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Message from Archangel Michael

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

Sananda "To your Good Health 2"

Sananda "To your Good Health"


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3rd Feb 2005 Message from Archangel Michael  

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Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic

Update by Sheldan Nidle

for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

3rd January, 2006


Greetings, dear Ones! We come just as the new Gregorian year settles in. Many use this time to reflect on the foregoing year and to consider what lies ahead. In like vein, let us examine what has transpired and what is preparing to raise its blessed head for all to see. The first part of the galactic year of one Caban saw the foundation laid for a major American constitutional crisis to erupt in the first six months of this Gregorian year. Many individuals have come forward to testify to the massive misdeeds of the current administration. In turn, many major figures in Congress have asked for a general proceeding to begin that can ultimately result in a bill of impeachment against the American president. In addition, forces across the planet are closer to initiating a move to evict this present American regime. We in Heaven are watching all this and dearly desire that the pace for the completion of these actions be accelerated. The goals of the dark remain the same. What has now changed is the amount of positive energy that is daily directed against them.

This positive energy permits American federal prosecutors to go forward with their investigations. Indeed, the growing dissatisfaction of the American people has further emboldened covert dissident groups in the American government to push their difficult tasks through to a successful conclusion. However, these activities, while heartening to us, have not yet allowed the manifesting of the many things we desire for you. This obstacle is caused by the fact that the representatives of the Galactic Federation on and about your planet have not yet been permitted to openly interfere in your affairs. We dearly want the last part of this present galactic year to witness the releasing at long last of our ships and personnel. To this end, we have drawn up a plan for the speedy implementation of the last part of our first contact mission. The start of this more overt scenario began ten days before the last solstice. A series of secret meetings was held with our Earth allies and many friendly governments. Dates were formally introduced and a possible set of actions suggested to all parties.

Talks are also ongoing with your Ascended Masters and the higher Orders of Heaven. We wish to complete this particular mission and move on to other key concerns. We fully comprehend the situation on your world and our appointed role in these matters. Nevertheless, it must be noted that your planet is moving ahead with her own activities. A series of quickening movements is in process around your globe. This can lead suddenly to catastrophes that can make the events of your past two Gregorian years seem trivial by comparison. We say this not to be alarmist, but to emphasize the urgency for action on both our parts. As the various tectonic plates start to lock, thus reining in the usual geological subsidence process, colossal repercussions can ensue. Mother Earth wants to end the distressing connivances of the dark, so she acts to force the hand of Heaven. The time for the Light to operate openly is rapidly looming, and what has so far been done needs to be accelerated. First Contact draws close and with it a most interesting surprise!

Heaven is watching all this with great interest. You are in many ways a special gem, put on this wondrous orb for a purpose. This purpose is more than being the protector and overseer of Mother Earth and this solar system. It even goes beyond being a major component in the very altering of physicality. You are both spiritual and physical by nature. You reside in the great wave of Light that forged this Universe and which encompasses all of physicality. You are part of the Love energy that set all of spiritual and physical Creation into motion. The Creator chose wisely, and incorporated you into the very start of this entire process. This gives you a very great responsibility, which reaches way beyond what lies before you now: You have the capability to unfold the divine plan. Because of this, your return to full consciousness has a number of important consequences. Thus it becomes essential that the present goings-on be resolved positively, and the last denizens of the dark be grandly repulsed and then reformed.

Monumental and wonderful change is now underway. Many exciting things are to happen in the coming year. Above all, we need to coordinate proceedings to ensure that the coming changes on your Earth are not perceived as the reason for our open appearance in your skies. First Contact necessitates a certain degree of formal agreement on your world. We do not in any way wish to be seen as either invaders or usurpers of your world. These fantasies of your entertainment industry need to be set straight immediately. We come here in the name of the Light. We come to supervise Heaven's transformation that is swiftly returning you to full consciousness. This is no small matter. It is also a point that bears much repetition. The "alien abduction scenario" and general fear and confusion about us are the disagreeable product of your dark off-world overlords and their ever-obedient, Earth-bound minions.

This unnatural xenophobia was masterfully concocted by the Anunnaki and their minions over millennia. Every time a significantly positive event took place, this reliable bogeyman was waved in front of you to "spook" you into submission. You, dear Hearts, are not alone in this vast Universe. Nor are you the only ones whom the Creator has endowed with the ways of the Light and the teachings of Heaven. Freewill is conferred by degrees, with the fullest amounts reserved for the most highly conscious. Your world has been violated repeatedly from the start, and all your beliefs in the supposed sanctity of your civilization are hogwash. Consider your endless wars, and the distortions and omissions of your history. What has saved you is the continued intervention by Heaven and by those who espouse your cause in this galaxy!

In the eyes of the dark, you are a mere dalliance, saved from eternal damnation by Heaven's intercession. This sticks in their craw, so they turn your reality upside down to control you. Your say in these matters has been minimal until recently. Now, the present is full of promise. The dark is receding from its entrenched positions and is resorting to smoke-and-mirror tactics. These acts nevertheless confuse you. Just know that these obfuscations are temporary. Slowly, those whose job it is to inform you are letting out smidgens of the truth, hence the recent intimations of how the present American regime has manipulated and spied on you to advance their cause. The present outcry is only the tip of the iceberg! Yet, this provides a valuable lesson about the very nature of limited consciousness.

Limited consciousness is a tool of the dark. It grants enormous power and effortless deception. You entered this condition with naivety, and now you require the great wisdom gleaned from the despair of those millennia. Use this now to drive them from this realm. We stand ready to join you and assist you in returning this land to the Light. During this joyous process, release the twisted notions ingrained in you by the Earth minions who drew up the so-called religious philosophies of your world. Listen within, and allow the Light to work in unison with you. Draw your power from this magnificent source and use it to transform your world and, above all, yourselves. Remember that you are not alone. Your planet and, indeed, Creation are behind you. Above all, use the energy of Love and her Light to profoundly and divinely change your world!

Today, we reviewed the events of the past year and considered those just ahead. We ask you to regard recent past events as a sign of the quickening of your grand transformation. The coming year holds much promise for change. Indeed, events are transpiring that can manifest our swift arrival on your shores. Let this new Gregorian year be the one that brings first contact and the start of what you all dearly desire! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)




Update by Sheldan Nidle

for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

11th October, 2005

Selamat Jarin! We return, dear Hearts, crammed with interesting things to tell you! As you may well know, the operation to unseat the last cabal and its political and economic cronies progresses apace. The brave souls working most diligently to complete this task are at last nearing their goal. Also, those involved in the many prosperity programs are coordinating their delivery schedules to coincide with these noble political deeds. Hence, your world is now ready to explode with events deemed impossible a few months ago. The designated provisional leaders chosen by our Earth allies are likewise preparing themselves to assume temporary command of the American government and those of numerous other nations. Your globe has never before seen the likes of what is about to take place. Moreover, these coming events are merely the opening salvos in a "quiet revolution" that is to unmask this last cabal and start a series of unprecedented criminal proceedings. Not since the Nuremberg trials, which marked the legal retribution against the former leaders of Nazi Germany, has such a series of trials taken place.

We, ourselves, have carefully compiled a directory of those persons who have favored the despicable goals of this cabal. The evil that has long stained your world with its hatred, its strife, and its chaos is to be cast out. Heaven is intent upon turning you in the right direction and giving you the opportunity to show your allegiance to the Light by your good works. This includes an all-out effort to cleanse the horrendous amount of pollution in your air, land, and water. Another major goal of Heaven is the complete eradication of poverty, disease, and want from humanity's midst. These two prime directives are to be unleashed once first contact is accomplished. The many nations of your planet are to announce, simultaneously, programs that will ensure the success of these goals. Heaven, as your sacred supervisor, will set forth objectives and provide the means to achieve them. The bureaucratic technologies necessary for this daunting task now exists, and this, coupled with your superb energies, ensure your resounding success.

We reiterate these points for a reason: It is vital for you to comprehend that a massive turning point in your history is at hand. The extent of these transformations cannot be overstated. The very nature of your self-perception is to change forever. This will entail the total overhaul of your theological beliefs, your scientific hypotheses, and even your assumptions about your origins as a species; when corrected, your history will tell of things now scoffed at by your "experts"; even how you view yourselves as a global society will change. All this is a prelude to your return to full consciousness. The stimulus of the new technologies and methods of organization will nonetheless pale by comparison to the internal upheavals you may experience as a result of some of the coming revelations. Since childhood, you have been inculcated with certain dogmas concerning reality; these will be rendered obsolete after first contact. In their stead, Heaven will introduce you to a set of sacred standards that will permit you to adapt quickly to a new reality. The old, dark realm can fade and the Light be fully accepted.

This is only the start of what is soon to happen. Don't forget that your world was designed by the dark to be an irrational and confusing hotchpotch to confound you and keep you open to their stealthy manipulations. But it can also give the illusion of being a comfortable and even secure place. In truth, anyone, despite wealth, position, and high public esteem, can be subject to a sudden reversal of fortune if they anger the 'powers-that-be. All is built on quicksand cleverly constructed by your previous "gods". In this reality, Light was kept at the periphery; and any infiltration by the Light was twisted into nonsensical, hollow rhetoric. Despite these odds and incessant attempts by the dark to defeat her, Heaven has been able to intervene and create a vast and successful counter movement. The many changes now taking place are to transform your present dark reality into one that radiates Light, Love, liberty, and true sovereignty.

Talking about all this is one thing; your carrying out what Heaven expects of you is another. The coming period will see the demise of many political systems that have besmirched the face of your world since WWII. These systems are based upon the politics of greed and power reminiscent of the Roman Empire. A false "cold war" was devised to hide the true machinations of those running this dog and pony show. The intention of these dark cabals was to please their off-world masters and to imperceptibly slip a net of total slavery over humanity. That this has not happened is due to certain events carefully orchestrated by the divine plan. Hence, Heaven knows the amount of subtle subterfuge used against you. This has been taken into consideration and a plan created to allow you time to adapt to your changing realm. Thus, you can expect waves of amazing events followed by lulls in which you will have time to adjust.

The proceedings will kick off with a number of astonishing global events, the underlying purpose of which is to break the back of the last cabal and instill conditions wherein world peace can prevail. The next step will be the announcement of measures to redistribute your world's wealth and power. The overturning of a number of major governments is to be the springboard for instituting programs that will vastly change your planet's traditional economic and political procedures. Prototypes of a new way of doing business can solve many long-standing local disputes and set the stage for introducing long-sought-after technologies. Those industries affected by the introduction of these technologies can easily adapt by utilizing the above-mentioned new business paradigm.

"Business" is to be coaxed into adopting a more humane and environmentally friendly modus operandi. With the coming universal abundance, "work" will be contributed out of inner joy, not external survival needs. The traditional business model based on hierarchy requires total recasting: Corporations need to relinquish their restrictive, central control in favor of smaller units that are proactive to the local needs of community and environment. Communications between affiliates can swiftly convert to a simple process called "fluid group dynamics". In this model, the group is goal- and solution-oriented rather than competitive and authoritarian: Those best equipped for a given project take the lead for the duration of that project alone; when the goal is reached, they release the reins to others. And so on.

This process is dependent upon a free exchange of ideas and the belief that all problems can be creatively overcome. Each aspect of the corporation encourages its many divisions to creatively adapt to local conditions and actively honor their community and environment. The relationships between divisions, their communities, and the environment are supported. Common welfare becomes more important than profit (remember that all are now abundant). The corporation's new focus is to use its unique skills and knowledge to heal Mother Earth and enhance the viability of the community in which it is based. In this model, society and Mother Earth are supportively intertwined, not in competition. In a context of universal abundance, "business for profit" becomes redundant, and businesses become facets of community building and restoring the environment.

Today, we have gone over more aspects of what is to happen in your world. Try to comprehend the immensity of these coming changes. The concepts you have long cherished concerning your governments, possible technologies, and the world around you are about to be stood on their heads. Thus you can see how important it is for you to stay centered and committed to positive change. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! And Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)



To Your Good Health Part 2

By Candace Frieze & Sananda Immanuel


Hi everyone! Here is the rest of the article on health. Sananda gave me a couple more comments to add to it. I will do the animal article next in the next message, rather than in this one. So to continue:

Sananda: I am adding some more advice, after having Candace read to me her Aspartame story, today Feb. 27. You must not use the new Splenda either. Do not use any of the sugar alcohol's, such as the new popular zylitol or sorbitol. They also poison the body. In fact, these alcohol's are byproducts of defective metabolism in diabetes, and are responsible for the destruction that diabetes causes over time. To use them, if a diabetic, totally defeats the purpose.

You need to read every label of everything you buy as food and medicine. Artificial sweeteners are in common use in medicines, and are often not labeled as such. If you do not recognize an ingredient as food on the label, leave it in the store. There is nothing better for you than real food and even that is deficient as I previously mentioned. Eat whole food as much as possible.

Even if you desire to use some sugar, and some use is OK, use a product called Sucanat when appropriate to your recipe, which may be labeled as dried cane syrup. This is pure cane syrup, prior to any processing and it does have significant minerals in it, particularly iron. At least you do not consume totally empty calories with its use.

I myself have a bit of a sweet tooth and I love cookies! But I do not eat them made with white flour and white sugar. Yes, Sananda, who will be walking with one leg in front of the other on your Earth does indeed eat! I fully understand the love of sweets.

Candace: (Feb. 28)  I wonder if his cookies are made in a food replicator, or does he have a wonderful cook baking for him? (Said laughingly in my head)

Sananda: I heard that! I can have them either way, but baked and eaten warm is nicer than the replicator. We do cook sometimes on ships and when I am visiting Inner Earth.

Candace: This is getting silly, who ever thought we would be discussing cookies with Sananda? However, for those of you who have written about your confusion as to his body, and his being also on the Other Side, keep reading. He will be discussing this after we finish the health material!

Sananda: (written  Feb. 27)  Another thing worth mentioning here, is that by these many ways that the BBB&G’s have created to harm you, the result has been to keep many of you living in a hell, that prevents or interferes with your abilities to spend time on the many projects you wish to create. This was by their design.

Also before I go, so Candace can finish this, I need to tell you that even with our coming and the healing we bring, many are in bodies that are very old, they have lived difficult lives, and they will desire to pass over, and return to this glorious New Earth by being reborn. Accept and welcome this desire in those choosing to do so. They need to experience as babies again and grow up in this wonderful New World, and they will better further their finding of God by doing so.

Candace: I will finish the rest of the health material. I am going to tell you about a few things I use and find beneficial. First would be flax seed. I used to use flax oil, but I had a problem with several bottles I had to return. Flax oil spoils easily, and tastes like furniture polish when rancid. Always taste any oil, before using. Rancid oil is poisonous.

So, I decided to buy the seed and grind it. This is much cheaper and 1/4 cup ground seed has about 1 TBS. of oil in it, which is what I was using per day. I grind a couple quart jars at a time, and keep in the fridge. I use a blender, but I would think a coffee mill would work also. Flax seed must be ground, as it goes thru undigested otherwise. It has a hard seed coat.

Flax seed, as seed, has all the wonderful stuff that all seeds have, whatever it takes to grow a baby plant. It has very high quality soluble fiber (like oats) and has 8 grams of fiber and 6 grams of high quality protein per 1/4 cup. I pour out my 1/4 cup a day, use some in cooking where appropriate and take the rest stirred into water with other stuff I take.

The reason I take flax, is that it reduces inflammation in the body. Today's animals are fed grain, rather than grass and produce too many Omega 6 Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) in the meat. Meat fed on grass has mostly Omega 3 EFA.  You do need Omega 6, but only about twice as much as Omega 3.
Many Americans, from both meat and certain seed oils get way too much Omega 6, as high as a 20 to 1 ration over Omega 3.  

Flax oil is much higher in Omega 3, and helps balance the two out. Too much Omega 6 messes up the balance of hormones called prostaglandins, contributing to inflammation. Prostaglandin's are made from fatty acids. Decrease your consumption of safflower oil, sunflower oil, corn oil, and sesame oil, and avoid partially hydrogenated oil (Crisco, etc.) like the plague. This includes most margarine's. Read labels carefully. Margarine's need to trans fat free also.

Good oils to eat are olive oil, any nuts or their oils, especially walnuts, flax, and hemp. Canola oil is also OK, as it has some Omega 3. Soy oil has both, with more Omega 6. Also, oily cold water fish are beneficial. You can also take fish oil capsules for Omega 3, but don't use them when your stomach is feeling "belchy." Fish oil is pretty disgusting if you burp it back up! Also good, if you like the taste is coconut oil.

I don't buy mass produced oil in the stores, as heat and chemicals that aren't good for you are used in the processing of them. I suggest you get organic cold pressed soy oil or Canola oil if you use them. Also, if you buy flax oil, don't cook with it, as heat degrades it. It must be refrigerated. I keep all my oils in the frig. Flax oil makes a wonderful salad dressing mixed with lemon. I was taken off vinegar for a time. That is how I discovered the lemon combination.

I got some of the above information from Dr. Andrew Weil's book called "Eating Well For Optimum Health." This book inspired my interest in EFA's.

There is another reason to watch your meat consumption, Have any of you noticed that raw meat is getting juicier and juicier? Chemicals might be added for this, but the real reason to avoid or decrease your meat is that the animals are being fed huge doses of estrogen to get them to retain water before slaughter, so they weigh more. I was losing my taste for meat before I stopped eating it, because it didn't cook right. I like stir fry, and the meat won't fry, it boils. The taste of meat was changing also, and I was eating less, because I did not enjoy it.

Something very interesting happened, when I did that. I found improvement in my arthritis! This is because of those little Omega 3's and 6's. I had been on flax for a while at that time. So I just quit the meat altogether, and I saw more improvement. I also needed to take a bit more estrogen, proving to me that estrogen in meat is a problem. Do all you meat loving guys think you should have estrogen in your diet? I think that this may contribute to infertility in men, and increased PMS in women.

But my experience with flax has been to reduce my arthritic pain helped out by stopping meat. Not only has the pain been reduced, but my function has improved. I haven't needed steroid injections in any joints for at least 3 years now. Recently, while writing these and answering emails, I ran out and forgot for a week to grind more. I felt It! I am eating a bit extra for a few days, to rid myself of a bit of soreness that happened from not using it. I would think that many of you with assorted aches and pains might benefit from its use, and reducing meat consumption.

This past fall, I decided to try colloidal silver. I detest antibiotics, and I get yeast problems in my gut from them and silver is supposed to be good for that. It is. It has helped a great deal. Silver kills around 650 organisms. I take some right as I feel a bug coming on, and so far, every single one has dropped in its tracks no matter it be a cold, a digestive bug, or the flu.  

A friend of mine caught a horrid case of flu, and after 2 days of killer pain with it, remembered I had given her silver, and she swigged on it all day. Her fever broke, the pain stopped, and she went to work again a couple days later. She never developed the long term cough that happens so often with the flu.

I got the idea of the silver from the Phoenix Journals. There is much available online about the use of silver and other colloidal metals. I would like to use gold also, but it is unaffordable to me at this moment. Gold will kill even more organisms and has been found to help mood also.

I bought a colloidal silver generator and make my own, as it costs between $45 and $60 a quart on the Net. I paid $200 for it.
Robey Generator CS. The silver electrodes come with this machine and make up to 400 gallons, but I think at the full strength that I make it, would make considerably less. Replacement electrodes are only $25. Silver is taken orally, can be used on the skin, as ear drops, eye drops, and nose spray, mouth wash etc. There are many brands of Generators available.

Even if one is allergic to silver jewelry, I don't think colloidal silver would be a problem. It is made in parts per million, very dilute. It is completely non toxic, unlike many antibiotics. If you have to use quite a bit for several days, it might reduce your normal flora in your gut. You could eat yogurt or take probiotics. I did need probiotics while I was on silver for a month. For those who wonder what probiotics are, they are commercially available strains of the little critters that you need in your gut. I personally like the Jarrow brand.

My father just called today. His facial skin cancers are improving on silver and he wants some more. This is funny because he gave me some money and got angry when I "wasted" it on the silver machine. But he tried it anyway. He is using it orally and directly on the cancers, and is experiencing some clearing up of his chronic bronchitis. His voice was much improved over the phone.

One has to experiment with dosage. The information on the Net varies at every site. I make mine 80 PPM, the strongest on my machine and take 2-4 oz. as a first dose when I begin to become ill, then take some more if needed later. I also rinse my mouth with a dilute solution of it, and then swallow the solution, after I brush my teeth.

I just remembered that a chronic bad gum area around a tooth I am trying very hard to keep, has seemed to heal completely. I was however, on silver orally for about a month daily, so I don't think this healing occurred from just using it as a mouth rinse. Food and water is deficient in silver, and using it as a mouth wash is a good way to get some each day.

I think all AIDS patients should have a machine and take silver. It kills AIDS in the lab, but I don't think it will in the body, since AIDS goes into the DNA (retrovirus). But it would help keep down the recurring infections I would think, and a sick AIDS patient should probably also be on colloidal gold. In fact, when Sananda and I were chatting, he did suggest that.  The advantage of silver, is that you also become less dependent on seeing the doctor. If you get something that does not improve on silver, then do go to the doctor.  

Now, one more problem with health issues, and then we will move on. Unfortunately I also have Fibromyalgia, which I assumed from all that I have read was another of our new age problems, created by the BBB&G's. There is a doctor that has it, and discovered a genetic cause for the problem. If you have osteoarthritis, stiff muscles, and an abundance of those "tender points" that are markers for the problem, your kidneys may not be adequately removing excess phosphate from your body. This excess gets stored, mixed with calcium all over your body. It causes extreme fatigue, as the excess phosphate causes the muscles to work overtime. They are always in some degree of contraction, causing stiffness and pain. There are many other symptoms that go with it.

The doctor's name is R. Paul St. Amand, MD He has been working with the condition for 40 years now. He has written a book called "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia." He also has a website at Fibromyalgia Treatment Center / Guaifenesin Protocol.  I have been on his treatment for 14 months now and am seeing benefit from it. I have lost a number of deposits in my feet, for example, and bought a pair of winter boots this year. I have had to wear sandals for a long time now, because of foot pain.

The treatment details are too complex for this article. So go to the website, and if you think this material might be of use to you, get his book which has more detail. It involves taking Guaifenesin, the stuff that is in many cough syrups (but don't use them as a source of Guaifenesin), that loosens phlegm. I will also note, that Sananda has told me that the techniques coming to restore our bodies to our younger selves will reverse these accumulations. But in the mean time, I am using the protocol above.

As you see, not all problems are karmic, with miasma's to be fixed. I have two problems brought about by the BBB&G's, and one that is genetic. I have family members with Fibromyalgia. I actually was alerted to this problem in my first pregnancy. I was having severe charley horses, and my first doctor kept telling me to eat more and more dairy for calcium, and it did not help.

I switched doctors near the end of my pregnancy, and the new one was horrified at that advice. He greatly restricted my dairy use, limiting me to one small serving a day, and put me on calcium pills. The cramps stopped! He explained that phosphate in milk can cause problems for pregnant women. But it was apparently unknown at that time, and still is for that matter, that this phosphate problem is related also to the development of osteoarthritis and other difficulties.

I was put on calcium as a child, never knowing why I need it. I still need it, even on this treatment to keep down cramping. The reason, is because of the phosphate problem. Calcium is required to store the excess phosphate. You need phosphate. It is involved in energy production, and it is in nearly everything to some degree, especially in protein foods. Milk is high in phosphate, because the rapidly growing baby cow requires it. Slower growing humans to not require as much.

I was reluctant to go into so much detail about this area of my life. I feel "whiny" when I am writing about it. Sananda pushed me to do so, and share of my learning. But now enough about me, and on to answering some more questions from the email.

Sananda: Many of you have written of the many times that I have helped you out in this life and that I have been the source of many of your personal miracles. Now this may be true. But I would like to discus that your guides and angels have often been the ones who have performed these deeds, and supplied your guidance.

Due to the nature of the teaching in Christianity and in even much in the new age material, I am the one most often mentioned. One of the missing teachings in Christianity is about your guides, and the life planning taken on before incarnating. Since I am the one most known about, much is attributed to me that in fact, I have not done personally.

More of this attribution should be given your guides. Also guides and angels receive training from myself and the many Masters, and other great teachers operating in your other side. There are simply too many people on earth for me to personally attend the needs of all, of even of all the Christians. I would like you to send a warm thank you to your guides and angels for their service. Let them know you are aware of them.

Other than myself, the next most adored personage, common to Christianity is of course Mother Mary. Did you all know that Mother Mary was an incarnate angel for my mission back then?  She is a most beloved and adored person, and thought to also be responsible for some materials, that she is also not responsible for. Christianity has placed great limitation on knowledge of the many ways that you have been helped.

One person wrote that I was seen for quite a period of time in an open area in a certain city. When I appear for any length of time, I have usually put an image or hologram of myself in that location. Hologram is not the best of words, but you don't have others to use.

Candace has mentioned that one website is putting a well-known painting of myself up with our messages. That painting was done by a great soul and person of wonderful artistic skills, know as Nanette Crist Johnson. I appeared to her in 1986 3 days before Easter.

I did appear to her as I am now, in her presence to commission the painting, and I appeared next to her easel. She completed the painting of myself by Easter Day, only 3 days away. Now, after I spoke with her, I left a hologram of myself for her to paint, so as to not have to pose for the portrait until it was completed.

Using holograms of self is a common method used of being in more that one place at a time, and a skill you to will learn in your journey of finding God. A light body is necessary to be able to do this. There are many examples of this skill in your many stories. I can make several holograms of myself at any one time, and it is in this way that I can be many places at once. It is possible to speak thru the hologram, so no one is the wiser.

Many of you have received visits from those on the other side. Often this is a relative who has passed. When on the other side, you have a spirit body, in that it does not have anywhere near the degree of matter of your incarnate body.

That spirit body cannot be seen by those incarnate, simply due to the difference in dimensional vibrations. Many but not all, when in this state, have the ability to project a hologram of themselves into your reality, and that is how they are seen by you. This is even the method of the angels, when you see one, most of the time.

As your body changes into a light body, as your DNA reconnects, you become more able to actually see into the higher realms most closely above your own. This is why many of you are seeing angels. and other beings more easily. They don't need to use a hologram to be seen.  

Now, we have also seen some questions, as to how I am on a space ship and how I operate yet on the Other Side, and the answer is simply with my multidimensional skills. All on the journey acquire these skills in their own timing, and with the teachings.

One person wondered if every time she had heard from me, was it from a space ship? Most likely no. I come and go from several ships and spend actually, much of my time on Earth, in the Inner Earth cities. I am on some ships now, simply as part of the preparation process that is upcoming with contact, and My Second Coming.

My contact with all of you over the years has mostly been from the Other Side, of which I am also a resident. Your Other Side seems as a huge mystery, due to lack of understanding. It is simply a collection of other dimensions and realities, and I do the great majority of my teaching and visitations from these realms.

My body, that all shall see, as indeed I have said already that I use, is simply of somewhat higher dimension, and fully visible before you, even in 3D. It is not wise for myself to appear often this way, as a safety issue. Thus the use of holograms, which look every bit as real. You will learn as your body ascends, that you can lower its vibrations to be visible in lower dimensions and raise them a bit also, where it is wise to do so.

There are a number of people, outside your dimension by only a small amount resident on Earth much as you are. This is the story behind what you call Big Foot and similar creatures. These creatures are in 3D as such, but if found by you, they disappear by increasing their vibrations to around 3.5D making them invisible. There is much around you that you do not perceive.

So I exist multidimensionally out of time, and at the very same time, particularly now, in time.

Candace: A reader wrote inquiring about how to tell if one was an enlightened earth soul, or from another planet. I read the letter to him, and his answer reflects his interpretation of the letter.

In response to this question, why would this be important in your journey? Is there anyway to know you ask? As your memories come back, you will know. Most people on earth are from elsewhere anyway. The difference is just the time you have spent here. My dear, in that you are an enlightened earth soul, consider that in some ways you may be farther in your journey, as a result of the rich experiences in the earth plane.

You letter implies that maybe you might be less creative than your husband, but you may deal better with negativity, understanding it to your core. Many of you actually made much more rapid progress than you would have elsewhere. Many come to earth to graduate at the top in their class!  You can learn, in even just one lifetime here, more than on other placements because of the diversity.

Candace: This is all for this message. The animal message is still to come. Hatonn will also be channeled in that one.  We will be covering some other material in addition to the animal material, and he has material that will complement that message.

Recently I participated in the conference phone call that is covered by Tree of the Golden Light- Spiritual Web Content. There are small difficulties with conference calling that are not present in mental telepathy. These include the static and many other background noises. Telephone is less clear than telepathy. Recently, around Feb. 16, I had a conference with Sananda, Germain, Mother Sekmet, and my soul mate from the Other Side. So there were five of us. It went so very well, everyone talked as they pleased in it, just like sitting around and gabbing. The only thing missing is body language, but otherwise it is a very clear process. Mood and chuckling come through, just as in conversation.

I understand, that we are to be given better ways to communicate than our phones, that are also healthier than cell phones are at the present. But the nicest way, will be when all, at least in your groups and families have telepathy. No ringing phones, no message machines, no busy signals, no phone bill, and you can talk anytime so easily. Won't it be fun!



To Your Good Health

By Candace Frieze & Sananda Immanuel


Hi everyone! Today is Sunday, Feb. 27. I took a bit of time to myself. This article is also very long and required several channelings, as we reviewed the email. But I am going to get right the point, since we are all awaiting NESARA, etc., and put the last part of today's channeling right here in the front, rather that making you read the whole thing before you get this information.

Sananda: I know, also that you are all still wondering about NESARA and the timing. I am willing to say, that in the past several days, we have dropped off 1000’s of star people onto Earth, in secret locations. Many of these are warriors extraordinaire, and all will be of much help in bringing the coordination needed on the ground. I will say no more!

Let it all unfold, that which is going on behind the scenes. No more little hints! Just continue to dream your possible plans, for those not already committed to a plan, and await the glory that will very rapidly unfold when our plans go into action. I surround you all in peace, and in Christ light. Namaste, Sananda

Candace: Wow! He did let me know a few days ago that many were being put on the ground, and I think this has been hinted at elsewhere, but 1000s! And warriors, yet! This should help out a bit. This is giving me some motivation to get this finished and out today.

He told me a few days ago not to discuss it, and then the last couple days let me mention a little in answer to an email, but I didn't really expect this today, for him to go this public about these landings. I was telling him, we needed to say something, since it has been several days now since I have gotten a message out. I have actually been a bit resistant to getting this one done, for that very reason. I get emails, of the hurry up and get going nature daily.

Many have written asking assorted health questions in various ways. The Sananda information has been done in several channelings, as I read email to him. As I read the mail, I would make a list at his direction, and then do to my word processor for the channeling. There are a couple places of repeat information for this reason, but I do not like to redo his channeling. I chose to let the repeats stand.

To those correcting my obvious spelling errors, please leave the incomplete sentences in his words. I punctuate and paragraph the material, but I try to maintain it otherwise as given to me. These messages as I have mentioned do result out of conversation, which often contains incomplete sentences naturally. As you read Sananda's words, you should be able to imagine the questions asked by our readers. So I shall now go to Sananda.

Sananda: I have been asked by many, which channel and which website has the correct information. Candace is often asked if a certain channel is valid or not. She has not heard of most of them, as she herself did not read much channeled information on the web prior to beginning this series.

Candace: I have only read channeled material at a few sites I have discovered over the past year. I have read some channeled material in books. My search in recent years has been around my need to learn about how religion is used to control in societies around the world.

Sananda: There are many channels, some working in my name, and others I have certainly never heard of. I desire at this time, not to spend my time with these questions, and Candace can visit any such websites that may or may not be of interest to her. Channeling will soon end as a method of communication for many of us.

It will be unnecessary as truth will be given via the public formats in existence. Also, many star ships are setting up email servers and faster than light transmissions and you will be able to communicate with them, in the absence of telepathy. In fact, we are probably only going to do 2 or 3 more of these communications. Further ones should not be necessary. I did this to announce my Second Coming in an informal way, and to let you know myself differently than before. It has been fun for me to do this.

Candace: I am now going to the health type material, that we began preparing a few days ago. Many of you are probably familiar with much of it, but since we had the questions, many are not, or misinformed.

Sananda: My dear readers, today I will address some more issues coming from you in the email letters. Some of you have noticed that my personality and tone of voice in these messages are somewhat different from others I have sent over the years. One person in fact wrote that these messages could not be from myself because I had never said anything negative, and that whoever was doing them had a severe ego problem.

Those who have read some of the Phoenix Journals should recognize this aspect of my personality. The messages that I have sent in recent years are spiritual teachings, sent out to keep in touch during the long wait until my coming.

It is very important now, that I make more clear the needs that I have during the upcoming period, and it is appropriate for myself to teach now in this manner. This is why you see the change. Nearly everyone that has written actually loves these messages and find comfort in this new format. That is the point of this experiment, and I note that the great majority of you like my being more available to you. I find great joy in having your letters read to me.

Now, on to other issues being described or asked about. Many are having bad memories or unusual nightmares or negative images suddenly appearing in their minds. If you are having bad memories, it means that you have not addressed these memories and it is important as part of the Ascension process for you to do so. If the memories occur over and over, they are still in need of being resolved.

When these memories occur, you should study them, see what you might have done better, especially if the memory is something that you are not proud of. If negative people are involved with the memory, if it seems reasonable you might need to confront these people. However, confrontation may make the situation worse. The point is, you must look and study, make changes if necessary and move on. If there is no apparent solution, just welcome the memory and let it go.

This is a very common occurrence and use your common sense. You must forgive yourself in these bad memory situations. If they are recurring, expressing the same issue over and over, most likely it is your forgivence of self that has not occurred. You must always, no matter how you choose to handle these, forgive self, and drop the baggage. This is how you heal your soul.

In this healing of the memories you heal your past and present life, and affect your future lives, in that you do not need to repeat experiences any more to learn the lesson. This is the Grace of God, once the lesson is learned, you no longer need to repeat the lesson.

One misunderstanding of Karma, as an example, would be that suppose you caused the death of 10 people, either intentionally or from poor judgment. You do not have to experience 10 deaths in future lives, you only have to have learned the lesson. So it is very important to review the memories and study them. Learn the lesson, forgive and let go. That is all there is to it. You have to move out of guilt.

Some of you know that you are from a more advanced planet and wonder how in ever did you make all these errors in this life and others. You feel you should have known better. But consider that you had not had these challenges in the lovely worlds you may have come from.

Many of you will journey to other planets when you are finished in Earth and assist in their ascension, and there is no better place than Earth to understand the challenges involved. It is a "been there, done that" situation. See all as lessons, and heal self by the forgiving of self. That really is what is meant that God always forgives. As a Son or Daughter of God, you are God, forgive yourselves. You need not to look at a God above you for forgiveness.

This now brings us back to karma, and the belief that bad karma is responsible for illness. Some are having karmic experiences, but many of you walked into bodies with damaged DNA or your were made ill by viruses, vaccines, poor nutrition in food and a myriad of other possibilities.

Some are in guilt over your inability to heal yourselves, when indeed you have something that you cannot fully heal by yourself. This healing is being brought. Your Inner Earth folks have techniques that reverse aging and return you to the health in younger years and these techniques can rid you of acquired illness from vaccines, viruses, and food and aging conditions such as arthritis.

Our Star people are bringing many other techniques. One example of how cancers and viruses that have imbedded in your DNA can be healed, is by the use of special energies. Every type of cell in your body has a different electrical vibration.

It is a fairly simple matter to use advanced, but relatively simple machinery to identify these sick cells, and kill them while having no effect on the other cells in your body. This technique will be widely used to cure AIDS. Did you know that even advanced AIDS can be cured by only a few visits in these machines, a scanner type of device? Simpler, easily portable machines can kill off virus and bacteria, sending the common cold on its way, before it even sets in.

The Ascension process heals you at soul level, and reconnects your 12 strands of DNA, giving you a light body that is impervious to malevolent agents. Your inherited DNA defects will be healed through the Ascension process.

Many are seeing natural medical practitioners or other types of healers, that offer much more that conventional medicine has to offer and these treatments may be very beneficial. Please again, do not be in guilt over the inability to heal self. There is too much influence in the new age teachings that all illness is at the soul level. Certainly healing at the soul level is most beneficial to the health of your soul, and in some cases this will heal the body.

Many of you have damaged immune systems given to you through vaccinations. Lupus and other autoimmune disorders are usually caused by vaccine and not by the desire to harm self. Unfortunately this is a teaching going around, that if you have an autoimmune disorder, you created it to harm self.

Let go of that concept. The guilt carried over the inability to heal simply causes you more harm. Guilt is not a Godly place to be. Let guilt go in everything. If you did offend somebody and are guilty in that sense, make amends for it if possible, and if the situation is long gone and fixing not possible, forgive and let go.

I need your positive energy and your creativity in the coming times, not your pain and guilt.

As to the wondering why suddenly in your head in the daytime, you have brief nasty sorts of visions, and you wonder where they came from, the BBB&G’s can send out low energy waves that create these. Just "hang up" so to speak, and do whatever works for you to get it out of mind.

Some like to imagine a golden light around them for instance to help this pass. When we disable HAARP and the other systems used to influence, these difficulties will pass.

Many of you are experiencing symptoms at this time that may make you feel as if your illnesses are returning attacks. This may be instead Ascension syndrome symptoms. These symptoms include the memories described above, extreme tiredness, weight fluctuations, craving for foods you need and some you need to learn to avoid, such as white sugar, and meat. Dizziness and assorted odd sensations are part of the process.

Candace: I often have to look at my physical problems from day to day and decide if I am ill or having Ascension symptoms. In particular the last year or so, we are getting ever increasing energies through solar flares, that also affect the body, and may cause a little fatigue or brain fog.

Learn from your food cravings what to avoid and what you need personally for your body. You do need protein to rebuild your light bodies, but you do not need the quantity that you may have typically consumed on a meat diet. In fact too much protein, especially animal protein, actually can lead to osteoporosis from loss of calcium.

If you feel the need for more protein that you might be getting form vegetable sources, consume high protein shakes made with soy, or if soy gives you problems, you can use whey. There is nothing wrong with using milk and egg products, but you should try to get them from organic sources where possible.

This is important not only in the feeding of animals making the milk and eggs, but also you may wish to use products from animals that are not abused, as these will be healthier for you. A stressed animal adds stress hormones to its milk and eggs and you intake of these. I want to point out, that please you should purchase the cage free eggs available even though they cost more.

Chickens are the most abused animals on the face of the earth, followed by pigs. If you still want some meat buy organic meat. Animals give unto you of themselves as food, willingly for your growth and theirs. But they need to be cared for in honor and love for this service. As your light body forms, you will eat less and less food altogether over time.

I am advising you to take supplements of vitamins and minerals. All food is very deficient in them. I suggest you go to the extra expense to buy sea salt and use it liberally in your food. Many have low blood pressure as the result of overtaxing of your adrenal system and need salt. Do not buy white sea salt. It has had the minerals removed. Natural sea salt is beige in color and sometimes has flecks of darker material in it.

Candace: I use a brand called Orsa Salt. It is actually from the Great Salt Lake area. I used to get a very nice salt from the coastal area of France, that had a subtle clay flavor and was very good. It has been less available. If a sea salt has been refined, it should say so on the label. Refining removes minerals.

Sananda: If you are one who does not need salt and experiences difficulty with fluid retention, you can buy products made from sea salt with the salt removed, and the minerals remaining. Almost all of you need supplementation with magnesium, and potassium. You can use the artificial salts available for potassium, as the FDA restricts potassium in supplements on purpose. Magnesium oxide helps a bit, but is not totally usable, so I suggest magnesium citrate or aspartate.

Some of you suffer restless legs, and magnesium will stop this. Feel free to try other supplements as desired and experiment. If you have arthritis, glucosomine draws moisture into the joint linings and can make you more comfortable. The popular MSM helps draw toxic metals from the body and is useful for that purpose. Some get pain relief of their arthritis from it also.

Candace: I was surprised to see the glucosomine mentioned, as I have not mentioned, that I remember any way, to him that I use this. It helps my joints significantly. I once cut back to one 1000 mg. capsule a day from two a day, and there was such a huge difference, that I increased it to three per day and remain on that dose. I do take MSM for the sulfur. If I don't I want to eat several eggs a day, which are high in sulfur. I was unaware that it draws toxic metals from the body.

Sananda: Many of you are experiencing old nemesis's in your life. You may need to deal with them, or send them on their way. Do not allow people to drag you down. Energy vampires recognize those of the light and intentionally attack them. You can be attacked astrally by them, in addition to face to face confrontations. Some of nightmare activity is astral attack by vampire people, and they can attack you this way, even when incarnate.

Candace: I am inserting in here an experience I had a few months ago, that will demonstrate this strange problem. I awakened at night to find a man, who lives across the street from me in my room, with a knife in his hand. I screamed, "God protect me," and he disappeared. No one had entered my house through my doors, and I was left pretty perplexed by it. It was very real.

So I asked my guides about this. I was aware of the concept of astral attacks, and have had several, but this blew me away. I have always sensed that this person doesn't particularly like me, but to find what turned out to be an image of him in my room was disconcerting to say the least.

I was told by my guides that this was indeed a possible situation, to be attacked astrally by someone incarnate. Now, I just as I am writing this I have an idea, could he have used that knife? So I am asking Sananda about this now:

Sananda: No you can't be hurt physically, it is an image. If this happens at night, yell for protection if you awaken, turn on a light, surround yourself in white light and demand they leave. In due time, through the cleansing and sorting process that I described earlier, they will be removed.

Candace: The man that did the astral attack to myself above, states to me often he is a good Christian and awaiting that Rapture. Just an interesting thought, that a good Christian would do this to me. I must be some sort of subconscious threat to him.

Sananda: Much of the lower astral realms have been cleansed and many of these attacks are coming from those incarnate, as described above. I suggest to you if you are experiencing night attacks, that you leave some low lights on through the house.

Light discourages them, they need the darkness. Use only night-lights in your room or nearby lights that shine a bit into it, as you need to sleep in darkness. It is necessary to your hormones. You could also use blinders over your eyes if light disturbs your sleep.

Another point to cover here, in regard to autoimmune disease. The belief that autoimmune disease is the result of attacking self is generally not true. Why would you attack self in this way? I suppose this might be possible, but most people attack self, who have low self-esteem, by drinking, using drugs and other means of slow suicide. Nearly all autoimmune diseases are produced from vaccines, swine flu vaccine being one cause of this, for those of you suffering from having received that vaccine, as an example.

Candace: I am inserting again another personal experience. I was vaccinated with the Swine Flu Vaccine, during the winter of 1976-77, as best I can remember. I developed a Multiple Sclerosis type syndrome from it, in fact I passed or flunked depending on how you perceive it, many of the standard MS tests. There are many developing MS and other chronic illnesses. MS is thought to be auto immune. I have received some star treatment, described above, to remove virus from my body, through the identification of viral material with a different vibration than my body cells.

Sananda: If one is trying to heal autoimmune disease by confronting past issues and still having the autoimmune disease, please do not continue in guilt in this "perceived failure." Not all body problems are miasma's occurring from this or past lives.

I am in sympathy with those that have been told to just get over it, with health problems. It is not that simple, and these comments from others are attacks at you. If you have courage to do so, tell them where they can get off at. Nothing wrong with this technique! Do not allow them to persist in destructive activity against you. You have the choice to turn away or confront. It is all a lesson.

Many have so many lessons to confront, because this is the end times. The last chance so to speak of dealing with what earth has been teaching you. Take on these little challenges. And understand that famous old prayer, and make use of it as you look at all the issues.

Candace: This is the famous old prayer, off my copy long thumb tacked to my wall. It is often call the Serenity Prayer.

God, grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can, and
Wisdom to know the difference.

Good advice in these changing times, more so than ever! And good advice to use as you sort your memories.


Malevolent organisms are not attacks or failure of self This is misinformed teaching, and is causing great pain amongst many. This is the same type of guilt and destruction that plagues the teachings of organized religion.

If you have illness, you can be a way shower in how to deal with it. Many are sharing of experience in the public format through books, on TV, support groups and such.  It is fine to be a way shower, research ideas, teach what you learn. I am asking Candace here to tell her aspartame story, which she has put off, and put off, because of the anger that its memories generate.

Candace: Yes, I have put this off. I considered and started an article months ago, but avoid finishing it. But, due to my increased readership as the result of this that I am doing with Sananda, perhaps more will read it. I have lost the notes I had on it, in avoidance of doing the work. But it is important to share my story and alert all that read that ASPARTAME, known commonly as NutraSweet, is a poison that can cause severe damage to ones nervous system and other bodily systems.

This was known when it was allowed on the market around 1981. But those that got it to market were more interested in the huge potential profits, from the use by diabetics, as a weight loss tool, and by those seeking to reduce sugar consumption for various other reasons.

Our current Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld had much influence in getting it to market. He worked for Searle, the company that introduced the product at that time. There is currently a $350 million RICO (racketeering) lawsuit filed against the perpetrators that created this product.

I started using it as soon as it came out, as I had weight problems, and also too much insulin production, as a result of sugar consumption. In the middle of 1996 I increased my use of it, as I went on a low carb diet and had terrible sugar cravings on it. I only knew that maybe children using the product were at risk. I made use of a number of products, including some drinks, Jell-O, and small quantities of soda. I became increasingly ill, but blamed my symptoms on the MS.

I quit using Aspartame, on the advice of a doctor near the end of 1999. I did not realize until 10 months ago, that the Aspartame was the actual cause of much of my health issues, which we extreme during those 3 1/2 years of increased use.

One day, last April at a restaurant I consumed 2 packages of NutraSweet, in some very bad ice tea. I had used none since I quit it. I began to itch like crazy, clawing at my skin for hours, until the aspartame was out of my body. Now, one of the problems I suffered before I quit it was extreme itching. I have scars from those years of itching and scratching. This was exactly as I had experienced previously, and I went on the web.

What I found horrified me. My doctor when she told me to stop the use of it, did not tell me any of this, and made no connection to my symptoms. She only told me that lots of people are sensitive to it. This doctor was an allergist, and that was the reason she wanted me off of it.

Let me now describe as best I can the hell I lived through. The reason I was seeing the allergist to begin with was that I had been diagnosed with severe Meniere's syndrome, which was responsible from my extreme dizziness. I would not hold my new grandbabies without sitting down firmly, both because of my dizziness and balance, and a problem with my arms giving out. I was afraid of dropping them. I would position a pillow under my arm first.

I quite regularly felt drunk (I do not drink) and crashed into my walls when walking. I suffered brain fog, burning eyes, the intense itching, severe insomnia, often getting only 3-4 hours sleep in 24 hr. That alone makes one feel very out of sorts. The sleep issue lasted more than 2 years.

I also had some heart problems. I had spasms in my coronary arteries, which caused an irregular heart rate with a slowing down, and chest pain simulating heart attack, as the result of the constriction of blood flow. In fact, the condition can indeed kill.

I made several trips to the emergency room over the years. I was on special medicine for it. I also took several nitroglycerine tabs a day, year in and year out. I also had spasms in my other arteries, causing much leg pain in particular.

I had anxiety attacks, mostly related to my heart function, I believe, looking back at this. In fact, I didn't relate my heart trouble to the Aspartame until President Clinton's surgery this fall, when someone put up an article, at, I believe, saying that Clinton used Aspartame, and that he should quit using it at once, as the Aspartame contributed to circulation problems with the heart!

I was so fatigued during those sleepless years, that I would fall asleep often whenever I sat down, including when using the toilet. My family member found me asleep there many times, when I did not emerge in a normal amount of time. I actually would fall out of my chair watching TV.

I had severe vision loss in the dark and did not drive at night for that reason. In fact, I only drove short distances to the store. I had family living with me at the time, and required much help of them, and they were in anguish over my condition.

I might add, as I am writing this, the heart diagnosis was made in 1995 before my increased use of the Aspartame, and my heart symptoms and the anxiety associated with it were occurring long before then. I took a 911 ride to the hospital at that time, and during studies, I had 9 blockages to my heart on testing, and it was suggested before my arteriogram, that I was looking at major heart surgery.

My arteriogram was clean, and that is when it was decided that the spasms were the problem and I was put on medication for them. Big doses of that medication plus the nitroglycerin, to keep me from dialing 911 all the time. I did over the years dial 911 4X that I remember. In 1995 I was 48 and to young for all this.

I was on many medications and had developed asthma. If there is such a thing as hell, I was living in it. I had swollen legs, a common condition with Aspartame, and probably related to my heart and circulation problems.

In the fall of 1999, I figured out that perhaps something was poisoning me and began throwing medicines one at a time down the toilet. It did not help. However, after the doctor got me to stop the Aspartame, the swelling began to decrease over a period of time and within a short period of time, I began to feel a little better.  It took some time for my body to heal.

In May this year, I will have been off my heart meds for 4 years. My Meniere’s disease is gone, completely. I haven’t had additional tests for  All the rest of the stuff above is gone, except for small amounts of the brain fog. I sleep normally, I can drive at night, I don’t claw myself half to death.

My heart ticks away quite normally now, which is the greatest relief of all. I am no longer on anti anxiety medicine. That was the first medicine I was able to drop in fact. I am my old self, mood wise, now experiencing joy in life.

Aspartame breaks down into methanol, which breaks down into formaldehyde and formic acid. Formaldehyde is used to preserve dead bodies and tissue, and formic acid is the poison in ant stings.

PLEASE I ASK ALL OF YOU, GET OFF THIS STUFF, NO MATTER HOW YOU FEEL. IT SNEAKS UP GRADUALLY. Read every label. Don’t let your kids have a single drop of it. I currently use a substance of plant origin. It is called stevia.  I use the white concentrate, as the green leaf stevia is pretty bad in coffee and baking. Very herbal tasting!

For those looking to solve all your health problems, by curing your miasmas, I assure you the only cure for Aspartame use is to never use it in the first place, and get off it now, if you do.

Here are 3 suggested websites to visit. There are many others listed if you do a search.
Aspartame/  Aspartame (Nutrasweet) Toxicity Information Center

Sananda: Much of the exhaustion many are experiencing comes from these illnesses from malevolent organisms and vaccines. Your adrenals, thyroids, pituitary glands are tired. You may find homeopathic medicines that might help. Go study them in your health product stores and try some out. Get rest! If you are overwhelmed and exhausted, you must hit your couch.

Use any sort of meditation or other techniques that help. When attacked by energy vampires, just put that light around you. You might visualize the light forming within and spreading outwards. You might visualize a mirror around you to reflect negative energy back to the source. Experiment.

There is not one right way. Find something that helps you. Put any sort of cheery color into your aura that you like at the moment that is soothing. You can imagine people that trouble you and put them out past you aura and blow them up, same with problems. Find what works for you and when you find a technique, stick with it. Yes, you should confront all these little things, these traumas, look at them, deal with in some way, forgive self if necessary and let it go.  In this you heal your soul.

Candace: I have had something occur here that has never happened. Evidently an email can only be so long, and I can't finish this up. So I will sign off, and pick up where I left off in the next message. That message is going to cover your animal questions, as they relate to ascension and other questions. So, If you have not already asked an animal question, this is the time to do so. Take care!






January - February, 2005



CANDACE: Good Morning everyone! Sananda wanted to get started a few minutes earlier this morning. He has a simple and wondrous message for the day. Before I start it, I want to mention a thing or two. Anne Bellringer suggested last night to me, in light of the posting problems with fonts, to try a different idea. You shall see it shortly. I think this method will work the best.

Also, I want to thank several who have written giving me some other ideas to try with my list. As you know, I was having trouble with sending emails using the blind copy. A reader sent an idea and I will try it. I haven't yet, but I will when I send out the last two messages to my list. I have been sent also other ideas, which I filed for later use, when I can upgrade my computer and ISP.

I am not completely computer literate, and I most appreciate the suggestions. Feel free to offer any advice of this nature. I did not get yesterdays message out on the list yet, as I am still updating it first. I will simply send both in one together. So on to today's message.

SANANDA: Good morning my Brothers and Sisters. (Or maybe it is my Sisters and Brothers)! I am in a wonderful mood this beautiful morning. My words are few today, because many things are brewing and I most attend them, but I assure you all is most well, and soon the surprises will start!

I want to thank each and every one of you who have persisted over all these most trying years. Many, in your notes to Candace, have written of coming close to losing your motivation. My Coming should have come many years ago. I am going to have Candace, today, put in the writings the text of the speech that your President John Kennedy was to give the day he was murdered.

He had in his pocket a set of cards with the speech written on them, and someone recovered them from his body and kept them safe... He was that very night going to announce our presence in the skies. This man was by far one of the greatest presidents you have had and that of course is why his life was cut short. He planned to do ALL the right things, and he had the courage to do it.

If you have never seen this speech, after you read it, you will get an idea of just how many years we have all waited for this event, and why you have spent years in frustration, knowing that you were here for something and have had difficulty figuring it out. You would have figured it out long ago, had events not been so delayed, but the delay is over, and this I assure, for certainty.


I leave you now, Blessed Hearts to attend your day as I attend mine. In that favorite expression you so love, I sign off with: NAMASTE. Go in peace and know I have come.

Oops! Even Sananda, when talking will forget to say something. A reader wanted to know how I am existing in time, and how I will be on Earth. The question I think implies that I might be in residence on the Other Side.

Although I exist there also, I am in a body and I will walk the Earth, by putting one leg in front of the other, as do all of you. I am in your time. It is 8:30 in the morning where Candace lives, and I bothered to get her moving a bit earlier today for this brief message, because "times a wasting" and I have a long day ahead myself. So again, all over, Go In Peace! Namaste! Sananda

CANDACE: Note the remark in parentheses above. I think Sananda is making light of yesterday's comments and the need of woman to be heard. He often does make out of hand comments, and I usually do put these is parentheses, to set them aside as such. I could have rearranged the channeling slightly and left out his Oops! I thought it important to leave it as he said, so you have a better feel of him as a person. So now, I will insert President Kennedy's speech.

PRESIDENT KENNEDY: My fellow Americans, people of the world, today we set forth on a journey into a new era. One age, the childhood of mankind, is ending and another age is about to begin.

The journey of which I speak is full of unknowable challenges, but I believe that all our yesterdays, all the struggles of the past, have uniquely prepared our generation to prevail.

Citizens of this Earth, we are not alone. God, in His infinite wisdom, has seen fit to populate His universe with other beings, intelligent creatures such as ourselves.

How can I state this with such authority? In the year 1947 our military forces recovered from the dry New Mexico desert the remains of an aircraft of unknown origin. Science soon determined that this vehicle came from the far reaches of outer space. Since that time our government has made contact with the creators of that spacecraft.

Though this news may sound fantastic-and indeed, terrifying-I ask that you not greet it with undue fear or pessimism. I assure you, as your President, that these beings mean us no harm.

Rather, they promise to help our nation overcome the common enemies of all mankind-tyranny, poverty, disease, war.

We have determined that they are not foes, but friends.

Together with them we can create a better world. I cannot tell you that there will be no stumbling or missteps on the road ahead.

I believe that we have found the true destiny of the people of this great land: To lead the world into a glorious future.

In the coming days, weeks and month, you will learn more about these visitors, why they are here and why our leaders have kept their presence a secret from you for so long.

I ask you to look to the future, not with timidity, but with courage, because we can achieve in our time the ancient vision of peace on Earth and prosperity for all humankind.

God bless you.

CANDACE: Now can you all see what could have been? Those of you old enough to remember Kennedy must have felt like I did, that something very dark and terrible had occurred that day, and not the doing of a simple lone sniper acting in confusion. I felt a similar feeling that day of 911, and knew immediately in the core of heart, that that event was one of grave and evil implications.

Finally we are to arise above all of this. Let us all prepare our journeys, and never let events like this ever again occur on our Earth. Then again, we can find the blessings in the delays. We have learned more, and have grown in our resolve for change. The lessons we have endured can make us claim even greater power. The time is here. Let us begin.

This is a great time in the history of mankind.

This is a great time in the history of mankind. There has long been prophecies and written words about My Second Coming. It will not be long now, comparatively, before I shall be with you in the flesh on your earth and meeting personally with various church leaders. That will be a great fulfillment of the prophetic writings that have been made and read so often by so many. It will come as a great surprise to many of My church leaders. They expect it - but not really expected to happen in the lives and times of most of My leaders). There will be many who will question My ability to be with them and actually be the resurrected Christ. (Given with a smile) I will be a surprise to many!

There is soon to be some dramatic changes in your world. There will be strong political changes, strong monetary changes and a return to the constitutional government of the early 1930s which many of you may remember. Remember when you had gold and silver in your currency and coins? - that day will be restored. There will be many changes that will soon be made. From our vantage point we see much consternation among those political leaders who are trying to stop the return to constitutional government. It will be the end of their ability to siphon off billions of dollars into their own pockets. That has been a long-going and damaging process. Damaging to the rest of humanity. There is no need for wars. There is no need to rape the funds from the government taxes for individual profits. There will soon be an accounting to be made by those who have so seriously and blatantly stolen everything they can from the American government and also others from other governments, especially the European governments. There will be a new era. There will be a new currency. There will be a new image of what it means to be an American and adhering to one of the best government constitutions that the world has seen. An inspired group helped to draft the constitution for the United States. Many good and faithful government leaders undertook to make some needed corrections. Then by theft and deception the constitution was replaced by a man-made document and by the institution of worthless money coming from the privately owned Federal Reserve system. That distortion has been changed and there is no longer a Federal Reserve system with government contracts. Such information will soon be made known to all. These are things that will culminate in a great restoration of values, money, government that is not corrupt, and America can again emerge as a blessing to all nations.

There must be peace, and peace will soon be declared. The peace must begin to pervade throughout the earth. This action will be helped by the coming both in spirit and flesh of some of the ancient purveyors of true peace and religions for mankind's betterment. Much of the religious teachings have been betrayed by man's desire to own and control. The restitution of peaceful religious principles among all religions will be the forbearers of a true peace among many nations. When that process is begun, then I shall be ready for My Second Coming. There is much to be accomplished before My Second Coming. Nowhere in the scriptures is this time fully prophesied. As you know, in your churches there are few discussions of the reincarnation of any except Myself. That doctrine has not been properly received nor taught. Now the time has come that the doctrine of individual reincarnation, by choice, will be a part of My Gospel. There will be many who will recognize and embrace this doctrine. However, there will be others who will greatly resist the concept. However, truth will prevail. There will be many who will see that there needs to be a bit of a change in the concept of everlasting dwelling in Heaven. There is love and bliss in Heaven and many will love and cherish the opportunities to be there with their loved ones. There is no question, whatsoever, about that part of My Gospel. However, Heaven is not a place where the grand fulfillment of an individual can be achieved. Heaven is a rest, a wayside, a blissful, peaceful place. However, there needs to be further development of the soul and that is best done by the reincarnation of the soul into a body on this or other earths.

There are many in this world who will be greatly surprised at the Coming of Myself and even more surprised to learn that there will be a returning of several other religious leaders to meet]with their officials. There is too much war, famine, fighting, killing, and hate in the world. That is not what was preached in the beginning by any of the world's religious leaders. God is not a God of hate in any true religion. God is energy, light, and love. It is up to us at the lower levels to adopt that light and that love and convert it to peace, harmony, and love for all mankind. There is not to be any more wars. There is not to be any more widespread famine. There is not to be any more destitution of families due to the murder of loved ones. There will be a dramatic change in the world, not only in your country, but throughout the entire world, at Our Coming. For come we will in a time of Our choosing. Not only will the Christian churches benefit, but all major peaceful religions will benefit from direct contact with their long ago religious leaders. There will be new Gospel principles taught to all of the church leaders that are practising or trying to practise any true religion. By true religion I mean those religions that are based on love and principles that were originally given by religious leaders from many centuries ago. It is time for all mankind to be able to live in peace, harmony, and to exercise light and love. These are the blessings that will accrue from the work of Me and My friends who will also be back among us. There are several whose Second Coming is soon to occur - other religious leaders. The return of these others will occur about the same time as I return to Jerusalem. It will be a great outpouring of love and affection and the reinstitution of the peaceful messages that all religious leaders brought to the world. The distortion by man will be quelled and the truth will prevail. They have their own people to communicate with, train, and teach the former principles that have been so distorted by Mankind.

There are messages to be given to many of the church leaders who preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There must be a resolution among the Christian churches of conflict among them. There is only one Great God I AM. There is only one Jesus Christ who helped spread the Word of God. Man has distorted much of the truthfulness of My Gospel. There must be the beginning of changes, of harmony, of lack of conflict among the Christian religions.

There will be some incredulity about My Coming and My messages. However, for each person or group I will, through my beloved Messenger, have a special message. That message will tell those to whom I shall speak that it is indeed Me, the reincarnated Jesus Christ. There will still be some unbelievers but that will not be to their betterment. Then there will be the gnashing of teeth after I do come in the flesh for My Second Coming. There are many who will hear My voice and be aware that it is I and that they should hearken to my words. They are the ones who will be blessed and whose congregations will be blessed by My new Gospel principles. It is far past time that they were teaching the fullness of My Gospel in all of those congregations that pray to Me and ask for My blessings. Blessings, indeed, I will give to them that hear My voice and follow my precepts.

There is lots of love in this world and there is the need for much more love to be put forth and abound among the whole population. Hopefully, we will be able to show the way to the love for all mankind. All of the celestial beings in Heaven and those of us who are permitted to attend to earth's population have a great outpouring of love for all mankind. There will soon be a great awakening of mankind. It has begun with a great outpouring of love, money, and help for the victims of the great tsunami disaster that occurred so recently. As never before now mankind appears to be more united and less concerned about race, religion, or geographical location. That is the lesson that we would like to have throughout the world. There needs to be a great deal of effort put forth to enable all of humanity to enjoy peace, health, and sufficient food and shelter to make life more pleasant. That will be one of the great efforts that will be the result of My coming.

There will be many angelic beings who will also help by paving the way, in a spiritual sense for the messages to be received. It has long been prophesied that I shall come with hordes of angels. It is true that there are many souls who will be available and most willing to help Me in My endeavors. Prophesies, in the main, will be fulfilled. The prophecies of great destruction and the great loss of life will not be fulfilled. There has been a change, thanks to our space friends, so that some of the changes that the earth is undergoing will be tempered so that the changes can be made without great destruction. There are still those who are involved in the old prophecies and are claiming great destruction to come. Fortunately for many of you, that will not be the case. We shall soon come and there will be some reordering of earth�s structure to accommodate the earth changes that must be made. However, it will be a more peaceful evolution into the time for My Second Coming.

The changes to be made in some of My gospel teachings will also be somewhat resisted, just because it isn't that evident in the scriptures that are being used. The biggest task will be to add the concept of reincarnation to My Gospel. There is no question but that one can be saved in a Kingdom of Glory. You, each of you, create your own Heaven to the degree that you are willing to subscribe to the principles that have been taught. You will be with loved ones, if that is what you expect. Some of you may find it difficult to find your neighbor not being in Hell because he did not accept your religion. However, those mistakes shall be very easily remedied, at least to those who will accept the Risen Christ who will be for a short time in their midst.

There is much that is going on within My realm in preparation for the Second Coming. There are a few humans who are aware of My presence as the resurrected Christ. Those few of you who are aware of these events are expected to harken to My needs and to do those things that will enable My messages to be brought to the world both before and after My arrival in your part of My world. Then I shall go to Jerusalem and be doing those things which were long ago prophesied that there might be a unity of the faith among both Jews and Christians. That will be a suitable culmination of My efforts for My world. In the meantime there is much to be done to have My gospel preached among the many diverse elements of My church. There needs to be one Gospel and that Gospel needs to have new information to be promulgated to the world.

There has long been a separation of Jew and Gentile, to use your phrases. There should not be such a distinction between the proponents of the Old Testament and the Gospel presented in the New Testament. My task will be to convince the Jewish leadership that there was a Christ, that He is a leader for both Jew and Gentile, and that there should not be a division, but we should all be embracing the same Gospel truths. That will take some doing and I shall be with them in Jerusalem for some time to accomplish the changes that need to be made in the truths of the Gospel.

Much of our doings on behalf of those who pray to God in the name of Jesus Christ, will be blessed, especially where they are performing their religious practices with honesty and an unwavering belief in Me. There is much to commend all of those who have chosen to be ecclesiastical leaders and teach the love and precepts of My Gospel. They will be blessed for their work for mankind. There will be many who will recognize that the Second Coming is real and that they are indeed receiving messages from Me through the voice of my Messenger. There will be others to whom My speaking through a woman will not be understood nor accepted, at first. However, in due time, all honest practitioners of My Gospel and leaders of Christian churches will recognize that it is I, the Risen and Resurrected Christ who is among them, speaking to them, and encouraging their renewed efforts to guide My people and to teach the New Principles of My Gospel that have long been lacking from most of My Christian churches. These will be wonderful times, times of learning, times of development, times of coming together as one Gospel, One Christ, a fulfillment of prophecy, and the ushering in of a New World. It will take patience: much long suffering will not be expected, but there will be some who will recognize the truth of My new doctrine and grasp the essence of My teachings. It will be a new day for many, others will lag behind but soon will find that there is a New Christ teaching and preaching among them.

There is much to be said about the ability to mentally receive messages. There has been a dearth of such talents in your world, especially in the Western world. There has been much reported and much studied about telepathy but little done to teach or train people in telepathic communication. Teaching others to become telepaths is especially needed in My church. There should be, and there will be, those in every congregation who will be able to be set apart and officially designated as telepaths so that they can receive direct communication from Me for the benefit of all in the various congregations and churches. That is how communication with Sananda-Jesus will be accomplished.

There is much in this world that will be of great help in the coming days of ensuing peace and greater prosperity for all. Although there will still be some (seismic) earth shaking as the earth is readied for Her progression, there will not be as great a tumult as was caused by the Tsunami. The other quakes, etc. will be more natural and not man-assisted. We are pleased with the great outpouring of love and help that has come from all over the world. Those in power are greatly surprised at the results of this terrible disaster and how it has galvanized the earth's populations into action of peaceful giving to others. There has never before been such a great abundance of love shown to others and the realization that all of earth's people are all a part of mankind and that mankind should be more interrelated, blessed, and helped. Wars will seem to be abhorrent to many of you who are helping to limit the suffering of those who survived the great tsunami. That has been the unexpected result of a huge disaster. Know this, all who have died have been or are being welcomed by their families and loved ones who had gone before and they are peacefully enjoying their lives in the spirit world. I will be telling many of My religious leaders that the time has come for peace to be declared among all religious groups.

Love and brotherhood throughout all of mankind is the message that I will bring.



Message From Sananda - An Interesting Day

By Candace Frieze


Sananda and I met today Feb. 15. We were going over a list of possibilities to discuss. I asked for something about NESARA, as readers are always anxious about the announcement, and he had not said much, only telling me all must be in secret at this time. He decided to talk a bit anyway for your benefit. As he was talking, I was having difficulties with breaks in the transmission and having to pause.

I am clear most of the time, and this was odd this morning. I woke up feeling odd energy about me and a bit confused by it. This has been going on a bit for several days. All of a sudden, it got worse, and I told Sananda I detected something quite negative and needed to clear the area. As you will see, I was under attack, so the nature of today's talk changed quite radically. After clearing, we commenced again and changed the topic. You will find this interesting. He wanted all of it in this article.

So here it all is:

The plans for NESARA are going forward and are well laid. I shall not say anymore about it today, for as you know, secrecy is an absolute must. It will be nice for this planet when everything is transparent and nothing is kept in secrecy. Unfortunately, at this time we must use the same techniques of the dark against them for our success. Their use of secrecy has been what has kept you enslaved. When you have been fully released by my Coming and the changes it will bring, you will learn to be open and share and not be in secrecy. Many of your corporations operate in secrecy and keep many things from you, so they can make money and also play their games of competition with each other.

As mentioned to some degree before, all that Tesla brought to Earth in the understanding of energy and its use was held secret and used to develop things like HAARP for weather management, and the use of weather control as a tool of warfare. Many are already aware that the purpose of HAARP is not the pick up signals from submarines in your defense.

Tesla showed how to extract energy in particular from the air around you. He studied the atmosphere of earth, and determined that the very high electrical energies in it could be harvested and utilized fairly easily with your technological abilities at that time, but many were already rich off the use of kerosene for heating and lighting and didn't want to lose this income.

So, these Big Bad Boys chose to use oil and gas instead. There was great money in it and power to control the resources of other nations, particularly those in the Middle East. You are, also, messing seriously with countries in South America for their oil.

Your government and the corporations do so much behind your back. Many of you, however, have given permission to them to do this to you. They just manufacture any story they need. The biggest story manufactured is the one called "in the interest of the United States, or the security of."

I comment here. How many of you over the years have thought it quite natural for the United States to have its secrets in the interest of our National Security? I did at one time, until finally I realized that the purpose of the secrets is to prevent us from knowing their plans. At times I get a little upset that our friends in the sky have to play the secrecy game

With NESARA and the first landing efforts we must also keep the secrets from the enemy. Your government does the same, but the difference is that the government manufactures enemies. Iraq, as many are now finally understanding, was a manufactured enemy. You now understand that the planning of Iraq occurred quite sometime before this administration came into power.

The difference with us is that we are not manufacturing an enemy. The enemy has manufactured itself under secrecy, and we must maintain secrecy, because of this enemy's pretty advanced skills at detecting what we are doing.

An example of this is that they still have moles that have told us they are in support of NESARA, and are not working for the enemy. They can be most convincing. With all our technology it is still difficult to read their very closed minds. We discover the moles by observing their behavior, essentially, by spying . The moles do much damage in the meantime. They are very good at lying.

You have all experienced someone who has lied deliberately and used you, and you were unaware, have you not? The biggest thing they are currently doing is to continually mess with the Emergency Broadcasting System. This is a huge system of many separate parts, and it is easy to cause confusion in the system. If the system was more integrated, we could control it better. Remember, that this enemy knows much about star technology.

So, we are using another way, and let it just be said, this is my only clue at the present. I ask that you hang in there and await our surprise. We have had to change tactics after we got the approval to directly interfere. We have had this approval since the failure of the announcement last spring (2004).

For their learning experience, your White Knights were given the opportunity to get NESARA announced themselves. They did not fail. They just were unable to fully penetrate the enemy. The enemy was, simply put, too large and too ingrained for the military contingent of the White Knights to overcome. There is always the above mentioned problem with the moles. Without the abilities of telepathy it is very hard for those incarnate to find the moles.

Let it just be said, that we took charge last May. The program that is NESARA is actually getting a bigger boost, some more beneficial changes. Under the previous plan it would start in the US and spread over a 3-4 year period around the world. Now, with our intervention, it will start initially in a large number of countries that are committed to the program. This will benefit Earth, as much less time will be required in the long run for the changes.

All I will say is that the announcement process will be different from what has been expected previously. By this delay and by our intervention things will move faster when it all comes together.

Notice by the attack in Lebanon yesterday, that the Dark are still stirring things up. This is a method of distraction, trying to make our plans more difficult. I am saddened by this greatly, this new destruction. They will stop at nothing.

This is why I am asking all of you to "stand guard" as such, because our intervention is going to be "bigger" than planned earlier. Suffice it to say, because this intervention has been forced on us and many on Earth are still unaware of us, we need all of you at this time to be ready to help your friends, family and neighbors, when our time arrives. There will be some fear. I am requesting your help and support. I need you to be a "Rock of Gibraltar," as the expression goes.

There is something I want to add here right now. Since our articles have gone up on, Candace has been identified. They can search the email addresses very easily. She has been observed to some degree by the BBB&Gs in the past, but now that we are working together, she has become a threat to them, as do all that work for me.

She, just suddenly, developed a "brain fog", and temporarily lost my communication above. I have detected some low energy waves being forced through cell phone towers on her house. This is notice to all you BBB&G's that she will be protected. We are deflecting your little waves at this moment, notice the clarity in my transmission now. Candace has been subject to little headaches and other problems the last several days from your games.


This is my note. Sananda is now making a note to Patrick Bellringer of Fourwinds, and he wants this in the article, to help all the readers understand the difficulties being encountered.

This is for you, Patrick. We are again seeing the problems starting to occur with Candace, as we saw with dharma (Doris Ekker of Contact). Candace is under attack. We have detected it, and she will have our protection. I am so angry right now. Yes, I do get angry, but we will go on with our communications.

You wrote her in an email stating that I have not come through very often in recent years. That is so, because of our need for secrecy these last few years. Now, it is time for me to become more open in communications, as my Second Coming is close, and I want the world to know. Know that we are prepared for any increased difficulties you may have, and you have our full coverage, and our love and grace. Thank you for all the continued work and support over these long and difficult years, my dear friend.

As to our readers, please, wherever you can, spread the messages. This helps much to defeat the Dark. My messages at this time are not of a religious nature. The Second Coming has nothing to do with religion as taught on Earth. This is a final ending of galactic war, and Earth has always been the prize.

The religious portion of my mission is to break the religious control of the populace. Candace volunteered for this mission. She has been long upset about the use of religion to control people. This is her forte. She has been studying the use of religion in depth the last several years. She has joined the cause of breaking the grasp of religion.

She has received some quite wonderful emails from the readers since the Fourwinds postings. Several readers described some sad and unfortunate problems in their lives with the controllers behind religion.

One person wrote of family problems imposed by the Mormon Church. At this time, I want to say that most Mormons are very nice people, dedicated to improving Earth, but some BBB&Gs find ways to misuse its' teaching, as is done in most religions on earth.

This dear and courageous person wrote a most wonderful description of what some in this organization have done to interfere in her family. Candace plans to send her back an email and request the use of her material in these postings. I think there is much to be learned, if this reader is willing to share. Of course, her name will not be used.

I am going to go now at this time. I want this posted today, if possible by all the websites currently involved. Times are getting a bit nasty again. I further state and ask of all of you, be ready to jump in and do your thing, when all starts to happen. This has turned into a larger event than previously planned, as I was trying to go into some detail before this attack that Candace just experienced. It is to her credit that she got through it, and got her fingers working again. So, I have things requiring my immediate attendance. Salu.

I have a little to add, today. I am still in a bit of recovery. I had to leave the house for a time for more protection to be put in place. There is now a force field of some sort around my house, and other types of protection put there when I am away.

Sometimes, I have wondered why it has all taken so long, and so have all of you. Maybe this little happening today will help all understand. I know people, who think God can just change anything instantly at will. As you all have seen over the years, this is not the case. There is no God to do the type of magic that so many wish for in their prayers.

Sometime, we will write a bit more on just how a Universe works. Meanwhile, just look and observe how Earth works. We have governments, We have courts. We have many assorted systems, and so does our Universe. It also has problems that must be continually solved. Welcome back to Heaven (on Earth)!




3rd February 2005


Dearest Ones, we bring you news of exciting events that are due to take place that will soon change the nature of your Planet appreciably. These are wonderful and positive changes that many of you have worked for over many lifetimes!

As light workers, most of you are aware that the Earth has entered a period of rapid change and transformation. This is being experienced by you on the material plane as "natural" disasters. The Earth is shifting her physical template in order to accommodate the changes that must come. And these are wonderful changes.

We spoke to you in an earlier channel about the significance of Hawaii as a new spiritual centre for the planet. It is on Hawaii that a wonderful event will take place on the 5th of March. At this time, a spiral of energy will be released from the Great Central Sun or Galactic Centre This spiral of energy, containing significant new creation codes or activators, will enter the Earth through a special portal on Hawaii. Once it has grounded there, it will activate certain ancient codes that are woven into the Earth's matrix at the Hawaii point, and also at other points on the Earth which will be activated at a later stage.

This "marriage" of Sky energy and Earth energy will unlock the ancient creation codes for the Paradise Earth that were placed there by the original Elohim angelic creators. The Paradise Matrix will once again be activated and Earth can begin the process of building her physical 5th Dimensional Paradise on the planet.

Let me explain to you, dear ones, that this activation on the 5th of March will activate the original blueprint for a Paradise Earth that is stored in the Earth's Akashic records. Within Planet Earth is a set of "planetary DNA records" that includes everything that your planet has ever experienced since its creation. This includes the original Sacred Geometry Codes for Earth as a Paradise that were originally activated in Lemuria before the fall into matter at the time of Atlantis. The Paradise Earth was in fact the original plan and  intention of the angelic Elohim creators for this planet. That intention is due to be re-activated with the spiral that touches down in Hawaii on the 5th of March.

As you, as planetary light workers, prepare to receive this new energy, you are experiencing a rapid shift in consciousness once again, dear ones. Your vibrational frequency is speeding up once again - and many of you are experiencing physical symptoms of the cleansing and purification process that this is producing in you. These are some of the symptoms:

  • Extreme fatigue and exhaustion, often coupled with difficulty in sleeping
  • Pains in the joints, especially the legs, hips and knees
  • Pain at the Heart Charka area
  • Nausea and Cramps in the stomach
  • Pain at the base of the neck and headaches
  • Depression

You are in the process of releasing your last blocks and resistances to fully entering into your power as gods and goddesses of the sacred New Earth. You are clearing away ancient fears associated with the rituals of the Sacred Marriage.

For indeed, you are all invited guests at the Sacred Marriage of Sky and Earth. In this ancient sacred ritual, the mating of Sky and Earth produces or births a new energy or a new Earth. You ancient ancestors understood the significance of Sacred Marriage and its ritual re-enactment as a process of renewal and rebirthing.

As the Cosmic Goddess and the Earth Father unite once more in this Sacred Union, you will all be celebrants at the marriage. You will anticipate and enjoy the renewal of Paradise conditions and great abundance to your planet. You will sing and dance at this wedding.

And, finally, we offer you a "gift" from this marriage. Your own unions and relationships will benefit from the renewal of the sacred marriage between heaven and earth. many of you will entrain to this energy and find your own ways to re-enact the sacred marriage in your own sacred and loving relationships.

In the Paradise Earth you will once again enjoy the physical and spiritual bonds of the god and goddess within your own loving marriages. It is the gift that is offered to you at this time.


Date:Jan 17 - 2004

Subject: Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

Greetings! We come again, dear Hearts, with more things to discuss with you. As we previously stated, a process is currently underway which will drastically change your reality. A divine schedule is in force which provides us with certain time constraints and permits us to arrange our personnel and our fleet components in a most efficient manner. At present, we are preparing our fleet for the next stage of our first contact mission. The fleet stationed near Mother Earth is now being reinforced as we briefly mentioned in our last update. We are confident that our Earth allies are presently completing a number of important procedures. During the same week, we are convening a series of meetings of key personnel at our subterranean Mars headquarters to review the latest updates from our Earth allies. Your last, dark cabal is also meeting in a number of secret governmental locations throughout North America in order to devise a new counterstrategy for what they know is now inevitable and imminent-their final defeat.

One of their attempts to thwart their inevitable fate is the public announcement of their intention to send manned flights to the Moon and to Mars. This is only the cover story for a renewed attempt to produce more advanced, armed craft and to deploy a new series of weapons on the ground and in space despite their firm understanding of our opposition to this concept. This is another aspect of their rising panic which is conveyed outwardly by an ever-increasing arrogance and which also demonstrates their disrespect for the past agreements that they signed with us. This is why we have increased our surveillance of their secret, global, research facilities and intend to neutralize any new prototypes designed by these research centers. We have also informed our Earth allies that their schedule for
completing their many projects needs to be accelerated. We have once again offered them any technological assistance that they require to complete these projects and have stressed the fact that their crucial financial and banking reforms are subject to a divine deadline.

Despite the forces arrayed against them, our Earth allies are approaching a specific completion date quite effectively. We wish them to be aware of the amount of help that we can provide to assure a successful completion of their many plans. On other fronts, we are pleased to report that a number of tests, designed to assess the readiness of your global financial system for profound change, has been most successful. All is ready for the introduction of sweeping banking and currency reforms that will greatly affect how monetary wealth is presently distributed upon your world. It will also result in a widespread, but graduated, deflation which will reflect a more accurate and rational assessment of goods and services across the globe. This operation will counter the incredible inflation which occurred
in the decades following WW II. This inflation and a number of unwise, fiscal policies adopted by most of Europe's former colonies created a situation whereby global wealth was concentrated into the hands of a 'favored few'. This threatened to prevent any advancement to the cause of freedom and sovereignty.

A new, dark, global order was prevented by certain events which also led to the termination of the rule of the Annunaki Overlords in the mid-1990s. The global political and economic conflict that followed this shake-up in the power structure of your world continues to this day. The fall-out from this financial war permitted us to discover those individuals and formal groups who were to become our Earth allies. Together we forged a number of agreements in 1998 which were later also accepted, in secret, by their more organized opposition. These alliances were instrumental in helping us to learn more about how your world 'works' and about how our dealings with your major governments might become more constructive. Our purpose in these negotiations is to help to set up a positive environment within which first contact can successfully occur. We dearly wish the actual first contact to be carried out as smoothly
as divinely possible and for your freedom and sovereignty to be firmly re-established according to the agreements of 1998. This will prepare the ground for your return to full consciousness and to you re-assuming your role of Physical Angels.

The most important element for change upon your world at present is the transformation of the global financial system that now has a solid, legal foundation. This will not only equitably redistribute wealth but also ensure the restructuring and a more moral regulation of major multi-national corporations. Other important issues to be addressed include the serious problems of worldwide pollution and the building of a viable and cooperative family of nations. The agreements to date ensure that this massive, global transformation can swiftly come about. Many tests carried out in secret proved that change at a governmental level can be global in scope. Our prime objective remains to change your political and financial systems peacefully and allow this new, more equitable reality to manifest. The key to this is the
prosperity programs as well as a profound re-ordering of many major corporations. These changes are designed to produce a stable and fair business climate and a state of perpetual prosperity for every person on the planet.

This rise of prosperity and a chance for every individual to manifest their divinely ordained life purpose is at the crux of our program. As the constraints of material survival are lifted from you, you can begin to take the time to perceive the truth of what is happening around you. Free and sovereign governance requires citizens who have the time as well as the information at their disposal to enable them to understand clearly the governmental operations carried out in their name. A climate of secrecy and an environment supportive of private interests mitigates against free governance whose purpose is 'rule for and by the people'. It is a climate such as the present one you are now under that has led to your many current difficulties. It is the mission of our Earth allies to seek ways to prevent this situation from ever re-occurring upon your world. Heaven and we in the Galactic Federation of Light are deeply committed to
ensuring this never happens to you again.

First contact is only one of the final steps in this last stage of your evolution as a people. Right now, wondrous and deeply transformative changes need to occur in order to begin shifting your world in a new direction. With a formal proclamation of a benevolent first contact, most of your fears, subliminally instilled in you by this last cabal over the past half century, will finally be able to evaporate. Hence, we have thrown our energy firmly behind our Earth allies. Ever bear in mind that Heaven guides our actions and stands behind these vast global changes. The phony 'war on terrorism' can cease and the truth behind these events can finally be made known. In its place, a new, peace-oriented hegemony can flourish and first contact can then swiftly lead to your acceptance as a member of the Galactic Federation, ending nearly 13 millennia of isolation.

This approaching transformation of your present reality was forecast by the divine plan. Heaven's insistence upon a full, formal first contact brought us in great numbers to your beautiful shores. Now the time comes to complete these assignments. This divine moment is one we have deeply longed for. Look upon what is now occurring behind the scenes as the precursor to many more public and truly auspicious events. These imminent announcements can be rather shocking to the uninformed among you. During these times, we ask that you make good use of your knowledge and wisdom. Set up support groups in your respective communities to inform and reassure those in need. We also ask those of you in the prosperity programs to use these funds to help your communities. Remember in your hearts why
this material and spiritual abundance was given to you and that it is in the sharing of it that we will indeed be victorious.

Today, we discussed many of the events happening on your world. In addition, we briefly explained our role in these proceedings. We ask, dear Ones, that you remain centered and fully focused on your inevitable victory. We know that soon we shall walk freely among you. We now take our leave. Blessings! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Prosperity and infinite Supply of Heaven is indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! Be Blessed with Love and Joy!)

We are all one creating a new reality.





Through Jim Langman- November 8, 2003

Greetings and blessings, we are the Emissaries of the Light.  We wish
to speak on many subjects upon our visit with you.  Firstly, we desire
to speak on the subject of your Sun.  For some time now, you have been
witnessing solar magnetic flares bursting from the surface of your Sun. 
These solar flares are playing a major part in your ongoing

So dear ones, let us explain to you more clearly what this all means
and the effects that this will have upon you.  With each burst of
energy that enters your world,  these energy bursts will be assisting
in changing everything about you, also the planet that you live upon. 
Each time these energy bursts enter your world, they completely alter
your vibrational frequency.  Each time the Sun sends forth a burst of
solar magnetic energy, it shifts your vibrational frequency to another
level, which in turn alters your level of consciousness.  The shift in
your level of consciousness is all part of what is now happening.  Each
time your vibrational frequency increases, it alters your DNA.

Many of you will have noticed even within the last few months how very
different the energies have now become.  You are now becoming more
aware that something major is on the horizon.  Dear ones, what is
happening is simply another part of your Ascension process.  Your shift
that you all have been waiting for is soon about to happen.  What
is also occurring because of your Sun's activities is the fact that you
are now vibrating at a much higher level, and faster than you could
possibly imagine.  An important point for you to remember is the fact
that everything that is happening, is happening at a pace and at a
degree that your physical human form can deal with.

Some of the downside, seemingly, to this process is your emotional
state which at times seems rather impaired.  Mood swings are very much
a side effect of these vibrational changes that you are experiencing. 
On the other side, you are becoming more intuitive and many of your
latent, or would we say dormant, abilities are now coming more
to the forefront of who you truly are.

Many of you will now be discovering that it is a very simple thing to
be able to communicate with Spirit.  You are becoming more aware of
your Higher Self, in turn becoming more ONE with your Higher Self.  Be
not concerned about what is going on around your world at this time. 
The disturbances that are being created in some countries around your
world will not continue for much longer.

Many of you have waited for a long time to hear certain announcements
that you have been promised to hear very soon.  We now wish to speak on
the subject that you come to know as NESARA.  Everything that NESARA
stands for is real, the principles behind NESARA are very real.  This
type of system will become part of your new reality. It will
be part of what will change your world forever.  Changes within your
financial and banking systems, more so your governments, must change
the way they operate.

At this time we do not wish to enter into the debate whether NESARA has
been entered into law or not.  This is something that you all must
discern for yourselves.  One thing that we would like to point out is
the fact that any new system alone does not change the ways of one's
consciousness. It is only a part of it.  It matters not what kind of
system is in place if the level of consciousness is not there within
the ones that enforce it.

Peace can only come to your world if you command it into place .  Use
your God-given talents to bring about the true peace that you so
desire.  We have stated many times, we are not here as your saviours,
we are here to assist you in the actions that you take to change your
world and yourselves. Once you fully realise this, you will bring about
the new Golden Age that you have long awaited.

Many things are about to dawn upon your world.  Many of them will seem
like miracles.  Know and believe within yourselves that you are in a
time where peace and abundance is not a request but something that has
been commanded into place.   Dear ones, once this becomes truly part of
your consciousness, it is then you will inherit the Earth and all it
blessings.  Dear ones, you are the true and future guardians of one of
the most precious beings throughout all of Creation.  We know what you
are capable of and that you will protect her well.

Your glorious moment is about to arrive.  Know that you are about to
witness first hand, the wonders that the Creator has laid before you. 
We leave you now and we grant you peace.

.................WE ARE ALL ONE CREATING A NEW REALITY..................



Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 7 Ahau, 13 Tzotz, 12 Manik

Greetings, great Souls! We come from the bright Blue Light of Creation
through the illustrious Blue Lodge of Lord Surea! We are the Nine! We
address you at a most auspicious time. Your world is ready to change
into Light and, in so doing, to move you to your unparalleled destiny!
This moment demands that you be wholeheartedly centered on your
Ascension and untiringly focused on the manifestation of a new reality.
For a very long time, we in Heaven have watched you struggle with the
dark and its crazed minions, who persist in their arrogance and
disrespect towards the divine Will of Heaven. Our current announcement
is meant to tell you that this situation has reached its appointed end.
Lord Michael, together with all of the warrior Angels and divine
Seraphim that sit at the throne of our divine Creator, Lord Surea, and
Lord Kuwea, have come to alter this present, uneasy course of yours.
Your existing usurpations and unnecessary sufferings have reached the
point where they now must cease. Lord Surea has sent his most sacred
attendants to aid your noble cause. That cause will bring you your
divine freedom and return you to full awareness of who you really are.

The divine Councils and sacred Administrations of Heaven grant you
their full blessings, dear Hearts! Your re-transformation into physical
Angels is a glorious act, fully approved and formally decreed by Lord
Surea. Lord Kuwea, who graciously administers the Heavenly realms, also
has decreed your inevitable success. Thus, the blessed triune Godhead,
the very essence of the Creator, has offered the instruments that bring
us here, to ensure that these holy intentions are duly manifested in
this reality. Our return means that the forces of Light have won a
crowning victory. That victory is only the beginning of events that
will free you from the churning chaos that the dark has currently
seeded upon your world. The dark bases its work on deception and on the
flagrant abuse of its misappropriated power. Now, this relentlessly
stubborn attitude of the dark's minions will be met, head on, by
Heaven's strong desires for your liberation and for the full
recognition of your inalienable, Creator-given sovereignty. To
accomplish this, we have come in many forms to your most beautiful

The entirety of Heaven has sent its most wise and forceful disciples,
while the Galactic Federation of Light has given us its most astute and
powerful Science and Exploration (S&E) fleet. These Beings surround
Mother Earth with their Love and with a most graceful determination to
free you from the whims of the dark. The time when the Light will
return to its rightful dominion over the fate of Mother Earth and this
solar System has now arrived. We greet you with this breath-taking
news! We proclaim that a unique and radiant Light will descend upon
your world. It will contain decrees of the divine plan, which will
assure you that your time for the manifestation of a new reality has
arrived. I, Lord Aescapulus, divine spokesman for the Council of Nine,
hereby decree that such is indeed fully operational on this world! Dear
Children, know, in your sacred inner hearts, that the Love of Heaven
for you is boundless! In the sacred, divine plan, Lord Surea declares
that a schedule for your liberation be ever-faithfully followed. This
we are doing! At last, your time of tribulation has come to an end. The
occasion for rapturous celebration has arrived!

The wealth that some of you will receive will be both a test and a
divine challenge. Heaven intends you to live up to your new
responsibilities. This financial power is to be dispensed quickly by
the chosen to the rest of the world. Similarly, existing financial
powers are to be altered and new forces put into power that will assist
you in this imposing global distribution. In fact, they will add their
own to yours. This reorganization of your worldwide wealth is preparing
the way for a new era of power on your world. This power will be
people-based and lack the malevolent self-interest of your former
secret rulers. Instead, the holy minions that comprise your divine
Sisterhoods and Brotherhoods of Ascended Masters will guide these most
sacred actions. These decisions will usher you toward unprecedented
global abundance that, in turn, will lead you to a clearer awareness of
your true mission on this glorious world. Mother Earth is most eager
for you to fully understand your complex duties and what will be
required of you to perform them successfully.

As future physical Angels, you will take your place in physicality as
defenders of the Light. In so doing, you will help to sustain this
galaxy and ensure that the events destined for this reality unfold
according to plan. Further, you will meet sacred spiritual Beings who
have shed their physical forms and assumed the role of intermediary
between physical and spiritual realms. These exceptional physical
Angels are your kin. They wish you to know that they exist, and intend
to be part of the divine order that is entrusted to mentor you. This
divine knowledge takes many forms and embraces many ways for you to
learn. It will lead you to the Akashic Records of this realm, and
indeed of all physicality. You will need these records to carry out
your sacred duties. Then, at last, you will know why you are here, and
what you are capable of doing.

These things are only a small part of your true spiritual essence. Dear
Children, know that you are also representatives of the multitudes of
Life-streams that comprise Heaven. Each of them, together with the
infinite Ordering of sacred heavenly Councils, is located within the
grand and intricate layers of Soul energy that is you. These energies
shaped physicality in the name of Lord Surea and made it possible for
the divine plan to be graciously unfolded. Your efforts in this regard
will not go unheralded. Physicality encompasses darkness. Nonetheless,
this darkness has a special purpose that is unfolding, now, in this
galaxy and throughout this earthly realm. That purpose is to provide
the means to instill in the Light the wisdom it will need to combine
with the dark, thereby creating an even greater Light. This is the holy
substance that will bring forth the next Creation.

As Heaven's great Light begins its descent into the Earth plane, it
radiates clearly visible signs of a new reality. Those signs, which
include the hyperactivity of your Sun and your Earth's changes,
foreshadow the inevitable emergence of your new reality. Everywhere,
Heaven is offering proof of what we are doing. Only the messengers of
the dark cast doubt upon, or hide, these events from you. The power of
these current false messengers will be transformed by the shifts now
occurring on your world. Dear Children of the Light: know that the
Divine Will of Heaven is coming to alter what now appears so impossible
to change. Do not doubt the Will or the powers of Heaven. Those who
appear so entrenched in influential positions on your world are due for
a great fall. Their capitulation will be attended by the rise of a new
power that is meant to help you to make the transition to your new

The coming new reality will reorder what you think and are doing now.
Every aspect of your present global society will change radically. Only
the many cultures and languages of your world will remain. The present
nation-state will be fundamentally transformed. Your acceptance of your
personal sovereignty will alter, prodigiously, the current 'playing
field' to one that most of you will not recognize. Moreover, the direct
guidance of your Ascended Masters will bring their former 'hands-off'
approach to an end. These kind and forthright followers of the Light
will abolish the immorality of your world. Greed and abuse of power
will no longer 'pay'. Your world's systems of organized religion will
come face-to-face with the Truth. Divisiveness will give way to
cooperation and peace. Now, as we have said, the time for celebration

Today, let us all dine upon the feast of Truth, which will return you
to us! We exultantly proclaim the wondrous transformations of your
mind, body and Spirit. Come, dear Children, and rejoice! Celebrate your
true joys and experience your intense connection to each other. They
are the fruits of your prolonged labors in this present realm. We now
take our leave. Blessings to you all, dear Children! Know, in your
Heart of Hearts, that the ceaseless Supply and boundless Prosperity of
Heaven is yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian
for Be One! Be Blessed in Love and in Joy!) We are the Nine!

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.................WE ARE ALL ONE CREATING A NEW REALITY..................

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Emissaries of the Light
through Jim Langman
October 1, 2003

Greetings and divine blessings.  We are the Emissaries of the Light. 
You all are the most treasured beings in the whole of creation.  You
have come so far in what many would deem as a very short period of
time.  The consciousness of your world and human race is now ready to
rejoin the League of Star Nations.  The governing council of the star
nations is the Galactic Federation of Light.  The commander of the
Galactic Federation of Light is the one you know as Sananda.  The
Galactic Federation has been overseeing the formation of planetary
stabilisation and reforming of various worlds that have been devastated
by galactic wars over the millions of years.

The reformation of the planet Maldek is virtually complete, and the
terra-forming of its surface is well on the way.   It is the same with
planet Mars.  The Federation has been terra-forming Mars for many years
now.  Many of the probes that have been sent from Earth have met with
destruction due to the fact that what is occurring shall not be
interfered with at this point in time.  In the coming future, you will
have the ability to visit these new worlds when the terra-forming of
their surfaces is complete.  In the future, many of you will choose to
live on some of these worlds.

There will be the arrival of planets new to your solar system that will
become part of your present solar system.   These are planets that are
simply returning to their rightful place.  You are destined to have two
new planets surrounding your world.  Your world in the future will have
two moons and two suns.  Your world was never meant or created to have
only one of each.  As part of the process of Mother Earth's return to
full consciousness, the return of your second moon and the second sun
is a major part of this.

Dear ones, you are in the year of great change, 2003 brings the change
of consciousness that you have so long waited for.  The shift and the
return of your star family will happen very soon.  Everything is now in
place for this to occur. We have waited patiently for your world
governments to take it upon themselves to announce our presence. We are
waiting for the day to be able to meet with you all in person.  What
may seem to many of you as something that is a long way off, is closer
now than ever before.

Agreements have been made and we have been assured that your
authorities shall announce our existence before the end of your year
2003 is over.  This, we intend to make sure that they keep to their
word.  This does not mean that we are about to immediately arrive on to
your world, for there are many events on your world that we wish to
see take place before we arrive.  Many of the events we have spoken of
in past messages are nearing completion and are ready to enter into
your reality.   We leave you now and we grant you peace.

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

12 Cauac, 12 Zip, 12 Manik       

Selamat Jarin! We come again, dear Ones, for there is much to tell you!
The events for which we have been waiting so long are drawing ever
closer. They will allow us to appear openly before you. They also
signify that the dark night that long has surrounded you finally is
over. Our role will be to prepare for first contact and begin to
oversee the next crucial steps in your transformation. Our fleet and
our many liaison teams will sincerely celebrate these developments. We
look forward to your officials' formal welcome and to the many open
meetings that we intend to hold with you. Our Motherships are ready,
now, to receive you as our guests. Our scientists are entrusted to make
a number of vital technological transfers. Moreover, we have arranged a
special occasion to introduce the peoples of Agharta to their
surface-dwelling cousins. We will abandon the many members of your
last, dark cabal to their certain fate. We trust that you will deal
with them in a fair and even-handed way. To assure that you do so, the
Ascended Masters will be directing these operations.

Heaven is very pleased with present events. Now, the last unyielding
obstacles to your success are being removed. Our Earth allies are
preparing the teams that will become the transitional regimes for a
number of your major powers. This indispensable operation will last
from a few hours to a few weeks, depending on the government involved.
This extraordinary shift in government, from war to peace and
from concern over national interests to unprecedented cooperation,
signals the dawn of a new and unsurpassed reality. By bringing to an
end your present isolation, this reality will catapult you into a new
galactic awareness. It, in turn, will terminate your isolation from the
peoples of Inner Earth. The Agharta capital of Shamballah, located
beneath the Tibetan capital of Lhasa, will welcome you to its main
citadel. The Agharta Governing Council and its main liaisons intend to
take part in our initial announcements. The time has come to unite your
world and begin the process of shaping a galactic society for your
planet and, eventually, for this solar system.

Last year, we drew up a protocol on this matter that we shared with our
Earth allies. These discussions formed a 144-page document entitled,
"The Prerequisites for a Galactic Society", which will serve as your
template in creating Earth's galactic society. Once the initial
announcements have been made, we intend to distribute this pamphlet
widely. We wish you to open a global discussion among yourselves
concerning the contents of this document. Furthermore, the Governing
Council of Agharta would like you to visit their realm to observe how
their society operates. The ruler of Agharta and his council want you
to speak openly about what you desire and what has been offered you. It
is essential that a true democratic interaction occur, which will
hasten the dawn of your new galactic society. Your society will watch
as the planets of Mars and Venus are quickly 'terra-formed' and the
lost world of Bellona (Maldek) suddenly reappears. Then, dear Hearts,
you will send billions of your colonists to these new worlds, together
recreating the Solis star-nation.

This new star-nation will become a member of the Galactic Federation of
Light. The Intergalactic Union has designated your star-nation as a
major conference site. We anticipate your solar system to be the
location for a number of major treaties that are due to be completed
and then signed. Also, because of the massive singularity in the
Earth's core, Heaven intends to create a special galactic
Administration for the Solis star-nation. This divine Administration
will closely watch over and bless you. Heaven wishes you to know that
you inhabit a totally unique part of physicality. You possess the
energies that created this galaxy. They can be used to produce a
special harmonic energy that will transmit positive acts done on Earth
and amplify it throughout physical Creation. Thus, your planet is a
natural meeting-place for all special events that can assist in
unfolding the divine plan. We eagerly await the moment when these
things, finally, can become a reality.

In addition to all of the wondrous experiences you are having on many
physical levels, you are undergoing a tremendous consciousness shift.
This quiet spiritual revolution has reached the point where it is
helping to underwrite your new reality. Never forget, dear Ones, that
you are mutating into 'Homo Galactica'. A more integrated version of
you, this galactic human possesses the ability to hold an open,
meaningful dialogue with your True Self. That dialogue includes all of
your physical essences, as well as your heavenly Councils and your
heavenly Life-stream. Briefly, you are in full contact with who you
are. Further, you fully understand your present life mission. This
sense of purpose and of being connected allows you to interact at your
creative best within your society. You are aware of your inner and
outer sovereignty and respect the contributions of others. You live in
proper rhythm with the unfolding of the divine plan.

Above all, dear Hearts, your ever-rising level of consciousness plays a
major role in our actions. Your global society is ready to transform.
Heaven has watched this procedure carefully. It was, after all, their
divine calls that brought our first contact mission to your shores more
than a decade ago. In that time, this mission has learned a great deal
about your situation. This knowledge has served us well. It enabled us
to successfully negotiate the final addendum to the Anchara treaties,
which concluded a seemingly endless series of galactic wars.
Furthermore, they clarified the legal status of your solar system in
the Galactic Federation. Now, your world is ready to take the next
steps in its spiritual (consciousness) revolution. They will include
our formal arrival and the distribution of unimaginable financial

We in Heaven and in the Galactic Federation of Light know how close you
truly are to the manifestation of these unprecedented events. As we
mentioned earlier, a major obstacle to your success has been removed.
That block concerned your new financial system, and how power could be
transferred to a number of designated, transitional regimes. Your last,
dark cabal has taught our Earth allies many crucial lessons, involving
the best ways to shift the existing power structure and reform your
global financial system. This instruction has resulted in a wealth of
increased formal cooperation with us. Our Galactic Federation liaisons,
together with some very sound advice from your Ascended Masters,
redressed these situations according to the directions of our Earth
allies. Thus, the two significant events that will launch these
announcements are about to unfold.

Your global society is ruled by a small series of cliques (cabals)
that, once, were closely intertwined. Now, a new balance of power is
emerging. These new groups are much more responsive to this
unparalleled shift in their reality. That shift is due, in large part,
to individuals and groups that Heaven has incarnated on this world.
Even those who are part of the power structure have sought ways to
shine the Light on an exceedingly dark section of this realm. Thus,
they created the circumstances that made possible the formation of our
Earth allies and persevered, even when the last, dark cabal ruthlessly
and cleverly played its powerful closing gambits. We wish to thank
those allies again for their loyalty to this noble cause. We know that
they will continue to exercise their new authority with Love, divine
grace and true impartiality.

Today, we have reviewed what is taking place on your world. A
remarkable shift in your physical reality is now about to manifest in
your midst. Significantly, these final changes only occurred as the
result of an immense inner rise in your global level of consciousness.
Therefore - prepare yourselves for some truly extraordinary events! We
now take our leave. Blessings! Know, in your Heart of Hearts, that the
boundless Supply and infinite Prosperity of Heaven is yours! So Be It!
Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! Be Blessed in
Love and in Joy!)

Emissaries of the Light 4th Message 
through Jim Langman,  Sept 11, 2003

Greetings and blessings, we are the Emissaries of the Light.  Upon this
visit with you, we wish to inform you of what is presently taking
place.  We are focusing on the area of your world governments.  We have
now stated to your world leaders that we shall no longer tolerate their
interference and delaying tactics that they have achieved so far.  We
allowed certain delaying tactics and events to unfold upon your world
as they have assisted in the grand awakening that is now taking place.

We have recently met with your world leaders that took place in an area
that was convenient for all parties.  This area you know as Mt. Shasta. 
There is an area beneath the mountain that is secure. There is very
little  known about it in regards to the general public.  We stated at
this meeting that we would take whatever steps that were needed if they
continued not to comply with the divine plan that is in place for your
world.  This meeting was very long as much had to be said.

Your earthly leaders have finally seen that they cannot win.   The
decision has been made to allow the long-awaited announcements you all
have waited so long to hear.  The first announcements that will be made
to you will be in regards to the new financial system that will quickly
be implemented and the changes that it will bring.

The announcements will also include that of a new system, one you all
have come to know as NESARA.  The divine plan so decrees that this must
come about.  The announcement of NESARA will instantly free all
prosperity programs to be released.   It is regretful that you have had
to wait so many years for this to happen.

We have not discussed this in any great detail in the past, but the
time has come to speak of what is now unfolding.    What also took
place at this meeting was a full agreement for your governments to
allow the truth to finally be known in regards to our existence.

There will be many public announcements in regards to who we are and
why we are here.  More importantly, the knowledge of the fact that we
are benevolent and that we are not here in any way to take over your
world.  We are simply here as your teachers and your guides through the
last remaining period of your ascension process.  You have heard
reports that we intend to increase our activities within your skies. 
Dear ones, this is very true.  We will now increase the number of
sightings and in areas where large numbers of people will witness our

Your journey has been long and many times has it been a difficult one.  
Over your many lifetimes, you have experienced many of the aspects of
physicality.  Your time of separation is coming to a close.  We honour
you for what you all have achieved and are still going to achieve.

There will still be difficult times ahead of you, and much guidance you
will need through these coming times.  We are here for you dear ones.
We will not leave until the Creator's divine plan has been completed. 
We have not come this far and for so long just to give up now.  We are
all doing this together.  Look upon us as your long-lost family that
have now returned.  We await the time when we can be physically with
you on your beautiful shores.  We leave you now and we grant you peace.


2003...A DEFINING YEAR             
by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles


This article is copyrighted. You have my permission to share it through
any medium as long as the proper credit line is included.

Humanity has been preparing for this Cosmic Moment for literally aeons,
and we are now standing on the threshold of the greatest shift of
consciousness any evolving soul has ever experienced. To assist us in
this process, we are receiving more celestial intervention than we can
possibly comprehend with our finite minds.

In order to grasp the full magnitude of this opportunity, we need to
understand that a miracle has taken place that exceeded even the
greatest expectations of Heaven. As Sons and Daughters of God,
Humanity's purpose and reason for being in this Earthly school
is to learn to use our free will and our creative faculties of thought
and feeling to become cocreators with our Father-Mother God. The
original plan was for each of us to observe the patterns of perfection
in the Causal Body of God and then for us to learn to formulate those
patterns into our Earthly lives. The goal was for each of us to use our
free will to combine the patterns of perfection into previously
unknown expressions of Divinity, thus expanding the borders of the
Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

After the FALL everything dramatically changed. Humanity became so
buried in the effluvia of our own human miscreations that we lost our
ability to communicate with our God Selves. Tragically, we lost our
way, and we forgot who we are and why we are here. We developed an
alter ego, and we came to accept this fragmented, fear-based aspect of
our personality as our true reality. For millions of years we have been
struggling to raise our consciousness above the humanly-created veils
of illusion so that we could stop our downward spiral into oblivion and
reclaim our path of Ascension into Godhood.

The prophets and seers of old told us there would be a time in the
distant future when Humanity would awaken from our self-inflicted exile
and once again reunite with our God Selves. The belief was, however,
that even with the most valiant efforts of both Heaven and Earth there
would still be large numbers of fallen souls who would not awaken in
time for the next planetary shift up the Spiral of Evolution. We were
told that a second Earth would be created and that during the moment of
the Cosmic Inbreath, the New Earth would Ascend into the next
dimension, and the old Earth, along with

Remember, a fulfilled negative prophecy is a failed prophecy. The only
reason information is given to Humanity through Divine Inspiration is
to let us see what will occur if we continue our present course of
direction. If the prophecy reveals a potentially negative outcome, it
is given for the sole purpose of inspiring Humanity to change our
behavior patterns.

I am sure most people have heard of Harmonic Convergence. This was a
unique moment in time, August 15-17, 1987, when, for an instant, Heaven
and Earth became One. Through the unified efforts of the entire Company
of Heaven and Lightworkers all over the world, the Crystal Grid System
of Light for Planet Earth was activated, and all life evolving here
Ascended in energy, vibration and consciousness to our next level of
Divine Service. At that time, the mighty Elohim-the Builders of
Form-created a New Earth, which was superimposed over the old Earth,
thus paving the way for our 25-year ascent into the 5th Dimension.
According to the Company of Heaven, the 25-year process will be
completed on December 21, 2012.

During the 17 years since Harmonic Convergence, myriad activities of
Light have taken place that actually changed the course of history. If
you are interested in the specifics of these incredible events,
I have documented them in my new book titled HOME...Heaven On Mother
Earth. The book is available through our website. These events created
the environment for an unparalleled awakening within Humanity.

In August 2002, during the anniversary of Harmonic Convergence, a
miracle took place through an act of Divine Grace that stunned even the
Company of Heaven. All of the recalcitrant souls who were in danger of
not making the shift into the 5th Dimension were taken in their finer
bodies into the heart of the Solar Logos of our Central Sun, Beloved
Alpha and Omega. These Beings of Light are the representatives of our
Father-Mother God in this Solar System.

Embraced in the Divine Love of Alpha and Omega, the wayward souls were
given one last opportunity to choose to move into the Light. The Divine
Intelligence within the Flame of Transfiguring Divine Love had been
blazing in their Heart Flames for a year and had softened their resolve
to resist the Light. In an awesome moment of Divine Grace, every single
soul volunteered to do what is necessary to move into the Light.

With that new covenant, Alpha and Omega sounded their Cosmic Keynote,
and the Builders of Form breathed the old Earth over a glorious Bridge
of Light into the frequencies of the New Earth. The two Earths merged
and became One, and a new Divine Plan was set into motion to prepare
every evolving soul for the impending global shift of consciousness.

Since the decision of the recalcitrant souls was made in the Realms of
Cause, it takes time for that understanding to filter into the dense
consciousness of their outer minds. Obviously many people are still
acting out their resistance to the Light and attempting to wreak havoc
in the physical plane.

The fact that the two Earths have become One, thus enabling ALL
Humanity to move forward into the Light, is a miracle of unfathomable
proportions. The important thing to understand, however, is that the
miracle greatly increased the work the Lightworkers must now

The Lightworkers must now assist in transmuting the densest energies on
Earth. These are the discordant energies that were destined to be left
behind, but since the two Earths have now become One, these patterns of
imperfection are being pushed to the surface to be transmuted and
healed. All we have to do is watch the evening news to see the
negativity surfacing everywhere.  But be at Peace; the Divine Plan is
unfolding perfectly, and God's Will is manifesting.

2003 is the year for the global shift of consciousness the Spiritual
Hierarchy has been telling us about for the past 50 years. During this
year, there will be a rare Galactic alignment that is being called
HARMONIC CONCORDANCE. This alignment will open a multidimensional
portal of Divine Consciousness into the Heart and Mind of the
omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent Cosmic I AM-All That Is.

During this rare moment, the Cosmic I AM will flood the Earth with
previously unknown frequencies of Divine Consciousness and lift every
man, woman and child into the remembrance of the Oneness of ALL Life.

This Galactic alignment will occur during the Lunar Eclipse on November
8, 2003, and will build in power and momentum until the Solar Eclipse
on November 23, 2003. There will be a Star of David and other complex
formations in the Heavens during the Lunar Eclipse that will be 18
degrees Scorpio. (For more astrological details please go to the
website: )

The total Solar Eclipse that occurred on August 11, 1999, was 18
degrees Leo, which is the degree of Divine Consciousness. The Lunar
Eclipse on November 8, 2003, will be exactly 90 degrees square of the
August 11, 1999, Eclipse. This will make Humanity's hearts and minds
receptive to higher levels of Divine Consciousness than we have
experienced since our initial fall from Grace aeons ago.

This is the celestial event that will ultimately sweep Humanity up in
consciousness into the remembrance of the Oneness of ALL Life. With the
unexpected merging of the two Earths, however, things have become more
complicated, and further preparation is necessary.

May 2003 was a very powerful month. The Wesak Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
on May 15, and the Solar Eclipse on May 30-31, created a gateway that
These rare Eclipses aligned Lightworkers around the world with a higher
octave of their Divine Service. Every soul is now in a position to
easily release whatever fails to serve our highest good, as we move
forward on our spiritual paths into new endeavors and new opportunities
to serve the Light.

A new contingency plan has been set into motion by our Father-Mother
God. Every activity of Light and every individual Lightworker on the
planet has been taken into the Heart of God and asked by the
Cosmic I AM-All That Is-to regroup, renew, recommit and rededicate
ourselves to a higher level of Divine Service on behalf of all Humanity
and this blessed Planet Earth. Every soul was given the opportunity to
renew the vows we took in the Heart of God prior to this embodiment. At
that time we volunteered to assist the Earth and all her life in the
Ascension process. We agreed to listen to our hearts and to respond to
the opportunities that would allow us to most effectively serve
Humanity and all life on Earth.

The contingency plan evolved because, miraculously, the two Earth's
became One, and now everything has changed. Our Lightwork is being
greatly accelerated, and we are all taking quantum leaps in new,
diverse directions to fulfill this vast and ever-expanding Divine Plan.
In this new contingency plan, the groups and the people we were working
with may change, but any concept of separation is a myth. We are ALL
One, and as we move forward in the Light fulfilling our unique
facets of the new Divine Plan, we will continue to be connected through
the Divinity in our Hearts.

There is no separation, and any outer world appearance of separation or
distance is an illusion. As we each integrate the changes in our
spiritual paths and fine-tune our renewed commitment and dedication to
our spiritual work, it is important for us to carefully observe and
evaluate the opportunities that are presented to us to serve as
Instruments of God.

During this critical moment on Earth, nothing is happening by accident.
If an opportunity is presented to us, we should take the information
into our heart-of-hearts and see if it resonates as part of our Divine
Service. If it does, then we should ask our God Selves to pave the way
for us to participate according to our Divine Plans. Sometimes we will
be called to travel and to physically join groups for an activity of
Light. Other times we will be inspired to join the group in
consciousness and, in loving support, to add our Light from a distance.
The important thing is for each of us to truly listen to our God Selves
and to respond to our inner guidance with trust and confidence.

With the above information in mind, I would like to share with you two
opportunities for Divine Service that have been orchestrated by the
Spiritual Hierarchy and Lightworkers in embodiment. Our
God Selves always magnetize into our awareness opportunities for Divine
Service that we have been trained to accomplish. Know that if you are
reading these words, you have everything you need within you to assist
with this critically important facet of the Divine Plan.

Since the two Earth's have become One and even our most recalcitrant
sisters and brothers are now going to be Ascending with the rest of
Humanity, it is urgent that awakened Lightworkers assist them in
transmuting their accumulated negativity. We have the ability to serve
as surrogates on behalf of these precious souls, and as we are lifted
up, they will be lifted up with us.

For the first phase of this Divine Plan, the Spiritual Hierarchy has
asked those of us associated with the New Age Study of Humanity's
Purpose to draw Lightworkers from all over the world into the
portal of Healing through the Power of Limitless Transmutation and the
forcefield of Transfiguring Divine Love that pulsate in Tucson,

This gathering of Lightworkers will take place during the anniversary
of Harmonic Convergence. The vehicle we will use to fulfill this Divine
Mission is the Seventeenth Annual World Congress On Illumination, which
will be held August 16-21, 2003, at the wondrous Loews Ventana Canyon

During this sacred conclave, the Company of Heaven will guide the
Lightworkers gathered in Tucson through newly revealed activities of
Light that will lift each of us individually, and all of us
collectively, into higher states of self-mastery, self-empowerment,
self-healing and Divine Consciousness. As we each transform the residue
of negativity in our own lives and shift our own consciousness into
higher levels of God's Limitless Perfection, we will simultaneously
lift up our recalcitrant sisters and brothers.

The Spiritual Hierarchy revealed that those who receive the heart call
to participate in this activity of Light will represent the microcosm
of the macrocosm of Humanity. We were told that those who are inspired
to gather in Tucson will collectively represent the entire Family of

The World Congress participant's collective Earthly experiences, from
all time frames and dimensions, will represent everything Humanity has
experienced since the fall aeons ago. As we heal those etheric records
and memories within ourselves, we will assist in healing them within
ALL Humanity. We are blessed beyond knowing to be able to offer our
humble efforts to this vital facet of the unfolding Divine Plan.
For the second phase of the Divine Plan, we have been asked by the
Spiritual Hierarchy to take a group of Lightworkers on a pilgrimage to
Australia, which was once part of the ancient continent of Lemuria.

From November 8-20, 2003, during the apex of Harmonic Concordance, we
will take a 13-day pilgrimage through the exquisitely beautiful
tropical region of Australia. We will stay at the Clarion Great Barrier
Reef Resort at Palm Cove, which is one of the country's most beautiful

The Beings of Light have revealed that this area in Australia-Lemuria-
is where the beginning of the fall of Humanity took place on the
planet. It is where Humanity first experienced our downward shift from
Divine Consciousness into the lower consciousness of our human egos.

During this sacred time together, the Light of Divine Consciousness
will blaze through our Earthly bodies, and we will serve as physical
transformers through which the Light of God will flow to transmute the
archetypes back to the initial impulse of the fall. During this Cosmic
Moment, we will also secure the new frequencies of Divine Consciousness
into the Earth's Crystal Grid System of Light on behalf of ALL

Once the archetypes of the initial descent of human consciousness are
transmuted back into Light and the new, previously-unknown frequencies
of Divine Consciousness are secured, Humanity will be permanently
lifted into the highest levels of Divine Consciousness allowed by
Cosmic Law. Never again will the Sons and Daughters of God descend to
the depths of human miscreation we experienced on Earth after the fall.

These two opportunities for Divine Service to Humanity and this blessed
Planet Earth are being presented to Lightworkers who have agreed to
serve the Light and our Father-Mother God during this unprecedented
moment of planetary transformation. If you feel the heart call to
participate in either or both of these activities of Light, please
listen and respond.


Through Jim Langman,  August 28, 2003

Greetings and blessings, we are the Emissaries of the Light.  We shall
start our communication with you with an announcement from the Divine
Source of All That Is.  This announcement is to inform you that the
Galactic Forces of Light are now gathering in unprecedented numbers. 
Major events are about to break forth upon your world.  We mean this in
a very positive way.  Many things have been occurring behind the scenes
that most of you are not aware of.

For a long time now, we have been having meetings with your world
leaders.  Within these meetings, great secrecy has had to be maintained
at all times.  We have until now kept this knowledge on a very short
leash, meaning that we have only touched base on this subject in the
past in a very small way .  Within these meetings we have discussed
with your world leaders the inevitable transformation of your planet
and also the transformation of the human race that resides upon your

We have for a long time now, tried to assist your world leaders through
a transitional period, and make it as easy as possible.  In our
endeavours to do this, we have been met with much resistance.  Many of
your elites wish not to lose any of their control over you.

What is not greatly understood is the fact that it is the mass
consciousness that governs the level of  free will that is upon your
world.  The mass consciousness has now reached a level that now gives
us permission to divinely take steps.  It permits us to be able to step
in and assist the people directly to transform from one reality to
another.  The Divine Creator had set the rules of free will to which
all of Creation must obey.  You are all aspects of the whole Creator. 
Once the mass consciousness has reached a certain level, the need to
carry out that will has to be obeyed.   This permission has now been

We will no longer allow month after month of delays, and the will of
the people be continually ignored.   We, the Emissaries of Light now
decree that the divine plan for Mother Earth shall be fulfilled and
completed as quickly as possible.  Dear ones, you have worked long and
hard to bring the mass consciousness to the level which it has now
reached.  What a great battle you have fought.   This has been a battle
for the Light.  Thanks to you this battle has now been won.  This
battle shall we say, has been fought on many levels.  Now you have
brought this victory into your own realm.  One thing is certain,  you
are victorious.

You will now see many great wonders manifest before you, even before
the end of your existing year.  The winds have changed dear ones.   The
winds are blowing in your favour.  We make this statement to you,  we
will not tolerate interference with the divine plan.  We will take
whatever steps that are needed to bring events to a conclusion as
quickly as possible.

Dear ones, we ask you to stand strong over the coming times, as you
will be tested greatly.  Any means possible will be used against you. 
Saying this, we state to you now, you have the divine protection of the
Creator.  All the Light forces are behind you.  Stand strong dear ones,
and stay committed to your divine tasks.  We leave you now with our
blessings, and we grant you peace.


Emissaries of the Light
Through Jim Langman, August 14, 2003
Subject: Galactic Federation of Light

.,,.Ȥ,,.`.,,.Ȥ Ȥ,,.`.,,.Ȥ.,,.

Greetings and blessing. We are the Emissaries of the Light.  On this
visit, it brings us much joy to be among the most incredible Light
beings known throughout your universe.

We have, up until now, spoken little on the subject of the Galactic
Federation of Light.  We most always wish to deal with your ascension
process and assist you to elevate your level of consciousness. Instead,
at this time, we will be speaking in regards to the Galactic Federation
of Light.   Your world has undergone so many changes including
yourselves.  As the events change, so must our plans and time frames.

You are nearing the time where the forces of the Galactic Federation
will be able to commence our first contact scenario.  The way in which
it is to be done has changed many times in the past.  Throughout the
course of these changes we have learnt so much more about you and your
magnificent capabilities.   Many times in the past we have prepared for
the moment of your first contact, only to be faced with whole new
scenarios that have quickly risen.  We always must act in accordance
with that moment which means changes are on a moment to moment basis. 
We are not always prepared for these changes, so in saying this we
understand when you express your frustrations at the seemingly never-
ending circumstances that you find yourselves in, especially with what
is happening on your world at this particular time.

One of the things that we can certainly state as being fact, is that
your world is now ready for our arrival.  Even though your world is
ready for first contact, everything must be perfectly in place for
contact to take place.  Your world is in the final stages of removing
the last few obstacles that prevent us from being with you.  Right now
plans are being finalised and will be quickly put into operation that
which will begin the massive shift within your awareness.

Part of the shift is the entrance of a whole new economic structure. 
The way you are governed will also be completely changing.  The
distribution of wealth will be dispersed out to the masses and a
balancing within your economy will be quickly brought into being.  Each
country around your world will become as an equal to the next.  There
will be no such thing as a super power in the way you presently know
it.  Various countries will have their certain functions, and this does
not mean their functions will give them any extra power over the next. 
These functions will be co-ordinated through a Global Governing
Council.  We have stated in the past that this governing council will
be spiritually based.  Its main function is to see that procedures are
carried out correctly and in total balance.

No country within the new system will experience lack of anything. 
When one country is having difficulties, it becomes the responsibility
of other countries to step in and offer help unconditionally with
whatever help is needed.  We have until now only been able to intervene
when permitted by the God Creator.  We also always only work within
the boundaries of the law of any given world.  We now make it very
clear that the Creator has so decreed, that we step onto your shores at
the appropriate time.  So dear ones, it is not if we will arrive, it is
when.  You can be of the knowledge that this time we speak of is closer
than you can imagine.

There are events that are taking place within your solar system that
are creating the window for your shift into full consciousness.  Before
you take this final step into full consciousness, we will arrive.  We
are arriving to assist you through your final moments to full
consciousness.  Dear Ones, you will not have much longer to wait.  The
very timing of the arrival of the planet Mars to its closest point to
Earth is no coincidence.  Also, it is no coincidence that your Sun is
sending out enormous amounts of electromagnetic energy pulses. Nor is
it coincidence that the planet Nibiru is also arriving.  Call it a
conjunction if you will, but in simpler terms it is a convergence of
polarities.  The bringing of balance to the Earth grids and energy

Over the very next few months, you will witness amazing events.  We
cannot give the exact timing of these events as everything  is at
critical levels.  The timing must be perfect.  There are surprises in
store for you all.  Some of these surprises may overwhelm you. 
Maintain a state of mind that will support you and keep you balanced
over the coming times.  Stay committed to your endeavours and support
those that are in need of your loving assistance.  We now leave you
with our blessings, and we grant you peace.


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Lord Michael's Urgent Message: NESARA!!
Lord Michael Through Michael David - August 2, 2003

From: Michael David |

Dear Dove and all Lightworkers,

As the current physical aspect of Archangel Michael I have been
spending a significant amount of time in various "council" meetings of
Ascended Masters and other higher dimensional beings while in the dream
state. Most of the time I am only aware that I have been present and
active in such meetings. However, as I slept last night and most of the
day today (Saturday, Aug 2) I was again in several different council
meetings. In today's meetings, which took place in a 5D City of Light
(I do not know which one) suspended approximately 2,000 meters above
the surface of Earth, there was a great deal of discussion concerning

I'll use an analogy to describe the mechanics of getting NESARA
announced. NESARA is like a long and VERY heavy passenger and freight
train; the passengers represent the benefits to individuals while the
freight represents all of the "roll-out" changes. When it first began
it had only one locomotive pulling it and it's momentum was very slow.
Over the past several months, however, several more VERY POWERFUL
photon energy locomotives have been added and NESARA is now moving
forward with sufficient speed and momentum that even with all brakes
applied, would not stop before it crossed the announcement/
manifestation threshold.

Today's order from the World Court stopping NESARA's announcement was
fully expected; in fact, we were counting on it so as to force the
Illuminati to reveal their hand and delaying tactics. However, they
will NOT succeed. The "legal" or judiciary hierarchy begins at the
local Municipal Court level. The next level up is the local Superior
Court, the next is the State Supreme Court, followed by the U.S.
Supreme Court and the World Court. However it does not end with the
World Court. The Solar Tribunal, presided over by Lady Master Nada, has
full legal authority over every inhabitant and municipality in our
solar system. While virtually no soul remembers doing so, all
incarnates within this solar system automatically agree to be subject
to the Solar Tribunal.

On behalf of the citizens of planet Earth, Ascended Master Sananda and
Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine, by proxy, have requested that
the Solar Tribunal overrule today's orders of the World Court
(International Court of Justice) stopping NESARA's announcement.
Evidence was presented before Presiding Judge Lady Master Nada by
Ascended Master Sananda and Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine
proving that the requests made by the European Union claiming that
their precious metals records were incorrect and in need of audit were
total fabrications and without merit. Presiding Judge Lady Master Nada
issued a ruling overriding the World Court's order to delay NESARA's
announcement. Lady Master Nada also handed down a ruling that the
Judges of the World Court had deliberately and purposely attempted to
sabotage and delay NESARA's announcement and thus violating the free
will choice of the citizens of planet Earth; a violation of several
Universal and Spiritual Laws. She delayed issuing any sanctions against
the World Court until after NESARA has been announced and implemented.

How do I know these things? As I mentioned above, I normally do not
recall ANY details of my actions during the dreamstate. However,
today I specifically requested that I be allowed sufficient recall of
the day's proceedings so as to be able to inform certain individuals
back here in 3D/4D. You may confirm these facts with Beloved Ascended
Master Saint Germaine and/or Ascended Master Sananda. This legal
ruling by the Solar Tribunal means that NESARA may be announced at any
time; unless I am mistaken. I am also absolutely thrilled to
FINALLY be of significant service; I've been waiting a long time for

In Loving Service,

Lord Michael
Michael David

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The Emissaries of the Light
through Jim Langman
July 23, 2003

Greeting and blessings, we are the Emissaries of the Light. On this
visit we wish to discuss the changes that are going on within each of
you.   Dear ones, you have a most incredible future that lies before
you.  You are all nearing the point where you will be entering a whole
new reality based on principles that very soon will be laid before you.

Upon this visit we will discuss your evolution, that through your
coming time of ascension, you all will soon be going through. All will
be going through the ascension process one way or another.  Some will
choose to go through the ascension process that is known to you as  the
death cycle.  These ones will have their opportunity to join with the
rest at some time in their future evolution.  For now, the mass
consciousness shows us without doubt that most of you living upon your
world have chosen to ascend with the physical form.  We will explain
briefly how this will occur.

For the first time in all of Creation, physicality will be merging with
spirit.   You will become one with spirit in the fullness of it's
meaning.  Imagine, dear ones, all your multi-dimensional selves merging
as one.  You would literally become God-like in more ways than one. 
You already are an aspect of the Creator, making you the Creator in
physical motion.  Ascension means reaching full consciousness.  Fully
conscious beings are their Higher Selves.  You become one conscious
mind with All That Is.   At the same time you remain a single conscious
entity.   You are all of these things at the one time.   You are able
to understand and know the collective mind while maintaining your
own individuality.  When fully conscious you will have the ability to
transcend time and space.   What would this mean for you?  It means
that if you wanted to be in a particular place, you would achieve this
with the speed of thought.   You would instantly be there.

On your world there would no longer be any hunger, for a fully
conscious being does not need food to survive.  You would exist totally
on pranic energy.  Pranic energy is all around you. Those with the
ability can look through a dimensional window and see the pranic energy
that pulsates all around you.  It is a life force of its own.  This
does not mean that you would  never eat.   For there would be times
when you will desire simply to experience the texture and the flavour
of a particular vegetable or fruit.  You will desire this for the
pleasure that it gives, not for the need to survive.

What else would full consciousness mean to you and the ability that you
will have?  Let's look at one of these abilities that would be pleasing
to most of you.   Spirit is eternally young, and with the merging of
physical with spirit to becoming one, this also brings youth.   You
would be able to appear as a much younger person, if you so desired. 
You must remember that your conscious minds would not be operating  in
a way that  many  presently operate.    In the future you would always
operate for the greater good of all.   So all of your decisions are
based on this principle which is one of the principles we were speaking
of earlier in this message.

Secondly, in the coming times, you will be self-governing.   You will
not have governments having power over you in the way they do now.  
Yes, you will have a governing body.   It will be totally spiritually-
based.  The selected governing bodies of the time will simply be there
making sure that the balance is maintained, and that everyone is
being supported fully in all they do and desire.  This will be fully
supported  by the governing bodies, if it is recognised as being for
the greater good of all, not simply for a few.  Everyone will be
encouraged and supported in reaching their full potential.   Certain
governing bodies upon your world are now feeling a tremendous pressure
upon them.  They fully realise now that they no longer have a win-win
situation.   They have always known that if the mass consciousness (the
people) ever started taking back its power, they would be rendered

This is now what is happening.  Your governments have still continued
to fight against the odds, and have even gone to greater levels to
maintain their hold upon you.  They now realise that this was a fatal
error.   In the coming days, you soon will witness their fall from
grace.  Dear ones, their days are very limited.

On this visit we have given you another brief look into your future
that awaits you, in ways that not all would understand.   Your sucess
is what you would call a done deal.  Your future has already been
created.   It is now for you to stand strong and know that the
abundance and prosperity is yours for the taking.   It is your birth

Step forward dear ones, and take back what is yours.   You all are most
divine beings of the Light.  Know your greatness as we already know
this to be so.  We now leave you with our blessings and we grant you



through Jim Langman
July 2 - 2003

Greeting we are the Emissaries of the light.
We are very pleased to be with you once again.  We desire open
communication with you.  This, we simply mean that you use discernment
with what is said tonight, most importantly listen to what we have to
say with an open mind.

We will start our communication with a subject of great importance
regarding your world.  Over the next few weeks and months,  you will
bear witness to what is becoming known to many of you as the super
storms.  These super storms will bring about much damage in the western
regions as well as the Asian regions of your planet.  These storms that
are to arrive, are due to the great deal of activity that is taking
place with your sun.  Your sun at present is going through changes
never witnessed before in human history.  Because of these changes
going on with your sun,  you can also expect an increase in volcanic
eruptions.  The pressure that is upon Mother Earth is immense.  This
does not mean that she is not capable of redirecting these energies and
releasing  them to lesser populated areas where there would be a
greatly reduced loss of lives.  Any loss of life pains Mother Earth
greatly.  All her children are most precious to her. 

Presently, incredible events are occurring upon your world.  Some of
them you are aware of, but also there is much that is still to be made
known to you.   Before your present year ends, for those of you who
have for many years spoken about the coming changes will be proven
right and you will be sort after for your knowledge.   For many years,
the main stream population have considered you to have had no real
credibility, in what you beliefs regarding what would come about.  This
is very soon all about to change.

Now we would like to speak on the subject that many have knowledge of
regarding the coming prosperity programs that will be happening very
soon.   We only have this to say dear ones.  It is going to happen very
very soon.   Many of you have been following with great interest
regarding these prosperity programs.  You can be forgiven for having
doubted many times, whether these programs would ever come about.  We
have shared your frustrations.  But now with the knowledge that we
have, fills us with great joy and excitement.  For a long time, we have
been giving our total support in bringing about the completion of these
programs that you all are quickly going to made fully ware of. 

We are excited that these prosperity programs are to enter your
reality, but also for the  changes they will bring to your financial
systems, not to mention the way you are governed presently.  All this
is about to change.  Bringing an end to the illuminate  and certain
governments around your world.  Their time is at an end.  There is an
old saying that we will use.  Give those enough rope and they will
bring about their own destruction.  To this end, they have done very

There will be many public announcements that will be made world wide
for all to hear.  Finally you discover the truth how you have been
deceived and lied to for decades.  Also the knowledge will be made to
you of our presence, and the truth that we are beings of the light, not
beings that have come to take over your world. Something your
governments have worked hard to project upon you.  We intend to be upon
your shores in your very close future, as soon as circumstances allow.  
We are not speaking of years or decades into the future.  It will be
sooner than many of you could possibly think.   Today, we have shared
with you what we feel is relevant at this time for you to know.   Be
assured, we will communicate with you again very soon.

We now leave you with our love, and we grant you peace.


[justchannelings] SOL St. Germain Speaks
Source Of Light Presents St.Germaine Speaks


Greetings ,

Now is the time for all good men/women to come to the aid of there
country. The destiny encoded in your DNA memory cells have awakened.
You are here to serve the Golden Age. The battles of Light and Dark
have ceased. That meaning the finale. The end to the world of duality
and karma. Can you feel the difference in the energy that is and has
been pouring into this planet? Do you have a sense of knowing the
game has changed? Well change it most assuredly has Dear Ones. The
predators of darkness have lost their last battle and the feeding
frenzies from these dark ones have come to its end.

You will see inthe next few days an exposure of events that has taken
place come fully into the light. The secret agendas of the predators
have beenexposed. This will come across your media like a rapid
succession ofdetails, proven to be true beyond a shadow of any doubt.

The announcement of NESARA is rapidly on its way as I speak to you Now!!
Before this Divine Shift these disclosures of the predators will come
forth to the masses. The canary is singing and singing because they
have no other choice now but to sing. There is nothing left in place
now, but the truth exposed and nothing but the truth. These truths
finally exposed will pave the way for the announcement of NESARA to
be very well accepted as the Soul-utions for the next step for the
Golden Age to be established in America and the Worlds Freedoms
restored on all levels. The scales of Divine Justice have been
established for all humanity. The law of One demands correction of
all distortions. It is done. We ask you to continue to receive and
establish this Light into every fiber of your being and to hold the
doorways open for all humanity to be and live in peace together as
One. All prayers have been heard and answered. Trust the Source.

Know all has been corrected and the patterns have been changed.
The reason you ( The Children of Light) came to establish here and
now. The doorways have been slung wide open and will never be closed
again. This we commend you all for making possible. We wish for each
of you to hold on to your halos for you each are in for the rides
of your life. With much joy we salute you and commend you for your
tenacity and courage and commitment to hold the Light of Truth to
return to earth as above so below. There are many Masters, ETs and
Angels in collaboration with you all to appropriate the wealth of
the Source toall humanity. The end of suffering has arrived. The
Source keeps its promises. This truth you can take to the bank!!!

We Bid You Peace. St. Germaine


.This message is with compliments of Phoenix Ascended News Group.....
. Hosted by Jim Langman and Tony Wicks...................

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Metatron's Summer/Winter Solstice Message - 21 / 22 June 2003 -
through Reniyah Wolf

My beloved ones, I am Metatron. I am the angel of the nameless,
formless void from which all creation begins. Together with my
counterpart Sandalphon, who is the angel of the manifestation from
the void, we anchor all creation in place. I am the Voice of God in
that I transmit the "Word" or the sound frequency vibration from
which all that you know as creation emanates.

It is with great and eternal joy that I greet you on this day, your
Solstice. You, beloved ones, who are graced with embodiment upon the
Earth plane at this time, are privileged to participate in an
extraordinary experiment in creation. This experiment, when complete,
will expand all creation in the cosmos, including the Godhead itself.
Humanity and the life forms upon the Earth were feeling the absolute
pain of separation from their Creator. They cried to the heavens for
assistance. When the call is sent forth, the request is made, there
must be, is always, an answer. The question that we in the higher
planes posed to ourselves was this: how much and how quickly can we
infuse the Earth plane with enough higher frequency energy to make a
conscious and smooth dimensional transition? How can we answer this
plea for assistance in the most efficient possible way? Of course,
your plane is one of free will and collective thought creation. For
the experiment to take place, many of you volunteered to come to this
plane and take upon your physical bodies in order to be the human
vehicles for this experiment. We are not allowed to directly
intervene in the lives and evolution of Earth. This, of course, is
old news to many of you. You have been on a path of awakening, of
moving from beyond the veil of separation. You are beginning to know
who you really are.

I come before you on this day of your Solstice to inform you that the
experiment is proceeding as an unqualified success. Those of you who
have come here with the purpose of infusing the consciousness of
Earth with energies of the higher planes have done an extraordinary
job. There are many, many who came to this plane, bearing their
encoding of higher energy, reaching states of higher awareness at the
proper time and re-writing the pattern for Earth life in the process.
There are many who do not, will not consciously know what they came
here to do, but they have played their very important part,
nonetheless. The Light has returned to this plane, indeed it has.
That which was for many aeons, secret knowledge, has been revealed.
The "mysteries" are mysteries no longer. The keys to higher
awareness, the keys to your divine reconnection are now available to
anyone. There is no more "karma" on this plane, unless one chooses to
believe it so.

All the various rules, methods and systems for attaining
enlightenment have been suspended. All previous contracts have now
been suspended. It is now possible, once the choice is made, the
intention set, for each and every human to attain enlightenment
within one single lifetime upon this Earth plane.

Some of you beloved ones who are reading this may find that hard to
believe, because of the state of chaos your world seems to be in. It
is true, nonetheless. As more of you come to realize that you are
fully divine, and extremely powerful creators, you will know that
anything can be changed in the blink of an eye, one single instant of
focused intent. This great experiment on the Earth plane has been a
delicate one of gently infusing your planetary matrix with higher
energies, picking up momentum a bit over one hundred years ago in
your Earth timeline. There have been many variables, because each and
every one of you who came here as our "agents" had been veiled, had
become "human." You have all had free will and choice, and we cannot
interfere with that.

We have whispered in your ears, we have placed the signposts there,
but it has been your choice. Each and every one of you, at each
moment, has had the choice to pay attention to the signs, the inner
urgings that you have felt - or the choice to be human. We have never
known exactly how the experiment was going to play out. Indeed, up
until fairly recently there was a chance that it could have gone the
way of planetary devastation, as foreseen in your prophecies. Beloved
ones, you have been clear, focused and dedicated, and we in the
higher planes are eternally thankful for your work. You have not had
an easy assignment here, any of you. You have had to be fully human
in order to assist humanity in once again knowing its own divinity.
You have had to take on the pain of humanity in order for it to once
again know joy. For this you are eternally honored.

Now, in approximately the past two years of your Earth time, the
vibrational frequency of your planet has risen enough to allow the
higher energies of divine Love to enter in. Previously, and for many
millennia, your collective frequency was completely in the lower
bands of frequency, in "fear," in separation and darkness. Those who
came to the Earth plane on divine mission did have a most difficult
time. As it has been on your plane since the fall of Atlantis, to
reach higher awareness and enlightenment, one would have to separate
from the world. One would have to be in an energetically secluded
space, such as a temple or monastery, in order to avoid being pulled
down by the lower frequency energies of the prevalent thought
patterns. One would have to practice various difficult austerities in
order to put the mind aside and to be in direct divine connection. If
some of these earlier masters and adepts had gone into the "world,"
they would have been pulled into the maelstrom, so to speak. The
lower frequency energies would have simply been too strong. There
have been those among you in your Earth history who have been able to
access extraordinary power of will through various schools of
mastery. Those individuals, upon returning to the world, became
subject to the energies of fear in the planetary consciousness, and
have created a good deal of havoc for themselves and others in the

Now, beloved ones, because of your dogged attentiveness to raising
the planetary frequency of Earth, it is now possible for any human to
live in Love. It is now possible for any human to attain mastery
within the world. It is no longer necessary to seclude oneself from
the world to attain divine reconnection. There are those of you who
will disbelieve this. This is your divine right and choice to do so
if you choose. I, Metatron, do tell you, though, that as you think,
so you are. You cannot experience anything that you do not believe is
possible. If you think that you cannot experience divine
reconnection, joy and bliss on this Earth plane, then you will not.
The way is now made clear, your planetary frequency has moved up
enough for you to be able to experience the Light and Love of the
higher planes in a most profound way. But it is you who chooses to
allow this or not.

I have spoken through another channel ["Ascension is Life Lived from
Joy" ] at an earlier time
about the actual simplicity of the process. I would like to repeat
and re-emphasize the essence of that message now. It is about nothing
more than your finding and experiencing your own joy in each moment.
Is about nothing other than you personally and your own divine
connection. Whatever you do at any time that is joyful, whenever you
are in absolutely enjoyment of the moment - this is your divine
connection, this is your empowerment, this is your upward evolution,
your return home. You are "home" when you are in a state of joy. We
know that many of you are here under protest, you think. You are
mightily resisting life on the Earth plane, and praying for that
moment which you can return "home" to the higher dimensions. In truth
I tell you that "home" is within you. If you cannot experience joy
and love in this here and now, then you cannot go "home." Some of you
are choosing a very long and round about way of returning to you are led through experience after experience, lifetime
after lifetime. You are always given sign posts that point to your
joy and your fulfillment - the way "home." You choose not to read
them, you choose to go along with the "group-think," the prevailing
belief system. You seek masters and teachers whom you think can show
you the way home. "Home" is within your heart at all times. In truth,
you have never left home. You simply need to remember that. You carry
your divine Light within your very own being. When you are in a state
of pleasure and joy, you are home, you are within your divine
connection. It is indeed that simple. Many of you make it much more
complicated than it needs to be. I repeat, there are no specific
prescribed methods for you to follow, no specific belief systems.
Whatever it takes to bring you into joy in this moment, that is your
divinity, that is your ascension. The more joy that you allow into
your being, the more you will be "home." The waiting will be at an
end, it will only be you, "now" and your divine connection.

Beloved ones, I am telling you that you can be free of the veil by
simply realizing that you are. The frequency level of your planetary
consciousness has risen so much that the Light and Love of the higher
realms are there for the taking. Those of you who are still
experiencing "karma" are doing so because you have not realized that
you have come out of the old energy into the rarified energy of the
5th dimension. You are still aligning with the lower frequencies of
fear. You are in charge of this, you are powerful creators, each in
your own right. As soon as you set your intent, make your request
that you choose to become "Love," you will be clearly shown the path
to do so, and it is not a long one now. You are, each one of you,
very close to "home." Some of you now are being warmed by the fire in
your own hearth.

It has been said in many messages from the higher planes, that you
are in a time of choosing. You are being asked to choose "Love"
over "fear." Thus, it is so, you must choose. If you do not choose
consciously then you will choose by default. This is a matter of
frequency alignment. You must consciously act to align your own
frequency with the higher vibration of Love. If you do nothing, or if
you fall prey to those who spread lower energies of fear, you will be
choosing by default. The time of choosing will not go on
indefinitely, your dimensional shift is very well under way. There is
no judgment in this, whichever choice you make. All is in according
to divine plan, there is no failure. If your own evolution as Spirit
needs to be at a slower gradient, it will be so. There will be those
who will be leaving embodiment, this is also according to divine
plan. It is not everyone's choice to participate physically in what
is to come.

It is to those who are momentarily uncertain that we direct this
message. We are reminding you once again that you do have this
choice. It is an easy choice to operate in the lower frequency
energies that are still present in your planetary consciousness. It
is an easy choice to read your newspapers and watch your televisions,
and agree that the world is a very terrible place. It is the
courageous choice to choose to walk the way of the Masters that you
are. It is the more courageous choice to be "in the world but not of
it." This also, is more simple to do than most of you think. It all
starts with you, and your allowing of your own joy, your searching
out your own joy. The only power you have to change anything at all,
to make your world a better place, is that power that you hold within
you. This is the power that so many of you deny yourselves, somehow
thinking that "if it feels good it must be wrong." Beloved ones,
there is no wrong - there is no right. There is only what feels good
and true for you in this moment. It is about you and your own divine
connection. It is not about what is going on in your world, what the
other fellow is doing, what you are seeing on the evening news.

Those of you who are choosing Love are being supported in every
possible way from we in the higher planes. You have called this
forth. We can only assist you if you allow us in. We can only work
through you if you consent to this by choosing Love. We are in a
continual state of joyous expansion as you allow and call forth more
of our energies into the Earth plane. We are indeed, very pleased at
how the "Great Experiment" has gone. There is more, though, beloved
ones. Now there will be a new type of Master walking this plane. This
will be the Master who has moved into the frequency of Love in each
of the four bodies. This will be the Master who is "in the world but
not of it." Some of these Masters will be teachers, healers,
spiritual leaders, some will not. They will be immersed in mainstream
humanity. They will be in the cities and towns and in the country.
They will be in every geographic location. They will simply be known
by the Light of their being. As the frequencies continue to rise,
they will be bringers of many tangible miracles. They will have
the "ascended master abilities" that many of you are longing for. You
cannot, though, have these abilities until you have fully moved into
the frequency of Love. There must be no fear remaining within your
being. When you have Love, you have wisdom, and one must have wisdom
in order to have and use these abilities.

In one sense, this message is a call to those of you who have not
consciously chosen yet. It is a promise from me that if you choose
Love you will be in no way disappointed. It is a promise from me that
you will know states of joy that you had never thought possible here
on the Earth plane. It is a promise from me that you, and we in the
higher planes, will drink from the Holy Grail together, here and now.
You will not have to wait until you die, or until you are rescued
from this planet. An infinitude of blessings are yours for the
taking, once you choose. Each one of you who is reading this message
can be one of these emerging Masters. Each one of you can be "home"
now, instantly, by calling it forth. There are many miracles in the
making. Will you join in?

It would be my wish for each one of you that you pause now, in this
Sacred Moment, declare and call forth your intention to become Love,
to become Who You Really Are. And as you do so, each will be shown
the way, the specific path to do that. It does not have to be a
difficult thing, a long process. The way is already fully open,
thanks to the diligent work of many Bearers of Light. The highest
beings in all of creation are now able to directly assist you. Once
again I remind you, "as you think, so you are." I would ask each one
of you to, for a moment, envision yourselves as the magnificent
beings that you are, each one a unique point of Source Light. Just
for a moment, imagine loving your very own self as much as your
Creator loves you, as much as we love you. This is where it all
starts, the knowing Who You Are, the becoming a Master. You must
learn to love yourself as much as we love you. You must realize that
you are not now, were never, ever "unworthy." You have called forth
many amazing ways to shorten the process of moving into Love. You
just have to be courageous enough to release the old energy way of

Within this year in your Earth time, 2003, you have already
experienced major energetic shifts as your collective frequency
rises. There will be more to come. There will be some birth pains as
the New Earth comes forth. Know these for what they are, and know
that "you choose." This Solstice, wherever you are in the world, be
it Summer Solstice or Winter, you are experiencing the Return to the
Light. The door is now open, you may walk through. We eagerly await

With these words, now will I leave you. Know that you, each and every
one, no matter what you choose in each now moment, are my beloved
ones. You have come forth into materiality from the nameless,
formless void from which all creation begins. You are my
manifestation, my pride, my joy, and my eternal bliss.

I AM Metatron

Through Reniyah Wolf, Copyright 2003  Reniyah <>


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. Hosted by Jim Langman and Tony Wicks...................

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Message from St Germaime

Morning Wakeup Call Message
June 17, 2003

Good morning my dear ones. I am St Germaine, and I have
a message of trust and familiarity this day. When the time comes for
all of you to hear the announcement that is forthcoming I wish to
instill within you the desire to follow through to the end the
provisions set down within the documents that are presented for your
perusal. There may be some points on which you will waiver and feel
betrayed. I promise you that until you have heard all of the
amendments, you have not heard the fullness and scope of the whole

We have had to keep our integrity at the forefront, for
some of the measures that certain parties have taken have sought to
force us to actions that would imperil the integrity of the
documents. We did not fall into the trap, and within the entirety
there is upheld the utmost authority and integrity.

You are the ones who will be living under this law; and
you will be putting into action the auspices of the words that are
represented in this law. As you sift through the many changes that
are represented, you may find that there are some aspects that you
are unwilling to pursue. My dear ones, I urge you to assimilate the
entire presentation before making any assumptions as to the validity
of the points, and the means by which you will carry them out in your

I am seeing the possibilities within this for I have
asked various people of the general public to survey the documents
and give us their opinion. They were most helpful, in that they
pointed out a few articles that were benefited by their suggestions
of change. When this came about, we found it to be an improvement
that benefited the citizens, and brought more opportunity for
personal authority within their own hands. There was a general
revamping that took place of the whole law, and revisions came under
the auspices of educating the people as to the authority that they
held for their own lives.

For too long you have been coerced, manipulated, and
taken advantage of, and this is going to change when this law comes
into effect. I advise you all to look very carefully at your lives,
and find what you may have given up that belongs squarely right back
in your hands. This is a process that you will have opportunity to
rediscover, and use to shape your lives according to the way you
desire and intend. No longer are you going to be told to do some
things a certain way. No longer is there going to be a set of rules
by which you must take your every breath. This is going to release
you from some of the bondage that you have so long lived under. Some
of that bondage has been self- inflicted, and is up to you to

Now, my friends, it is time for you to step back into
your shoes of authority and find the governing of your own lives to
benefit the whole of mankind. For some of you this may prove to be a
difficult process at first, for there has not been that opportunity
for you in the past. We are here to assist you to that. You all have
within you the spark of light that can burst forth into a great flame
of light by which you can lead an exemplary life full of passion,
abundance, love and purpose. You have within you the potential to
rise out of the decadence that has held you captive; and there is no
need any more to hide your brilliance under a cloak of suppression
and control.

You are the shining lights that will stride from this
opening document and take the initiative to live the freedom that
this country was founded on. When this influence starts reverberating
through your lives, it will find its way completely around the globe;
and you will live your lives in planetary harmony and fellowship.

This is a great opportunity for growth my friends, and we
are prepared to teach those of you who ask for assistance in being
able to comprehend and live the freedom that is being given you. We
are not saying that you will be handed everything on a silver
platter. We are saying that you will make the silver platter
yourselves, and you will chose what to put on it, and in what manner,
according to the Divinity within your innermost being. This is the
God that lives within each and every one of you. This is what you
will be able to express far more than you have to this day remembered
how to do. It is coming my dear ones. And I am going to be right here
with you and through the graduation day, for you are all my brothers
and sisters, and I intend to stand in the great hall of justice and
at the family celebrations and toast the joy in which you live your

For now, I go in love and peace to the meetings and
preparedness of the upcoming event that will be a catalyst for the
freedom that is already yours. Grasp it my friends, and know it is
yours. Adieu!

May 31, 2003

Fear about global terrorism is subsiding. The concocted SARS
scare is dwindling. No weapons of mass destruction have been found in
Iraq. Atrocities committed in that war and in Afghanistan are coming
out, as is scientific evidence of ground-level explosions toppling
the twin towers in New York City. In the minds of the puppets of
the dark forces, something of profound nature is needed to de-
emphasize these tactics that failed to sustain mass fear. Something
profound is needed to divert attention from their results as well as
from the tattered world economy, mass death from disease and
starvation in many countries, more exposures of fraud, and the like.
From what we are seeing, this could be the "anticipated incursion of
an alien force bent on enslaving us."

The dark minds need something of that dramatic nature to divert your
focus from the actualities and reunite you all in fear of another of
their misrepresented situations. This one is not a new idea. It has
long been in governments top secret military contingency and
strategy plans, but not intended to be set in motion unless the
population started strongly resisting their control. And you are!
You are embracing compassion, understanding, sharing, helping, all of
which is increasing the Light on Earth and making it more and more
difficult for those in the camp of the darkness to keep a cover on
their deception, corruption and brutality. So the time may come
when they are motivated to unveil the underground "extraterrestrials"
as a last resort to their own intent to enslave the world through
fear, and Id like to get a jump on this possibility.

First, just a note about the purpose of fear in the dark agenda.
Energy with fear attachments is anathema to the energy of Light.
Reception to Light is essential for both cellular restructuring so
bodies can survive in the higher Light densities into which Earth is
evolving as well as for people to attain spiritual clarity, also a
requirement of life in the higher frequencies. Clearly, the
controlling forces do NOT want Light to expose their dark deeds, and
inciting fear is one of their most effective means of preventing
that. But it isnt working well any longer, and they are becoming
desperate to strengthen their ebbing control through greater fear-
filled measures. The ultimate is sending the underground population
of "aliens" up to the surface.

When this "alien" civilization commonly called "little Grays" arrived
over 50 years ago, they didnt expect to be trapped in Earths
atmosphere, but they were, and ever since then they have been largely
unseen residents. They came to offer their advanced technology in
exchange for permission to conduct experiments with the Earth humans
with whom they had soul contracts for enhancing their species. They
were betrayed. An attempt to annihilate them after receiving their
technology failed - some "UFOs" are your governments creations using
that technology- and stories of "abductions" were distorted or
fabricated even as they officially were called hoaxes. The stories
of gentleness in cooperation were suppressed. Although these people
differ from you in appearance, they are a human civilization and,
like you, some have lower Light frequency than others. A few of
those lower beings abused the soul contracts, which specified Earth
individuals conscious memory of their agreement, and dreadful fear
and suffering were caused to the few who did not remember.

But as a group, these people have no more desire or intention to take
over and enslave all of you than do the many millions of bona fide
extraterrestrials who are assisting you in this unprecedented time on
your planet - indeed, in the universe. Your world leaders know the
truth about the presence and purpose of all of these civilizations,
and they know none pose an iota of danger to you! Totally to the
contrary, the "danger" posed is to their continuance of dark control
on the planet.

There are approximately 17 major groups of extraterrestrial forces
actively working on your behalf. Many are in spacecraft surrounding
Earth, but members from some of these civilizations are right there
among you. In their homelands they may not have the same shape and
features familiar to you, but their manifesting capabilities permit
them to easily adapt to the appearance of the population in which
they are living.

They are able to achieve this as well as attain increasingly
influential positions because of their extraordinary intelligence.
Their brains are not as constrained by the still-prevailing third
density limitations as are the vast majority of Earth human brains.
Some of these individuals are born to Earth parents, others
simply "appear." Their highly developed psychic abilities alert them
to danger from those commanded to eliminate them once they are seen
as dangerous to the aims of world leaders. They are able to manifest
protective shields, disappear by de-materializing, see beyond your
vision and hear beyond your hearing. When it is safe to do so, they
will reveal themselves for who they really are, and when love and
peace reign completely, they may choose to continue to help if
invited or return to their homelands.

The far greater numbers of extraterrestrials are using their advanced
technology literally to hold Earth together during these years of
mammoth cleansing. At this time the largest contingent of life
preservers in human civilizations near Earth is from Arcturus, and
the next in number is from Lyra. Both were the original homelands of
some of your planets earliest settlers, your ancestors. Forces from
the Pleiades is not the largest in members, but it has the most
potent technology for clearing the lower atmosphere, and others of
Earths earliest settlers came from this origin.

In my Wesak message I mentioned specific invaluable contributions of
these and other civilizations, and Id like to repeat that for the
benefit of you who arent familiar with it or as reminders to you who

Their various forms of technology have kept Earth in regular orbiting
and have prevented the tides from moving as rapidly as the other
effects of the accelerated energy, which you sense as time passing
faster and faster. These Light beings also have dispersed the kinetic
energy build-up far more uniformly than would result from release
through earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that otherwise could sever
entire states and submerge coastlines, and they have reduced the
power and size of tornadoes and other fierce storms.

Their knowledge is being filtered to your scientists, who
subconsciously will be inspired toward discovering and developing
energy sources to replace the current siphoning of Earths gas and
oil, which are her very blood. The advanced capabilities of these
higher Light beings will aid in restoring those natural resources as
well as cleaning up the polluted air, water and soil, which are other
parts of Earths body.

They are reducing the most drastic effects of what are known as
chemtrails, and of radioactivity from weaponry or leaking storage
containers and in particular, the effects of depleting
uranium. "Depleted" is a government-devised term meant to convey a
completed process, as if less harm can result. Despite sciences
longevity estimate of the effects of this ongoing decay of lethal
toxins, eventually they will pose no harm at all to physical bodies.

Your space brothers are helping your own efforts to preserve the
lives of the cetaceans. Species-wide, the cetaceans are the most
spiritually and intellectually evolved beings on Earth, and their
bulky forms are anchoring the Light energy being beamed to the
planet. The dark forces are aware of this crucial service, and it is
their influence that has been behind the killing of whales and
dolphins. By Gods own mandate and the work of the high Light beings
combined with yours, that deliberate destruction will not continue!

Another example of help you are receiving is the heightening of
conscience. That layer of the soul that guides the consciousness in
line with the souls chosen missions is being reinforced by the
intensifying Light the high beings are adding to your own and beaming
to all.

Some of these space brothers are in your midst. Along with shining
Earth souls, they are gaining influence in governments, international
corporations, law and justice systems and the banking and medical
fields - the major establishments that for so long have prevented the
populace from getting past their controls. You will see the top ranks
of these institutions either turning into honorable leaders or being
forced out by others who will take the reins and provide fair, caring
and meaningful services to all the people. These leaders will see
that Earths abundant resources no longer are exploited, but are
shared equitably.

Along with this great spectrum of virtually unrecognized
extraterrestrial assistance, there are some misunderstandings and
some grave concerns about what might happen. First, there will be NO
nuclear detonations! By Creators decree and a unique withdrawal of
free will, those who would use their free will to cause nuclear
explosions will be thwarted in their attempts. Acting upon this
decree is Gods responsibility and by his instructions, your space
brothers have prevented and will continue to prevent detonation of
nuclear warheads in space weaponry.

Some of those preservation and restoration measures are being managed
by human civilizations and some by vast and powerful collective souls
you could call suprahuman or a force field. A very special service
being rendered by some of those highest Light forces is the amassing
and directing of Light toward the groups working in dimensions nearer
the planet. These beings could be considered the arms providers to
the arms bearers, with the arms being love in its tangible use as
directed light to your Earth and each of you.

Please know that NONE of these civilizations is imposing its powers
on your planet, but rather by Gods request, are aiding Earths free
will choice to continue living. Rapidly reaching the state of non-
viability, she had the choice to physically die, in which case only
her soul would evolve, or live and ascend the limitations of the
third density into which she had fallen through her human
populations abuse, neglect and ignorance. However, in her
desperately damaged state, she no longer had the capacity to sustain
life, and she is recovering only because many millions of lighted
souls are assisting in this process.

Nevertheless, it would be wrong to believe that all extraterrestrials
interfacing with Earth are benevolent. By far the most powerful are
those in the highest Light frequencies, but there are alien
civilizations that have been wreaking havoc on the planet for eons,
primarily the darkly inclined reptilians. But it wouldnt matter what
civilization the dark forces used to spread their agenda of violence,
greed, control and suffering. The influence of the reptilians whose
nature is dark is waning by the second, and the reptilians who are
Light beings are aiding in this victory for the Light.

It is time for your world to stop wondering if Earth is the only
populated place in the universe and know that she is not. It is time
for your world to know that all civilizations are connected at soul
level. Each soul is a part of God, thus the universal brotherhood -
whether high spiritual beings or dark, whether primitive or greatly
advanced intellectually and technologically, whether beautiful or
ugly by your standards - is One.

[Note from Tony: Let us drop any fear of dark ET's on Earth. The last of the Grays/Greys left the planet around 1994. The only ones experienced since then are clones of the dark agenda humans, or are imaginary ones in mind control programs. All true ETs interacting with us are now benevolent ones!!]


.This message is with compliments of Phoenix Ascended News Group.....
. Hosted by Jim Langman and Tony Wicks...................

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Message from Archangel Michael, June 2003, through Ronna Herman


Beloved masters, I come to you this day with a deep sense of
gratitude and profound love in my heart for each of you.  Together,
we have been on this journey out into the great void for many aeons
of time as we seek to express and create the many complex facets of
our Creator Source in a multitude of ways and forms.   Time after
time you have proven your resilience, your tenacity and your
dedication to your mission, even though much of the time you have
forgotten who you truly are and why you agreed to fragment your
wondrous self to the degree you have. You are swiftly
gathering/integrating the many parts of yourselves as you progress on
the phenomenal journey of reunification, the process of returning to
Spirit with a human sheathing.

It is time to remember why you are here and why you assumed an
earthly vessel.  It is time for you to remember that the Earth is not
your home.  Are you ready to accept the fact that you are a blessed
extension/facet/spark of the Creator with the potential to be or
become anything you can envision?  Are you ready to expand your
vision beyond the mundane circumstances of your everyday life and
embrace the excitement of your new reality as you create greater and
greater harmony, love and joy in your world? You are capable of
thinking only one thought at a time.  If you focus on one thing, one
idea continuously, it will manifest, so why not dare to dream of and
reach for your highest potential?  Many of you make excuse after
excuse because you fear failure.  You only fail if you are unwilling
to take a chance and reach out into the unknown. Are you willing to
try a new way?  Are you willing to put our teachings to the test? 
Anything you can visualise, you can realise. You are a cocreator in
human form who was given the divine directive to go forth and create
in the name of the Supreme Creator.  Won't you allow us to co-partner
with you and assist you to become that which you so desire: a living,
breathing, masterful cosmic envoy of the highest order?

When we say you should seek that which is your passion and that which
brings you the greatest satisfaction and joy, many of you do not have
the slightest idea what that is. We ask you to begin by eliminating
those things that are stressful in your life, that which brings you
pain and which you dread.  You did not become the way you are in a
day, a week, or a year, but you can transform back into your
empowered masterful self much more quickly than you can imagine.  We
have offered you many tools, techniques and information over these
past years, but you must make a commitment and prove for yourself
that what we offer you are the "magical tools" you have been
seeking.  We have said many times, you must turn knowledge into
wisdom or you must come to the realisation that something is true and
achievable.  Realisation is when something becomes crystal clear in
your mind and you "know" that it is your truth, and then you must put
that truth into action. Knowledge/wisdom overlaid with
love/compassion and focused intent/action creates the power that
holds the keys to the universal storehouse of unmanifested potential,
potential that is just waiting for you to mould it and create
anything you can envision.  That is what is waiting for you in your
new world of tomorrow.

The first and foremost responsibility is to yourself as you seek to
embody more  "God Stuff" within by eliminating all the old, outmoded
negative energy patterns that you have accumulated on your journey
into density.   Self-mastery is a never-ending process, a continuous 
state of becoming, as you learn to integrate more and more of the
virtues and attributes of our Father-Mother God.  It takes constant
vigilance and practice, but the rewards are immeasurable.  Everyone
benefits when you endeavour to better your world, and the paradise of
the New Age began many years ago with only a few brave souls and a
few changes for the better at a time. It is growing and multiplying
exponentially, and the waves of change are building strength and
magnifying as more and more step on board and add their love/Light,
experience and wisdom to the whole.  When you become the master of
your own thoughts, you direct your energy with deliberation, and you
use the wisdom garnered from past experience and your Higher Self as
you shape your environment and your destiny.

There is energy potential all around you and it radiates as an
infinity sign all around you as well: above, below, in front and in
back of you. What you are thinking and feeling creates a vibrational
pattern, and it radiates out from you and magnetises to you
energies/situations/people who are in harmony with that vibrational
resonance or pattern. Change your thoughts/energy/vibrational
patterns and you will change your world. You are blending the
physical with the mystical/spiritual facets of yourselves as you
learn to enjoy the beauty and bounty of all the Earth plane has to
offer, while also enjoying the beauty, wonder and magic of the higher

You have a star tetrahedron and rotating fields around you which will
increase in strength and magnitude as you build and strengthen the
rainbow bridge or the crystalline column of Light that connects you
to your Divine Self or I AM Presence.  Over the eons of time, that
column diminished to a thin thread in many people, furnishing barely
enough Life Force energy to keep them alive.  As you clear the
distortions, you are receiving greater and greater amounts of Creator
Light and you are also re-establishing your interactive relationship
with the multi-faceted parts of your greater self.

Light, sound and colour are the modalities of healing, expanding with
the integration of your multi-dimensional selves. You are just now
remembering and learning to use some of the major tools of mastery
that are a part of your divinity and birthright.  Your DNA/genetic
encodings carry a tone or resonance, a perfect harmonic blend of
sound vibrations which assure good health, vitality and long life
when maintained in their original state. There have been experiments
whereby human DNA has been set to music, and much will be learned
about illness and dis-ease as more studies and knowledge are gathered
which will establish the value of the harmonics of sound and the
vibrational patterns within the human vessel.  It will soon be
validated that toning and using overtone harmonics can cure many of
the symptoms of distress or illness that you as humans are
experiencing, for it brings your DNA, etheric, emotional and mental
bodies back into harmony and balance. 

Cellular geometry is encoded within the molecular structure of your
chakra system and you are in the process of restoring the perfect
holographic replica of your multi-dimensional oversoul. As you return
your chakras to harmonious balance, they burst into spinning radiant
spheres and this activates the opening of the Seven Seals of God-
consciousness, thereby turning your chakra system into a luminous
column of Light that follows the spine up through the crown chakra. 
This process expands the rainbow bridge which ultimately reconnects
you to the vastness of your God Self. You are all in the midst of
this process to one degree or another. Know that it is a time of
great change where all that you have relied on in the past is
shifting, changing and sometimes even disappearing.  Be aware that
your wide mood swings and feelings that your old belief structures
and boundaries are crumbling are a part of the accelerated
transformation process now in progress. One moment you may be elated
and in a near state of bliss, and the next you may be feeling
vulnerable and uncertain, or you may have feelings of despair,
sadness, anger or depression sweep over you.  Remember, we have asked
you to ride the waves of change, to enjoy the "highs" and allow
yourself to work through the "lows" as an observer. Impacted energies
and painful negative core memories are rolling up from deep within so
they can be released or transmuted into neutral Light substance, and
so the vacancies can then be filled with the
revivifying "Lightening"  Diamond Core God Cells of the Creator.

Time and space as you have experienced it over the past 10,000 years
is also shifting and becoming more fluid.  Many of you are anxious to
know what will happen in 2012, the year when many have prophesied the
end of life on Earth.  Allow us to ease your fears and satisfy your
curiosity, beloveds; you are already in the energy of that year.  The
world as you all knew it ended with the cataclysmic event called 9-
11, or September 11, 2001. It is important that you understand that
radical changes are going on throughout this universe, not just on
planet Earth. Your galaxy is in the midst of a vast expansion and
every solar system in the Milky Way galaxy is on an accelerated 
journey up the spiral of evolution. Everyone and everything in this
universe is in the process of  expanding, an internal combustion
process, you might say, or a pulsation that is forcing to the surface
all that which is not in harmony with the refined energies of higher
Creation.  At every level, the negative energies of the lower
dimensions are being brought to the surface so they can be
transformed and returned to more harmonious frequencies of Light. 
You think it is your Sun and the solar flares which are causing all
of your erratic weather patterns, and this is true, but it is only a
small part of what is taking place on Earth.  The great devic angels
and elementals are once more taking an active part in healing and
balancing the elements on Earth.  When the Earth is brought into
balance once more, there will be no more hurricanes, tornados,
earthquakes or floods.  It won't be necessary. The broad spectrum of
duality is gradually coming to a close as the cosmic pendulum swings
closer and closer to the balance point or the Still Point of
Creation.  You will be in a reality of polarity for a very long time
to come, but there will be radical changes. You will savour and
acknowledge the uniqueness and special attributes of the opposites in
your world: Light and dark, positive and negative energies, male and
female energies, as well the billions of variations that are
represented on your Earth. You will come to understand that all
states/levels of Creation are an integral part of the whole. Humanity
will become more tolerant and will even learn to appreciate the
diversity that is so widely represented on Earth.  As the process of
coming together with the multiple branches of your soul family
accelerates, you are having what could be called a melding of
memories or experiences.  "Oneness" means you will incorporate the
memories and experiences of your group and they will integrate yours,
as well.  You will be able to draw on their experiences and wisdom,
and they on yours.  If you have built and use your Pyramid of
Light/Power in the fifth dimension, you will never again feel alone
or separated from your Source. You can go there at any time and call
on your soul family and angelic helpers for assistance, and to bathe
in the rarified elixir of Creator love.  Again, we ask you to put 
what we tell you to the test. 

We are asking you to be bold enough to take control of your life.
Focus on that which you wish to create by taking the necessary action
with determination and persistence, while at the same time learning
to be flexible and adaptable.  Shift your attention from what you do
not want in your life to what it is you wish to create in your
life.   You do not  "get rich,"  you allow the riches of life to flow
to and through you.  The universe is always trying to shower
abundance on you, abundance in its many forms.   Abundance is always
there for the taking, but you have set up barriers that keep it out
of your reach.  Abundance is a state of mind.  You must open your
minds, hearts and arms to receive abundance, abundance of health,
love, joy, creativity, peace.  You must learn to live and love
freely, to enjoy the spontaneity of Creation. You have learned to
take life too seriously and to believe that you must struggle and
work hard to create that which you desire.  When you learn to tap
into the universal flow of abundance, life becomes a dance and you
enjoy any and everything you do.  The door to a wondrous new future
is wide open, beloveds.  Please, won't you step through?  We are
waiting on the other side.   May the Creator's Light and bounteous
blessings shower down upon you.  I AM Archangel Michael.

Transmitted through Ronna Herman * STAR*QUEST* 6005 Clear Creek Dr.,
Reno, NV 89502, USA
Phone/Fax: (775) 856-3654 * Email: *  Web
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.................WE ARE ALL ONE CREATING A NEW REALITY..................

....This message is with compliments of Phoenix Ascended News Group.....
................ Hosted by Jim Langman and Tony Wicks...................

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