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Facts about NESARA

For many years, in fact since July of 2000 I have resisted publishing material with respect to the USA organisation named NESARA – the , National Economic Security and Reformation Act as I was not certain that this revolutionary act would come to pass. If you have been reading the Dove newsletters you will be familiar with the team NESARA. However, the worldwide significance of NESARA and the importance of the dramatic change for the world, as it revises banking, government, law and taxation, is now too significant to ignore.

You may be interested in reading below, a description of what NESARA is all about, this definition also having been recorded in the appropriate NESARA section of our website:

NESARA are the initials for: National Economic Security and Reformation Act

In the 1990's, steps that were put into motion years earlier, by some U.S. farmers, sued U.S. bankers, for having illegally foreclosed on their farm properties.

Most of us can probably remember Willie Nelson doing the "Farm Aid" concerts, in order to help farmers save their farms. Willie Nelson began doing "Farm Aid" concerts to raise money for the farm families, who were losing their farms in the 1970's and 1980's. It turns out that these farmers, having done extensive research, realized that many of the farm foreclosures were due to ILLEGAL tricks by the U.S. bankers.

The farmers' lawsuits uncovered collusion by corrupt U.S. government officials with the dishonest bankers! A whole array of farmers' lawsuits went through the State, Federal, and U.S. Supreme Court processes.

The U.S. Supreme Court decisions found that the Farmers' Petitions were VALID.

The Supreme Court validated the Farmers' Petitions for restitution from the U.S. Federal Government, and awarded restitution to the Farmers. Due to the massive government fraud, there was also a requirement that other Americans be given the opportunity to file for restitution of damages by the Federal Government.

These historic court decisions became the basis, for the process by which people in all 50 states, submitted "claims" for restitution for damages by the Federal Government.

We ALL OWE these brave farmers, attorneys, and Supreme Court judges, in the "Farm Claims" lawsuits, a HUGE DEBT of gratitude, for having taken on the Federal Government and the bankers, thereby exposing their corruption and illegal tricks!

In addition to the awarding of financial damages, the Supreme Court found that the farmers' claims of Federal Government FRAUD were also true. The Court required that MAJOR government reforms be enacted, at the SAME TIME as the payment of damages to the "Farm Claims" people.

The Supreme Court's findings on the "Farm Claims" lawsuits are also the LEGAL foundations of NESARA. It was stipulated that ALL these landmark court decisions REMAIN SECRET, until the government and banking reforms, as well as the "Farm Claims" restitution distributions were COMPLETELY READY.

In June 2000, a SECRET LAW, previously passed in March 2000, came into existence in the United States. This law was passed constitutionally, and included a gag order with the PENALTY of DEATH, if any official involved, PUBLICLY discussed it, prior to its OFFICIAL announcement!

In this same month, a White Knight (a Military Intelligence contact), said that this SECRET LAW:

1. eliminates the IRS and Federal Income taxes;

2. provides certain major debt forgiveness’s for people in the U.S.

3. will implement a new U.S. banking and monetary system, using precious-metals backed currency

4. will absorb the Federal Reserve into the U.S. Treasury Department;

5. will restore our personal liberties, and implement MASSIVE IMPROVEMENTS in the Federal Government, and much more ....

In mid-October 2000, a White Knight High Intelligence contact, advised that the SECRET LAW had been signed, and a few days later, the acronym assigned to it's name was - NESARA! Because of the Supreme Court's REQUIREMENT to keep the lawsuits SECRET, all official word of NESARA was forbidden, until the corrections to the Federal Government, Banking improvements, and prosperity programs distributions were ready to be implemented.

This is why we never heard about these landmark decisions, and why the first official word on NESARA is to be the pending public announcement to all humankind. There are an immense number of steps and procedures required to get EVERYTHING ready WORLDWIDE, and in all 50+ prosperity programs, so that all could move forward together.

The White Knights required the U.S. Government's agreement, to distribute all these long-awaited prosperity programs, at the SAME TIME as the implementation of the new banking and government improvements.

Legally binding "Accords" were signed by various heads of the Federal Government over the last few years, that set forth the conditions of how all this would occur, and which GUARANTEED the funding of the prosperity programs.

These Accords are the legally binding instruments, used to put in place these momentous banking, government, and prosperity activities.

The opposition used every trick possible, along the way, to delay the completion of the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of steps involved in aligning all these programs, the worldwide banking and monetary improvements, and the U.S. government reforms.

The opposition knows that their power and control ENDS with the implementation of all the requirements in the Accords.

This is why the opposition ordered the World Trade Centre, Pentagon and Pennsylvania attacks on 11th September 2001, because the opposition knew that the final word had been given, to notify the networks, to get ready to broadcast NESARA's announcement.

We are entering a new era of PEACE, PROSPERITY, HARMONY and VITALITY on Planet Earth.

Unfortunately, in order for everything to be executed successfully, much had to be kept SECRET, in order for these great improvements to be made ready.

However, NOW IS THAT TIME, for it to all take place as planned for years!

Who are the White Knights?

In June 2000, we found that there was a group of POWERFUL PEOPLE worldwide, who had been working on global improvements for over 20 years.

We learned that some members of the world's top banking families, chose, 20 years ago, to IMPROVE the world, rather than to exploit it, as their ancestors had been doing over last few centuries.

Soon we were to realize, that these Wealthy Visionaries, had initiated prosperity programs for the average person, with the intention of providing good-hearted people, with substantial funds to provide "world improvement projects".

These Wealthy Visionaries had realized their families' plans, to continue tight control of the world's wealth, would only lead to global disaster!

For many years, 95% of the world's wealth was controlled by these POWERFUL PEOPLE. These Wealthy Visionaries determined that changes were necessary for the world to survive, since their families were unwilling to make the crucial improvements. They realized that only people UNATTACHED to the STATUS QUO, would make the necessary changes to safeguard the world.

We were soon to see that this early group of Wealthy Visionaries, were to grow in numbers, thereby including additional POWERFUL PEOPLE in their ranks, who would hold the same vision of world improvements. To these people, the term "WHITE KNIGHTS" was applied, as these powerful, courageous and determined people are structured and prepared to change the world.

It was soon to be seen, that this group of POWERFUL WHITE KNIGHTS, were also to be known as THE FORCE, In this dual role of recognition, THE FORCE actively pressed for the payout of massive prosperity programs, valued potentially, at anywhere between 300 and 500+ trillion US dollars, to be paid ou to 100,000's of average citizens worldwide.

The term "White Knight" is a term used in the multi-million dolars world of finance, where one Company buys or merges with another. In the Financial Business World, a "White Knight" is a wealthy person or Company, that "comes to the rescue" of another Company, which otherwise would have been threatened by a hostile takeover.

When you understand the worldwide changes that can be made between the joint efforts of the newly wealthy, average people, in conjunction with the historical changes to be effected by NESARA, you will appreciate how the powerful, high-integrity White Knights, have been working for years, to get the prosperity programs funds, into the hands of the various programs' members.

There have been many secret conflicts fought over the release of these propsperity programs funds in the past. The White Knights have been taking action to get the proceeds of these astronomically valued funds, into the hands of the rightful recipients, and have had to rescue the funds many times, from the OPPOSITION, who have tried to steal them off these rightful beneficiaries.

The use of the word "White" denotes purity of motivation and high spiritual orientation, and "Knights" is used to denote courageous people who take action!

The White Knights include people of ALL RACES, ETHNIC backgrounds, and RELIGIONS of all 180+ countries; people who's positions enable them to bring forth worldwide changes. These brave people, have received many death threats from the opposition, however they continue to make these improvements move forward.

To protect their identities by not disclosing their names, below are the titles of some of these White Knights.

A former leader of a major European nation;

Several judges of the World Court, the latter having jurisdiction and control over all 50+ prosperity programs;

Certain High-Integrity members of U.S. Congress;

Certain Highly-Respected current and previous to U.S. Military Leaders;

The worldwide "expert" on monetary and banking systems;

The leader of an important foreign nation;

key people within the World's Monetary Systems Organization;

Certain currently-serving member of the U.S. Cabinet;

U.S. Military Intelligence Agents;

U.S. Patriotic Military Groups;

U.S. Monetary System Officials;

East Coast Coalition Attorneys;

Farm Claims Attorneys and Leaders;

Some On-Shore and Off-Shore Banking Leaders;

And MANY more POWERFUL people, who's names you would immediately recognize

Cooperating with the White Knights, is another group, known as the "Divine Coalition", which in itself, also includes other powerful people worldwide.

This Divine Coalition includes nearly all of the top world banking families.

Their efforts are consistent with those of the White Knights, in wanting to IMPROVE the world, rather than to destroy it!