World Truths

Introductory Paper

(Author's Name Withheld).


Unidentified flying objects have long been investigated by the U.S. Air Force and agencies of other governments.  All governments involved have, very strangely, agreed to not reveal information about UFOs.  The author, as a U.S. Air Force meteorologist was involved in Air Force jets chasing UFOs.  Later the author became involved in communication with the Captain of a starship which supports numerous "shuttles" that are assigned to help reduce earth's atmospheric pollution.  The following information is a reasonably accurate report of communication with aliens including a request to make the important announcement included in the last section of this paper.


One of the roles of the Tactical Air Command (TAC) of the U.S. Air Force was to be positioned to protect against a possible attack of European allies from the East (obviously meaning Russian aircraft).  The author was a team member of an Air Weather Service group assigned to support TAC.  The weather center was located in office space cut into a hill.  On top of the hill was a long-range radar installation.  When a radar is seeking targets at long range, the radar beam is close to the earth's surface.


Under certain weather conditions (a temperature inversion where the air warms going aloft instead of the normal cooling with height) the radar beam can be refracted toward the earth.  The end result may be that a radar beam is bent toward the earth and can be reflected from a boat on the water or a truck on the highway.  Such vehicles produce a unusual changes of position on the radar screen, not normally seen with aircraft.


When such anomalous radar signals were seen, the radar operators would check with the weather center to determine if there was a temperature inversion.  When there was no temperature inversion, then the Air Force jets would be sent to check out the Unidentified Flying Object.  On occasion, the radar had picked up a plane that was off course, suffering from loss of communication or navigation equipment or both.  More often, the jets would be chasing an unknown type of craft that could outfly the latest jets.  This information was classified as Top Secret.


The author, when leaving the Air Force service, was explicitly informed that he was never to divulge any Top Secret information and would be subject to prosecution and severe penalties if such information was discussed.


About two years ago, Dr. Steven Greer decided that this type of non-disclosure of UFO information was not in the nation's interest.  He made arrangements with a legal firm to defend any person, at no cost to that person, if the government chose to prosecute.  With this legal support, Dr. Greer invited a number of persons who had had direct experience with UFOs to report their information in a special meeting held in the Press Club in Washington, D. C.  The extensive information presented made the papers for about two days and then was no longer published in major newspapers. (See


With the offer of legal protection, this author no longer feels under obligation not to discuss UFOs.  Several years after leaving the Air Force, the author became involved in a research activity that involved mental telepathy.  (That could make another article.)


For many years, the author had practiced relaxation and self communication.  For example, a person's mental capability is composed of a normal conscious mental capacity and a more intensive behind-the-scenes mental capacity (often labelled as the subconscious).  There are certain aspects of a person's physiology (such as some health problems) that can be controlled, monitored, or affected by the subconscious.  The author, after totally relaxing, would then send messages to the subconscious by mentally repeating a simple command or instruction.  An example might be, "Cure the rash on the right lower leg."  This approach can be very effective in maintaining health.


A more important example is the author's desire to be able to see the human aura (which a few percent of persons can normally see). It required six months of about 100 verbal instructions (for each daily session) to the inner self of, "I will be able to see the human aura."  Now the author can see a person's aura and also strong magnetic fields.  A remarkable achievement.


Having this background the author was exposed to a type of a non- commercial seance where communication was established with the author's wife (deceased some 30 years prior) and with members of the Council of Scientists (deceased scientists who desire to continue to help fellow scientists on the earth).  After this highly successful session, it was suggested to the author, "Why don't you try this?"


The author found that with the many years of meditation and focussing on his own body, all that was required was to direct his thoughts outward, instead of inward, and messages came to his mind.  Later it was learned that to become telepathic, it took some long periods of meditation as a preparation.


A few months ago, the author was asked to determine if he could communicate with Captain Helena, of the Starship Capricorn. Having been involved with UFOs, the concept of a large mother ship was an attractive concept.  Therefore, communication with Captain Helena began.


As the reader might expect, it requires substantial skills to be able to still the mind and only record what is received.  This author is no exception to that concept.  Therefore, there has been consideable concern, by the author, as to the accuracy of what was being received.  Later, it was determined that the information received was about 85 percent accurate.  Keep that in mind when reading the following information.  Do not expect complete accuracy in the received information which follows.


The designation as "starship" implies that this craft can travel among the stars, obviously faster than the speed of light.  A starship is more than a spaceship that may be limited to a planet or to a solar system.


The Capricorn is about one mile in diameter.  There are about 1,000 persons on board.  There is a mixture of aliens aboard. Some of the aliens could walk among us clothed as humans and not be easily recognized as aliens.  Others are obviously not humans. There are reported to be some resurrected humans aboard the Capricorn.  The Capricorn supports some 80 or more "shuttles" which can travel from the starship to earth and return.


The Capricorn has been positioned in our solar system for about a decade.  Their assignment is to help clean up the earth's atmosphere and water.  This earth is an unusal planet in that it has an abundance of different plants, animals, and humans that are not known on other worlds.  The increasing atmospheric pollution (from the combination of forest destruction and increased burning of fossil fuels) has increased the carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere so that some species have already become extinct and more are threathened.  Similarly with some of the earth's waters and lifeforms therein.


The author has been communicating with Helena for about four months.  The following procedure is used.  The author goes to his office at about 5:30 a.m.  It is quiet, there are no expected interruptions.  After a short meditation, sitting at the keyboard of his computer, the author calls on Helena about the same time each of the five days of the normal work week.  Information is received.  Helena always asks if the are any questions. Questions are asked and answered.  The author is an accomplished typist and does a reasonably accurate job of recording even with his eyes closed and harkening to the words that come to his mind. Those aboard the starship greatly look forward to coming to earth, breathing the earth's air, feeling the earth's gravity beneath their feet.  However, the current government of the United States would try to shoot down any shuttle that would be detected.  Therefore, those aboard the Capricorn are prepared to wait until there is a restoration of the normal U.S. law (as provided by the NESARA program) before coming to land and beginning their assigned tasks of helping to clean up the earth's atmosphere and water.  It should be noted that with all of the many times that U.S. jets chased UFOs, there was never a time that any UFO tried to shoot down or harm one of our aircraft.


The restoration of the proper form of government will begin with the announcement of the NESARA program.  For details go to - make sure you use the .us and not .com or .org. Basically, the NESARA program restores the original form of government to the U.S. rather than the modified form that was adopted during the Roosevelt administration in the 1930s.  The NESARA program was scheduled for announcement on 9/11, 2001, the day that the Twin Towers in Lower Manhattan were hit by aircraft and also blown up from below.


A second time that the NESARA program was to be announced, several aircraft dragging conducting wires flew over various electrical transmission lines and took out the lights for much of the Eastern United States.  The announcement was scheduled for 6:00 p.m.  The lights went out by 4:00 p.m.  There have been other interruptions in the announcement of the NESARA program. However, it is now due to be announced in the near future.  The author is not sure if this article will be made available prior to the announcement of the NESARA program.


Long before the NESARA program was passed by Congress (in secret), a group of wealthy persons decided that the world would be much better off if the wealth were more evenly distributed. Currently a small fraction of the world's wealthy control a large fraction of the world's wealth.  Institutions that are involved are the banks and even the Federal Reserve System.  It was recognized that it would take a lot of money to "buy off" the appropriate persons or institutions.


Beginning in the 1980s, the author was asked to join such a group, however, the required $1 million was not available.  Those who joined or pooled their money and joined were promised that they would receive a significant increase in their investment. However, the concept was that no earnings would be returned until the size of the available funds were sufficient for the plan to succeed.  Many trillions of dollars would be required to buy off the various financial institutions.


When the NESARA program was established by Congress in 2000, it was decided to link the bank buy outs to the NESARA program.  The NESARA program provides for changing over from Federal Reserve Bank notes to money issued by the U.S. Treasury Department.  The Federal Reserve in a privately-owned organization that is only about 25% owned by Americans, the rest by English and European foreigners.  The Federal Reserve Notes have no precious metal backing.  The new Treasury bills are backed by gold, silver, and other precious metals.  This accumulation of wealth, to back the currency, has been one of the successes of the money-investing program.


Initially, much of the monetary buildup was being done in Europe. Later, the program was extended to the U.S.  However, the U.S. government decided that the owners of the money were making too much profit and the government required that a percentage of the profits (probably 30 percent) were to be set aside for "humanitarian purposes."  According to information received (but without proof) the humanitarian funds now total about $20 trillion.  These funds will be available over the next decade to fund some important projects.  For example, an estimated one billion dollars per year will be allocated to the clean up of the world's radioactive wastes.  Another similar project is for the cleaning up of the world's water or making water more available to desert areas.


During the week that this report is being written, the author has been told that the "humanitarian funds" would be released as soon as the "prosperity funds" (funds being paid back to investors) were released.  That distribution of funds could be as early as May, 2004.  It is planned that with the release of the "prosperity funds" and the "humanitarian funds" that the banks will be required to issue the new currency to everyone in exchange for their Federal Reserve Notes.  The new currency has already been printed and sent to various bank headquarters.  The exchange will be one new dollar for each old dollar.


It has been stated that the funds that have been accumulated will be used to pay off all credit cards held by individuals in the U.S. and Canada (at least).  The banks will be paid a reported $9,000 for each credit card issued.  In addition the banks will be repaid their investment in the Federal Reserve Bank and the Federal Reserve Bank will no longer be an acceptable issuer of money.  The U.S. Treasury notes have been backed with precious metals (already in place) and the new money has been printed and delivered to bank headquarters.  In some cases, the personnel in banks and credit unions have been trained to make the exchange. Over the time period for this author's experience from the 1920s until now, the author has seen the Federal Reserve notes suffer about 1,000 percent inflation.  For example, a 35 cent haircut is now $5 to $10.  A five-cent candy bar (which used to sell on specials at 3 cents are now 50 cents or more.  (Of course, the candy bars were larger back then.)  Gasoline that was normally 23 cents a gallon (one-time special was five gallons for a dollar) is now about $2 a gallon.  All readers will have similar experiences with inflation.


It is expected that the new dollar, backed by precious metals, will not suffer from inflation.  Therefore, if you want to save money for something in the future, the value of your savings will be expected to be stable and not eroded by inflation.


An interesting side issue will be a requirement for other nations to back their money with precious metals.  That action will probably mean that the current price of gold, silver, and other precious metals will increase as the demand increases.


It is this expected time of economic and political stability that will be a part of the overall national well being.  Peace will be declared.  War will cease.  The United States will return to its former constitutional government and the shuttles from the Capricorn will land in selected places.  "Scouts" have already volunteered and been assigned to some of the expected shuttle landing places.  The author is one of these scouts.  The press will be invited (along with many friends) to greet the shuttle landing.  The shuttles will land, the aliens will show themselves, but not leave the shuttles.  Then the shuttles will take off and let the freedom of the press play its important role in informing the world of the reality of the Capricorn, its crew, and its mission to help the earth.


Another feature of the Capricorn's crew is that they are instructed to do nothing unless they are requested to do so.  The author is affiliated with a laboratory and has asked that a couple of the engineers/scientists of the Capricorn join with the laboratory staff and help in the development of selected projects.  Capt. Helena has agreed that they can provide a couple of persons to work with us in the laboratory.


One of the features of the shuttles is their ability to provide some control over gravity.  It is the author's understanding that aboard the Capricron there is an artifical gravity.  Hopefully, one of the topics to be discussed, learned, and put into practical use will be equipment for gravity control.


There is considerable interest among some of the scientific community to learn more about gravity and to discover how gravity can be controlled.  Some groups are proposing multi-year funding programs with millions of dollars per year to be allocated for gravity research.  That proposal will no longer be necessary. There will be friendly aliens who will be willing to help us, if we ask.


As a former missile system engineer, this author will welcome the opportunity to provide laboratory space, enlist the help of friendly aliens from the Capricorn, and develop gravity control devices that can be manufactured by our current manufacturing technology.  Alternatively, there may have to be some special manufacturing processes also developed to produce the gravity- control devices.


One of the obvious uses of gravity control devices and systems will be the construction and use of human-engineered space vehicles that can be launched and flown without the use of tons of rocket fuels.  It would seem logical that with gravity control, one could not only lessen the pull of earth's gravity but actually turn the system to repulsion and thereby move a space ship (or shuttle) out of the earth's gravity field.  This ability is considered to be the most important step to move man into serious space exploration.


The concept of gravity control should not be taken to mean that it can be done with less energy.  It would be more appropriate to assume that this task will be an energy-intensive development. Fortunately, there are now several new-energy devices that have been invented, patented, and that are available to be commercialized.  Such new-energy devices will provide the large energy sources that are probably a necessary part of the development of a commercial spaceship.  In addition, it is expected that such devices will be used to replace the burning of fossil fuels in the world's commercial aircraft.


From the point of view of helping to clean up the earth's atmosphere, it is apparent that anti-gravity technology will be an important development.  It is exciting to consider the many applications that can and will be made from the development of the gravity-control technology.


If the reader accepts this discussion as being a reasonably accurate report of coming events, then it is obvious that an important contribution to the world's technology is pending. These are some of the important concepts that will change our world:

  1. We are not alone in the universe.
  2. There are friendly aliens working under the direction of some kind of a galatic organization assigned to help this earth.
  3. The aliens come to help and not to impose their methods of operation onto humanity.  They will help when asked, provided the result is peaceful.
  4. Mankind is viewed as ready to enter into the space age.
  5. The earth's pollution (both atmosphere and water) must be reduced or there will be increased death of entire species of plants and animals.
  6. That aliens exist and are friendly must be made known to humanity.
  7. There must be a change in the current political system and a return to a better form of government for the aliens to be better able to fill their assignment to help clean up the earth's atmosphere and water.
  8. The opportuniies for further and rapid technological development is being provided.
  9. There is an opportunity for this seemingly isolated world to join with thousands of other planets, peoples, and races.
  10. Opportunities for personal growth and development will be plentiful.


A very important message has been given to this author (after this article was first written) with the request that the message be widely disseminated.  The following message that was received is shared with those who read this article:


"We are needed to visit with you and then to end the conflict in the Mid-East and, eventually, throughout the world.  There are many of us with great potential capabilites to administer our voice and our message to our adherents in many parts of the world.  This message should be made known to people."  From Jesus the Christ (also known as Sananda).


Some explanation:  Being a Christian, this author believes in the "second coming" of Jesus Christ.  It is with deep concern, but in obedience to the above request that this information is being presented to you.


Affiliated with the starship Capricorn are several religious leaders (including Jesus Christ, Lord Mohammed, Lord Buddha, et al.) who will be returning to work closely with their various religious groups to bring peace to the world.  These religious leaders have all chosen to return during essentially the same time period to redirect their religious followers into peaceful pursuits.  Jesus Christ did not teach his followers to make war. Neither did Lord Mohammed.  The followers of Hinduism are meant to be peaceful people.  The message is that these religious leaders and some others are all coming back to earth in essentially the same period of time to instruct their followers to bring peace to the world.


There is no more important message that can be given to the world at this time.  It is with great respect for all of these religious leaders that this information is being shared with you.


It is also important to recognize that many of the world's church leaders are already cooperating to help their members and to help others, many who are in need of food, clothing, and shelter.  All of these churches teach love.  The true practice of love energizes many of the world's predominant religions and helps sustain many of this world's free people.


Personally, I look forward to the this coming of Jesus Christ with a great sense of gratitude that I have been able to live to see this long-awaiting second coming.  The message is that Jesus Christ will come to Salt Lake City, Utah (headquarters of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) and then will also go to Jerusalem (in fulfillment of prophesy).


Just as important to millions of people who are not Christians, is the message that their religious leaders will also return to visit with them and to instruct them to return to ways of peace. You will recognize that there is great wisdom in this collective approach to bringing peace to the world.  Please share this important message with all of your friends. 


It is expected that this message will be received with considerable doubt as to the authenticity of this information. One way to determine the truth of this message is to ask in sincere prayer if this message is true.  An alternative is to wait and see.  At least, prepare yourself and your household for the Second Coming of several of the world's great religious leaders.


The request has been made that this information be widely distributed.  Please help by providing this information to others.


Tell your friends to visit the website: where this message will be available.  In addition, further information from the Starship Capricorn's commander, Helena, will be posted.  New information and guidance by frequent telepathic messages are received by this author from Helena.