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NESARA INTERNATIONAL: The promised Bow in the Sky?



Until now, only the Illuminati held meetings with extra-terrestrials and kept this secret from the populace by organizing projects such as "Majestic 12", where swat teams went out to visit anyone who reported even seeing an alien craft or aliens, in order to ensure that this person either agreed to keep silence or his life, family and reputation would be destroyed. It was very effective.

Anyone who talked about the subject was laughed at. That is one of the standard ways of combating information which should not get out. Films about ETs depicted them as aggressive invaders of planet Earth with the intent of abducting humans, in order to instill fear into the hearts of mankind. They were pretty successful at that.

All this is about to change. There are thousands of craft in the skies these days, from a multitude of planets and galaxies, all eager to make our acquaintance and help us in our development. Part of the NESARA announcement will be a government admission of past dealings with ETs and confirmation that they do exist, and that all those currently around the planet are of positive and good intent. Admiral Byrd and his diaries will be justified as advanced races from below the Earth's surface also come forward to meet us. (see reports on the Hollow Earth - also an interesting tale about a visitor from the Hollow Earth back in the 1860s)

What is surprising is that there is so much evidence from the past of extraterrestrial activity but neither scientists nor church officials will speak up about it. The Bible has many references to such happenings, although they did not use the words that we have today. Historical documents have depictions of spacecraft and astronauts. The secrecy has been very successful. While we were blissfully unaware of it, top government and military officials were receiving advanced technology from the higher realms - most of which they used against us.

Actual landings were planned to happen worldwide in the Spring of 2005, but is now due about ten days after the announcement of NESARA. This will be a precursor to the "Second Coming" which will cause great consternation in the Church (all religions), who have preached about it but have never really expected it to happen in their lifetime. Although all sacred books have stories of extra-terrestrial beings and craft, oddly enough it has been ignored by all teachers of the church, and many churches will just fade away rather than adjust to the Truth.

The first landing is to take place in the area of Salt Lake City, Utah (once the US military orders to shoot down space-craft have been rescinded and peace has been declared). There will be simultaneous shuttle landings in other locations (such as Vancouver, Canada) and other countries across the world, especially those where they have already been made welcome. The mother ships are too large to land, so shuttles will be used. The first landing is for PR purposes only and is unlikely to last more than 30 minutes. Communication with ETs has to be by telepathy and regrettably there are not too many trained and competent in that at the moment. We all have to catch up on that ability (a course will shortly be available - write The Sananda Center for more information). The 'landing' project is called "First Contact" (see links below).

There have been many unadvertised landings in the past. here is one extract: from a message received by James Gilliland:

"In July, 1952 we appeared at the White House. It created quite a stir. There was panic, we were met with aggression and the people were not ready. Since then there have been a myriad of films demonizing off-worlders conditioning the minds of Earth Humanity to fear off-world visitors. They have been conditioned to believe we came to conquer, enslave, eat Earth humans etc, which is far from the truth. There is the belief that technology is power, those with the best technology are the ones who will be superior. In the interest of national security the UFOs must remain a secret because of the immense power to be gained from back engineering. This is all in error. The real power and technology is in the hands of those who understand what real power is. Real power serves, it empowers - never overpowers. This understanding opens the door to the power of creation, technologies beyond your wildest dreams. These technologies will not be available to those without the consciousness to handle them.

" ..... it is the same message delivered by every prophet and teacher throughout the millennium. Any other course ends in destruction, the collapse of civilization and the very platform for life. Choosing to live by the universal principles and understandings will bring an end to war, disease, pollution and the destruction of the environment. It is the only path that will insure the continuation of this civilization. The Earth will always survive. She will reset and cleanse herself. Earth humanity has the option of starting over as primitives losing all technology as it has in the past or continuing forward in evolution eventually joining the greater family of man. We are the inspiration behind the forward evolution. We cannot choose for humanity, we can only inspire, guide and in some cases protect life for all life is precious.

"Many of your skeptics often referred to as debunkers already know we exist. Some have not been educated in what is outside the box of the mainstream which is based primarily on recycled ignorance. To prove or force knowledge on them is an act of trespass. It is not in alignment with their freewill and choice which is to remain in their present understanding. The greatest fear is the unknown yet when it is known it is not to be feared. In order to have contact one must rise to the occasion. Advance themselves spiritually, open the sacred senses such as telepathy and clairaudience. Learn to transcend the body and the personality. When you do this we will find you. You will be like a beacon in a primitive world that needs your help. One last thing I might add. It is destiny for Earth to heal and cleanse herself. It is also destiny for Earth humanity to join the rest of the universe. During this process the skies will be filled with ships because to do their work in assisting with the preservation of man it will be necessary to show themselves on occasion. It will escalate exponentially. There will come a time when even the hardest hearts and the closed minded skeptics will have to admit the obvious. It is destiny. Remember this it will give you strength in the days to come."


NESARA INTERNATIONAL: The New Jerusalem over California with attendant ships NESARA INTERNATIONAL: Copyright: 2005 Claude Cornevin: Mt St Helens
NESARA INTERNATIONAL: Ancient Drawing of a Vimani

The press in India have publicly stated that they may be the first to announce contact with extra-terrestrials. People in Eastern Europe have little difficulty in accepting ETs. It is just mainly in the civilized, Western World that people have been white-washed into thinking that they are merely a figment of the imagination - or evil.

The prime advantage of the arrival of extra-terrestrials will be the rapid advance in technology needed to clean up the environment, to reduce and eventually eliminate the use of fossil fuels and consequent air pollution, the elimination of disease and consequent dramatic decrease in the cost of maintaining hospitals and health-care systems.

Less known is the fact that many ETs have already arrived and are standing by to assist in the replacement of government officials who are not serving the best interests of the populace.

We need to to help people understand that these ETs are not malevolent, as depicted in so many films, and although many are quite different to us in appearance, they are all here to help and we need to communicate with them both to understand them and explain what we are currently doing in different fields, so that they can improve our ways. Most of the time you will not realise that they really are ETs.

One of the most significant effects of contact with ETs will be the complete reorganisation of many industries due to new, environmentally-friendly technologies. Existing industries dependent upon petroleum products will collapse and new industries will take their place, without industrial cartels directing them. Can you imagine small space-craft (shuttles or discs) whisking you from one city to another within minutes (no time for airline food)?- think about the implications. What would the new cost-per-passenger mile be??? Preparations already in progress!



The beings who are now visiting Earth are highly evolved entities from friendly civilizations throughout the galaxy. They've been observing the development and troubles of humanity on Earth for a very long time. The Bible reports contact with them in various situations over a long period of time. An old hymn calls them the Watchers and the Holy Ones!

These visitors are love-based servants of the One we all revere as Creator God. They have our best interests at heart and have come in response to Earth's plea for assistance and at the express invitation of a great many human beings who know of their concern for us and their readiness to be of service. The ones we are now becoming aware of are volunteers from other worlds who are working in the service wing of the Galactic Federation, a tremendous fleet of star-ships with highly trained specialists in planetary repair and decontamination as well as expertise in government, finance, transportation, health, education and other services. This special organization is called the Ashtar Command. It operates under the direction of Ashtar Sheran, whose immediate supervisor is Sananda - the great one whom Earth has known as Jesus of Nazareth. (Yes, dear ones, he is alive and well and very much aware of our concerns and the plight of all peoples on Earth!)

There is absolutely nothing to fear from these visitors! They come in response to Earth's and humanity's needs, with the express permission of God! They have been invited to help us out, and are not interfering in any way. They have, over the past fifty or more years, been in touch with some of the world's leaders, but their offers of peaceful aid have been rebuffed. One of their conditions was that Earth's governments forsake the use of nuclear power (the bomb, especially), and the world's powers were adamant in clinging to nuclear power, whether out of fear of their enemies' cheating or to wield greater political strength. Foolish choice!

Now a marvelous opportunity is being presented to Earth and all her peoples! There will be new technology that will render petroleum-based power obsolete. There will be a cleansing and renewing of land, water, and the very air we breathe. There will be restoration of physical well-being and a just and equitable sharing of Earth's resources so that all of humanity will be well-fed, suitably housed and trained for work. The burdens of life will be considerably lifted and the human family will finally acknowledge each other as equals, as brethren.

Rejoice! We are living in a New Earth, where justice and love prevail.

[Provided by Sue DiCara 5th March, 2005]


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