the Orthodox Christians agreed that the Holy Ghost came from the Son as well as from the Father! Eventually, in desperation, the Orthodox Christians pretended to agree, but it was too late. The Muslims got to Austria before they were pushed back to the toe-hold they now have in Europe (Istanbul).

There is a golden rule we can learn from all this crazy, religious killing. Never believe anything anybody tells us - check all the facts very carefully. Let's all be sceptics, but not bigots, master of our own ship. In Northern Ireland we only have Christians killing each other. Roman Catholics (Mickey Mouse) v Protesting Catholics (Donald Duck), but in Bosnia we have Croats (Mickey Mouse) v Serbs (Orthodox Christians, Pluto) v Muslims. The First World War started because of Britain, France, Germany, Austria. Russia and Turkey getting mixed up with these cowboys, all fighting over nothing whatsoever.


"The Psychic Stream" by Arthur Findlay. Psychic Press. The Source and Growth of the Christian Faith. From Psychic Press. The Arthur Findlay College. Redwoods. Stansted Hall, Stansted. Essex CM24 8UD. £16.30p. post paid.

"The Suppression of Knowledge" and sequel "Exposed. An Establishment Conspiracy of Awesome Proportions" by Michael Roll. £2-00 post paid from 28 Westerleigh Road, Downend, Bristol BS16 6AH England. This covers the main points raised by Paine & Findlay. Two hundred years of the suppressed academic criticism of the supernatural absurdities contained in religions.

A page by page criticism of Paul Johnson's horror story "A History of Christianity" by Michael Roll. £ 2-00 post paid. Address as above.

"Your little booklet is terrific. It deserves wide distribution. It highlights the absurdity of the situation in this country where everybody pussyfoots around a religion that nobody (except the wilfully ignorant) believes in anymore. This has been the state of things for over a century now."

Tony Grist, ex-priest, now a journalist.


For those who are keen to find out what etheric people say in answer to our questions, I recommend the books of the etheric philosopher Silver Birch. He says if I insult your intelligence or offend your reason, then reject what I am saying. Not a bad start. There is a very good reason why he uses many words that are deeply offensive to secularists and all those who have read Paine and Findlay together with the history of religious genocide. Silver Birch's only outlet has been via the religion of Spiritualism. He knows if he did the same as Arthur Findlay, hitting everything on a rational basis, he would then receive the same treatment and fail to get his message across. He gently deprogrammes the refugees from Christianity who have been attracted to, and taken over the once scientifically minded Spiritualist movement.

"Now your world has seen the havoc wrought and the benefits that can be obtained by nuclear fission. The basis of materialism has been split altogether: the indissoluble atom has been dissolved. Scientists accept that matter is not solid, and that reality is to be found in the invisible."

Silver Birch, "Light from Silver Birch" 1983

Silver Birch goes onto say if we can tell just one person about these suppressed discoveries in subatomic physics, then our lives will have been worthwhile. If we all make an effort to tell just three people, then this brings into play the incredible mathematics of a chain letter. In a very short time everybody knows. Dave Barrett of Live TV and James Stannage of Radio Piccadilly, are helping me to tell millions, so are thousands of others. The powerful forces that are ranged against the people will not be able to hold out for much longer. Very shortly they will be swept aside by public opinion just like the Berlin Wall and Communism in Russia.

Ask Psychic Press for details of the books by Silver Birch. Clock Cottage, Stansted Hall, Stansted, Essex CM24 8UD England. Tel: 01279 817050

"A man or a woman who is a medium or a spiritist among you must be put to death ..."

Leviticus 20.27 (New International Version of the Bible. 1979)

The word of God, my foot, it is obviously the word of evil priests making sure the opposition are rubbed out.

To all Journalists, Broadcasters and Educationalists

Immediately the third of the philosophies listed below has equal media coverage to numbers one and two, then the survivalists' fight for philosophical freedom is over.


When you are dead, you're dead.

The materialists' case for the mind dying with the brain, as put forward by the parapsychologists and orthodox scientific teaching across all disciplines from philosophy through to physics. They all follow Einstein's materialistic model of the universe.


Resting in peace in the ground waiting for the Second Coming of the Christian saviour-god (Judgement Day)

Only believers in this god called Christ stand any chance of survival, all the rest will rot in hell forever without any chance of getting out. The supernatural doctrines and dogmas of priestcraft.


The mind and brain are separate - we all survive death.

This is backed up by crushing scientific proof. This is the secularists' - non-religious - case that says we are all immediately reunited with our loved ones who have gone before us. The subject of survival is physics - natural philosophy. Following Christiaan Huygen's and Sir Oliver Lodge's Theory of the Ether, then extending Sir Isaac Newton's model of the universe to match up with recent discoveries in subatomic physics.

Survivalists are not out to convert or convince anybody. If people do not like the idea of surviving death immediately their physical bodies pack in, then they can always go back to what they thought before this information reached them. However, discoveries in physics belong to every man, woman and child on earth, it is their birthright, it is just too bad if the truth upsets powerful religionists and materialists who will be ruined if millions find out what is being suppressed. Deceiving the people is a very dangerous game to play.

Republished, March 1998
Republished, April 1997
Published, January 1995

by Michael Roll

28 Westerleigh Road
BS16 6AH

Copyright 1995 by Michael Roll
ISBN 0 9525021 00



Surviving Death is a Branch Of Physics

by Michael Roll

If we went down the high street asking people what they thought Spiritualists do, I suspect most would answer that they make contact with the dead. Unless one has made a careful study of life after death, the very idea of speaking to dead people must seem to a great many living in secular Britain to be a pretty wacky idea. However, to a person like myself with a mother who had made the effort to read the work of Arthur Findlay, it is the thought that death is the end of everything that is the crazy idea. Whether we accept or reject survival after death is all a question of what information we have had access to. I do not believe in life after death, I accept it as a stone-cold scientific fact, just the same as the world being round and not flat. This is because my mother had shown me where to look for the scientific proof of survival. It makes me very angry that most people do not know that international teams of scientists have carried out repeatable experiments under laboratory conditions proving that we all survive death. The results have been published in leading scientific magazines. This information is being deliberately kept from coming to the attention of the public for obvious reasons. Scientific teaching across every discipline is locked into the mind and brain being the same: with no chance of going anywhere when our physical bodies pack in. Also who is going to pay the salaries of the priests when millions find out it is a scientific fact that we all survive death? They will be made redundant. Nothing is supernatural - above or beyond the laws of nature. Those of us who are trying to tell everybody in the world that we all survive death have run head on into a brick wall. The scientific and religious establishments have a vested interest in making sure ordinary people never come across the books that my mother showed me. It is very important that everybody has the same choice that was available to me - survival or oblivion. No choice can be made unless people have access to both sides of an argument. It is just too bad if the truth upsets the Pope and Professor Stephen Hawking of Cambridge University. Discoveries in physics belong to every man, woman and child on earth. Please help me to let millions know that losing a loved one is only a temporary tragedy.

Sir Oliver Lodge wrote a brilliant article in 1933 linking survival after death with subatomic physics - the natural laws in the universe. I have incorporated this Lodge article that is written in lay language into my pamphlet: "Telling the Truth, Linking Survival After Death with Subatomic Physics is Censored in Great Britain".

The Archbishop of Canterbury has come out in the open to disestablish the Church from the state, also to free the monarch from the ridiculous title of Defender of the Catholic Faith that was bestowed on King Henry VIII by the Pope in 1521. All Thomas Paine's and Arthur Findlay's wildest dreams are coming true. Surely it will not be long now before the thoughts of the most valuable Englishman ever (Thomas Paine) actually come to the attention of every child at school. All the time the common law offence of Blasphemous Libel remains in place, there can be no philosophical balance in our schools. Thomas Paine's masterpiece "The Age of Reason" (1794) is banned from our schools in the "free" country of Great Britain. Perhaps one day we will even have a written constitution like they do in The United States of America, the last great dream of Thomas Paine:

"Those who wish to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it."


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Kenneth Griffith's documentary on Thomas Paine - The Most Valuable Englishman Ever - is now available on video. This somehow crept past the censors in 1982. All requests to the BBC for a repeat have so far been turned down.



by J.J. Snyder

A group of British scientists, including two astrophysicists, a thermodynamicist, and other professional researchers, are conducting experiments and solving complex equations that they believe furnish conclusive and irrefutable proof of human survival of bodily death.

Michael Roll, a rationalist and freethinker who heads The Campaign for Philosophical Freedom, is unofficial spokesman for the group. He has recently revealed information that could drastically alter humankind's entire belief system regarding continuation of consciousness beyond the grave. Roll, of Bristol, England, a former businessman, is a long-time explorer of paranormal phenomena. He and his colleagues' series of discoveries, involving mathematical equations and physical experiments, when taken together, furnish empirical evidence that makes an extremely strong case for continuing after-death survival of the human psyche.

The group has come to regard that continuation as the functioning of a natural, universal law, the study of which is strictly a branch of chemistry, physics, and mathematics, rather than an article of religious faith.

This scientific approach to a subject which heretofore has been discussed mainly as a function of theology is stirring lively debate, not only in Britain, but worldwide. The assertion that immortality is conferred on humankind through natural law alone, rather than by an all-powerful, monotheistic God, is awakening interest and triggering penetrating questions from the general public, including churchgoers, as they become more fully informed about prospects for continuing existence beyond the transition known as "death."

The researchers' premise is that certain recent mathematical discoveries, combined with results of in-depth exploration of physics and quantum mechanics, now furnish verification for many previous well-documented scientific experiments dealing with what has been previously known as "psychic phenomena." These experiments were, and are being, conducted by various researchers from the late nineteenth century down to the present day, and all have a common thread. Each features repeated appearances by, and communication with, entities from the next level of existence who have experienced the event known as death, and yet maintain consciousness, remain articulate, and sometimes become visible on this physical level. At times these visitors from etheric realms can be touched, felt, and even held tightly by incarnate humans. Fully authenticated and documented visits to living family members, friends, and researchers have long proven the reality of these manifestations, but their cause and origin has remained inexplicable in the context of heretofore known laws of physics. However, many of the questions relating to these phenomena have been answered by the British researchers, and ongoing exploration continues.

Discarnate entities sometimes appear through materialization mediums - those specially endowed individuals who are able to furnish a psychic link between the two planes. At other times, usually when influenced by extremely strong emotions on either, or both, the etheric or physical level, materializations occur spontaneously. Other mediums, while not always able to effect materializations, are still able to relay communications between the two levels of existence.

Much of the evidence provided by certain mediums has been subjected to close, even hostile, scientific scrutiny, and found to be true and valid. Recently, there have been many reports of discarnate communication occurring by electronic means - telephone calls, tape recordings, fax messages, and even long discourses on computer screens. Etheric entities identify themselves, answer questions put to them by experimenters, and furnish information on conditions in the dimensions where they now exist. Extensive research into electronic communication with afterworld beings is being conducted on both sides of the Atlantic. In the USA, the American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena and the Continuing Life Research organizations are in the forefront of these investigations.

Simply put, the British investigative group's contention is that these appearances of and contacts with "deceased" persons are manifestations of natural physical laws, the validity of which has been proven by recent and startling discoveries in mathematics and quantum physics. These are fields of study directly related to the structure and behavior of electrons, protons, neutrons, and other sub-atomic particles. Roll asserts that these new discoveries now fully vindicate the findings of early investigators of psychic phenomena such as Sir William Crookes, Sir Oliver Lodge, John Logie Baird, Arthur Findlay, Dr. Glen Hamilton, and many other prestigious scientific truth-seekers. After years of research, each of these experimenters declared unequivocally that life continues, endures, and advances on the next levels of existence.

Baird, a television pioneer, and inventor of the infrared camera, contacted the "deceased" Thomas A. Edison through a medium, and a discussion of the infrared camera followed. Later, Baird made the following statement: "I have witnessed some very startling phenomena under circumstances which make trickery out of the question...I am convinced that discoveries of far-reaching importance remain waiting along these shadowy and discredited paths."

Fittingly, efforts in Britain are now underway to embark on a project to employ an infrared camera that will scientifically measure and record phenomena produced during experiments, including the videotaping of recently deceased persons. Many early investigators were given a very rough time by fellow scientists and the media. This holds especially true for Crookes. In 1874, he published the results of his four years of experiments dealing with a wide variety of unexplained phenomena. The report described many well-documented appearances, in the presence of Florence Cook, a materialization medium, of a spirit entity by the name of Katie King. Immediately upon publication of these findings, he became the target of infuriated detractors. After Crookes' death in 1919, his enemies even went so far as to accuse him of being sexually obsessed with Cook, and collaborating with her in faking evidence of psychic phenomena. These cowardly attacks were directed at one of the most distinguished scientists of the nineteenth century, a Fellow of the Royal Society, later it's President, and the discoverer of the chemical element Thallium.

Although Crookes had become convinced of the reality of etheric communications long before beginning work with the medium (he began his research by investigating the numerous psychic phenomena associated with D. D. Hume), these unfounded and unproven allegations, many of them outright lies, have persisted into our own time. They have muddied the waters of paranormal investigation, and discouraged other scientists from following in Crookes' footsteps.

This is in spite of the reams of documentation of the many paranormal occurrences, including numerous appearances of the aforementioned discarnate entity, which occurred throughout Crookes' investigation. Conclusive photographs are part of the record, and the authenticity of the phenomena has been verified by a number of independent witnesses. Some of these witnesses were themselves brilliant and esteemed scientists of the era, one of note being Cromwell F. Varley, an early researcher into ionization phenomena, and supervisor of the initial laying of the Atlantic Cable.

Another investigator, Dr. Glen Hamilton, MD, of Winnipeg, Canada, a member of the Canadian Parliament and long-time psychic researcher, carried out later experiments which closely paralleled Crookes', and achieved comparable results. His research sessions were also marked by manifestations of, and communication with discarnate entities. All of these occurred under closely-controlled, replicable, conditions, including a battery of fifteen flash cameras which photographed the apparitions from all angles simultaneously. Scientific observers who were present at these experiments included four other doctors, two lawyers, and two engineers. All of these witnesses stated unequivocally that "time after time, we saw dead persons materialize." In well over a century, there has never been an explanation put forth for these hundreds of scientifically validated manifestations and communications being anything other than what the experimenters claimed them to be, that is, paranormal, or "psychic" phenomena.

Roll balks at the term "psychic," however, preferring instead to talk of "sub-atomic" phenomena. This he perceives as beginning with the separation of the human mind from its bodily shell, a natural and universal function that takes place at the end of physical life.

The mind, retaining all of the memories, emotions, and intellect that it possessed on the material plane, then moves on to its next level of existence. This event occurs without regard for an individual's religious belief and/or good behavior, or lack of the same, during his or her physical existence.

The term "sub-atomic" refers to the many particles that compose the atom. There are over two hundred of these so far discovered, in addition to the generally well known electrons, protons, and neutrons. An electron is part of a family known as leptons. Its companion protons and neutrons are constructed of a similar sub-atomic group known as quarks. It has been postulated by a number of physicists that another sub-atomic particle, the neutrino, may account for ninety percent of the previously "missing" matter in the universe.

All of these particles possess properties and exhibit behavior which remains inexplicable in the context of conventional physics, and there are strong indications that they may furnish an explanation for the numerous phenomena which are characteristic of the so-called "etheric body." According to the group's premise, both the human body and its etheric personality, the essence of human consciousness that endures after the physical ceases to operate, are composed of various sub-atomic particles. When the etheric portion detaches from the physical, in the event known as "death," it remains energized by these same particles, which, in their new state, are now able to impart to it powers and abilities unknown, and even unimaginable, in our material world. Under certain conditions, discarnate entities manifesting on the material plane can appear and disappear at will, speak, respond, and even be grasped and held by those present at controlled experiments.

In Roll's view, there is nothing "supernatural" or "paranormal" about these appearances, which he sees as merely proving the ongoing existence of human consciousness and personality beyond the end of physical life. He blames certain religious denominations and national political leaders, pandering to their own interests by keeping the masses in ignorance, for this information on sub-atomic phenomena as it impacts upon survival not being more widely circulated and available to the general public. To aid Roll's efforts in disseminating this evidence, an impressive array of scientists, physicists, and university professors have lent him support and made public their own research findings, all of which bear out the validity of his assertions.

The late Professor Abdus Salam was a Nobel Laureate and Director of the International Centre for Theoretical Physics, who was awarded an honorary knighthood. After reviewing the results of investigations by the savants, he gave Roll numerous monetary contributions from his own pocket, as well as a sizable grant from the Foundation, to help him spread the word of these exciting discoveries that verify the truth of ongoing life beyond the physical level.

R. D. Pearson, BSc, another of Roll's scientific collabarators, is a former university lecturer and engineer whose specialty is thermodynamics and fluid mechanics. He has written a book, "Intelligence Behind The Universe," along with a companion booklet, "Colossus," and an accompanying appendix of mathematical proof. These purport to explain the cosmic force that drives the phenomenom of continuing life, and mathematically back up the experiments of Crookes and Hamilton. Put quite simply, Pearson sees post-mortem survival of the human psyche as one of many functions of a multi-dimensional, multi-universal, sub-atomic grid matrix, on which all forms of life exist, and which sustains the etheric, as well as the physical consciousness of all living organisms. In this model, physical materializations of so-called "dead" persons, and even deceased animals, are but the temporary merging of two different frequencies, or wave-lengths, from two discrete levels of the grid, somewhat similar to when more than one radio broadcast is picked up on the same dial setting.

Pearson furnishes full mathematical proof for his postulations, which may one day be looked upon as the key that finally unlocked the door to universal awareness of the reality of discarnate existence. One of the roadblocks to scientific acceptance of this "grid theory" (which is considerably more complex than the above simplified outline) has been the existence of Einstein's Theory of Relativity, parts of which seemed to negate Pearson's hypothesis. However, Doctor Louis Essen, a Fellow of the Royal Society, and inventor of the atomic clock, informed Pearson that he has found significant errors in Einstein's calculations.

This recent discovery by Doctor Essen is in accord with a statement made by Einstein himself on his seventieth birthday: "There is not a single concept of which I am convinced that it will stand firm, and I am not sure if I was on the right track after all." Over the past several years, other physicists and cosmologists worldwide have also come to the general agreement that "Einstein's laws contain some flaws." As a result of this consensus, they are examining certain discrepancies that have been found in Einstein's work, and are formulating other premises to account for specific occurrences in quantum physics that cannot be explained by his theories.

Pearson is confident that his "grid theory" corrects some of the discrepant data in Einstein's works, and that it will withstand close examination and criticism by fellow physicists and cosmologists. In his book, he calls for seven experimental checks to be made which he is certain will return positive results and affirm his conclusions. Pearson has made several trips to Russia to present his theories. After extensive investigation and review, they were fully accepted by the physicists and scientists of that country, and Russian physics textbooks are in the process of being revised to reflect his new and exciting discoveries in sub-atomic physics. One of the strongest points in their favor is the fact that they have been shown not to conflict with the proven realities of quantum mechanics, as do many of Einstein's theories.

Sam Nicholls, MSc, an astrophysics graduate of Leeds University, and a fellow researcher into sub-atomic phenomena, concurs with Pearson's findings. He has further postulated that so-called "deceased" entities, although composed of slightly different atomic components, exist in, and share the same space with, incarnate persons. He states:

"Like the physical universe, their world would likewise be composed of sub-atomic particles, but these may be in much closer vibrational harmony with the all-pervading "grid" than their physical counterparts."

In one context of observation, this grid itself could be seen as the Creator-Sustainer of All Things for a number of parallel but separate universes. This premise does not, however, negate the possibility of an even higher, ultimate, Intelligence behind the grid.

Another British astrophysicist and sub-atomic researcher, Michael Scott, BSc, a graduate of Edinburgh University, cites Niels Bohr's "Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics" as seeming to actually require the existence of consciousness as a non-material extension to space-time. Scott makes the point that sub-atomic physics, as explored by he and other researchers worldwide, no longer views the building blocks of the universe as discrete particles of solid substance, but rather as vague, wavelike structures whose existence borders on the ethereal. Scott further states that:

"The advancement of quantum physics has produced a description of reality which allows the existence of parallel universes. Composed of real substance, they would not interact directly with matter from our universe."

Professor Fred Alan Wolfe, although not a member of the British group, seems to concur with their findings in his book "Mind and the New Physics". In it he states that "as fantastic as it may sound, the 'new physics' called quantum mechanics posits that there exists, side by side with this world, another world, a parallel universe, a duplicate copy that is somehow slightly different and yet the same. And not just two parallel worlds, but three, four, and even more...! In each of these universes, you, I, and all the others who live, have lived, will live, and will have ever lived, are alive."

These radical concepts of quantum physics and the ephemeral state of perceived reality as it impacts human existence beyond physical life have spurred attacks on the researchers from many quarters. These include certain members of the clergy, spiritualists, other scientists, and professional "skeptics." Roll, as spokesman for the group, has drawn the wrath of religionists and spiritualists by his denial that belief in a supreme being is a necessary condition for next-world survival. His assertion that religious faith, or lack of it, is irrelevant in the context of continuing afterlife has placed him in direct conflict with the established churches, especially certain Christian denominations, and some of his fiercest foes are to be found in this camp.

It seems particularly ironic that Christian sects are in the forefront of opposition to the sharing of these findings. The reported teachings of Jesus, whose doctrines are the foundation of their beliefs, are all based on the existence of another life beyond the present. Many thinking persons feel that these new discoveries in sub-atomic physics give credence to all those who, since the advent of human consciousness, have taught survival of death, and in addition, eliminate the necessity of belief through faith alone. This point is made by Pearson when he states,

"People need to be made aware that their religious faiths have a base strongly supportable by modern physics. There is no longer any reason to think of science and religion as basically incompatible."

Roll expected strong opposition from the churches, but sees it as paradoxical that certain British spiritualist organizations have also joined in denouncing his views. The very core of spiritualism has always been a belief in the reality of contact with departed entities, and many survivalists of the past, especially the great historian and researcher Arthur Findlay, have made important and lasting contributions to research dealing with these contacts. Roll's charges, which are backed by correspondence of record with several Spiritualist groups, are that their present day members have abandoned the rationalist philosophy of Findlay and other pioneers. They have instead tended to side with organized religion in asserting that belief in a monotheistic "God" is a vital part of the spiritualist creed. To refute the concept that faith in a supreme being is necessary for afterlife salvation from eternal punishment, Roll states unequivocally that life continues on in the next dimension without divine intervention or retribution, regardless of one's religious beliefs or lack thereof. In addition to the findings of his colleagues, he bases this statement on personal communications with discarnate entities with whom he has spoken, and even held and embraced, including a "deceased" member of his immediate family.

From information received through these contacts, he describes the afterworld as having many of the same conditions that are found on this physical plane. One significant difference seems to be that the environment experienced by each person is wholly dependent upon that individual's behavior while incarnate. Punishment for wrongdoing, if any, is meted out to oneself by oneself, after undergoing a review of the past physical life. There are infinite and varying levels of existence, and advancement to higher planes is within the reach of every inhabitant of those realms. Roll outlines his philosophy in a quote from his booklet "The Physicists' and Rationalists' Case for Survival After the Death of Our Physical Bodies:"

"Dying is as natural as being born; we all pass into the next world whether we like it or not. There is no special place reserved for Christians or members of any other sect. There are no social strata or racial barriers. We all graduate to the level we have earned by the development of our characters."

Conspicuously missing from this scenario is that favorite authority figure of religious fundamentalists, the "Big Daddy God," a stern judge who summarily sentences some souls to eternal fire as punishment for alleged "sins", while raising others to eternal glory as a reward for belief in "Him." Mention of this deity is found nowhere in the numerous accounts by discarnate entities of life in their world. The Creator of the Universe, whoever or whatever he/she or it may be, seems to be a much more loving and compassionate being than literal interpreters of the Bible can conceive of. Opposition from certain establishment scientists to this view of after-death survival as a natural function of sub-atomic processes has also been strong. In spite of Lord Kelvin's statement that "Science is bound by the everlasting law of honour to face fearlessly every problem which can fairly be presented to it," some scientists have refused to even look at Pearson's data, or review the hypotheses of the other researchers.

Adrian Berry, Science Correspondent of the "Daily Telegraph," has framed this attitude perfectly by stating in print that

"few subjects more infuriate scientists than claims of paranormal phenomena, because, if confirmed, the whole fabric of science would be threatened."

Although obviously not Berry's intention, these words make a crucial point for the embattled researchers.

Roll's response to Berry is that "nothing can threaten true science, which in essence is the unceasing search for knowledge, and that observed and verifiable facts call for an explanation of their cause, no matter how uncomfortable the eventual solution may be for it's discoverers." He equates such reluctance to explore new vistas with past suppression of uncomfortable ideas and discoveries, as when the brilliant researcher Giordano Bruno was murdered by the Catholic Church for daring to assert that "There are many suns, with many planets circling them. The priests and so-called "scientists" of Galileo's day refused to look through his telescope, because of fear that what they might observe would overturn their cherished and antiquated beliefs.

Even the ubiquitous James "The Amazing" Randi, erstwhile magician and member of the "Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal," (although he has been forced to resign from this organization due to legal problems stemming from character defamation suits brought against him) has taken it upon himself to attack the premise of scientific verification of continuing post-mortem existence. His nose was figuratively bloodied during an encounter with Sam Nicholls, however, when the astrophysicist, as a member of the audience of a television show, stood up and publicly challenged Randi's assertions. The magician quickly ordered the cameras of Granada Television Studio switched off before they could record Nicholls' words.

Since there is no separation of church and state in Britain, religious opposition there has, until very recently, made it difficult for Roll to air his findings and those of his colleagues. As an example of this church-state integration, the law demands that an "act of Christian worship" be performed daily in every school throughout the land!

Also, British laws have not always favored Roll's attempts to disseminate his views in the media. One example of this mental harassment is an incident which would be unimaginable in the USA. Because of a clause in the Broadcasting Act, the host of a radio show on which Roll appeared and championed the existence of subatomic phenomena as a natural law, while denying it's divine origin, was threatened with being reported to the IBA, (the British counterpart of the Federal Communications Commission) if Roll ever again appeared on his show. The courageous broadcaster was not intimidated, and his publicizing of the threat resulted in increased demand by listeners for more information on the subject, which led to Roll ultimately being invited back on the air without fear of sanctions. These and other restrictions have worked as deterrents to the free dissemination of information on sub-atomic phenomena, but the situation is rapidly changing.

Lately, likely due to public pressure, Roll has been allowed to air his views more freely, and has been appearing on a series of radio broadcasts, where he was able to reveal the far-reaching discoveries of his colleagues with a minimum of restrictions. He also gives numerous lectures throughout the UK and in Europe, and recently formed the Campaign for Philosophical Freedom to further disseminate the truth about ongoing life in etheric realms. As word of these exciting and factual affirmations of heretofore only hoped-for afterlife existence spreads, the public is showing its strong interest in life after death by ever-increasing attendance at lectures and programs given by Roll and his associates. They are demanding more information, as well as the lowering of all remaining barriers to free and open discussion of the matter. In future years, it is likely that the present times will be looked back upon as the dawning of a new Renaissance in humankind's perception of both the physical and non-physical worlds alike.

A quote from Arthur Schopenhauer describes the current situation in the study of sub-atomic physics as it relates to ongoing life now being at the second stage, and nearing the third:

"Any unexplained phenomenon passes through three stages before the reality of it is accepted. During the first stage it is considered laughable. During the second stage, it is adamantly opposed. Finally, during the third stage, it is accepted as self-evident."


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Letter from Abdus Salam to Michael Roll (October 14, 1982)

James Randi - His Amazing Role in the Great Psi Media Circus - an article by Sam Nicholls (1991)



The Secular, Scientific Case for Survival After Death

A scientific revolution has taken place since this booklet was first published in 1983. The great scientific breakthrough really started in 1933 when Pauli predicted that there may well be particles in the atom other than the proton, neutron and electron. This was the same year that Sir Oliver Lodge published his article in The Queen's Hospital Annual (Birmingham) - 'The Mode of Future Existence' - linking the subject of survival after death with the scientific discipline of subatomic physics - the study of the invisible part of the universe.

In 1956 a ghost-like particle called the neutrino was discovered that passed effortlessly through matter. At last a rational explanation started to evolve in order to account for all the ghost stories down through the centuries. Many physicists started to look seriously at the seemingly outrageous claims put forward by Sir William Crookes in 1874. His experiments proved that there are people living in the invisible part of the universe. They showed that we all posses two bodies while we are on Earth, one we see called the physical body and one containing the mind that we are unable to see or feel with our physical senses. This is because the subatomic particles that make up the second body are so minute they are completely out of range of what we see and sense in our physical universe. The stumbling block has always been the building blocks of this second body, sometimes called the soul or spirit body.

These elusive building blocks of this etheric body and the vast universe that it operates in after it breaks from the physical body were discovered by the Derbyshire scientist Ronald D. Pearson in 1988. His papers have been peer-refereed and published by physicists in Russia and the USA:

An Alternative to Relativity Including Gravitation By Ronald D. Pearson

Published by The Russian Academy of Sciences: St. Petersburg 1993. Series:

'The Universe Investigation Problems' issue 16.

Space and Time Problems in Modern Natural Science (Based on papers of the Second International Conference) Part 11

Quantum Gravitation and the Structured Ether By R. D. Pearson

Published by The Russian Academy of Sciences: St. Petersburg 1994 following The Sir Isaac Newton International Conference.

Consciousness as a Sub-Quantum Phenomena By Ronald D. Pearson

Published in Frontier Perspectives, the magazine of The Center for Frontier Perspectives at Temple University. Volume 6, Number 2. Spring/Summer 1997

On 13th December 1981 in the Sunday Times their science correspondent reported that physicists could have been wrong for forty years about the make-up of the universe. It appears that nine-tenths of the universe could consist of invisible mass. When we look through a telescope at our galaxy, the Milky Way, or at a distant, we are only seeing one-tenth of the stars or mass. The motion of distant galaxies and the stars in them can only be accounted for under the laws of gravity it there is far more mass associated with each galaxy than there is in the visible stars that comprise it.

The paradox here is that this discovery proves the ancient prophets were not all that wide of the mark. The terrible mistake they made was to think they were in touch with God or the gods. We now know they were only speaking to people who once lived on earth, some good people, hence the many high ethical teachings contained in 'holy' books, but unfortunately they were also in touch with people who were just as prejudiced or confused as when they were on earth. Joan of Arc is a good example. She was in touch with French patriots in the next world who told her how to get rid of the hated English.

The implications of this wonderful discovery are awe-inspiring. By far the most important development, when this knowledge begins to dawn on more people, will be the dramatic effect it will have on everyone's behaviour. People will quickly realize that our short stay on earth is for one purpose only, to learn lessons and therefore develop our character; that we are accountable for every single thought and action; as we sow, so shall we reap. Our environment in the next world depends on how we have behaved in this world. Dying is as natural as being born, we all pass into the same world whether we like it or not. There is no special place reserved for Christians or members of any other sect. There are no social strata or racial barriers. All graduate to the level we have earned by the development of our characters. (This passage was underlined by Professor Salam when he returned my work.)

Other far more illustrious pens than mine have written many books on this subject. The purpose of writing my paper 'The Suppression of Knowledge' is not to try and convert anybody, but to bring to people's attention the existence of this knowledge. To accept or reject a theory about anything, whether it is scientific, religious or political, is the ultimate in freedom. But what I do care very deeply about is that everyone should have the opportunity to accept or reject the findings of scientists.

From the facts presented in my paper, it is obvious that powerful people with vested interests are still stopping this information from being freely available to the majority of people.


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The Mode of Future Existence - 1933 Lecture by Sir Oliver Lodge FRS (1851-1940).

This article is censored from all large circulation papers and magazines throughout the world because it links the subject of survival after death with the scientific discipline of subatomic physics - the study of the invisible part of the universe.

Ronald Pearson's paper 'Consciousness as a Sub-quantum Phenomenon' Peer-refereed and published in the journal Frontier Perspectives, Temple University, Philadelphia, USA. Volume 6. No. 2, Spring/Summer. 1997. ISSN: 1062-4767


The Suppression of Knowledge

That natural law in the universe of cause and effect has started another revolution. A revolution so quiet that as yet hardly anyone is aware of it.

The first breakthrough came in 1981, when the Law Commission recommended that the common law offence of Blasphemous Libel should be abolished. It is because of this law that millions are still kept in ignorance of the past. Until now any criticism of the Christian religion, however true, has been almost completely eliminated from the mass media.

The truth, however much it is suppressed, must eventually surface. Over the years many brave men and women have tried to tell it, but not until now has there been a significant breakthrough. The B.B.C. have allowed a thirteen-part serial called 'Cosmos' to be shown on television. This, together with a best-selling book, has now made clear to millions all over the world, beyond any doubt, that the so-called Establishment have concealed known historical facts from being freely available to the majority of people.

It proves conclusively what modern historians have known for many years, that it was the Christians who were solely responsible for plunging the world into the Dark Ages. Many of the Christian Saints and historical Greats, but thankfully with some notable exceptions, were ignorant, evil, homicidal maniacs: in exactly the same mould as the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia, but unfortunately on a gigantic scale and totally successful. Every man, woman and child who dared to challenge any aspect of the new State Religion of the Roman Empire was brutally dealt with. Every library and college of learning was closed and every non-Christian book destroyed, until eventually the Christian priests were the only people able to read and write. Not even our early kings had this privilege. In the land of the ignorant, the man who can read and write is king.

The B.B.C. has also shown a television series called 'The Borgias' (Pope Alexander VI, 1492-1503). Millions of people have been shocked as they watched this terrible story unfold before their eyes. So many imagined the Popes of old to be similar to the kind men that have held office in recent years. If only this were so. Many were much worse than Alexander VI. Pope Innocent Ill (1198-1216) and many others were responsible for the most appalling crimes. These evil men ruled the known world as dictators with the same power as any Roman Emperor.

When Rome fell to the Christian Visigoths (A.D. 410) they did not destroy any churches. They fell at the feet of Pope Innocent I, worshipping him as God's representative on earth. The light of knowledge was extinguished from Christendom. Superstition took the place of the pursuit of knowledge. Ignorance and corruption reigned supreme for a thousand years.

What follows is an attempt to highlight the main points of the research carried out by the modern philosopher Arthur Findlay, who died in 1964.

There is no such thing as the Christian Religion. The whole edifice is a priestly invention. Scholars have failed completely to find one iota of original thought. Every single item was copied from much older religions and philosophies.

At first sight this statement seems outrageous, just as stupid as Copernicus's theory that the sun does not travel round the earth every day. But in history, as in nature, things are very often completely opposite to what they seem.

Guignbert, Professor of History of Christianity at the Sorbonne, Paris, in his work 'Jesus', which he published in 1935, remarks:

"All that can be legitimately sought for in the gospels is the material of the earliest history of Christian dogma, not that of the life of Jesus, of the latter they tell us absolutely nothing. There is not the slightest doubt that Jesus never uttered the discourses attributed to him by the gospels. They are artificial compositions. Even the Sermon on the Mount is no exception to this rule."

If this was the opinion of one man it would hardly be worth quoting, but it is the conclusion of every unbiased researcher who has ever made a deep study of the subject. These men and women have been denied access to the mass media, and this includes the national press, for reasons that are now becoming clear. They have only been able to write books and lecture to small audiences.

Scientists like Carl Sagan are eager to share their knowledge of the treatment that their early pioneers received from the religious, power hungry fanatics. This was made clear on television, and he writes in 'Cosmos':

"The last scientist who worked in the library (of Alexandria) was a mathematician, astronomer, physicist and head of the Neoplatonic school of philosophy. An extraordinary range of accomplishments for any individual in any age. Her name was Hypatia. She was born in Alexandria in 370 A.D, at a time when women had few options and were treated as property.... The growing Christian Church was consolidating its power and attempting to eradicate pagan influence and culture. Hypatia stood at the epicenter of these mighty social forces.

"Cyril, the Archbishop of Alexandria, despised her because of her close friendship with the Roman governor, and because she was a symbol of learning and science, which were largely identified by the early Church with paganism. In great danger, she continued to teach and publish, until, in the year 415, on her way to work she was set upon by a fanatical mob of Cyril's parishioners. They dragged her from her chariot, tore off her clothes, and, armed with abalone shells, flayed her flesh from her bones. Her remains were burned, her works obliterated, her name forgotten. Cyril was made a saint."

This was not an isolated incident but one small part of a vast programme of genocide, skilfully organized and executed, that was to last right up to the nineteenth century.

Pagan means 'country people' because logically the people who lived in the country were the last to be forced to accept the new all-embracing religion. The derogatory term 'paganism' has had the desired effect of making people imagine wild, grovelling, painted savages but then they must include Pythagoras and Eratosthenes, the man who proved the earth was round over one thousand five hundred years before the Renaissance scientists. is it any wonder historians and scientists are getting angry now that they realize how the truth is still withheld from the vast majority of people?

The definition of Pagan in the dictionary is heathen; unenlightened. Hypatia, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Virgil etc. are all classed as unenlightened. This amounts to deliberate deception by the Establishment.

How can educated people, living in the latter half of the twentieth century, believe the incredible, supernatural stories invented by men living two thousand years ago? At the Council of Trent in 1545 it was decided that women had souls, but only by a majority of three votes. If the Renaissance clergy were this stupid, what must they have been like in the first few centuries of the Christian era?

A man called Saul of Tarsus (Saint Paul) said he saw a ghost on the road to Damascus. So what? People are reporting such events every day and are not believed. Why should we believe this man Saul of Tarsus? The people of Tarsus worshipped the saviour-god Dionysus. All Saul did was attribute the myths associated with this god to a non-historical wandering Jewish holy man, called Jeshuah, whom he called Christ. (Jesus is a Greek translation of the common Jewish name Jeshuah).

Arthur Findlay says:

"To confuse Jesus, the Jewish teacher and healer, with Christ, the pagan saviour-god, is a gross historical blunder. Jesus was officially made into a god at the Council of Nicaea in A.D. 325. The second person in a trinity of gods."

Christian and non-Christian historians seem to agree that Saint Paul's epistles are the earliest writings connected with Jesus, but Paul came onto the scene long after the reported death of Jesus. There is no record of anything Paul wrote. The Christian historian Paul Johnson, writing in his book 'A History of Christianity' in 1976 said that many epistles accredited to Paul are acknowledged as fakes.


"Paul insisted he (Jesus) was God: it is the only thing about him which really matters, otherwise the Pauline theology collapses, and with it Christianity."

Jesus and Christ cannot both be worshipped. One or the other must be discarded, as what is attributed to Jesus is flatly contradicted by what is ascribed to Christ. Throughout the entire New Testament run two diametrically opposite opinions.

Christians continue to ignore a man called Jesus, just as Paul did, and worship a theological Christ created by the Christian Church fathers.

Jesus, according to the first chapter in the New Testament, was the son of Joseph. His genealogical descent is given back to David. Christ is a virgin-born god, having no relationship whatever to Joseph.

Jesus was born of a Jewish family, lived a Jew and died a Jew. He never founded a church or a religion. Christ stands for Churchianity, theology, monasteries, convents and cathedrals.

Jesus taught that the Kingdom of Heaven is within us; we have to work out our own salvation. Christ stands for the shedding of blood, without which there is no remission of sins.

Jesus disdained riches. He lived a life of poverty and great simplicity. Christ represents papal crowns, pomp and ceremony.

To Jesus are attributed the words "Honour thy father and thy mother". Christ is responsible for teaching hatred of one's family. (Luke 14, 26)

Jesus shows his contempt for the priesthood. Then and now, it spreads false doctrines. It is more concerned to defend a hoary tradition than follow the moving light of new insights and understanding. Christ stands for an army of priests and parsons.

Jesus stands for harmony, kindness and the relief of suffering. Christ is responsible for advocating the killing of all unbelievers. (Luke 19, 27)

Jesus stands for the unity of mankind. Christ stands for dissension, conflicting beliefs and sects. These create bigots who are blindly and obstinately devoted to their sect. Northern Ireland stands as a striking example of the hatred between two sects of Christianity. They hate each other because they cannot agree concerning the meaning of the dogma for which Christ stands.

The word Christ has a savage history; it simply means 'the anointed one'. The earlier saviour-gods, connected with ancestor worship, were covered in oil to make them cook and taste better for their followers to eat. It then being the prevailing belief that by eating the sacrificed body, the virtue, the strength or everlasting life of the victim would be transferred to the communicant. The word Christ is cannibalistic in origin. The Eucharist (eating the flesh and drinking the blood) was the principal rite in most ancient pagan religions. This ceremony was known to the Greeks as the Eukharista, and much revered.

Christ is the last of seventeen saviour-gods known to history with many almost identical stories attached to each. Born of virgin mothers, only sons of God, humble birthplace with star above for guiding wise men and shepherds, local king orders the killing of babies, same birthday 25th December (winter solstice; the days lengthen and the sun strengthens).

Killed by angry priests at Easter (spring equinox, time for everything to come alive again). But most important, they were all reported to have been seen by their followers after death: therefore proving that the gods did not eat the spirit of the sacrificed victim. They had conquered death, and all their believers would also have everlasting life.

Belief in a saviour-god is immoral, and has been the cause of untold misery, as it does not matter what diabolical crime is committed; all one has to do to enter heaven is ask your saviour-god's forgiveness and the slate will be wiped clean. This is why it's so easy for fanatical believers in priestcraft to leave bombs in crowded places. Remember, the recent massacre in Beirut was carried out by Christians. In contrast to this the ancient Greek, and our own philosophers, teach that we are accountable for all our thoughts and actions.

"As we sow, so shall we reap."

Of all the moral codes of ethics that run through religions and philosophies, this is by far the most important. It was accredited to Confucius. However, it does not matter who said it first as it only reflects the law of nature. For every cause there is an effect.

Jesus is not a Historical Character

None of the prolific historians of the time mention Jesus. There is no historical record of his birth, life or death. All the tales about him were written by his followers years after he was supposed to have been killed.

The historian PHILO was born in 30 B.C. and died in A.D. 54. He lived in Alexandria and took a great interest in Jewish affairs, contributing over a hundred books on the history of thought of his time.

He was particularly interested in Jewish religious thought, and yet he makes not a single mention of Jesus or any of his followers. This silence of Philo is proof, if such is needed, that the gospel stories are composed mostly of myths and legends, which were evolved at a later date. If they had been history, Philo would have been sure to have referred to Jesus, because what the gospels say Jesus preached would have greatly interested him, and he would have been enthusiastic to have found that the Messiah he was awaiting had actually come to earth.

JOSEPHUS (A.D. 37-105) the historian does not mention Jesus. The only small reference in his book 'Jewish Antiquities' is accepted by scholars as a flagrant interpolation.

JUSTUS OF TABERIAS who was born in Galilee about the time Jesus was supposed to have been crucified. In his two works on the history of the Jews, from the time of Moses to Agrippa II (A.D. 100) makes no mention of Jesus anywhere.

Just because Jesus did not come to the attention of the historians, it does not mean a man by that name did not exist. If we discount the supernatural exaggerations, he did nothing to make himself a historical character.


There are no original documents relating to any part of the New Testament. The four gospels were chosen at the Council of Carthage in A.D. 397. Over eighty others were rejected (See encyclopedia under Apocryphal). Dr. Wake, Archbishop of Canterbury (1716-1737) in his book, 'The Apostolical Fathers' states that there cannot be any doubt that these epistles deliver to us the gospels of Christ and they ought to be received, if not with equal veneration, at least with little less respect than the writings contained in the New Testament.

What qualifications did this handful of priests at Carthage have for making such an important decision? The identities of the writers of the four gospels chosen are unknown. The first gospel, called 'Mark', scholars date about A.D. 90, 'Luke' and 'Matthew' few years later, and 'John', well into the second century.

Professor Harnack, the famous 19th century scholar, discarded the gospel called John, as a late production and unhistorical. Professor Burkitt, Cambridge University, writes in his book 'Jesus Christ, An Historical Outline':

"The contents of the gospel of John do not seem historical at all and I greatly doubt whether we can distinguish often in that gospel what is derived from tradition and what is derived from imagination."

Quote from James H. Baxter, professor of ecclesiastical history at St. Andrew's University, in 'Christianity in the Light of the Modern Knowledge'.

"Upon the popular interpretation and practice of Christianity, the effect of its establishment as the state religion had been profound. If Paganism had been destroyed, it was less through annihilation than through absorption. Almost all that was Pagan was carried over to survive under a Christian name. Deprived of demi-gods and heroes, men easily and half unconsciously invested a local martyr with their attributes, and labelled the local statue with his name, transferring to him the cult and mythology associated with the Pagan Deity. Before the fourth century was over the martyr-cult was universal.... Pagan festivals were renamed, and Christmas Day, the ancient festival of the sun, was transformed into the birthday of Jesus."

Why should this information only be available to a small, elite group of intellectuals? The answer is obvious. Fear! Fear of the wrath and action of the great multitude of humanity when the truth is known. What right has an unelected body of people to set themselves up as self-appointed censors, deciding what we should and should not be told? But the longer the people are deceived, the greater the reaction. This natural law applies to all totalitarian regimes and is not only confined to religion.

In the sixth century the four gospels that were chosen at the Council of Carthage, together with the epistles, became mixed up with the Jewish religion. In the Old Testament there are thirty-nine separate references to the 'sweet savour' or savoury dish, which the priests offered of Jehovah. It is a sacrificial religion. The Vicious God of the Jews now became the God of the Christians. This ancient, unhistorical record of a very savage, stone-age people was also claimed to be the word of God. While in captivity in Egypt the Jews copied the Egyptian belief in the resurrection of the physical body. Those who have had the misfortune to attend a Christian funeral and see the misery of the mourners will bear witness to the effect of this cause. If only the Christians had copied one of the other religions or philosophies that teach our souls are immediately reunited with our loved ones at so-called death, instead of the terrifying prospect of lying in peace and rotting in the earth until an unspecified Judgement day. But alas, the damage was done. Even now people still believe in this nonsense.

I have a letter from an Anglican Lord Bishop actually agreeing with me, that the Christian Funeral Service is hopeless.

I do try and give some comfort to my Christian friends by reminding them that Jesus was reported to have said on the cross:

"This day you will be with me in paradise."

This day, not in a thousand years' time or whenever. I dislike quoting from the Bible because if you accept the good parts, what about the bad, were these not also written by God? In the next few pages are listed a number of these passages. My critics will say that they are taken out of context. This argument can easily be settled by the reader checking each reference.

In April 1987, 'The Sunday Telegraph' published a Gallup Poll showing that 39% believe the New Testament is of divine authority. 34% believe the Old Testament to be divine. One can only imagine what these figures would have been one hundred years ago, bearing in mind that it was compulsory to attend church services in the early nineteenth century. This law, of course, was impossible to enforce after the Industrial Revolution, when hundreds of thousands flocked to the cities. The following passages, surely inserted by evil fanatics, are now acutely embarrassing to the Church and are never quoted. This was not so even a few years ago. These passages were the main weapons of the priests in keeping their flocks in order, through fear. They were also responsible for all the torture and killing. The Christians seriously believed they were carrying out their God's instructions. The curse of ignorance is indeed mankind's greatest enemy.

"But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither and slay them before me." (Luke 19; 27)

"Think not that I have come to send peace on earth:

"I come not to send peace, but a sword. For I have come to set man at variance against his father, and daughter against her mother, and daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law." (Matthew 10; 34)

"If any man... hate not his father and mother, and wife and children, and brethren and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be mine disciple." (Luke 14; 26)

"It is more profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish and not thy whole body be cast into hell." (Matthew 5; 29)

"Fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in Hell." (Matthew 10; 28)

"If thy hand offend thee, cut if off, it is better for thee to enter into life maimed than having two hands to go into Hell, into the fire that never shall be quenched. (Mark 9; 43)

"He that believeth, and is baptised, shall be saved, but he that believeth not, shall be damned." (Mark 16; 16)

"If any man love not the Lord Jesus Christ let him be anathema maranatha" (everlastingly cursed by God) (I Corinthians 76; 22)

Reading this quotation from the Holy Bible, one can begin to understand why the Spanish were so cruel in America.

"I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession. Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron, thou shalt dash them in pieces like a potter's vessel." (Psalm 2; 8-9)

Paul copied the following from Paganism, which the writer of the gospel called John copied from Paul, and put into the mouth of Jesus.

"Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of Man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you." (John 6; 53)

"Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live. (Exodus 22; 18)... and their fate hereafter was Hell." (Gal. 5; 20-21)

So Christians had every reason to believe that in torturing and murdering 'witches' they had the sanction of their God. No other religion has such a terrible record. 1722 Last 'witch' murdered in Britain. 1836 Last 'witch' murdered in Germany.

The following passage helped a great deal in recruiting for the Crusades. It also helped Pope Gregory VII (1073-1085) when he introduced the cruel and unnatural Church law of celibacy. Maybe the Moonies could make use of it.

"And everyone that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father or mother, or wife or children, or lands for my names sake, shall receive an hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life." (Matthew 19; 29)

This also brought great wealth to the Church, because they promised to look after the knight's soul in heaven, just in case he did not return from the Crusades, so long as his land was left to the Church.

Jesus transfers devils from a man into a herd of pigs.

"Then went the devils out of the man, and entered into the swine: and the herd ran violently down a steep place into the lake, and were choked." (Luke 8; 33)

"Then answered all the people, and said, His blood be on us, and on our children." (Matthew 27;25)

This quotation was the main cause of the Christian persecution of the Jews. They held the Jews responsible for killing their God, culminating in the Nazi holocaust, when six million Jews were murdered. It is true that the Nazis did not use the Christian Bible to explain the mass murder of Jews, but it is clear that if the Church throughout the ages had not indoctrinated the people against the Jews, this appalling tragedy might never have taken place.

Martin Luther, the German Christian hero and founder of the Protestant movement said in 1543

"The synagogues should be set on fire and Jewish homes likewise destroyed."

At his trial in 1946 the Nazi Jew-baiter, Julius Streicher, actually claimed that Luther ought to be in the dock.

Because the slave traders were brought up in the belief that the Holy Bible was every word inspired by God, they honestly thought that to enslave negroes had divine sanction. What could be clearer or more definite than this?:

"Both thy bondmen, and thy bondmaids, which thou shalt have, shall be of the heathen that are round about you; of them shall ye buy bondmen and bondmaids. Moreover, of the children of the strangers that do sojourn among you, of them shall ye buy, and of their families that are with you, which they begat in your land; and they shall be your possession. And ye shall take them as an inheritance for your children after you, to inherit them for a possession; they shall be your bondmen forever." (Leviticus 25; 44-46)

In 1729 there was a pang of conscience, but the Attorney-General and the Solicitor-General declared that slaves under British bondage anywhere need not be released when they became Christians.

In 1807 Wilberforce, Fox, Thomas Paine and others succeeded to abolish slavery. This was against fierce opposition from the Church. The Pope excommunicated every Roman Catholic who took a stand for abolition, and ordered every book written in its favour to be burned. The slave trade is another first class example of the law of cause and effect. We are now reaping the results of the crop sown by our ignorant ancestors. Slavery was not completely abolished in the British Empire until 1843. It was in this climate, when little children were hung for petty theft, that Karl Marx made his protest. To equate his policies today, in a land with universal suffrage, is an insult to this man.

In the first "Mail on Sunday" one of our country's leading philosophers, Professor A.J. Ayer, was reported to have described Christianity as morally outrageous and intellectually contemptible. It is nothing short of scandalous that our modern philosophers are not allowed to let the majority of the public share their conclusions. When it comes to the deep fundamental reasons for our existence on earth the people are only allowed to hear the opinions of ignorant, ancient simpletons masquerading under the Christian religion. This is a ludicrous state of affairs and is no doubt the reason why the Law Commission recommended that the law of blasphemous libel should be abolished in the first place.

Everyone living in Christian countries has been morally retarded by the complete lack of ethical teaching. It does not help one morally to be living in a country which reveres a book containing the following instructions:

"Thus saith the Lord of hosts (to King Saul) now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass. (I Samuel XV, 2-3) their teeth, O God, in their mouth let them be as cut in pieces." (Psalm 58; 6)

"The righteous shall rejoice when he seeth the vengeance: he shall wash his feet in the blood of the wicked." (Psalm 57; 10)

"Happy shall he be that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones." (Psalm 137; 9)

"That thy foot maybe dipped in the blood of thine enemies." (Psalm 68;23)

"Let his days be few. Let his children be fatherless and his wife a widow."

"Let his children be continually vagabonds and beg: let them seek their bread also out of their desolate places." (Psalm 109; 8)

Much more in the same strain could be quoted, but this should suffice. What a contrast to the beautiful and noble sentiments uttered by Marcus Aurelius, Senaca, and other 'Pagan' philosophers, whom stupid and intolerant Christians have always classed amongst the damned heathen.

With these quotations from the Christian Bible fresh in the mind, it is worth comparing with the following words spoken by a contemporary philosopher - a man who has been likened unto the Devil by leading Churchmen, and whose teachings, as the law stands at the moment, will never be allowed to be heard on television, radio or in the national papers, even though he has written a number of books.

This is how the philosopher Silver Birch answers the following question:

How would you explain God to children?

"That is not a difficult task if the one who is to do the explaining has a clear conception of the power which is behind all life. For myself, I would point to the divine artistry of nature's handiwork. I would point to the stars, the diamonds in the sky. I would point to the glory of the sun, to the pale reflection of the moon. I would point to the whispering, murmuring breeze, to the nodding pines. I would point to the trickling stream and the mighty ocean. I would touch every facet of nature showing how each is controlled by purpose, by law. I would add that where man has made any discovery in the field of natural life, he finds it comes within the orbit of law, that its growth is controlled and regulated, that it is part of one vast, intricate, yet harmonious pattern, that order reigns supreme throughout the vast universe, controlling planets and insects, storms and breezes, all life, no matter how variegated its expressions may be."

"And then I would say, the mind behind all that, the power that sustains it all, the force that controls the whole vast panorama of the universe and many other worlds that you have not yet seen, is what we call God."

This is how this 'Devil' Birch answers the following question:

When is the best time of day to pray or meditate?

"In the morning, when the sun rises across the hills and birds sing."

"In the silence of the morning and in its beauty, when the dew lies upon the flower shalt thou come to me and I shall dwell with thee. In the evening when the lark up in the sky trill forth its last note, for the last time stretch its wing on high, when the moon shall rise and the sun shall dip beneath the hills in all its splendour, then in that hour of concentration I will be with thee."

Thankfully the Christians also copied many of the inspired higher teachings of the early philosophers. However much of the Bible may be examined by its critics, these magnificent codes of conduct, common to all mankind, will always come shining through, but when it comes to moral codes of ethics the Greek and Roman philosophers were in a class of their own, not to mention the far older teachings accredited to Krishna (The Hindu Christ), Gautama (The Buddha) and Confucius. Even a cursory glance at classical literature will confirm this. But if Christians are taught from birth that these people are ignorant pagans, just think how many have been denied this knowledge.

A person of any race or religion, believer or non-believer, can be loving, kind and unselfish, and have all the attributes that would come under the heading of righteous person.

If only Churches and schools would stop threatening that we have no chance of reaching heaven unless we believe in certain ancient doctrines and dogma, what power they could have for teaching righteousness to mankind.

Our ancestors were not qualified to invent a religion. There is a power in the universe that creates galaxies and puts life onto planets, but the nature of this power is completely beyond the comprehension of our most brilliant scientists and philosophers, who have the benefit of the accumulated knowledge of mankind.

A number of professors who worked on the Plowden report suggested that instead of one religion being given in schools, as a historical fact, philosophy should be taught incorporating all the world's religions, together with the conclusions of ancient, but more importantly, contemporary philosophers.

It is obviously not possible to list all the evidence that non-Christian historians have gathered, but the following dates and Christian Councils are important.

In the fourth century it is estimated that there were 156 different Christian sects all insisting that their ideas were correct. The Roman Emperor decided that an all-embracing doctrine had to be formulated. All the bishops were ordered to attend the Council of Nicaea.


Arguably, AD 325 is the most important date in the history of human development, because from this meeting of ignorant priests came the tragedy entitled 'Christian Civilisation' which eventually embraced a third of mankind. No decision, no battle, no edict ever had such an effect on history, as had the majority decision of this council. It is not difficult to understand why, even today, Christian historians avoid this date like the plague.

It was ordered by Emperor Constantine 'The Great', a most unsavoury character. The encyclopedia says he murdered his son, his wife and later a nephew. At Nicaea the Christian belief was at long last defined and put into words. New words were employed for old theological ideas, which for centuries had been used in pagan theology. Christians now knew for what their faith stood in the opinions of the Emperor and the majority of the bishops. What came to be called Catholic (all-embracing) Christianity was now formulated and definitely established as the State Church of the Roman Empire. All who did not accept the Nicaean definition were banished or put to death.

What qualifications did these men, living in the fourth century, have for making this tragic decision? Surely any conclusions put forward by men who thought the sun circled a fiat earth and that Jerusalem was the centre of the universe, must be looked into very carefully before they are believed? Briefly, Jesus was officially elevated to the position of pagan saviour-god and a member of a trinity of gods, an ancient Egyptian belief.

Arthur Findlay writes in his book 'The Curse of Ignorance':

"A careful study of the history of Christian Civilisation reveals the terrible conditions in which the people lived, but where in any history book do we find a finger pointing to the event which brought about this state of affairs? That is the decision reached at The Council of Nicaea in A.D. 325, which raised the Christian Church to the position of the State Church of the Roman Empire. This was the greatest and most tragic event in history. Instead of the world being guided by the thoughts of the great philosophers of Greece and Rome, its most virile inhabitants fell, under the domination of the hierarchy of ignorant priests - what became Christendom from that date to the twentieth century. The Greek and Roman educational system was replaced by theology, and consequently ignorance took the place of the pursuit of knowledge."


The Nicene creed was altered by the Council. Emperor Theodosis decreed that all who did not accept the new Nicene creed were to be considered as traitors to the state and liquidated, and this is exactly what happened right up to the last century. Religious history is a tale of imprisonment, banishment and slaughter. Priests everywhere were appointed as informers, to become known as Inquisitors of the Faith. Heretics, Jews and witches, all in fact who did not conform to the orthodox teaching of the Church, were slaughtered, and the roll of victims runs into millions.

Gibbon, the historian, in 'The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire' making use of the figures supplied by Eusebius A.D. 265-340 (the early Christian historian) which would certainly not err on the side of under-estimation, computes that in all the persecution of the Christians by the Pagans a number not greatly exceeding two thousand suffered death. He contrasts this with the millions who were put to death by the Christian Church as heretics and in consequence of religious wars throughout the Christian era. This historian, for instance, refers to the fact that during the reign of Charles V over one hundred thousand victims perished in the Netherlands alone in consequence of Christian persecution, and that this is only a small fraction of the sum total of victims who fell before the ferocity of the Christian Church throughout its reign as Dictator of Christendom.


A resolution was carried at this Council that Mary conceived Jesus as a result of the action of the Holy Ghost, and that she was the mother of God. This decision in time raised another problem, as to how Jesus could be born without sin from a human mother. This was eventually rectified in 1845 when the Pope announced that Mary was also born as a result of the action of the Holy Ghost.


It was decided here that the Holy Ghost proceeded from the Father and from the Son. This was not adopted until 1054. This decision split the Christian Church in two.

The Latin word 'filioque' meaning 'and from the Son' was added to the creed. This innocent little word was to cause the death of countless people.





The Eastern Orthodox Church would not accept that the Holy Ghost came from the son.

4th century B.C.

Evemerus (or Euhemerus) expressed the opinion that the gods of mythology had once been men; a slow but steady awakening had taken place. The people were coming to realise the folly and absurdity of the beliefs of their ancestors. Evemerus did to Greek mythology what Thomas Paine and Voltaire did to Christian theology when they startled the religious world, at the end of the eighteenth century, with the assertion that Jesus had never been more than a human being, a man like other men. Evemerus ushered in the age of scepticism to Pagan mythology as did Paine and Voltaire to Christian theology. He put a check on god-making, so much so that after his time we find only two new gods, Apollonius and Christ, both produced in the first century of the Christian era.

460-370 B.C.

Hippocrates. The first man we would call by the name "doctor". He approached the cure of disease in a truly scientific manner. By the 3rd century B.C. anatomy had revealed something of the workings of the human body and under the direction of two famous anatomists, Herophilus and Erasistratus, surgery was becoming a science. However, the Christian belief in the resurrection of the body brought investigation to an end until the 17th century, because to tamper with a corpse would mean that a mutilated body would arise on the resurrection day.

When Christianity rose to power in the 4th century, Pergamon and all the other Greek and Roman hospitals and sanatoria were destroyed by Christian fanatics, their doctors and healers being massacred or exiled. From that time onwards Christians paid their priests to pray the devils out of them, and teach them falsehoods about the wonders Christianity had done for humanity.

Only this, they claimed, had brought light to a world living in darkness and wickedness, but now we know that this religion destroyed all that was good in -paganism- and gave in exchange nothing new of any value.

4 B.C.

King Herod died. How could he order the massacre of the infants if he was dead? Would the Romans allow a puppet King to carry out such a crime?

The Census of Caesar Augustus is a historical fact. This took place ten years after the death of Herod, in whose reign Matthew and Luke state that Jesus was born. No Roman census would make people travel back to the place they came from. Only people quite ignorant of Roman rule could believe such impossible stories. To try to get a balanced view I have written many letters to theologians asking for their comments on all the controversial points raised in this paper. The silence has been deafening except for a Baptist minister who thought the anomaly about King Herod was because of confusion when the Christian calendar was drawn up at the beginning of the eighth century. He also thought the massacre of the infants was a small localized event and therefore did not come to the attention of the historians.

A.D. 354

St. Augustine was born. Malcolm Muggeridge and many other highly respected broadcasters and writers are always full of praise for this man. One can only conclude that they have not read Paul Johnson's 'A History of Christianity' 1976. This is what this Christian historian says about the most famous early Church father:

"Augustine was the dark genius." "Inspired by Augustine." (The Imperial army persecuted the Donatist Church, unorthodox Christians) "The Donatist Church was broken by force." (This was one of the 156 Christian sects I have mentioned previously) "There were many cases of mass suicide." "Augustine watched the process dry-eyed." "State torture.... was in fact employed whenever the State willed."

"Augustine said, 'if the state used such methods for its own purposes, was not the Church entitled to do the same and more for its own far greater ones?'. He not only accepted, he became the theorist of persecution; and his defences were later to be those on which all defences of the inquisition rested."

Luke 14; 23 'Compel them to come in'. Arthur Findlay says:

"Like the Nazis, the Church in the 4th century started off its inglorious career by being organised by a triumvirate made up of Augustine, Jerome and Ambrose, who launched the Christian totalitarian form of rule on Christendom. The malignant part played by them, in using every priestly invention to strangle all freedom of thought, will some day be appreciated, when they will come to be looked upon as unscrupulous tyrants of the worst type. They were paralleled in our own times by the Nazi triumvirate in Germany, Hitler, Goebbels and Himmler. They managed to maintain a strangle-hold over the German people, the only difference being that the Christian grip lasted 150 times longer. Augustine, the intolerant ruthless aggressor, corresponds to Hitler; Goebbels, the liar and falsifier of the truth, to Jerome; and Ambrose, the inquisitor, to the cruel and calculating Himmler."


Jesus's birthday was decided as 25th December, the same as the sun-god Mithra (winter solstice) and many other saviour-gods.


The Crusades begin. Arthur Findlay says:-

"This conflict was not against the things that are evil, not against cruelty, poverty, crime, injustice, intolerance and all unrighteousness, but against a nation of unbelievers in the Holy Trinity which was in possession of a piece of ground wherein Helena, the mother of Constantine, said the body of a member of that Trinity was buried. Her information was valueless, as it had been obtained by means of bribery and corruption. No one has the faintest idea where the body of Jesus was buried. The whole extraordinary story of his burial and resurrection being the repetition of an ancient myth, belonging to earlier saviour-god religions."

The massacres by the Crusaders are well known and modern theologians now condemn them as they do the killings of the Spanish inquisition. But how many people know about:


The Children's Crusade? One of the worst crimes ever perpetrated by the fanatics in Rome. 50,000 little boys and girls were brought to Marseilles and ports in Italy. Few of the children ever returned from this insane expedition. Thousands died of disease. Many were captured and made slaves.


The Crusade against the unorthodox Christians of Southern France. (Cathars or Albigense people mentioned by Carl Sagan in 'Cosmos'). Pope Innocent Ill's army, led by Saint Dominic, massacred hundreds of thousands of men, women and children. Remember, nobody but priests could read and write, not even the kings. They all took the priest's word that it was their God's wish to kill all heretics. If any souls are going to rot in 'Hell', perhaps the souls of these priests stand a good chance.


The most famous 'witch' Joan of Arc was burnt at the stake. It is estimated that the Christians tortured to death, burnt or drowned 250,000 so-called witches. We now know that many of the people thought of as witches were in fact mediums - people with the wonderful gift of being able to communicate with others who are living in the etheric world. The tragedy is that mediumship is an inherited gift, like music. This is the reason why there are so few outstanding mediums today.


Invention of printing. A dagger into the heart of Christendom. From this date onwards Europe and the world have gradually freed themselves from the curse of priestcraft. Even the priests could not kill fast enough to keep up with the printing presses.


Conquest of Constantinople. Latin and Greek classics, which had been banned by the Catholic Church, were again read:-

It is inconceivable in our more enlightened days, but nevertheless true, that when the Church was supreme all learning, apart from knowledge of the scriptures, was looked upon as heresy and sin.


William Tyndale put to death by strangling, his body then being burned at the stake. His crime was to translate the New Testament and Pentateuch into English.


Copernicus proved that the sun did not go round the earth every day (same as Aristarchus in 280 B.C. whose work had been destroyed by the Christians). His findings were not published until he was on his death bed, for fear of the Church's wrath. Later Galileo was tried and punished because Church lore holds that the sun circles the earth. Galileo was made to recant under the threat of imprisonment and torture.


Cranmer's thirty-nine articles of religion adopted. Every Church of England priest from that day to this has sworn before God that he believes every one of these assertions. These have got to be seen to be believed.


Paul Johnson in 'A History of Christianity' says:

"The Jesuit priest Alessandro Valignano made the following statement:

"We have no jurisdiction whatsoever in Japan. We cannot compel them to do anything they do not wish to do. We have to use pure persuasion and force of argument. They will not suffer being slapped or beaten, or imprisonment, or any of the methods commonly used with other Asian Christians. They are so touchy they will not brook even a single harsh or impolite word.""

If only the Central and South Americans had been as strong as the Japanese. If the highly advanced Aztec and Inca civilisations had not been totally destroyed by the Christian barbarians, they could have developed into one of the world's leading nations, making a significant contribution to science and philosophy in the twentieth century.


Thirty years war in Germany. Protestants v Roman Catholics. It is estimated that the population fell from twenty million to six million, as the huge mercenary armies roamed over the countryside, living off the land. If there is any truth in what has been written so far, all this killing was over nothing at all. Arthur Findlay chose a superb title for his "banned" history of mankind, "The Curse of Ignorance".


Winstanley builds first lighthouse (Eddystone). Before he could start work on this he had to fight the opposition of Trinity House, which was founded by Henry VIII for the purpose of accommodating the Trinity brethren, whose duty it was to pray for the souls of all who were lost at sea. In return for this effort they were given the salvage of all wrecks around our coast. The more wrecks there were the more they earned and for this reason they objected to anything being done to reduce the number.


Chevalier De La Barre failed to doff his hat in respect while a religious procession passed through the streets of Abbeville (it was raining). He was charged and convicted of blasphemy and sentenced to 'The Torture Ordinary and Extraordinary', his hands to be cut off, his tongue torn out with pincers, and burned alive. Now that the people are being told the true nature of Christian civilisation, they will be able to understand the driving force behind the writings of Voltaire and Thomas Paine.


Joseph Lancaster started the first school for the children of the poor. (Secular education)


First Education Bill passed through the House of Commons, but the bishops in the House of Lords raised so much opposition that it was thrown out. So ended the first attempt by the state to educate its children.

Of Samuel Whitbread's Education Bill, Davies Giddy M.P. said:-

"However specious in theory the project might be of giving education to the labouring classes of the poor, it would be prejudicial to their morals and happiness; it would teach them to despise their lot in life, instead of making them good servants in agriculture and other laborious employments. Instead of teaching them subordination, it would render them fractious and refractory ... It would enable them to read seditious pamphlets; vicious books and publications against Christianity; it would render them insolent to their superiors, and in a few years the legislature would find it necessary to direct the strong arm of power towards them."


Church of England set up first schools as a rival to Joseph Lancaster's secular education. Under the direction of a priest named Andrew Bell. 'The National Society for the Education of the poor in the Principles of the Established Church'. Bell announced that he did not desire to instruct the lower classes in the art of writing or arithmetic, because it would:-

"Elevate above their station those who were doomed to the drudgery of daily labours."


Sir Henry Rawlinson deciphers the old Babylonian language showing the Babylonians had a story very similar to Jesus connected with their saviour-god Bel, well over one thousand years B.C. Only Son of God; second in a Trinity of Gods; virgin mother; performed miracles; killed by angry priests; suffered for the sins of humanity; reappeared again from the dead; ascended to heaven; will return again to judge.


Unitarians able to possess legally their own places of worship. Unitarians do not recognise the decision of Nicaea, where the Egyptian idea of Trinity of gods was incorporated into the Christian religion.

1850 to 1855

Four separate bills to establish state education were defeated because of religious opposition. The clergy knew that once the people could read and write and think for themselves, it would be the beginning of the end of their supernatural religion.


Darwin's 'Origin of Species' published. A very large nail in the theologians' coffin.


Reform Bill. Robert Lowe, then vice-president of the education department, speaking against the Bill said:-

"... working men as such ought to be excluded from the franchise on account of their moral and intellectual unfitness."

Thus the education of the 'lower orders' was for a long time decided by what the people in power thought they ought to need, namely hard work, strict discipline, subordination to their betters,' and Christian humility.


Drawing and quartering abolished in Britain, the prisoner before then having his entrails cut out, while he was alive, and burned in his presence, a relic of the time when the mind was believed to be centred in the bowels, which were burned for the purpose of its destruction.


Primary education at school became compulsory. But lack of school buildings meant that many remained illiterate, and fifteen years had still to pass before it became free.


Lister's discoveries in antiseptics were fought. Also the clerics said he was proposing anaesthetics as a decoy of Satan,

"robbing God of the deep earnest cries of pain that should arise to Him in time of trouble."

This also highlights the danger in many ancient religious rites. Before this knowledge reached them, the Jews circumcised male babies and the Moslems female babies, completely oblivious of the dangers of blood poisoning. Most Moslems no longer mutilate females.


Charles Bradlaugh, an avowed atheist, permitted to take his seat in Parliament after a long and bitter struggle.


The Reverend Denis Kemp, from the Wesleyan Gold Coast mission, asserted, in his book "Nine Years at the Gold Coast".

"I should consider myself worse than despicable if I failed to declare my first conviction that the British army and navy are today used by God for the accomplishment of His purpose."

At school we are only taught of the good done by Christian missionaries, but the whole story is a tale of unimaginable cruelty. The Christians seriously believed that because the natives did not know about their God, they had no chance of reaching heaven. Therefore, many thought any method of conversion was preferable to the native's soul rotting in Hell.


Act passed to make secondary education compulsory.


Act of Parliament passed removing mediums from the threat of the Witchcraft Act 1735.


The eminent astronomer Carl Sagan, in his television programme 'Cosmos', criticised Pythagoras and Plato, because they encouraged the 'god-makers' in believing in an unseen universe. This eventually resulted in the destruction of the Greek and Roman educational establishments by the Christian fanatics. This programme was shown only a few months before Professor F. Reines published his conclusions agreeing with Pythagoras. That there is indeed a vast universe that is beyond our physical senses.

Every day we are told by the mass media that it is because of Christianity that we are such an advanced civilisation. The truth is, it is in spite of Christianity. It is arguably the greatest curse that has ever hit this planet. The suppression of knowledge has set us back at least one thousand five hundred years. Remember that Pythagoras was in the 6th century B.C.

A Christian friend, who is also a lecturer in history, thinks I should see a psychiatrist. This line of thought must be very familiar to Alexander Solzhenitsyn and the Russian dissidents in mental institutions. This is the up-to-date method of dealing with heretics. At least it makes a change from torture, hanging, drawing and quartering and burning at the stake.

My learned friend is quite happy to believe a god in the shape of man, sent his only son to earth via a virgin's womb and that after being killed he arose in his old physical body from the grave and a few days later disappeared into the sky. I will leave readers to decide which one of us needs our minds straightened out.

Early on in my studies I quickly came to the conclusion that all highly educated Christians were acting. But I was wrong. Only some are acting; others seriously believe the Bible is the word of God. It is as if the part of the brain that deals with logic and reason has been removed. No wonder the modern forces against freedom have latched onto brainwashing. It really works, especially if it starts from birth.

Time and again people say to me, "If what you say is true, how can highly educated people like Malcolm Muggeridge and Enoch Powell be taken in?"

This is because the physical brain is like a computer and the mind is the programmer. However efficient a computer is, it will always come up with the wrong answer if it has been incorrectly programmed.

If a baby from birth is told by loving parents that 2 + 2 = 3 and later at Sunday School, kindergarten, preparatory school, public school and university this young mind is again told by clever and often highly respected teachers that 2 + 2 = 3 this - added to the same teaching from the mass media, backed by the weight of law - is it any wonder that many people, often in very responsible positions, seriously believe that 2 + 2 = 3?

Many churches, mosques, synagogues, temples and schools, especially in countries under a totalitarian regime, are nothing more than abattoirs of the mind, intent on indoctrination rather than teaching righteousness and the pursuit of truth, knowledge and therefore wisdom. Outside of the few moral codes of ethics contained in all religions and philosophies, we have nothing to learn from our ignorant ancestors. We have now entered the scientific age. Never before have the young people of the world been presented with such an exciting opportunity to add knowledge to the slough of ignorance inherited from the past.

When the world's religions were invented, man had no understanding of nature whatsoever. He had no idea what stars were, hence one being reported as appearing over a cattle shed at Bethlehem. Our sun alone is equivalent to billions of hydrogen bombs exploding simultaneously and continuously. Definitely not the work of man.

Never believe anything again, without checking the facts very carefully, no matter how apparently well educated your informants may seem.

The following sentence from Carl Sagan should be written above every blackboard in the world:

"Intellectual capacity is no guarantee against being dead wrong."

Now I come to the suppression of a vital document - a document so important that its findings, if published at the time, could have had an effect on the lives of every man, woman and child in Christendom.

In 1938 the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Cosmo Lang, set up a Church commission to look carefully into the claims of many scientists who were taking a great interest in psychic phenomena, especially Sir William Crookes, Sir Oliver Lodge and the historian and philosopher Arthur Findlay. Is it true, are our 'dead' loved ones still alive and able to speak to us through a medium?

To Dr. Lang's surprise and consternation the majority of his commission were in accord with the claims of the psychical researchers.

This is what the Rt. Rev. Mervyn Stockwood, Lord Bishop of Southwark, writing in 1973, said about this suppressed report:

" ...In the years preceding the war, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Cosmo Lang, set up a commission to inquire into these matters. The report of the commission has never been published. The official reason for this curious fate is that the war made it inopportune."

"I should have thought that the reverse would have been the case. In times of national emergency, and especially at that time, with the destructive forces of Adolf Hitler massed against us, men are readier to consider the prospect of death and what, if anything, may lie beyond. It happened that some years ago I obtained a copy of the report and, having read it, I believe that the reason for its non-publication was the timidity of Archbishop Lang and his colleagues. They preferred to conceal the report rather than face its implications. This timidity is characteristic not only of churchmen but of many others. They fear that if they show sympathy, they may be regarded as quacks. I remember a distinguished physiologist at Cambridge telling me that he would have nothing to do with psychical research; he refused to read its books, be present at its meetings, or take part in its tests, as the whole subject was taboo and not intended for serious minds. I suppose he would have said much the same about landings on the moon had he lived a hundred years ago."

The reason why the Christian Church is terrified of this information reaching the public is because every time anybody from the next world speaks to us through a medium the message is always the same:

"It does not matter in the slightest what you believe, it is how you have behaved during your short stay on earth that counts."

Is it any wonder the priests are keen to keep this quiet?

What Mervyn Stockwood says about the distinguished physiologist at Cambridge is worth comparing with another, so-called, expert's opinion.

"The Astronomer Royal announced that talk of space flight was 'utter bilge'. This was just 18 months before Russia's Sputnik I roared into orbit."

Adrian Berry, Science Correspondent, Daily Telegraph


Uncomfortable Historical Facts That we are Never Taught at School in the Theocracy of Great Britain

A theocracy is a country where the Church and the State are established - a form of government directed through a priestly order.

Unelected Christian bishops and their allies in the House of Lords make our laws. As we do not have a written constitution in Great Britain, the law of the land is our constitution. It is against the law to tell the truth! The common law offence of blasphemous libel is still in place even though the Law Commission in 1982 strongly recommended that it should be abolished. There are sinister clauses in this law that stop certain historical facts from even being presented to the public on the grounds that they upset believers in priestcraft ó Christians. No obscurantist would be stupid enough to sue anybody under this antiquated law, but it is a perfect tool for censorship. Editors say, "We canít publish your articles because they are against the law." And they are absolutely correct in our "free" country!

Please note that the author has used the terms BCE (Before Christian Era) and CE (Christian Era) rather than the conventional BC & AD to avoid any association with religious beliefs.

History Revisited

By Michael Roll

In 1936 George Orwell, the renowned author of the book "1984" said to his fellow writer, and chronicler of the Spanish Civil War, Arthur Koestler:

"I know it is the fashion to say that most of recorded history is lies anyway, but what is peculiar to our own age is the abandonment of the idea that history could be truthfully written."

It must have been about this date that Arthur Findlay set about the task of writing the true history of mankind from 3,500 BCE to the end of the Second World War, which he appropriately called The Curse of Ignorance. This history is written without allegiance to any country or religion and should be in every educational establishment in the world.

We Have not Been Told the Truth

The greatest historical lie of all has now been laid bare, our Western civilisation is not thanks to Christianity, the very opposite it true, our civilisation is in spite of Christianity. This fact was made very clear when the BBC showed the thirteen part television series "Cosmos" in the early 1980's.

This was written and presented by the American astronomer Carl Sagan. This series was seen by millions of people throughout the world. Many were astounded to find that they had been deliberately deceived by their history teachers: that the truth is completely opposite to what they had been taught from birth. Carl Sagan told the shocking but true story of how in the year CE 415, a Christian mob, acting on the orders of Archbishop Cyril, murdered Hypatia, the female principal of the great library in Alexandria. This remarkable woman was a mathematician, astronomer, physicist and a philosopher. On her way to work she was dragged from her chariot and the mob, armed with abalone shells, flayed the flesh from her bones. Her library, along with its priceless manuscripts, was burnt to the ground. Cyril was made a saint! Unfortunately this was not an isolated incident but one small part of a carefully organised plan to eliminate paganism from the Roman Empire.

If we look up the history of education in the Encyclopedia Britannica it reads rather like a Western movie: the good guys (Christians) slowly but surely overcoming the bad guys (pagans). The same encyclopedia gives the definition of pagans as "unenlightened, idol worshipping, raw rustic heathens". Hypatia, along with all the brilliant Greek and Roman scientists, philosophers, engineers, architects and educationalists are always described as pagans in all our history books that are written by Christians.

An Explanation of the Universe

This includes Thales, the founder of geometry, astronomy and philosophy, the first to attempt an explanation of the universe apart from theology (religious mythology), and Pythagoras who was the father of mathematics and the first to say the world was round. This round earth theory was actually proved by Eratosthenes, he even measured its circumference in the 3rd century BCE. Hippocrates, the first person we would call by the name doctor, he approached the cure of disease in a truly scientific manner. He discarded the idea that illness was a punishment for sin or caused by devils. By the 3rd century BCE anatomy had revealed something of the internal workings of the human body. However, the Christian belief in the resurrection of the physical body brought investigation to an end until the 17th century. In the 4th century CE Pergamon and all the other Greek and Roman hospitals and sanatoria were destroyed by Christian fanatics, their doctors being massacred or exiled.

The Plagiarism of Copernicus

Aristarchus in the 3rd century BCE said that the Earth was not the centre of the universe, but revolved round the sun. The Roman Catholic priest Copernicus discovered this man's work in the 16th century and claimed it for his own. The reason why these ancient achievements have been censored is because our Christian masters do not want us to find out that anything important happened before the birth of their baby god!

Theodoras invented the key, ruler, carpenter's square, level, lathe and bronze casting. Carl Sagan asks, "Why are there no statues to this man?" Maybe it's because he did not kill anybody! Epicurus and Zeno, 3rd century BCE, two most illustrious moral philosophers, emphasised the need of improved ethical conduct and taught that only through right living could happiness be obtained. Anaximander 6th century BCE, the father of modern physics, also anticipated Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace. He was followed by Anaxogaras who said that the moon was a place like the Earth and not a god.

The Discovery That Reality Also Exists in the Invisible

Empedocles discovered that reality also existed in the invisible part of the universe - beyond our five physical senses. Democritus propounded the theory that matter is composed of invisible stuff called atoms. He thought religions were divisive and evil. Archimedes' inventions led to practical scientific discoveries. Euclid taught people to think, calculate and reason. Ictinus was the great architect of the Parthenon. Socrates (470-399 BCE), this outstanding philosopher taught the unity of mankind and survival after death without any connection with priestcraft. Just before the priests forced him to take poison his friends asked him where he wanted to be buried, to which he answered, "Catch me if you can." Plato, who was taught by Socrates, passed on his great wisdom and codes of conduct to Aristotle, whom many declare to be the greatest early scientist of them all.

Quintillian (CE 35-96), a Roman citizen who led the known world in education on the lines laid down by Plato. He was the equivalent of our Secretary of State for Education, a government office that was not created until 1868 in Christian Britain. All the education bills had been kicked out by the House of Lords that had power over the elected House of Commons. This outstanding of all Roman schoolmasters loved liberty, justice and mercy besides abhorring all forms of cruelty and oppression. To him ethics took the place of religion as the only safe guide in correct conduct.

The World Plunged into the Christian Dark Ages

This then is the "pagan" civilisation that was destroyed by Christendom after the Council of Nicaea in CE 325. It was here at Nicaea that an all-embracing (Catholic) religion was formulated and adopted as the official religion of the Roman Empire. Jesus, an unhistorical Jewish teacher, was officially made into the god called Christ (the anointed one). The 17th saviour-god known to historians and the second person in a trinity of gods. Arthur Findlay says, "To confuse Jesus with Christ the saviour-god is a gross historical blunder." All who did not conform to these supernatural doctrines and dogmas were murdered or exiled. The known world was plunged into the Christian Dark Ages, not to really emerge again until the invention of printing which coincided with the fall of Constantinople in 1453. Unlike the Christians, the Muslims had not destroyed their records of the Greek and Roman civilisations. From this date the human race has slowly but surely freed itself from the curse of priestcraft and ignorance. Even though the Holy Inquisitors of the Faith tried with all their might, these Christian fanatics could not murder fast enough to keep up with the printing presses. The smell of printers' ink was indeed the incense of the Renaissance.

The Council of Nicaea CE 325

CE 325 is arguably the most important date in the history of mankind because the decisions that were taken then by appallingly ignorant priests shaped the future of humankind for the next sixteen hundred years. Yet only a handful of academics are aware of this fact. It is not difficult to understand why Christian teachers and historians avoid this date like the plague. Before the Council of Nicaea historians estimate that there were over 150 different Christian sects all insisting that their own particular tenets were the correct ones. These fanatics were ripping the Roman Empire apart. We can now understand why the Roman Emperor Constantine the "Great" called this Council to formulate a Catholic (all-embracing) religion that everybody must adhere to or face death. Constantine was a cold-blooded murderer, he not only killed his wife, his son and his nephew but was responsible for ordering the death of thousands more. This Christian hero was great all right, a great killer. To check these facts look up Nicene Creed.

Christians Were Responsible for the Nazi Holocaust

The Martin Luther celebrations in 1997 highlighted some very uncomfortable facts that we are never taught at school. In 1524 during the Peasantsí Revolt, in tones indistinguishable from Hitlerís, Luther, the man who started the Protestant movement, incited the ruling princes to massacre the insurgents:

"A Prince can best obtain merit by shedding blood." He stated, "One must dash these people in pieces, slaughter them, stick them like pigs both in public and in private, whenever one gets the chance."

The resulting carnage left more than 100,000 dead. In 1543 Luther advised that the synagogues should be set on fire and Jewish homes likewise destroyed. Now we can understand why the Bishop of Birmingham, Dr. Hugh Montefiore, said that the Nazi Holocaust could never have taken place had it not been for the theological thinking of Christendom about Jews, and their ostracism by the Christians of Europe. I know it sounds daft now but the Christians blamed the Jews for murdering their god. Look up deicide in the dictionary: killing of a god! At his trial in 1946 the Nazi Jew-baiter, Julius Streicher, actually claimed that Luther ought to be in the dock. The Germans and Austrians are the same as most Irish people, they actually believe in priestcraft. Therefore it was very easy for Hitler to whip up hatred against the Jews.

Keeping the Old-Boy Network Intact

It is at this point that what seems to be ordinary priestly suppressions things suddenly take on a more sinister complexion and turn into an establishment conspiracy of awesome proportions. No doubt many readers are wondering why our country's academics have not seen these simple historical distortions. The sad answer is that every academic in this field of research knows we have been fed a pack of lies, and therefore they are just as guilty as the priests in censoring uncomfortable facts that belong to the people. For example, the headmaster of my grammar school had a first class honours degree in classics from Cambridge University. He made sure he told us nothing about the Greek and Roman scientists, philosophers and educationalists, just some nonsense about a virgin giving birth to the creator of the universe two thousand years ago, and that this god is going to forgive the sins of everybody who believes in him!

Thankfully not all our teachers are selfish bigots, there are many good people who care more about the future of humankind on this planet then merely preserving their jobs and reputations. A few are no longer prepared to live a lie and have decided to tell the truth.

Please help to make Great Britain a democracy ó disestablish the Church, make the House of Lords an elected chamber, and do away with the Religious Affairs Departments in our schools, in television, radio and the press. The BBC for example takes about £10 million from our licence fee for religious propaganda. Try and name as many people as you can who have not ruthlessly used the Judaic-Christian ladder to get all the top positions. You will not find many in politics, among head teachers, owners of the press, television and radio stations, in the judiciary, armed forces and especially in the unelected House of Lords.


Sagan, Carl. "Cosmos".
First published in Great Britain in 1981 by Macdonald & Co. The soft back Futura edition ISBN 0 7088 19996 6

Findlay, Arthur. "The Curse of Ignorance" 1947.
Available from The Arthur Findlay College. Tel. 01279 817050.
The series ISBN 0 947823 32 8.
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Findlay says if you must have this big daddy god figure to worship, why not have a whole stack of gods like the Greeks and Romans? "Itís the one-god religions that are easily the greatest disaster ever to be inflicted on the human race."

Vidal, Gore


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By Michael Roll

Ten years ago David Icke was a television personality continually being beamed into the homes of millions of people in the UK. Then he suddenly came across the censored, secular scientific case for survival after death - the work of our pioneers of radio and television now backed up with recent discoveries in subatomic physics proving that reality also exists beyond our five physical senses. This is happening all the time to many famous people like David Icke and they quickly find out how dangerous this knowledge is. They are then left with a very simple choice:


Keep very quiet and carry on being a famous personality.


Tell the truth and ruin their careers.

David Icke chose the latter. He was on a hiding to nothing right from the start because it is a known fact that the public take far more notice of a famous personality than they do of a university professor whom they have never heard of. Therefore David was a threat to the powerful establishment forces that have a great deal to lose from the truth. This is not a secret conspiracy to deceive the people, it is very open for every person to check out for themselves.

The whole of scientific teaching across every discipline, including psychology and philosophy, is locked into death being the end of everything - the mind dies with the brain. Any scientist who challenges this is immediately destroyed by their peers. These orthodox scientists have as allies their sworn enemies, the professional priests from all religions. The priests are fighting to keep their monopoly on the lucrative life after death industry. This is a mighty powerful block fighting for their very existence against uncomfortable discoveries in physics that make a complete nonsense of their lifetimes work, but most of all, it will affect the money that they can rake in.

David ran head on into this lot without any training whatsoever in how to defend himself. The rest is history with the infamous appearance on the Terry Wogan Show. He is a Roman Catholic who was out to destroy David and everything he stood for. It's the old story, David had sat with a medium who was linked up to the usual patronising rubbish coming through from the religious etheric wavelengths. You know the sort of stuff:

"My child you are the son of God, we are all sons of god."

With careful editing the Wogan Show made David Icke out to be completely bonkers, that he was claiming to be the only son of God! They cut the bit out about us all being the sons and daughters of God.

D-Day 6th May 2001

This is the day that David Icke was destroyed on television for the second time. At our peril we all fail to learn from this destruction of a good man whose only "crime" was to try and tell the truth. David has broken the golden rule when starting to make a study of life after death. This is, to be terribly careful of what comes through mediums via the etheric wavelengths. Once mediums step away from their sublime work of putting grieving people in touch with their "dead" loved ones, watch out!

The people in the "next world" are exactly the same as they were on Earth. We are all very careful of who we mix with on Earth and we have to be even more careful of who we attract from the etheric world. As we think and behave, so we attract. In other words keep out of the Psychic Jungle. It's like a spider's web and just as effective. Once a seeker after knowledge wanders into this jungle it is almost impossible to escape. The only danger is not to recognise that it exists. If anything coming via mediumship offends your reason or insults your intelligence then for goodness sake reject it. If you run with a supernatural ball you will be destroyed. As the philosopher Arthur Findlay says,

"If you can't be bothered to make the enquiry then listen to those of us who have."

Visit my website: This is not my work, it is the suppressed work of the greatest scientists and philosophers this world has ever produced. Once seekers start from this rational scientific base they will be protected from getting lost in the Psychic Jungle. People will be in no danger of getting mixed up with blood sucking lizards! David is speaking from the Psychic Jungle and is no longer a danger to those who will be ruined by public opinion when the truth of survival eventually reaches millions. David Icke has even been persuaded to attack the British Royal Family who are on our side. The Prince of Wales is reading the scientific work of Arthur Koestler 'The Roots of Coincidence'. The Princess of Wales went to see a medium just before she was killed. The Queen Mother has had the benefit of the vast experience passed onto her from Queen Victoria. The old Queen was in daily contact with her "dead" husband via the mediumship of her servant John Brown.


The Method of Presenting Survival After Death

By Michael Roll

A fellow traveller has kindly sent me an exceptional book that she thought I would be interested in. Indeed I am because it has a ring of truth running through it. Its message is almost identical to another philosopher that I greatly admire - Silver Birch. He was an etheric person who communicated via the former Editor of Psychic News, Maurice Barbanell. Silver Birch's teachings start from a first class base, he says:

"If I offend your reason or insult your intelligence then reject what I am saying."

The book that was sent to me was written to try and deprogramme people in Germany prior to the Nazi tragedy. It was an alternative to Christian mythology, a balance for people who actually believed in the divisive hatred of priestcraft. The Germans at this time were exactly the same as most of the Irish nation and indeed the people of the Middle East. Almost without exception they thought a book that was held up by the priests was the word of the creator of the universe - God! They were just as brainwashed as the Japanese during the Second World War who believed their Emperor was God. Just confirming Voltaire's famous dictum:

"People who believe absurdities commit atrocities."

Silver Birch's only outlet was via the Spiritualist movement, therefore, he had to tailor his message accordingly. Spiritualists are god merchants, refugees from Christianity, they are religionists who are still hanging onto their early indoctrination. Their number one principal is 'The Fatherhood of God' and another is something about communicating with angels!

My secular scientific case for survival after death is only aimed at people who have totally escaped from the clutches of priestcraft, the materialists, those who are adamant that death is the end of everything. If I use the language of this German philosopher or Silver Birch I would not even get to first base as the Americans say. There would be a stampede for the door at my lectures. We have exactly the same message but a totally different method of presentation. I follow the English philosopher Thomas Paine and the Scottish philosopher Arthur Findlay. I am having incredible success going down this path. A few months ago I gave a lecture to humanists at The Secular Society. It went down very well but only because I was very careful of the words I used.

Arthur Findlay says why not put an extra "o" in the word god? The forces of goodness must be more powerful than the forces of evil in this world and the next. There has to be perfect justice in the universe otherwise we are completely wasting our time trying to bring enlightenment to mankind.